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Hmmm ... Not so impressive part of football...
17th May 2011 15:46
17th May 2011 15:54
"Still cheaper compared to Arsenal."
17th May 2011 16:01
"Will be bringing in around 1.5 - 2m extra a year tho, so, for only a couple of quid extra, the club gets millions."
17th May 2011 16:05
17th May 2011 16:05
"Why the differential between window and online prices? Seems unfair."
17th May 2011 16:10
17th May 2011 16:13
"There's no Administration time with online applications you just pay the money and the card is activated, no looking through the form to check for errors etc, thats what I think anyway. There was always going to be at least a 4.5 percent increase anyway, the fact its 6.5 percent - but the kids have decreased is good enough for me! "
17th May 2011 16:13
"Hawkeie - the price difference will probably be because online tickets require less admin costs (i.e. they dont have to man a ticket box/telephone) Im guessing but i assume thats why."
17th May 2011 16:20
"for coming 6th in the league"
17th May 2011 16:22
"just be careful not to price people out of a seat........."
17th May 2011 16:24
"Why don't the club have student/young persons tickets?"
17th May 2011 16:29
"Still the cheapest a the top 6 in England, and probably a the top clubs in Europe too. Fans want to see the best players (Suarez, Carroll, Gerrard) this is what it costs. I'm thankful that LFC is still affordable."
17th May 2011 16:35
"Not a fan of those calling the prices disgraceful. United and Chelsea for instance are charging a hell of a lot more for their tickets and even Arsenal! City will be next. "
17th May 2011 16:47
"Good move to reduce kids prices. hope there will also be some special offer prices for some games."
17th May 2011 16:51
"im very happy tickets have gone up. i go to games myself and im working class but i want us to compete with the best and this is a step in the right direction"
17th May 2011 17:20
"Getting far too expensive to go the game now isn't it, I remember my dad used to take my two brothers and I to the game wouldn't happen nower days.. Used to be a Family day out for us have to morgage your house these days lol"
17th May 2011 17:47
"Disgraceful? You can either be a supporter and pay that amount to see top quality stars or you can sit at home in from of the TV for free. No one's forcing you to go to matches are they? And that's cheap compared to the likes of Utd/Chelsea/Arsenal etc. "
17th May 2011 17:57
"i dont mind spending 807 quid on a season ticket to watch us win the league!"
17th May 2011 18:12
"season hasent finished yet and they have the cheek to put season ticket up whats nxt "
17th May 2011 18:19
"CHEAPER THEN THE TOP 6 teams in the prem. one off the cheapest in europe. u can watch them on the tele for free or go to the ground and sing your heart out no one is telling you to pay. dont complain...... support and faith. "
17th May 2011 18:28
"suppose money has to come from somewhere to fund players and stadium etc cant expect owners to fund everything look at london clubs etc there costs are unreal. even with these inreases we are 1 of cheaper tickets for a prem game !"
17th May 2011 18:31
"Disgusting. I'm sorry but £40 to watch us against West brom isn't a very tempting proposition. That is nearly 3 quarters of my wage gone a month on the weekend fixtures... Dam being a student -.-"
17th May 2011 18:54
"The percent increase is just to keep up with rising costs. When milk and eggs go up in price, so does everything else. That's just a fact of life."
17th May 2011 18:59
"cant complain really look at the other top clubs and thier prices players and wages have to be payed for somehow plus the stadium be realistic our owners doing thier job and they have reduced child tickets which is all for the good long term YNWA "
17th May 2011 19:10
"not bad at all, all of you telling the righ thing, we are still chep compare to others at top, I just wish to have my hose much closer so I will buy a season ticket!!! YNWA"
17th May 2011 19:22
"Just be thankful the price wasn't higher, ever year the average cost of living in the UK escalates by 10%.... Utilities and some form of tax... This is why I now live in the USA... So price of pure entertainment and seeing our team win... is worth more than a pound! "
17th May 2011 20:04
""SHOCKIN" 48quid for a ticket i can remember payin £2.50 in the KOP in 1988 and you got value for money, that was when players weren't greedy and only earned a couple of ton a week bring in a wage cap"
17th May 2011 20:25
"Fair enough reasoning - alligning it with inflation is a fair benchmark, especially considering the reduction in childrens ticket prices. "
17th May 2011 20:38
"what age does junior go up to? :)"
17th May 2011 20:54
"What is best way to get two tickets for a home game during the season. I am a die hard supporter from New Zealand. YNWA!! "
17th May 2011 20:59
"Wage cap will probably deter the money grabbers but also some very good players that are on a high wage already. Say drop their wage by half? Which is a fair whack whether money motivated or not."
