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why not go to China ??
21st Mar 2011 11:45
21st Mar 2011 11:47
"What about Down Under!"
21st Mar 2011 12:16
"Fowler, im waiting for you in Kenya....YNWA"
21st Mar 2011 12:22
"Are Robbie and Macca ambassadors for our club? If true it is a fantastic plan."
21st Mar 2011 13:06
"YNWA...Malaysia Boleh... - a malaysian kopite"
21st Mar 2011 13:23
"What happened with Robbies job in Austrailia ? Love Robbies Ninja kick video on youtube he obviously doesn't like losing!"
21st Mar 2011 14:29
"ian rush has been to jakarta a couple of times. why don't you two come to jakarta too?"
21st Mar 2011 15:47
"Robbie, you are one of my boyhood heroes and i know you are a great fella away from the game too, a great example to some of todays self indulgent, spoilt, selfish stars. Keep it up 'God'!"
21st Mar 2011 16:17
"please come again Liverpool to Malaysia! can't get enough of you all! being heard rumor about LFC will come again comes May, is it true?"
21st Mar 2011 16:19
"come again LFC! heard youll come by in May, is it true?"
21st Mar 2011 16:40
"Whats Macca doing working with SC, Macca let the club down a few years ago costing the club £10 million and lying to the fans, he is a disgrace to LFC and should have nothing to do with the club, There are plenty of the Supporters who would like a coaching job in Malaysia,True supporters."
21st Mar 2011 17:33
21st Mar 2011 17:57
"pliz 2 Botswana "
21st Mar 2011 22:16
"The FULL STORY on our Liverpool Supporters Club Malaysia website.. regards, Boo LSCM webmaster"
22nd Mar 2011 1:38
"McManaman is a traitor , he always trash talks us before the games, your not a true red if u dun support the team in the lows! fk off mcmanaman! "
22nd Mar 2011 2:20
"I feel so isolated as a huge soccer fan but being born in Canada it's hard because all my friends are into American football and basketball and say soccer is for wimps and American football is a real sport. Not much opportunity for me."
22nd Mar 2011 4:13
"As a Malaysian, i'm extremely delighted to see our old heroes, Fowler, Macca and even Berger and Smicer in the flesh. I attended that Masters event, and i can tell you that there was more support for Liverpool FC than Manchester United that day! Although we didnt win the cup, it was very memorable since we beat Man U 4-3!"
22nd Mar 2011 8:42
"why not Africa,Malawi on particular?"
22nd Mar 2011 12:38
"Thanks 4 coming to Malaysia.YNWA!"