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LFC Standart Chartered Football Clinic (pretty nice)
12th Feb 2011 17:38
12th Feb 2011 17:42
12th Feb 2011 19:06
"Thumbs up!"
12th Feb 2011 19:26
13th Feb 2011 1:16
"When do you return to Kenya? We loved you."
13th Feb 2011 13:06
"The fact is the banks do not hold our money to lend it out. The banks create vastly more money out of thin air, as debt, than they hold as deposits, and our monetarist system allows and encourages this sham. Check out the doentary MONEY AS DEBT. It shows that banks' primary function is to create debt through fractional reserve lending."
13th Feb 2011 13:06
"If you ask for a loan of say £10,000, the money lent to you is not from the bank's reserves. It is created out of thin air as debt as soon as you counter-sign the loan. This is because the banks have been given powers to create money as debt. The more debt they create the more they have on their books as credit for themselves."
13th Feb 2011 13:09
"Governments and thus citizens get into debt and are forced to endure 'austerity measures and cuts' while cat bankers enjoy big bonuses precisely because the banks enslave us with debt, because bizarrely the governments have to lend money from central banks and the World Bank etc. "
13th Feb 2011 13:09
"If interest was forbidden and Governments controlled and produced all the money they needed (and didn't owe interest to central banks) the world WOULD be much happier and function much better. "
13th Feb 2011 13:16
"Check out a doentary called Meet Your Strawman. Ever wondered why your name is in block capitals on bank statements and credit cards and legal summonses etc. It's because your strawman is the legal shadow version of you created when your birth was registered. "
13th Feb 2011 13:16
"Your strawman is the one that the authorities tax and the one who the banks enslave into debt. They cannot enslave or charge taxes to the flesh and blood you because according to Blac-k's Law dictionary a real person is, well, real, but a government and the banks and their 'laws' and 'taxes' are theoretical constructs. "
13th Feb 2011 13:16
"The strawman is created without your consent or knowledge, or your parents', as nobody is taught about the this system we are enslaved by. For obvious reasons. More and more people are finding out they can submit a form to the government reclaiming their strawman and absolving themselves of strawman debt. Also - don't go to court if summoned under your strawman name as you then become liable. "
13th Feb 2011 13:19
"It is better to be educated and know what the real world we live in is all about....and these posts ARE relevant because LFC's main sponsor is a bank and we were recently massively 'in debt' to RBS...who are supposedly 85% tax-payer owned after their own financial mismanagements, but still give themselves billions in bonuses. Go figure. YNWA."
13th Feb 2011 14:56
"That is soo Kool"
13th Feb 2011 18:22
"After seeing all the pictures from London, it makes me proud to be a Liverpool FC fan"
14th Feb 2011 7:21
"It's a great Fun. Very Nice and Beautiful. Btw, when will Liverpool open the soccer schools in Indonesia ?? I've waited too long, while Arsenal have opened since 2007...."
15th Oct 2011 22:31
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