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congrats lucas!! you rock!!!
24th May 2011 8:58
24th May 2011 8:58
"Well done Lucas... Totally deserved! YNWA"
24th May 2011 8:58
"Fantastic News Lucas! Well Done! Thoroughly deserved!"
24th May 2011 8:59
"Congratulations ... You deserve it. YNWA!!!"
24th May 2011 8:59
"Congratulation Lucas! I'm glad I voted for you. Come back even stronger and better next season! Good luck in the South American tournament! YNWA!"
24th May 2011 8:59
"we wouldnt ve finished 6th without this man.. hope he will b much imoproved player next season.. "
24th May 2011 9:01
"Congrats and well done Lucas, you fully deserve this award and that's why I voted for you. Keep up the great work. YNWA"
24th May 2011 9:02
"well done lucas !! "
24th May 2011 9:02
"To all the Lucas bashers out there! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!! He FULLY deserves this award as he has been consistently outstanding this season! Congratulations Lucas! "
24th May 2011 9:02
"Well done Lucas..You fully deserved it..YNWA"
24th May 2011 9:03
"A credit to the club and his family....well done Lucas !! YNWA"
24th May 2011 9:03
"Congrats to Lucas ! "
24th May 2011 9:05
"Future captain of Liverpool and Brazil."
24th May 2011 9:08
24th May 2011 9:08
"I am one of the Lucas lovers but its too easy for him to start as the holding midfelder... We are Liverpool and every player having to compete for his place will give out a strong statement to others...Bring in Lassanaa or Adam"
24th May 2011 9:10
"Well Done Lucas.... Stand out Player, Most improved player over the last year and great to see you get it.. 110% deserved. well done and looking forward to next season YNWA"
24th May 2011 9:13
"thanks ma brother, congrats LL. i also want to thank Mr Meireles, Luisito and Mr Anti-tired D.Kuyt"
24th May 2011 9:14
"Congratulations Lucas! Well deserved."
24th May 2011 9:14
"Well done Lucas Leiva, on another matter we need to act fast for our targets Coentrao and Hazard already gone."
24th May 2011 9:14
"Congratulations champion. This season you proved all the doubters wrong (including me) and solidified yourself has a daunting defensive midfielder. All the best for the future - may it be as bright as LFC's fortune will be in the years to come!"
24th May 2011 9:15
"No sign of Stevie G in the Top 5, that must be a first"
24th May 2011 9:15
"The lad played some xllent football am teling u"
24th May 2011 9:17
"Well done Lucas! You totally deserved this award, been the best and most consistant player all season and you've made yourself into a starting 11 player week in week out, and we all can't wait for the start of next season! YNWA :D"
24th May 2011 9:17
24th May 2011 9:20
"Congrats Lucas!! Deserved award!!! Keep going so next season! YNWA"
24th May 2011 9:22
"conratulations lucas leiva!"
24th May 2011 9:24
"Great acheivemnet Lucas. Keep up the great work. It has been well deserved. YNWA"
24th May 2011 9:25
"viva mr leiva, on guys lets sing for him "
24th May 2011 9:26
"Congrtz lucas..ynwa"
24th May 2011 9:27
"Well done Lucas!"
24th May 2011 9:28
"Well done Lucas some of us who know about football noticed the effort you were putting in a long time ago.. Congratulations well deserved.. YNWA"
24th May 2011 9:30
"congratulations to you lucas. please improve more on your passing and shooting ability.YNWA."
24th May 2011 9:34
"Congratulations Lucas! Absolutely made up for you. Onwards and upwards. YNWA"
24th May 2011 9:34
"Congratulations Lucas, player of the season 10/11 award. Great rewards for your hard work, well done."
24th May 2011 9:35
"Congrat Lucas."
24th May 2011 9:41
"Yawnnn..if Lucas is our best player ..we are in trouble next season..and its a fact !!"
