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very happy in particular for saric. has great potential but has been really unlucky with injuries. hope (touch wood) they are all behind him and that he can really make a name for himself. have high hopes for him
12th Jan 2011 9:38
12th Jan 2011 10:07
"nice to see kenny, sammy and steve watching reserves r looking good. and the youth even better"
12th Jan 2011 10:15
"Well done lads, keep those wins & performances coming and you'll earn a chance to show what you can do in the 1st team. "
12th Jan 2011 10:48
"great lads!. But i have a different message here; can someone plz tell Torres to reverse to his former hair cut when he just joined the club. That makes him unique."
12th Jan 2011 11:16
"Now Pacheco must play with the first team in the Premier league."
12th Jan 2011 11:31
"Suso and Pacheco Should Start Playing with the first team... They Both are an Exciting Prospect.."
12th Jan 2011 12:17
"SWITKEL!!! Why do you keep harping on about Torres's hair colour??? the man is a footballer, not a male model on a cat walk. This is a football forum, we talk about Football and the team we support. end of OK."
12th Jan 2011 14:00
"I have always been hearing things like he's unlucky to be playing in the same position as Stevie G. Now with him out i guess its the perfect time to step up and show what he's got...he's got the form going and the best possible motivation in the best possible manager."
12th Jan 2011 14:00
" Just hope the kid does well and becomes a liverpool great in the future. Don't forget u don't become the best under 19 player in europe for nothing...the kid has got class...just needs the rub of the green... Go reds YNWA! "
12th Jan 2011 14:02
"I think you will find Jayjaye that Switel was referring to Torres hair cut not the colour. And I agree with him. Its the Samson thing lol. "
12th Jan 2011 14:31
"switkel i agree! his hair cut was his mojo!"
12th Jan 2011 14:32
"and his current moheekan is way over the top and i bet its mass makes him slower or something negative!!"
12th Jan 2011 14:35
"jayejay we dont talk only football we talk about the team and individuals and if this was just football discussions then why are there articles about alsorts of things of the pitch! nando torres liverpools number 9!!"
12th Jan 2011 15:37
"it would have been great to throw him into the blackpool game, but as he played yesterday hes not likely to be in the sqaud, him and torres would make a great partnership, bring joe cole in on the right, maxi left"
12th Jan 2011 15:39
"well done lad, keep up the good work Torres hair, I agree, I think it was he's mojo too, revert back asap mate =) YNWA"
12th Jan 2011 16:47
"The boy has talent for sure"
12th Jan 2011 17:47
"Great to hear the lads are doing well, and wonderful news that Saric is back after his injury break. YNWA"
12th Jan 2011 18:00
"hes just class"
12th Jan 2011 18:35
"play pacheco with torres please king."
12th Jan 2011 18:45
"pacheco really needs to play in the squad,under the king ,saric and jay will folow soon"
12th Jan 2011 18:50
"I think that he shhould be given a chance in the first team a long time ago."
12th Jan 2011 22:17
"Everytime i've seen pacheco in the 1st team he's played well. May as well give him a place on a regular basis. Better than some of the crap that plays ahead of him"