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A quick and easy way to trouser up to £350,000 ??
2nd Mar 2011 15:52
2nd Mar 2011 16:51
"Either start building Stanley Park to a huge stadium or renovate Anfield. It will pay for itself in no time more allocation of Season tickets = more money = better players = les = trophies = legends = memories..."
2nd Mar 2011 17:27
"I'm sure Liverpool fans will be willing to spend more than £5.00 if the performances improve (not like West Ham game). However to all of u there: YNWA, bring on the scheme!!"
2nd Mar 2011 17:54
"how do i pay i live in ireland?? "
2nd Mar 2011 17:59
"if you have an all red membership does that meen you are on the season ticket waiting list"
2nd Mar 2011 18:00
"if you have an all red membership are you on the season ticket waiting list"
2nd Mar 2011 18:31
"Surely it is time to change the criteria for the list. Why not prioritise season tickets for the real supporters - those who attend every game buying tickets through the members card, not just those that have been on a list for 15years and go to the odd game??!!"
2nd Mar 2011 18:50
"Anyone that's been to Anfield knows that it would be almost impossible to extend it, particularly on the Kop and Anfield Road ends - the only way to have a bigger stadium would be to build one."
2nd Mar 2011 19:16
"Great news!! I wrote off years ago but will have to dig up my response letter to see if i make the April 2004 cut. Touch and go but I reckon i'm in the 25,000. Thank you FSG. I can't wait to be part of the new anfield"
2nd Mar 2011 19:33
"They need to stop tickets being passed down through the generations etc!! How many 120 year olds have now got season tickets?? Almost given up waiting, been on list since 2000!!"
2nd Mar 2011 20:28
"a fiver, what a joke....i reckon they will be speaking to the council next to charge us council tax for seats, and the gas and electric for heating and lighting...i have been on the list since 1998, my worry is that i have advise them of my move but they initially told me that my application was after 1998, watch this space..."
2nd Mar 2011 20:32
"do other clubs charge for the privelege of being on a waiting list and potentially never getting a ticket wonder some fans keep their tickets and pass them onto friends and family and use them as and when they want, maybe they should look at weeding the people who have 3 or 4 tickets but never go themselves..."
2nd Mar 2011 20:57
"The on-line waiting list should prove to be more transparent and therefore fair. The �£5 fee is a one-off and pays for the project and again it seems fair to me that those one the list who want to stay on the list pick up the cost of this. "
2nd Mar 2011 20:58
"How are they powers that be going to stop people holding 2 or more season tickets. I personally knew of a fella that had 3 (Three) one in his name, one his dads and one in his uncles. The latter two had passed away a few years ago (Unfortunately)"
2nd Mar 2011 21:25
"With all due respect, It's pretty disgraceful you have to pay to be on the list. "
2nd Mar 2011 21:26
"Worked with an Evertonian last year who said a load of his mates brought LFC ST years & years ago and they sell them year after year for about a grand to genuine LFC supports. Are LFC going to stop this sort of thing?"
2nd Mar 2011 22:23
" scandalous! so i need to pay a fiver to stay on the same waiting list ive been on for 15 years! what a pathetic excuse to squeeze a few hundred grand out of the clubs supporters! you should be paying me compo for 15 years worth of letters and phone calls!! disgraceful!"
2nd Mar 2011 23:02
2nd Mar 2011 23:07
"I had a Kop season ticket for the 74/75 season, Sir Bob's first in charge, it cost about £15 - less than £1 per game, 21 home games back then. I don't remember a waiting list, I just applied, paid, and got one. Ah, the beauty of simplicity. I jibbed it the following year after getting stick off my mates - 'it's only old fellers who have a season ticket,' they mocked."
3rd Mar 2011 7:48
"Good to hear that the waiting list is being reviewed. I aggree with allreddave thouh and think that the criteria should also be reviewed in favour of those who regularly attend games but I have no problem with paying a one off £5 if it eliminates those who are not serious about wanting a ST "
3rd Mar 2011 8:16
"Why not deduct the season ticket fee from the players humungous salary after the poor fans have paid to endure pathetic dross footy like that seen at west ham on sunday?"
3rd Mar 2011 8:24
"And people with a merseyside postcode should get priority. It is our local club after all.People who are born love and choose to live in the city through the wind and the rain. Recession after Recession. The people with the deepest Love of club and city."