24th May 2011 9:46
"wmraker. Lucas has won this years player or the year award. Whats it got todo with next season. He has been our best performer this season and put in some excellent displays and deserves his award but I'm guessing you're just another fan who likes nothing more than to critise the same player every week, borrrring. Come bacj when you've got an interesting comment"
24th May 2011 9:46
"well done lucas...keep it up YNWA"
24th May 2011 9:52
24th May 2011 9:54
"wmraker you must be one of those people who only love the players that can either score goals, do some skill, or save shots. You obviously don't realise what Lucas does for the team. Not only does he get the ball back for us, he also starts off some attacks aswell. And he helps the young ones at the back. Try and watch the team next season, instead of Gerrard and Suarez."
24th May 2011 9:54
24th May 2011 9:54
"Congrats buddy! You made me eat my words about you! I have been one of your critics in the past but the remarkable turnaround in your game and your loyalty has made me a Lucas fan too! You are a real hero! YNWA"
24th May 2011 9:54
"Delighted for ya Buddy.. Good luck for next season.. YNWA"
24th May 2011 10:00
24th May 2011 10:02
"nice one lucas well deserved you earned it keep up the progress you will be our anchor in the middle YNWA "
24th May 2011 10:04
"Congratulations Lucas!!"
24th May 2011 10:14
"Top Geezer. This award should help build his confidence and enable him to take it to the next level next season and become world class. The potential is definetly there."
24th May 2011 10:15
"great achievement lucas proud of you lad ynwa"
24th May 2011 10:16
"If his rate of development continues at this level, he might be collecting an award in France in a couple years. :)"
24th May 2011 10:16
"Congrat to you Lucas,but since the last two season you have been on our starting 11, have been the most painful and disappointing years since i became a liverpool fan.Am sorry i must have said this."
24th May 2011 10:30
"Hard work pays off! Well deserved!"
24th May 2011 10:31
"If You Think You Can Win A tle With Lucas Then You Are All Deluded He's A Mid Table Player But I guess You Guys Are Happy With Being 6th Every Player Will Reject Us All The Good Ones Anyway I Hate Lucas Go And Play For Stoke "
24th May 2011 10:37
"congrats! keep on the hard work !"
24th May 2011 10:38
"Well done Lucas .You deserve it.Keep it up and good luck for next season."
24th May 2011 10:39
"Rainbowman your are right,his best is not just good for liverpool fc,i don't see us getting anywhere past six position next season if we all voted him liverpool best player 2010/2011"
24th May 2011 10:48
"Keep up the good work, Lucas. YNWA."
24th May 2011 10:49
"Well done Lucas. You are an inspiration to all young players on the field including myself! I bought an away jersey with your name on it! YNWA! Good luck and have a good holiday!"
24th May 2011 10:59
"awesome stuff deserve it and hopefully keep it going for many a season YNWA:)"
24th May 2011 11:10
"Much deserved Lucas, well done mate. come and celebrate at V-brasil again! YNWA"
24th May 2011 11:16
"How incredible is at that many people (including myself) thought he was unfit to wear the shirt only a season ago. Congratulations, Lucas, you've been my favorite player this season"
24th May 2011 11:25
"most improved player maybe but not player of the season..prefer meireless who show a great performance for us or kuyt who score goals for us. for me meireless should be no1"
24th May 2011 11:30
"congrats lucas ."
24th May 2011 11:38
"You are awesome!!!"
24th May 2011 11:39
"Congratulation Lucas. "
24th May 2011 11:43
"Congrats lucas, well deserved (i voted for you) we believe in you!!!:-))"
24th May 2011 11:45
"Excellent news. Well done, Lucas Leiva. Enjoy a peaceful summer and come back refreshed."
24th May 2011 11:58
"RainbowMan - Are u Manc... Hoave you ever posted a positive comment???"
24th May 2011 11:59
"what a pity. no idea why you people voted for him. Yes, he's improved... but definitely not player of the season. Sorry."
24th May 2011 12:04
"deserves it"
24th May 2011 12:05
"he deserves it by far, next year it will be confirmation!!"
24th May 2011 12:05
"Much deserved Lucas, Im so proud of the way you have played and improved over the past few seasons. The future is bright man. Well done and congrats! YNWA"
24th May 2011 12:07
"if anyone deserves a good rest, it is definitely lucas. he has been a rock in the centre of midfield and has greatly improved his passing ability, pulling the strings, controlling the game and showing the opposition who's the boss. well done lucas and hope everything going well with lil pedrito!"
