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Yes! will get my tickets surely ;) YNWA
20th Jun 2011 15:35
20th Jun 2011 15:54
"does it mean you have 2 have gone 2 the game against United last season?"
20th Jun 2011 15:54
20th Jun 2011 16:19
"Is there somewhere on the members page that tells me my buying history?"
20th Jun 2011 16:21
"Is this a joke..? How is the average man supposed to be able to afford to buy 6 months of tickets in one week, especially when they are buying Adult & Child combined tickets.. Is this club interested in the local people anymore or just day tripper rich money..??"
20th Jun 2011 16:26
"You should be able 2 grab some tickets on the late availability. But i agree buying all the tickets initially is very difficult. "
20th Jun 2011 16:28
"Firstnoel: try this. It is on the left. "
20th Jun 2011 16:34
"should be a fun week :)"
20th Jun 2011 16:36
"I will be using the Credit Card - but quite like being able to buy all at once, rather than having to try get on for each game and then sometimes missing out"
20th Jun 2011 16:45
"What about the friendly?"
20th Jun 2011 16:51
"So is this right on Mon 11 there are 8 mathces on sale so that 8x£40+ = £320+ Where am I going to find all this money in one go????"
20th Jun 2011 17:35
"extremely difficult in the present climate for people to afford a large lump sum like this-not impressed "
20th Jun 2011 17:38
"My concern isn't the money or getting them all in one go. It is the website. It can be very slow when applying for one match. I don't think it can cope with several games all at once. They should put one game on sale each day over a few weeks then it's not having all the members applying for several games. "
20th Jun 2011 17:40
"Also buying so far in advance is difficult if it gets moved to a Monday night for example. May not be able to go then "
20th Jun 2011 17:51
"Does anybody know if we Can we buy the tickets in a block booking so we can have the same seat for the half season"
20th Jun 2011 17:54
"absolute joke how do the club expect fans to afford all these tickets at once"
20th Jun 2011 18:01
" Havin a laugh or what? 14 Cat A & B games and only 4 Cat C games. Heavily loaded against the working class fan.:-("
20th Jun 2011 18:21
"Can someone tell me why Norwich is a category B? Also the website freezes up and the phones are impossible, so how do you actually get tickets? Buying for so many matches at once is going to be very difficult! How do I register to buy tickets for friends and family?"
20th Jun 2011 19:02
"They can't be serious... how can they expect someone who has just paid £29.99 to buy their membership, to then fork out on a whole season's worth of tickets in such a short space of time. I for one won't be able to afford to do that. Last season was fair, I thought."
20th Jun 2011 19:39
Buckie LFC Supporter
20th Jun 2011 19:42
"great move LFC, I assume the tv games get identified before the sale etc? The most annoying thing is I'm on holiday the week of the sale, b*llocks!! Looks like it could be a dull season for me!!"
20th Jun 2011 19:54
"Can't understand the moans about not having the money to buy blocks of tickets - we knew this was coming so why haven't these people been saving up over the close season ? What would they do if offered a season ticket which is paying for all home games in one go ? "
20th Jun 2011 20:08
"another way to fleece the fans. how many of these fixtures will be re-arranged due to TV and then I'll need to request a refund as I won't be able to make the re-arranged fixture. outrageous. "
20th Jun 2011 20:29
"It's S**t the way we are doing the ticketing process this season!!! Not happy..... !!!"
20th Jun 2011 20:29
"tinab - well there is no way I could have save over half my monthly wages in the space of 6-8 weeks. this is a disgrace and completely disregards normal working people."
20th Jun 2011 20:31
"In line with the stadium plan when buying tickets you should be able to click exactly on which seat you would like to purchase. Instead of adding several tickets to your basket to find the seat you want. This will cause chaos with eight games in one day being sold. "
20th Jun 2011 20:54
"this new ticket system is ridiculous there are a lot of people out there including me that are going to miss most of the games. not everyone can afford to buy tickets 3 or 4 months in advance. Sort it out LFC "
20th Jun 2011 21:08
"Correction: 13 Cat A & B games and 5 Cat C games - still a joke. Last season there were 8 Cat C games!! Question: Can I get a refund on this years membership that I have already forked out 30 quid for? "
20th Jun 2011 21:27
"What is the minimum number of games, does anyone know?? "
20th Jun 2011 21:29
"tinab i take it your 1 of the cats mentioned in an earlier comment it's not just about the money i work on a routa thats gets changed every month so i could get a ticket for a game then not be able to cause of work. and as for season tickets not a chance i've been waiting 8 years so far and haven't offered 1 yet!"
20th Jun 2011 21:54
"tinab - I was unaware of this change until today when I saw this article, needless to say this was after they took my money as auto -renewal for membership. I'm not happy about this, I can not afford to buy tickets in bulk."
20th Jun 2011 21:55
"Absolute nuts, bring back queuing up on the day for locals. Sell a fairly worked out percentage for anyone else. IF YOU WANT TO GET IN THEN YOU WILL GET THERE EARLY ENOUGH. FACT"
20th Jun 2011 22:02
"£29.99 for the privilege of attempting to buy tickets for matches that may change to Sunday or Monday. A JOKE. The computer system at LFC cannot cope with one match at a time, let alone 10 at once.I will have to have the week of to make sure I have time to try and buy. TRANSPARENCY and OPENNESS about ticket purchases, NOT LIKELY!"