3rd Mar 2011 9:06
"wish i cud have a season ticket! ynwwa liverpool fc WE LOVE U LIVERPOOL WE DO "
3rd Mar 2011 10:53
"Before cleaning up the waiting list LFC should clean up the season ticket holders! Many are held by companies, hired out for the year or with DOB from 19th century. Sell them to real fans."
3rd Mar 2011 10:55
"To all of you moaning about the fiver I would say it's not unreasonable to show a (token) amount of seriousness. A mate of mine who has applied to join the MCC (whose waiting list is even longer than LFC's) was asked to pay 150 quid up-front and that's just to become an associate member. The only caveat is that the money is deducted from the 350 pounds joining fee if/when you become a member."
3rd Mar 2011 12:54
"My god is there any hope? Ive been on the list since 1964 YNWA"
3rd Mar 2011 13:46
"At least we have a very large waiting list which is more than a lot of our rivals including Sundays visitors. It also means that extending our ground capacity will mean we can easily fill it, be that an extension on the existing site or a new stadium."
3rd Mar 2011 17:27
"Does this mean that FSG are looking to see how big the refurbishment plans need to be at Anfield?...."
11th Mar 2011 19:09
"What is the average age of season ticket holders? Apparently at Old Trafford it was someting over a hundred because people kept the ticket in the family in the deceased name. It would be good if issues like that could also be sorted out!!"
14th Mar 2011 12:31
"good news, i reckon if 25000+ fans will pay £5 to be on the list they must genuinely want season tickets so then the owners know the new stadium can have 25000+ extra seats that will be paid for and filled, more money equals better players and more success! simple. onwards and upwards!"
19th Apr 2011 18:17
"Why are people complaining about the £5 fee!How many of you waste £5 in fruit machines or on bets in the bookies!! Personally I'm made up this is being sorted out. This is obviously being sorted due to the new owners and boardroom management. Well done FSG, this just shows they want to have communication with the fans like they said in the beginning & sticking by their words on & off the pitch."
10th May 2011 22:01
"Stop whinging about £5, you'll av2find over £700 2get a ST. In order to build new stadium banks need to know that LFC has a current list of fans ready to fill it"
1st Jun 2011 13:17
"When will the people who were on the list of 25000 hear what's happening next ?"
2nd Jun 2011 14:22
"I hope there is some news for the top 25000 people soon, especially with the membership renewal coming up on 6th June. Don't want to pay for a membership if theres a chance i could get a season ticket."
16th Jun 2011 10:20
"How about as a one off. first home game of the season, all season ticket holders to produce id and birth certificate to match ticket. That would sort out the ones that are 150 years old !!!"
16th Jun 2011 10:24
"how about as a one off that all season ticket holders attending the fist home game produce a valid id and birth cert to match the ticket. That would sort out the 150 year olds !!"
17th Jun 2011 18:29
"How about as a one off for the first home game, season ticket holders bring proof of ideny / birth cert that matches the ticket.That would sort out the 150 year olds!!"
28th Jun 2011 19:03
"Well the lfc should be releasing new season tickets for a % of the first 25ooo within the next 2 wks fingers crossed "
1st Jul 2011 16:26
"Joined in '95 - am 6332/3 - an improvement in that now I know - but it seems people who joined later are higher - there's probably a reasonable explanation, but I'm definitely missing it!"
5th Aug 2011 0:21
"I had a phone call off the club a month or so ago . My only gripe is that after 4 weeks and a couple of phone calls later Im still waiting to see where on the list I am as it still comes up with an error message and all the club will say is Ive not been added to the computer list yet and to try again in a couple of weeks "
4th Oct 2011 15:06
"1) It would be great to know you cant put 400 characters on here before you start rabbiting 2) Feelings run deep, lots ot say on this as would appear others do - is LFC right in saying the onus is on the supporter to provide proof? If the date went back to fan card membership then that would be fairer given that lots appear to have been sat waiting like lemons for a letter not arriving......."
4th Oct 2011 15:16
"1)you need to be rich to get in these days or else local 2)Are you wanting supporters from further afield? We are hard done by in many ways 3)Great that things are changing and commend the board. "
6th Dec 2011 20:55
" If LFC where to use a photo ID season ticket, or insist on photo ID (driving licence etc..) to be shown at the gate along with their season ticket, it would probably half the waiting list and make it fair to those who dont know anyone who buys season tickets and lets other people use them for a proffit!!"