24th May 2011 12:31
"Congrats Lucas!! Keep up ur good work!!!"
24th May 2011 12:40
"A good footballer and a decent man. I doubt Lucas will be seeking a super injunction any time soon!"
24th May 2011 12:44
"You really deserves it Lucas. All you gotta do is keeping up the good work. YNWA "
24th May 2011 12:48
24th May 2011 12:49
"Lucas deserve it YNWA!!!"
24th May 2011 12:52
"Very well deserved. I take back all I said about you 2 seasons ago. You stepped up and out shone all the players we paid millions and millions for. Well done. Hopefully more to come.. :)"
Have Faith
24th May 2011 12:55
"no surprises there"
24th May 2011 12:57
"Congrats Lucas, you deserved it this season. In your role you may not get the headlines and glory like Luis and Stevie but your role is just as important. Keep it up mate. Side note, this is an LFC website and forum, will the Mancs that keeping commenting on here stick to your own website please!!!!"
24th May 2011 13:00
"lucas you deserve this award nxt cz you'll be even stronger cngratulation good luck"
24th May 2011 13:01
"Rafael Benitez' signing and he did sign players like Reina,Skrtel,Agger,Kuyt. Credit where its due to Rafa too. As for Lucas, what a great year and proving doubters wrong. I am sure you are going to be a great great player in future.YNWA and congrats once again. Manoj Kumar Mohan,India"
24th May 2011 13:04
"well done, our best and most consistent player by far this season. "
24th May 2011 13:09
"congratulations lucas, well deserved, roll on next season , COME ON THE MIGHTY LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB ;)"
24th May 2011 13:14
"i want all lfc fans to remember wat benitez said before he left. "one day u will all thank me for lucas" and mos doubters of his ability i want u to remember kuyt would not score any goals if it was not for lucas , neither would have meireles in his advanced midfield role."
24th May 2011 13:15
"and stats R stats no player in the league this year has made more clean tackles than lucas and once again three quaters of the goals we scored attacks STARTED FROM LUCAS WINNING THE BALL from lucas.YNWA"
24th May 2011 13:24
"I knew this lad had potential, every one said last season and beginning of this season, that he was total rubbish...think again! Him and Jay Spearing have been playing exceptional, apart from Spurs game."
24th May 2011 13:43
"Fully deserved Mr Leiva. Well done. Applause and salutations to the fine season you've had. I'm really chuffed for you son. Keep it going. If this is you at 24, opposition midfields will shudder when your name's on the teamsheet when you 27. YNWA mate."
24th May 2011 13:46
"congratulations Lucas, you proved all the doubters wrong. You do belong at Liverpool Football Club, YNWA."
24th May 2011 14:06
"He should be sold in the summer.When a player of this standard wins an award like this it just shows you how much work KK and team have got to do this summer. YNWA. "
24th May 2011 14:07
" Sincere congratulations Lucas, you earned it. Bigger and better next season for the whole team."
24th May 2011 14:08
"Congrats!! Was a fierce critic but am now an ardent fan. Even KK says that he desrves his own song. What greater testimony can there be? Totally deserved!!"
24th May 2011 14:10
"Fully deserved, and shows the majority of fans know their stuff. People who don't watch games or think watching MOTD counts probably voted Gerrard, and will still think Lucas is crap, despite winning this award, being picked by three Liverpool managers and several Brazil managers. Can't all be wrong can we, while you MOTD viewers are right."
24th May 2011 14:10
"Dirk kuyt by a long way, what a player."
24th May 2011 14:15
"if lucas was our best player last season, then we have to acknowledge how weak we were"
24th May 2011 14:19
"Very well deserved - congratulations Lucas. You've been magnificent defensively and we are now starting to see more of what you can do offensively - your passes for the first two goals at Craven Cottage were brilliant."
24th May 2011 14:20
"Great stuff Lucas Leiva You have come along way from being seen as RAFAs love child.? Roll on next season Players Player of the Year. YNWA "
24th May 2011 14:29
"well deserved for a player who has worked hard and made his critics eat their words. Great player with an excellent future."
