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Was Raul your pick of November?
10th Dec 2010 13:45
10th Dec 2010 13:51
"Finally a happy selection headache in the midfield and in attack. If it ain't broke, don't fix it; so keep the Lucas-Raul partnership going. Now, do we give Torres his old strike partner, Gerrard, back, or do we continue the equally attractive partnership of Torres and Babel/Ngog??!!"
10th Dec 2010 13:52
"Definately the right choice.Meireles has been fantasic since been moved from right midfield to centre.We have great balance now with Raul and Lucas in the middle.So when Stevie comes back he will hopefully play behind Nando!!"
10th Dec 2010 13:53
"Well done raul keep the spirit high. lets hv some silverware this year infact lets target all 3 wow wat an amazing thing would it be.. YNWA "
10th Dec 2010 13:57
"This hopefully will help Gerrard move further up the pitch just behind Fernando. Why he was never kept up there I don't know. They're the best partnership in the EPL, maybe Europe? "
10th Dec 2010 14:04
"lucas or raul "
10th Dec 2010 14:09
"Cole-Gerrard-Lucas-Meiereles should be our midfield regulary! Striker Torres with Kuyt, Babel or Ngog depends on the oponend! Maxi is needed as backup for Cole and Kuyt! "
10th Dec 2010 14:13
"In centre defence we have carragher,skrtel,krygiakos,agger.RB we have johnson or kelly,LB konchesky or aurelio.MD we have raul,lucas,gerrard,spearing.LM or RM we have Kuyt,babel,cole,maxi,jova.attacker we have babel,kuyt,torres,n' difficult time to choose who more suitable play for starting 11.for me.what kind of team selection Roy choose.i believe we can win.."
10th Dec 2010 14:15
"yes he was quality"
10th Dec 2010 14:16
"In centre defence we have carragher,skrtel,krygiakos,agger.RB we have johnson or kelly,LB konchesky or aurelio.MD we have raul,lucas,gerrard,spearing.LM or RM we have Kuyt,babel,cole,maxi,jova.attacker we have babel,kuyt,torres,n' difficult time to choose who more suitable play for starting 11.for me.what kind of team selection Roy choose.i believe we can win.."
10th Dec 2010 14:16
"outstanding player im really happy hes with us all we need now is goal from him to make him feel better cause i can feel an absolute screamer coming from his right foot go my son give to the magpies YNWA!!!!!!!!! "
10th Dec 2010 14:17
"Well done Raul great to see that already. Gerrard should move forward next to Torres. Maxi has been on point of lately. I would have voted for him if I would have voted."
10th Dec 2010 14:18
"Come on Roy, Steve and Raul are our centre midfield pairing. None of this "I can still play Raul wide" rubbish... he should play every week in CM alongside SG!!!"
10th Dec 2010 14:19
"i personally think he is a top class midfielder and desreves that reward :)"
10th Dec 2010 14:32
"congrats Raul =D"
10th Dec 2010 14:44
"He deserves it, definitely "
10th Dec 2010 14:46
"Raul deserved it all right. Special mention for Lucas as well !"
10th Dec 2010 14:47
"I'm not upset about this, but Lucas should have been voted player of the month!"
10th Dec 2010 15:13
"nope...I choose Torres but Raul certainly deserves it!"
10th Dec 2010 15:15
"Well deserved Raul. I hope you continue to play in central midfield when Stevie G is fit again."
10th Dec 2010 15:18
"He deserved it"
10th Dec 2010 15:23
"A million percent the right choice. I knew the guy was a good player before he came but once he starts adding the goals he will be massive for us!"
10th Dec 2010 15:23
"Has Woy even considered playing a midfield trio??? If Lucas and Meireles are playing well alongside each other, why break it when Stevie comes back. This is why I for one, question his tactics... "
10th Dec 2010 15:23
"Oh and congratulations Raul, keep up the good work! "
Captain Can
10th Dec 2010 15:28
"roy needs to get this one right, i personally can't decide between 4-5-1 with gerrard behind torres or 4-4-2 with gerrard in the centre and dropping lucas or raul.i want to see babel play upfront with torres but lucas and raul have played so well together i wouldn't want to drop either.tough decision for roy as he'll get slated no matter which one he picks "
10th Dec 2010 15:29
"4-4-2 is working well so how about playing Gerrard up front alongside Torres, that would be a scary prospect for any defence!"
10th Dec 2010 15:51
"well done Raul keep it up"
10th Dec 2010 15:54
"I just want to see one of those blistering shots go in on the Kop end. He has been a whisker away or a lucky foot stuck out away from scoring several crackers."
10th Dec 2010 15:55
"Keep Lucas-Raul Partnership. Play Gerrard behind Torres with Maxi or Cole on the left and Kuyt or Babel on the Right. "
10th Dec 2010 16:10
"well done raul ! welll deserved indeed. keep in in the centre mid with lucas and put j cole and maxi on the right and left midfield then put gerrard infront of them with torres infront of him ! perfect !"
10th Dec 2010 16:13
"Raul is a fantastic player and a good passer for the ball,,He's a good replacement for Gerrard So they can rest each other..But Now we need a good replacement for Lucas as a holding MF so they can rest each other...I believe to be successful you must have at least 4 good CMF..That's my opinion and little experience in football"
10th Dec 2010 16:20
"yes he was..and his celebrations when we score a goal is amazing..!! like the 1 against Chelsea him and Torres.."
10th Dec 2010 16:26
"Great choice! Top class player! "
10th Dec 2010 16:33
"it was lucas or raul for me anyway in fairness they are both fantastic players milan jovanovich and babel will be here shortly for similar awards given enough playing time ynwa"
10th Dec 2010 17:00
"For me Lucas Raul Maxi and Torres have been the standout performers Lucas has been most consistent this month. Raul also has been excellent but Maxi and Torres they are playing well together and linking up very well. Maxi has improved most this month"
10th Dec 2010 17:04
"Would have been between him and lucas for me!"