17th May 2011 21:03
"I hope by encouraging the next generation of supporter they really do mean every junior ticket is now £15. Like being able to buy junior tickets online and in any part of the ground. I have three kids and last season had to pay full price every game I took them to. So unless that has changed kids tickets are not £15 a game. Misleading to make the club look good if there is no change."
17th May 2011 22:08
17th May 2011 22:10
"staffo76. Like you, i remember paying just £2.20 to go on the kop in the late 80's and we were winning things then! Seem to remember a programme and a sausage roll being cheaper as well. In fact including my transport, coach, taxi x2 to get to Anfield, a couple of pints and a chinese after the game, used to total about £20.00. Would'nt buy you half a ticket now!"
17th May 2011 23:08
"The club are pricing out true loyal fans being able to afford going to the match, the country is in recession household bills etc increasing, wont be able to afford to go as often next season, Junior tickets should have decreased in price sooner,my son isnt eligible for next season Hope we dont get into Europe will save money not having to go to see 2nd rate performances like this season."
17th May 2011 23:29
"That's one of the things where Bayern Munich is lenghts ahead of every other Football Club in the whole wide world!"
17th May 2011 23:35
"rob2stotty.. ppl are enled to there opinion on the prices. "
Buckie LFC Supporter
17th May 2011 23:37
"a bit of a shame the increase bearing in mind we already had a general ticket increase this season already. kids tickets cheaper nice but how easy is it to get dads & lads tickets?!! as for other teams, we're NOT London which means most things including wages! are lower just as building a new stadium will be cheaper. If club want more money make more merchandise!"
18th May 2011 0:00
"what happened to the two prices, one for paying up early, and one paying later on...cut of point bonus..? like we have had in recent years"
18th May 2011 0:01
"Junior is just under 16s I think"
18th May 2011 0:04
"Maybe if the players had one week deducted from their wages there would not be a price rise, i bet not one would agree to do this, I saw my first match 1962 when players were happy to play for a little less."
18th May 2011 0:15
"I'd kill to pay that amount to watch our live matches..alas I don't live in England or even close... "
18th May 2011 2:44
"If I lived Merseyside I would buy those. They are more than reasonable compared to American sports, especially football in which you have 8 home games rather than 19."
18th May 2011 2:47
"SkinsVsPigeon-I guess that should encourage you to not be a student forever but go earn a job that provides a living where you can take in a match occasionally."
18th May 2011 6:44
"Football, the game for the masses not the classes!......not anymore, we have finally been priced out of our own Game, our Club. Fifa should introduce wage caps so we dont have to see these types of rises. Footballers and Agents' greed has caused this. Who needs £5,000 a week never mind the hundreds of thousands they get a week."
18th May 2011 6:44
"I travel from Switzerland to see Liverpool and I'll bet I watch more games at Anfield than most of the people moaning about ticket prices! Think before you speak, throw a few quid of your own into the kitty and then you can claim to be part of the Revolution!!! YNWA JFT96"
18th May 2011 7:24
"Worth every penny next season! "
18th May 2011 8:05
"Now we know who the REAL supporters are. Anyone who don't like it can clear off and go support Blackpool. Their tickets are cheaper. Disgusted with the whinging cheap stakes who claim to be LFC fans."
18th May 2011 8:37
"Stop all this moaning about prices.I've been a life long lfc fan, and I travel 250miles each way (with my family)for every match we can get tickets to,thats normally 10-15 times a season and often matches that lots of season ticket holders don't bother to turn up for. I'd happily pay £900 for a season ticket. LFC is important to me!"
18th May 2011 11:34
"Its good to see we are divided in our opinions about this which is a healthy thing to do,however i think its the right thing to do we won't have a problem selling out remember this money goes back into LFC and not the owners roll on next season!! can't wait!!"
18th May 2011 13:19
"Not good as basically my season ticket price has increased 6.5% since last season, then cup games on top of that as well, oh yeah and last time I had a wage increase 3 years ago, we're not all loaded, all teams are pricing a lot of people out of the game!"
18th May 2011 16:28
"im ok with this seein as though the club gets loads of money for it. That way it'll improve our finances n we'll be able to splash the cash in the tw"
18th May 2011 21:34
"Hello,For the new junior priced season ticket in anny road how long is the waiting list or is it a new list? thanks.."
27th May 2011 21:01
"why?! weve got new owners that will give the club all the money we want, why raise prices!"