24th May 2011 14:33
"The difficult times made me stronger. Lucas that's why I voted for you. Hope you and your family will stay and be happy with LFC. We know you have the ability to improve every year. What a star. YNWA"
24th May 2011 14:36
"100% agree with RainbowMan"
24th May 2011 14:42
"Lucas, player of the season !! I think it just goes to show how crap we've been for most of the year. A tenner says he won't start the first game of next seasons premiership...... Lucas wouldn't even get into Man U, Chelsea or Man City's squad, let alone starting eleven. Mr Dalglish needs to start bringing in some strenghth and depth"
24th May 2011 15:02
"well deserved. Now let's up his play next year and have a handful of players do the same and compete for this award and other team and individual honors"
24th May 2011 15:06
"Well done lucas hope you continue to perform to a high standard, and take a few more shots at goal at times, not all the time, but some times you have to be mean when there's an opening ask gerro for some tips. YNWA "
24th May 2011 15:07
"all u critics are quite stupid he been great this yaer and even if he hadnt he a 100 percent comitted liverpool player so wat fans r we to him of YNWA lucas leiva "
24th May 2011 15:09
"well done lucas lad u deserved it dnt listen to the critics there not liverpool fans ynwa lucas"
24th May 2011 15:23
"Rainbowman wmraker nomsy, clearly ye know what's best for the club. the 3 most iconic figures at the club now (kenny stevie carra) have all in recent weeks stressed the importance of lucas in the team, carra only today saying he deserves to be player of the season. Yet ye still knock him. Although ye are enled to your opinion, "
24th May 2011 15:24
"maybe a fully thought out and intelligent one would be better served than a nonsensical negative and consistantly derogatory one. Rainbowman i think you only come on this site to complain and i think your arguments are out dated and to be honest boring at this stage. "
24th May 2011 15:24
"nomsy stevie g, carra, pepe, johnson, torres, skertl and kuyt were all starting eleven players too. does that make them not gud enough in your opinion or is it the fact lucas is an easy scapegoat for in my opinion an armchair fan like yourself. And wmraker, the award is for the best player this season, not for the most skillfull or the top goal scorer or the most popular ast the fans. "
24th May 2011 15:24
"lucas is well deserving of this, he's been playing at a high level consistantly from the first game to the last while others have been up and down. well done lucas keep it up.YNWA "
24th May 2011 15:32
"Paddyanfield, in your opinion, would Lucas start for Man U, Man C OR Chelsea ?? In my opinion, the answer is no. He's an ok player but not top drawer. Being voted player of the season just goes to show how poor with been. If we had signed Charlie Adam in January, I'm not sure Lucas would have played this year...."
24th May 2011 15:39
"Well done mate.. Well deserved.. Keep improving.. Our central midfield is one of the best in the EPL surely now.. Stevie, Lucas, Raul, Spearing and Shelvey!! YNWA"
24th May 2011 16:03
"stevelondon in my opinion he wouldn't be out of his depth at any of the above. if the likes of mikel anderson fletcher can play then so can lucas. i agree that the season all round has been poor for us. but i think if we did have adam then spearing would be the biggest loser overall rather than lucas."
24th May 2011 16:25
"Lucas well deserved mate!!!!! away to chelsea u ran the show at the bridge... energy levels were frightning and you played exceptionally well.. and menezes, the brazil national manager has recently said that Lucas has the potential to become one of the best captains of Brazil and that he is currently the only player that is assured of a starting place in the Brazil national team."
24th May 2011 16:28
"Congratulations from somebody who didnt think you shoudnt get picked for the 1st eleven. Now it looks like we have got a great 'new' signing. BEST WISHES ! Cheers! -) "
24th May 2011 16:31
"Thank you nomsy but the fact is we finished 6th he cost us so many games last year and the year before btw I watch all Liverpool games full 90 minutes he just jogs around giving away free kicks and giving away the ball in dangerous areas Pff this ant good enough all our transfer targets are sliping away or rejecting us I wonder why ?"
24th May 2011 16:34
"Yes, in the same year we lose to Northampton Town, it is fitting that Lucas is given this award. Since joining Liverpool FC in 2007 the club have won nothing. As long as Liverpool FC keep fielding a player who has scored one Premier League goal since 2007, Liverpool FC will remain beatable by any team containing a midfield with any level of skill and determination. "
24th May 2011 16:38
"" very well deserved, good luck for next season Lucas!!""
