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What's your reaction to this news?
30th Nov 2010 13:47
30th Nov 2010 13:44
"Great news at last.Come on the mighty reds lets get our season back on track.Everyone behind the team instead of constant sniping.Constructive criticism only ay.Well i hope so any way!YNWA"
30th Nov 2010 13:51
"come like we did against tottnhm. i don't like defensive. sometimes we defend but most of the times...attack n attack. if torres n maxi scores ..surely everything changed."
30th Nov 2010 13:52
"i'm so pleased..come on. go forward..attack n attack like we did against totthm..we can play really YnWa !! "
30th Nov 2010 13:56
"Dosen't matter as long as Hodgson is in charge, we could have 11 stevies and he would still not have a clue how to play them. Move on "
30th Nov 2010 13:59
"What a great news I'am feeling much convidence right now having our skipper back soon. By the way i Simply agree with GTL-fC ,lets get behind the team and Stop Criticizing cuz that aint gone help YNWA"
30th Nov 2010 14:12
"audittlfc... stop jumping on the bandwagon of critising the manager. It was definitely not Roy's fault that we lost on Sunday, so relax. Its great news to have Stevie back in the side sooner rather than later."
30th Nov 2010 14:14
"Very good news :)."
30th Nov 2010 14:16
"very good news"
30th Nov 2010 14:18
30th Nov 2010 14:29
"Nice! We need Stevie! I just hope, Roy won't go back to 4-5-1 just 'cause he'll have Cole and Stevie back. We need offence! Our def line isn't THAT MUCH of a problem (well we have Reina), but we need goals! 2 strikers and 2 goal hungry mids!"
30th Nov 2010 14:54
"I'm so happy. Definitely we all want the best result if possible in all games where Gerard is involved. But, man's body strength is limited. So plz don't push Gerard so hard cause the journey stil long."
30th Nov 2010 14:56
"As long as he is fully fit, no point in rushing players back and making it worse."
30th Nov 2010 15:08
"good news! hope for Cole to find his form and impress on Thursday.Thumbs up Stevei u r so vital to the team, we need ur presence and inspiration on the pitch. "
30th Nov 2010 15:09
"will be good to see Stevie's return.. we will need to get 2 good strikers in January then things will change."
30th Nov 2010 15:18
"Great news!Hope he really can play vs. Newcastle."
30th Nov 2010 16:07
"Spot on with you ... the problem is most people here fear facts."
30th Nov 2010 16:27
"i love the medical team at liverpool they are so quick to get our players fit again. keep up the good work."
30th Nov 2010 16:48
"ohhhh yesssss;) captain fantastic !!! :D"
30th Nov 2010 16:49
"we have to beat villa. but without carra and gerrard, we'll have a fight on our hands"
30th Nov 2010 18:08
"I think most of us put just players in the centre of the highlight but forget about people behind the scene, who work with and make them fit for week-to-week matches. Personaly, I think our best buy this year was the medical team."
30th Nov 2010 18:14
"we don't want to rush stevie back too soon, especially with the hectic christmas period near. let him ease his way back, merieles is doing well in the centre and we don't want stevie to have a recurrance from coming back too soon. PLEASE STEVIE RETIRE FROM ENGLAND SO YOU CAN FOCUS ON LIVERPOOL"
30th Nov 2010 18:35
"YES! "
30th Nov 2010 19:13
"gutted that aggar cant play, the kyriakos is good but slow "
30th Nov 2010 19:28
"Goooooooooooo Gerrard "
30th Nov 2010 19:49
"Great news, please don't rush him back and create more problems though. "
30th Nov 2010 20:38
30th Nov 2010 20:54
"The fairy dust the new medical staff are using really is working wonders. Normally, we'd expect these sorts of injuries to last for months, and yet we have seen players come back from injuries early with no lasting damage. And, of course, the sooner we get Gerrard back, the better."
30th Nov 2010 21:42
"Great news, although meireles and lucas have been good in his absence, keep them in midfield and have Stevie supporting Torres"
30th Nov 2010 21:56
"absolutely amazing fantastic news........ STEVE GERRARD = CAPTAIN FANTASTIC"
30th Nov 2010 23:50
"come on my lovely Stevie ^o^ you are No.1 for me and team "
1st Dec 2010 0:35
"Cant wait for Dagger to return. YNWA Danny"
1st Dec 2010 1:22
"Come on Agger! Cant believe how long hes been out..."
1st Dec 2010 2:05
"Off topic here, but I hope Martin O'Neill never becomes Liverpool manager. I have not forgiven him about the Gareth Barry saga and, except for him, we would probably have had a long list of English talent coming to Liverpool. Plus, I think he is not Liverpool-grade."
1st Dec 2010 4:16
"Will Meireles move to the wing with Gerrard back?"
1st Dec 2010 4:35
"Always with REDMEN!! go stieve ! YNWA"
1st Dec 2010 5:51
"The new medical team is in our face this year with updates about who stumped a toe on their breakfast table to who sneezed during training - AND YET TOTAL SILENCE ON AGGER??!! He criticised Roy's "tactics" and has been proved right!! Roy's 43% avg. win ratio in "35 yrs of experience" is beyond woeful for a L'pool coach/mgr. Get H&G's final poison on this club OUT OUT OUT!"
1st Dec 2010 6:56
"Do we need the star Joe Cole? With or without him the team made no difference"
1st Dec 2010 10:11
"Give Danny Wilson some game time. How can he grow as a player without the game time. Simple really!"
1st Dec 2010 10:27
"Agree with GT-LFC. Great comment. "
1st Dec 2010 14:46
"Man! Gerrard pleaseee be fit for Monday :( V Aston Villa. I'll be there :D Hopefully I'll get to see my idol! " You're just too good to be true." <3"