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A day on, your thoughts on the result...?
29th Nov 2010 15:24
29th Nov 2010 15:27
"Konchesky doesnt belong at Liverpool FC. Simple."
29th Nov 2010 15:27
"I think that Konchesky is a good honest pro, but at 29 I think that there is little chance of him upping his game to the required standards at LFC. I can understand why he was bought at that point in time, but the situation has changed now... and so does our left back!"
29th Nov 2010 15:28
"Konchesky Doesnt belong at Liverpool FC .Simple."
29th Nov 2010 15:28
"Please sell him, he's not good enough for LFC and his mistakes has already cost us against Man Utd and now against Spurs - LFC Fans are getting more and more frustrated and it won't be long when the players will suffer the wrath!!!"
29th Nov 2010 15:30
"Get out of our club.. you make mistakes in every game not just yesterdays game, you're too slow and you have no clue what to do with the ball when you get it! please go back to Fulham where you belong"
29th Nov 2010 15:31
29th Nov 2010 15:31
"Why does everyone keep saying "he's not good enough"? He's had some bad games but i've seen worse players in a liverpool shirt. It's not just his fault we lost yesterday, we had so many chances and we threw them away. Things happen."
29th Nov 2010 15:34
"Konchesky - a lesser player than Aurelio. "
29th Nov 2010 15:35
"Can't understand how konchesky plays ahead of aurelio, nonsense."
29th Nov 2010 15:35
"Murphy89 -"things happen' – are you Hodgson in disguise? Second is nowhere. Tenth is oblivion. "
29th Nov 2010 15:36
"Paul .. I appreciate that you want to up your game but I just don't think you are able to raise your game high enough to meet the required standard. If you want the best for LFC then please aim to move on "
29th Nov 2010 15:39
"i thought we were desperately unlucky not to come away with at least a point. The lads played as good as i have seen them play this weekend apart from the performance against chelsea."
29th Nov 2010 15:42
"Don't give all responsability to paul Konchesky. Who sold John Arne Riise, the best left back of the decade for poor money? now he's the best left back inSerie A"
29th Nov 2010 15:43
"Looking at the replay, he really let us down by losing his concentration. How can he let lennon who can run twice as fast as him lurking behind him!? I was rather angry over the game was lost in this manner. So POOR! If you want to win back our support you gonna pick up your confidence and prove to us on the pitch. BUCK UP MAN!"
29th Nov 2010 15:45
"Worst player on the pitch by a million miles yesterday! Look at Roys buys so far: Koncheskey - Useless Poulsen - Useless Meireles - Jury still deciding! Cole - Irratic! Say no more!"
29th Nov 2010 15:47
"u suck why did roy bought you oh i know beacuse both of you are losers "
29th Nov 2010 15:51
"Konchesky is not to blame. The missed chances at the other end are to blame. Spurs would never of pulled back if maxi and nando had buried their chances before half time."
29th Nov 2010 15:51
"Yep, Konchesky is definitely not for Liverpool FC. Of course, due respect for the self-criticism, but that's all. And btw - spotted some comment on the Man U game - this game was lost mainly because of Carragher and his awful marking. Konchesky was at his usual level then! We should get rid of these players - these are our only problems. The team is definitely getting better"
29th Nov 2010 15:53
"Same feeling -it's not just one game, it's the whole season so far. We are playing as though we don't belong in the top half of the table let alone top four. If the manager doesn't believe the players won't - AND HE DOESN'T - look how he has set up so far this season. Only when the fans are attacking him and he has nothing to lose is he being (a little) more positive."
29th Nov 2010 15:54
"Indeed we had to chances to win it. So had spurs early on. Konchesky, once again, made a mistake. When will Roy play Aurelio at left back again... At least Roy intended to play attacking football in an away game. Great to see. "
29th Nov 2010 15:55
"worst player ever like djimi traore."
29th Nov 2010 15:56
"dont worry babe it was just a mistake and people learn from there mistakes LIVEPROOL FOREVER YNWA"
29th Nov 2010 15:57
"still gutted, good effort though!!!"
29th Nov 2010 15:57
"Thanks for your honesty and I appreciate it, but this isn't your sunday pub team. This is professional soccer so shape up or ship out. Its that simple. We cannot be dropping points because someone lost their focus for a second or two."
29th Nov 2010 16:06
"pjc..Useless Meireles? IMO he was one of the best signings of the year for any team. "
29th Nov 2010 16:06
"glad he's taken responsibility but this still doesn't change the fact that he's no good enough for the club. right now riise looks twice as good as paul, and we sold him! just shows how far we've gone downhill"
29th Nov 2010 16:07
"regardless of mistakes, he is still a Liverpool player, and Liverpool supporters should support their players!! so stop knocking him and get behind him!! "
29th Nov 2010 16:07
"in furious dat anyone critises Konchesky n Hodgson sum of yas dat coment on dis website dnt kno a in thing. Im 20 yrs old iv been coachin since i was 13 n i hav me B license so dnt dare say u kno beter dan me!! gobes"
29th Nov 2010 16:07
"Insua is better. You didnt even attempt to catch up with some of the Tottenham players yesterday, lazy. Bring back Riise yes his last season was poor but far more quality than konchesky or insua, may have needed to drop a bit of weight, but he was red through and through."