24th May 2011 16:41
"Congratulations Lucas! Well deserved! YNWA"
24th May 2011 16:42
"Many congrats. YNWA from France."
24th May 2011 16:45
"Padinfield you can't deny Lucas has cost us so many games his slow reaction Do You remember us all shouting behind you Man on I was there at anfield on many occastions where I was pulling out my hair in frustration but this year he's done better but NOT Good Enough "
24th May 2011 16:54
"Well Deserved! "
24th May 2011 16:55
"I can only congratulate fully Liverpool's most consistent player in the last 2 seasons. Lucas Leiva, YNWA!!!"
24th May 2011 16:59
"Well Done Lucas, You've Been Great x"
24th May 2011 17:04
"totally deserved!!!!!!!! "
24th May 2011 17:05
"I still am one of his biggest critics, dont think the lad is good enough for lfc, dont think he is good enough for any top ten epl team, but just want to say well done on award. Hope we get a betr player who shows your dedication to replace u tho. We need betr to compete wit manure chelksi and d gooners "
24th May 2011 17:15
"Padddyanfield,maybe u don't understand i and Rainbowman's comment,u should ve been an Arsenal fan,cos that's where they gamble with trophies,they try to get every player improved,not minding what it will cost them at the end of the season,i still believe this is not yet our liverpool."
24th May 2011 17:19
"If all the players had stepped up to the mark and improved at the same rate as Lucas, and all the South American players for that matter, especially after kenny took over, we would be looking at CL next season, best think that ever happened was not signing Charlie Adam on deadline day, nowhere near consistant as Lucas, can blow too hot & cold."
24th May 2011 17:22
"It does not take a good player more than 2 season to show what he is made of, even at younger age you will still see thier potential, lets remember the likes of,Alonso,Mascherano,Babel,Flanagan and so on."
24th May 2011 17:22
"well done "
24th May 2011 17:32
"u got it, 2 assist with NO goal this season..what a amazing joke..."
Rush job
24th May 2011 17:48
"Not sure what to make of this. Arguably our worst season in years- is it an achievement? I feel it's reward for commitment, and honest hard work, not being the best player- it (IMO) is a fair reflection of how poor a season we have had. However, if he's been voted the best player then I can only say well done regardless of cirstance."
24th May 2011 17:49
"He's a defensive midfielder. goals and assists don't come into it. tackling does and he was top tackler in the prem. Could still improve a lot further but has been our mr.consistent this season whether you like him or not."
Rush job
24th May 2011 17:52
"Let's get off the Charlie Adam trip please. He's come out this week as a lifelong Manc. I don't want him. I want proper quality otherwise well be voting Lucas as player of the year this time next season, whilst 'celebrating' 5th. We are Liverpool. Ordinary players partake in ordinary seasons and produce ordinary teams."
24th May 2011 17:54
"Well done Lucas,keep going and carry that form over and into the new season :-D YNWA"
24th May 2011 18:02
"Rushjob, this season has to be a vast improvement on last season, especially if we take the Kenny spell into consideration. We finished higher in the league. Our away form under Kenny is better than it has been for seasons. We have proved ourselves more than a two man team and the team spirit is one of looking forward well to next year, not one of "we might do better" "
24th May 2011 18:09
"very well deserved lucas. I hope you continue to improve and we can move onto bigger and better things. YNWA"
24th May 2011 18:10
"Congratulations! son. They should include last season too. A lot of players went hiding last season (including our main senior players); but you stood up to be counted. It's criminal that after two solid seasons, we haven't given you a song. YNWA"
24th May 2011 18:10
"All the doubters can now join my Lucas fan club!! WELL IN LUCAS, VERY WELL DESERVED!"
24th May 2011 18:12
"Rubbish! Last 2 goals against the team were his fault. Lame tackle against Pienaar and his day dreaming let in the late runner into the box where Carra had to challenge 2 guys for the ball and it fell to Downing. Should be aware what's behind him. Against City, Newcastle and many more goals were his fault. Rubbish!!! Talks a lot for an average talent."