20th Jun 2011 22:06
"For God sake stop trying to make it impossible for fans to buy tickets, it gets worse every season. Fancards cost £2.50 now membership costs £29.99 A JOKE OF IMMENSE PROPORTION. Who can afford 10 matches times four in this financial climate, after yet another £3 price increase."
20th Jun 2011 22:08
"Hear hear Niksie!"
20th Jun 2011 22:16
"Took me 3 days to login to check that my membership had automatically renewed, I can see buying all these tickets being a lot of fun!!! And so much money up front, I buy tickets for me and my son, £600+ they better use the money to buy someone better than Downing...."
20th Jun 2011 22:45
"Who though out this crock of Cr*p? Just stupid, and the fact that it costs £30 for a ticket just to take part in this.....a licence for touts to clean up....want a ticket to a game in Novemeber? "Well, you should have thought about that back in June, mate", terrible, just terrible....."
20th Jun 2011 22:48
"I cannot for the life of me see how a season where all tickets are sold out by 18th July, for the next 6 months, is in any way fair or of benefit to anyone. And it massively favours those who have cash/credit to spare... "
20th Jun 2011 23:06
" I got 2 Kop season tickets over the counter in 1988 on the first day of the season for £45 each. Due to having kids and work commitments i decied to let them go. I have great freinds going back 20 years in pubs around the ground, have been to all the finals with houllier and rafa and come to 16 games a season. Will gladly pay up front. Sort the ground out and give me my season ticket back? "
20th Jun 2011 23:38
"This is some sick joke, I have to pay now for a ticket for a game months away? You've messed up here Liverpool, starting to turn into money grabbers. THINK OF THE FANS"
21st Jun 2011 0:20
"this is a disgrace how is the working man with a family supposed to afford this.c'mon LFC think of the fans"
21st Jun 2011 0:42
"Im really sorry I posted the 1st comment before even reading the content! I live in Lebanon and yes I wanted purchase tickets during the season but after reading how am I supposed to arrange my flight tickets/ hotel reservation/ membership card/ and pocket money with the somewhat 10 tickets purchase before 4 months even not knowing if the games may be postponed :S ok thats impossible YNWA "
21st Jun 2011 1:12
"Why did the club not discuss this with the fans first? Why did the club not give members 1 years notice to save as season ticket holders do? How does the club expect fans to fork out hundreds of pounds in the economical climate we are in? Why don't we all go and watch it in the pub and leave the ground empty, its clear we don't matter to the owners?"
21st Jun 2011 1:18
"I have been going to Anfield since 1969, but I think it's nearly time to call it a day. Fans are fleeced by FIFA, UEFA, the F.A. and now by our own club. What would Shankly think of it all? Players, Sky TV, Owners are all robbing us and they don't care, we are mugs. Spirit of Shankly need to kick off about pricing before the ground will have no scousers in it."
21st Jun 2011 4:54
21st Jun 2011 4:54
21st Jun 2011 5:59
"laura l.f.c - It was already hard enough to get hold of tickets let alone doing it like this now. Did i jus waste £29.99 on my membership? refund?"
21st Jun 2011 7:15
"Sounds like a half season ticket to me. Ive been on the waiting list for over 10 years for one of those!!"
21st Jun 2011 9:00
"Could anyone tell me where to find out what the "minimum number of games" is for each category. For example, Category A do I have to have went to 12 games the previous season, Category B 8 games? How does it work? I have checked all around the site and can't find anything. Living in N.Ire I dont get to too many games unfortunately."
21st Jun 2011 10:02
"connor - the club haven;t told us the prerequisites for each category yet"
21st Jun 2011 10:45
"lizred - thanks, I was wondering why I couldn't find anything??? Well I will be in Liverpool for my stag weekend on the 21st Oct and the plan is to get to a match. I buy the membership every year so as I can get to a few games. So hoping to get tickets to the Norwich game. I bought 4 tickets last year, so hopefully thats enough to get me a ticket for the Norwich match."
21st Jun 2011 12:31
"What's with this new ticket thing, Dnt use all think of people with Familys who cnt afford to buy 6 months worth of tickets, Wat a joke this is, This is one of the most awful thing i ave seen. Y not leave it like it was last season there was nothing wrong with that. I went all Games last season so i will get my tickets but it's way to much money to pay out at once!!"
21st Jun 2011 13:19
"If people complain that they can't afford this, I hope they remove themselves from the season ticket list, give people who are on it genuingly a chance to move up the list."
21st Jun 2011 14:00
"I agree Football club should of give us 1 Year notice not 1 month - club thinks we can grow money"
21st Jun 2011 16:24
"the eru, the way i see it is that the utd game ticket will have a stipulation on it like previous seasons ie . You may have to have attended so many games on your membership in 2010/2011. eg last season i think you needed 12 games attended from the season before"
21st Jun 2011 19:12
"I've filled out my complaint about this ridiculous new system. I urge all LFC fans to do the same!!!"
8th Jul 2011 12:25
"Im only buying them all this way cus i love my club like every1 else here does but its just not fair we are being fleeced so the club can make extras. If this sale method continues to happen the 2nd part of the season and seasons to come, i wont be going anymore. START TO THINK ABOUT YOUR FANS AND NOT JUST YOUR BANK ACCOUNT."