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LFC around the Globe. Ian Rush is perfect mascot of LFC. You Koreans, Which is your Favrt Football club Now ?
25th Apr 2011 10:26
25th Apr 2011 10:55
"Ian Rush. The perfect ambassador of our huge club!"
25th Apr 2011 11:36
"Ian Rush,please make Korean famous girl group "Girls' Generation a.k.a SNSD" as a Liverpool fans.They could be another perfect mascot for us.YNWA! :)"
25th Apr 2011 12:43
"How I wish I could be involved in youth devlopment. Well done Mr Rush. If you are ever back in Dubai hope I can meet with oyu."
25th Apr 2011 13:21
"Good luck Rushi.."
25th Apr 2011 16:37
"Rush u are legend wish we had a stricker like in our squad now. good luck "
25th Apr 2011 18:32
"Good. Hopefully we can raise some more support in Asia. YNWA."
25th Apr 2011 18:35
"Don't ever forget Singapore. Whenever I go down to take my dinner, I saw at least 10 to 20 people wearing Liverpool jersy in just one small spot at hawker center."
25th Apr 2011 23:45
"GREAT ONE for the Koreans !! I'm sure the REDS in Seoul were ecstatic with Rushie's presence !! from us here in Malaysia :)"
25th Apr 2011 23:50
"Rushie sums it up so well. Being part of the LFC family brings happiness and smiles all round the world. I've met fan from Tokyo to Nisoros in Greece (an island really in the middle of nowhwere) and I'm so proud to be Scouse and part of the LFC family. YNWA."
26th Apr 2011 0:18
"I'm living in Korea, where abouts in Seoul is he going?"
26th Apr 2011 0:47
"LFC...come to the subcontinent....Lots of LFC Devotees Here!!!YNWA"
26th Apr 2011 2:05
"A winger is needed and this guy is young, pacy, good finisher has GREAT technique, and i can guarantee u he will be cheap. Scott Sinclair, 21 YO, winger, 17 goals for Swansea City this season. Just watch him:"
26th Apr 2011 8:35
" when you will come to Mauritius?? there are loadz of Liverpool fans as well here who are willing to live these moments with you..."
26th Apr 2011 8:52
"come back and coach our strikers rushie, then they will be even better "
26th Apr 2011 9:35
"Well done rushie carry on the good work come to Dubai or Cyprus wanna learn ho to coach the Liverpool way pls YNWA"