24th May 2011 18:15
"Only 2 guys changed the fortunes of the club this season. Kenny off the field and Suarez on the field. Lucas is only good at promoting himself, hence, this ridiculous outcome of the votes. Or could he voted for himself??? Hmmm... Hahaha! Wouldn't put it beyond him! He will find a way this boy!!! Hahaha!"
24th May 2011 18:19
"Pardon me fans,if lucas can win us primere league next season then lets go there, but i still have my doubt."
24th May 2011 18:19
"Congratulações Lucas para a sua fantástica esforço , compromisso , lealdade e endeavour.I espera você guarda melhorando e juntamente com outro jogadores at Liverpool ficar um vencedor sob Canil Dalglish.Your prêmio é totalmente deserved.You'll Nunca Passeio Sozinho! "
24th May 2011 18:22
"mascherano hardly ever scored any goals, yet most of us begged him to stay. lucas is a deep lying, DEFENSIVE midfielder. its not his job to score goals. its his job to win the ball and START attacks. i LOVE lucas. probably my favourite lfc player. so humble"
24th May 2011 18:51
"Congratulations, Lucas! Thoroughly deserved, indeed! Thank you for your devotion, positive atude, fighting spirit and great performances that you have shown, and hope you are going to be even better the next season! YNWA!"
24th May 2011 18:58
"he had a good season! congrats lucas! but still you have to improve a lot... but with gerrard and meireles in midfiled you will be better..."
24th May 2011 19:29
"RainbowMan - Dont try to claim you have watched a full game of liverpool!! Lucas runs about non stop breaking up the opposition play and turns it into an attacking opportunity!! So if anything you should be giving stick to the other 10 players who have failed this season"
24th May 2011 19:31
"I have to admit I just didn't see 'IT' in him. Never really rated him but sat up and started paying attention in Rafas last few months in charge when he began to improve quickly. IMMENSE this season! Deserves another award for the bottle he showed through all the stick he got from the ney-sayers to still be here to prove me and the other doubters wrong. Happily proved VERY wrong..."
24th May 2011 19:47
"Oh no!This is the reason we havent won any trophies since this prat has been in our starting 11!Suarez had a better season than him and he's been here since January!I would cash in on Lucas,Poulsen,Ngog and Cole NOW!"
24th May 2011 19:54
"You've either got it or you havent got it,and this fella (Lucas) "HAS NOT GOT IT" Im still not convinced Xabi,Masher had it,but theyre gone now,now were left with this idiot!"
Hend of
24th May 2011 19:55
"Ha!! - One in the face for all the Lucas haters earlier this season!"
24th May 2011 19:57
"How the hell can an avarage player of his abilety fool so many people it just shows how the expectations of the internet fans are easy pleased,In 40 years and having watched some of the finest midfield players in world playing for us belive me if we want to be back at the top we need world class midfielders nice kid that he his we must get better will struggle to get in the team next season "
24th May 2011 20:03
"Whether he's a nice guy or not,would lucas' ability get him into the Shankly & Paisley squads?NO!Why?Because he's just not good enough,internet polls could go any way,this is a farce!"
24th May 2011 20:14
"Fantastic! Very well deserved. "
24th May 2011 20:30
"well deserved. he just needs to get forward a bit more like he can and he will be the complete midfielder"
24th May 2011 20:43
"petespy - he seems to have fooled Dalglish too then?"
harry ballsack
24th May 2011 20:59
"Well deserved"
24th May 2011 21:04
"Congratulations Lucas.. you deserved it"
24th May 2011 21:05
"If only all players, foreign or local had the guts this lad has. From being booed when he came on to cheered when he was subbed he has won an award for player of the Season.... If only others had this determination (Nando)... well done Lucas YNWA"
24th May 2011 21:09
"well deserved"
24th May 2011 21:14
"Lucas is a great lad, he is becoming indispensable."
24th May 2011 21:38
"Congrats. You really do deserve it. you will never walk alone!!!!!!!!!!! "
24th May 2011 21:43
"All you people saying he isn't good enough. Dalglish would not take this guy out of the squad. MOST of you do not understand his role."