7th Mar 2012 21:19
"£5 banked and still no position. Disgusting that no loyalty for attendance history is taken into consideration. As a duty of care, when are the season tickets going to have the holders picture on them???"
10th Apr 2012 13:09
"Too many touts with Red shirts holding on to more than 1 season ticket, move to photo ID with address and swipe system, I bet the list opens up a few tickets then"
2nd May 2012 16:03
"my daughter and i were on the list for about 15 years and paid the fiver,but now are season ticket holders,only to see the worse season in the clubs history and since we've been attending,makes me wonder what all the fuss is about just at present anyway,its still far too dear though,wondering if they'll freeze the prices for next season like a few other clubs have done but won't hold my breadth "
9th Aug 2012 21:20
"As long as ID card type season tickets are used, conmen will continue to hog the majority of season tickets at Anfield "
15th Oct 2012 10:57
"A year and a half later and we're still waiting for an update. What's going on?"
11th Nov 2012 11:23
"Q: What's happening with the Adult / Child and the Disabled Season Ticket waiting lists? I've wrote letters, telephoned the club, it's nearly 2 years since this statement, but the only reply I get is look on the website for future posts? Come on guys, time to make a start on this one before my child needs an adult ticket!"
25th Jan 2013 13:22
"Hi all the building of a new stadium seems like a no brainer we need to increase capacity, or we are never going to be competing on a revenue or merchandise scale with clubs like united or chelsea. An increase in capacity by 30,000 will solve the season ticket problem as well, as I can't even get on the list."
28th May 2013 11:32
"I have worked shifts and weekends for years but now I have more control of my time I would put myself on the list but at my age how long is the wait for a ticket. Will this project show this information."
28th May 2013 11:44
"Having read the posts by fellow supporters, think I will just ask for live matches on LFCTV nearest I think I will get. Good luck to the many patient and younger fans. YNWA"
19th Aug 2013 18:15
"when is season ticket waiting list open for new applications please"
19th Aug 2013 18:17
"strongly agree "
17th Nov 2013 18:31
"I see a lot of post's on here from 2011, I hope this is just a program error because it seems like the club are not taking the season ticket issue seriously. If the board of management canot be bothered to update the site, what chance of any real action in regard of season ticket's or indeed transfer's in jan. poor display must do better."
25th Dec 2013 13:12
"4546748449494uyg2 - Get over yourself."
25th Jan 2014 20:38
"Why bother giving FSG more money because it clearly doesn't go to our transfer market budget, In fact I don't know where any of our humongous sponshirship money goes either. FSG promise a new stadium. Nothing, FSG promise big named players, nothing. FSG do us all a favour and sell up your not wanted! "
25th Feb 2014 20:20
"Where are you at now, I've been trying to get on waiting list for years "
ney Red
3rd Apr 2014 0:57
"I waited nearly 14 years for a season ticket and heard nothing back. Then I work away from home for five months and I receive a letter saying its £5 to stay on the list. I call to pay the fee but i'm told I missed the deadline. I complain but i'm told tough. Still not got over it lol...."
29th Jul 2014 14:50
"I am disabled, and nearly 60. It is very frustrating to read the same message (over a year now) telling me the waiting list is closed. I know there are only 100 wheelchair spaces and 51 of these are taken already. PLEASE just let me know if there is ANY chance whatsoever that I am going to achieve this. If it is likely to take 30 years, then maybe I should give up now!"
9th Aug 2014 21:35
"I waited 17 years for mine been home n away Inc Europe I do a 300 mile round trip to Anfield every home game. I am always in the city game or not and love the place as a whole But because I am not from Liverpool it means I should not have a season ticket???? Sorry lad I am hear to stay!!!!! "
10th Sep 2014 22:02
"When are you going to do it properly, with integrity. Having the holders picture on the season ticket. That way, the waiting list might begin to move, as it has not moved in years. It is an utter joke....."
Bristol Mitch
15th Oct 2014 15:29
"Bristol Mitch I applied and paid for my name to go on the waiting list back in 2001. I have never heard from the club regarding my season ticket application."