10th Dec 2010 17:09
"It's absolutely nothing to do with him "bedding in" or "coming to terms with the league" and absolutely everything to do with him playing in his proper position at last. Roy, please leave him in the middle, don't put him back on the right wing."
10th Dec 2010 17:23
"Surernova,i couldnt agree with u on lad,roy don't play him on wing anymore"
10th Dec 2010 17:26
"For sure, he was brilliant. His freekicks and corners was always very dangerous, and many let to goals. "
10th Dec 2010 17:45
"meireles is awesome.....keep it up meireles...YNWA"
10th Dec 2010 17:52
"yes yes yes"
10th Dec 2010 17:53
"Raul is definitely the player of November! An honorary mention should be made of lucas in that the pair have formed an impressive partnership in central midfield."
10th Dec 2010 17:58
"definately the right choice!!every1s sayin yeh stick gerrard up top with torres are we all forgetting he is one of the best CENTRE MIDFIELDERS in the world!ngog has come on leaps and bounds and babel deserves more games. id have raul and stevie in the middle with nando and ngog up top or we could go 4-3-3 play stevie raul and lucas in the middle ngog torres and babel or kuyt up top?"
10th Dec 2010 18:17
"deserves it :D"
10th Dec 2010 18:37
"ya hes been class l8ly"
10th Dec 2010 18:46
"Well done Raul.You got this award in a very short space of time.I am sure there will be more to come.Só esperamos para o golo.Try and get Hulk and Falcao to LFC."
10th Dec 2010 19:33
"Fantastic... well deserved, this award is really doing great things. Its nice to thank the players by voting for them and extra nice that they get an award.. Well deserved Raul. I'd like to see Kondhesky play this month the way he did last game.."
10th Dec 2010 19:38
10th Dec 2010 19:43
"Every month so far a different player has won, good that we can have several players compeing rather the one winning it all the time. Torres still has not won yet."
10th Dec 2010 19:54
"He has been great. A mixture of style and aggression in the midfield. He has let Lucas roam and vice versa. Well done Roy. Let's keep it up!"
10th Dec 2010 20:00
"maybe it was a good thin sg got injured, b/c if it means rauland lucas can pair up in middle and sg move behind nando thats a scary mix for any defense especially with maxi on the left and the impressive form hes been in. only prob is wat do we do about cole back from injury, also n'gog/babel. "
10th Dec 2010 20:02
"who knows for now but i say keep this cm partnership and we'll find out wat 2 do bout j.cole/n'gog/babel later on in jan. durin t.window dependin on who goes out/in. if we get yet another quality striker that cud make things more difficult in team choosing but if were winning then nothing else matters.YNWA lfc4life"
10th Dec 2010 20:16
"i agree with WhooaaaSamiSami, there world class and like we have already seen together they are the best duo in the league"
10th Dec 2010 20:23
"Lucas n Raul"
10th Dec 2010 20:31
"I think play Lucas Raul and gerrard as 3 man mid field, and then torres cole and babel ngog up front, in a 4 3 3, that would be potent!"
10th Dec 2010 20:39
"looks a good buy by woy and conducted in the 'Liverpool way'. Can understand the konchesky and poulsen buys also if you evaluate it. So so so want woy and Liv to succeed. C'mon Red Men."
10th Dec 2010 20:41
"Raul is the man! :) he deserved this award for sure!! Keep up the hard work! YNWA"
10th Dec 2010 20:58
"ing sucks, it should have been Nando !"
10th Dec 2010 21:15
"ow well i was thinking in Lucas"
10th Dec 2010 21:15
"but very good Raul keep it ! we need more confidence"
10th Dec 2010 21:33
"Well done Raul keep it up :)"
10th Dec 2010 23:44
"yes he did well "
11th Dec 2010 0:03
"well pair Meireles with Gerrard in the centre,actualy Raul came like DM so i don't see why we are playing Lucas or Poulsen plus in the team,they should wait their chance from the bench the season is too long to keep fit for all matches Raul or Steven,that's why we need 25 men squad not 11"
11th Dec 2010 0:20
"I actually voted for Lucas but Raul the two midfielders have been great together. "
11th Dec 2010 0:37
"He has lived up to expectation from me. Where I'm from there is a lot of Portugese and I had heard of Raul just not seen him play alot as I don't watch Protugal or the Portugese league but he was rated Highly i can see why, he is a fantastic buy. I see we have a midfield crisis too. thats a positivs for once"
11th Dec 2010 0:38
"I also think our team should be something like Reina Kelly Carragher Agger Lucas Raul Johnson Cole Gerrard Torres Babel"
11th Dec 2010 4:59
"Awesome! It's definitely a sign of things to come. Raul is gonna be a legend for us!YNWA"
11th Dec 2010 5:26
"with lucas and raul in the midfield , kuyt and cole on wings , stevie G can play under torres and form a scary duet in front "
11th Dec 2010 5:59
"now there's no problem with the current squad we have...we are back!!!back to glory days....YNWA!!!!!"
Rush job
11th Dec 2010 8:26
"Raul is a quality player. I liked the way we signed him, with zero rumours/speculation. Him and Lucas have been superb- and that's a credit to Roy and his team. Gerro to go up with torres, or right mid for me. I'd like to see n'zogbia signed in Jan and played up the wing, and kuyt benched. He looks knackered to me. Come on you redmen!!!!"
11th Dec 2010 9:41
"Raul is good, yes, he is!"