24th May 2011 21:47
"well deserved mate well done keep it up :) YNWA"
24th May 2011 21:52
"rushjob u always speak sence man, as much as i think lucas has improved from other years lets be honest he cudnt have got any worst. He deserves to be a squad player for his dedication. For all those who think we are not true fans for wanting betr for lfc. Well wat can i say lol "
24th May 2011 22:02
"Rainbowman and Nomsy, you guys probably share a bed. Bet neither of you can work out what 40% of 129,000 is judging by your spelling errors. The true LFC fans have spoken and made their choice. If you don' t like it why don't you cross over to Manure and let LFC fans decide who we want to play in our team. Losers!!"
24th May 2011 22:15
"Yahooo! I was wondering where Lucas' serial hater, someone so obsessed with Lucas he could tell you the colour of all his boxer shorts. Welcome to the ging match Shogun. Guess you and all your crew of haters think Stevie, KK, Carra, Johnson and every single LFC player who openly stated that LUCAS was their personal Player of the season are all clueless on footballing matters."
24th May 2011 22:17
"good for ya"
24th May 2011 22:37
"A well deserved award for a great player, who persevered through bad times and got his reward. Well deserved Lucas"
24th May 2011 22:51
"Although admittedly I did vote for Kuyt, well done Lucas you deserve it. "
24th May 2011 22:56
"has improved beyond everyone's expectations, improve like that again next season and find yourself player of the year for the entire premier league"
24th May 2011 23:01
"Well done Lucas you deserve respect for sticking at it when the fans were giving you heaps."
24th May 2011 23:03
"Totally agree with the sentiment. Remember the abuse Carra got when he started playing for the first team."
24th May 2011 23:34
"Top notch, well deserved!"
24th May 2011 23:35
"Mediocre; at best."
25th May 2011 0:58
"Well done Lucas deserved YNWA!!!!!"
25th May 2011 1:18
"RainbowMan..i guest you are stupid anyway..if you rate lucas 0% then kuyt supposed to be rate at -0%, reina -0.01% and all the other players is bellow then -0.01%..don't you think you are stupid wright now?"
25th May 2011 1:41
"Congrats Lucas Leiva, well deserved."
25th May 2011 4:42
"First Congrats Lucas. It is just the beginning, you are an attacking midfielder. Let's move up a notch. Hopefully they give you the opportunity. If LFC wants to win anything, it cannot be a one man Captain Marvel kind of team. LFC do not have the depth, resources to challenge on all front. May be different next year. Let's win a domestic trophy first. Cheers!"
25th May 2011 4:54
"Remember how much everyone hated him last year? I mean, I did, too, I'm not above admitting it. Probably one of the biggest turn arounds in any career ever."
25th May 2011 5:25
"dtm3793 & red4life88.. Suckers of Lucas.. Kuyt should have been the player of the season & Suarez at number 2 (for ths short period he has been here ) Watch all his games & see how many times he has caused us points & how many back passes he made that destroyed an attacking option.. After 4 years he is still crap ! If he is great , why arent the top 5 clubs knocking on his door ? "
25th May 2011 5:57
"Lucas is crap and i have been watching LFC since 1980 ... Would late Shankly , Paisley or Fagan picked him to their 1st eleven ? he wont even make the bench at Manure or Chel !!"
25th May 2011 7:35
"Dear Rainbow man, i am sure that if Lucas were not playing, LFC will be in the CL final against Barca and challenging for the EPL le. It is a pity RH did not sign a BPD50m player during the transfer period as i am sure there is a huge war chest at Anfield. Perhaps you should go and support Stoke instead. With due respect to a great club like Stoke, they may not take you."
25th May 2011 7:36
"Congrats Lucas!! You deserve it!!!! "
25th May 2011 8:30
"Thanks for getting us to 6th - our best position in the past two seasons. This is the result of your consistently outstanding performance. At this rate maybe we will finish 5th in the next season."
25th May 2011 8:36
"It's funny those of you who say Kenny would not take him out as he is good, and then say he's not playing his best football because he's an attacking midfielder. Aren't you just slapping yourself in the face, as if Kenny can see he's a good attacking player, he would have played behind the strikers in Gerrard's absence?"