29th Nov 2010 16:09
"Haha do worry babe because this football team and its fan's have far higher expectations than this and so far not good enough"
29th Nov 2010 16:10
"I lay all the blame on maxi!!!!why on earth is he playing 90 mins while youthful Babel is punished by Roy on bench????Maxi and Konchesky need a rest for sure."
29th Nov 2010 16:11
29th Nov 2010 16:12
"How long are we to see that Roy Hodgson doesnt fit the bill at Liverpool. He has no idea on how to work the players. Puts on a fine show in every game. He is no better than benitez. Money wasted on Poulsen, Konchesky.. wat happend to danny wilson??? i think he shud cover for Carra. Please bring in MARTIN O'NEIL"
29th Nov 2010 16:14
"I agree completely with RedHH83. "
29th Nov 2010 16:19
"The player who can up his game is Insua not Konchesky. By the time he is good enough for this club, we will be in championship."
29th Nov 2010 16:20
"Another game in which Liverpool couldn't play for 90 minutes. Another thrown-away three points. Another poor defeat."
29th Nov 2010 16:27
"My thoughts?Konchesky and Maxi are NOT for Liverpool.Simple ;) "
29th Nov 2010 16:28
"really... you think... organised... why were we so open and exposed to that winner then?"
29th Nov 2010 16:32
"Insua and Aurelio are much more better than Konchesky!"
29th Nov 2010 16:36
"Should have taken him out, I would rather miss Koncheskey for a few matches and keep the good run going. Aurelio is better anyway"
29th Nov 2010 16:37
"Should have taken his legs, I would rather Aurelio played anyway"
29th Nov 2010 16:37
"finally some one with some sense!!!!!"
29th Nov 2010 16:38
"Yes there is a lot of pressure playing for Liverpool but unfortunately for us supporters you and Roy are use to loosing so it wouldn't bother you, you both would consider it as part of the game. "
29th Nov 2010 16:40
"gutted , but you boys played a great game! "
29th Nov 2010 16:41
"OH !! How big of him well he is a second rate defender who might manage in the championship he is so out of place in the premier league school boy defending pathetic And as for him having confidence in Roy of course he does anyone else would be rid of him"
29th Nov 2010 16:42
"Your time is up, Give way to Jack Robinson please!!"
29th Nov 2010 16:43
"It isn't konchesky's fault that we lost yesterday. Lennon is very fast, he could get past any full back. if torres and maxi had taken their chances, we would have won easily. on the other hand, i believe fabio is better than him and should be starting"
29th Nov 2010 16:43
"If you looking to blame players look at the ones who missed chances to put this game to bed !!!!!"
29th Nov 2010 16:49
"I didn't agree with the subsution of Ngog, yeah he'd taken a knock but we have Babel on the bench!! We are Liverpool, we should be going for the win, not holding out for a point!! "
29th Nov 2010 16:51
"I thought we were better than Spurs for most of the game and didn't deserve to lose but we failed to put our chances away, made mistakes,and lost concentration at the end. We still need a new manager to repair Roys mistakes and bring in a winning mentality. "
29th Nov 2010 16:52
"Good work SKIRTEL for scoring and equalising at the same time, good work kocheski for allowing lenon steal the winner...And good work ROY for sitting comfortably like things were all well even when subs were needed.... i think this is what most fans want..being behind players haa"
29th Nov 2010 16:52
"PJC82, don't agree with your comment, I think Meireles is an excellent player! He must be doing something right if Stevie G rates him!!"
29th Nov 2010 16:53
"we all know he and poulson are roys golden boys but they really need to go and better younger players need to join our once great team"
29th Nov 2010 16:54
"Favoritism can clearly be seen in this club...but konchesky sorry to say please dont blame your early injury for your performace..."
29th Nov 2010 16:57
"gutted is the best word heree didnt deserve to lose but their pace with lennon bale modric and defoe was immense and we couldnt handle it"
29th Nov 2010 16:57
"Talham7129, I personally wouldn't want Martin O'Neill at Liverpool, his tactics consist of hoofing the ball upto two big strikers, boooring!! "
29th Nov 2010 17:05
"I think he was a good buy for 3 million just make it right next game"
29th Nov 2010 17:05
"The game was actually great! Everyone was playing brilliantly, but it was a tough game! The resoult wasn't the mirror of the game. The fair one would be a draw. We weren't the better or the worse team. And Tottenham "the masters of comebacks" didn't outplay us in any way!"
29th Nov 2010 17:05
"KONCHESKY !!!!!!!!!!!"
29th Nov 2010 17:06
"And abount Konch, please leave your spot to Fabio Aurelio, who is far better than you. One more thing I liked from the game. 2 strikers, again!"
29th Nov 2010 17:07
"Your simply not good enough Paul. Please leave along with Woy and also take Poulsen with you. Spurs were always going to own us even after half time. They have a much better squad than us. They have about 6 world class players IMO and 2 talented youngsters in Danny Rose and Giovanni Dos Santos. We only have Stevie and Nando... not enough to challenge for anything. "
29th Nov 2010 17:09
"For all of those who say that Meireles and Maxi are useless, do you want me to make a sign you can wear so everyone knows how ignorant you are? Maxi is getting around defenders better than most. He had the vast majority of our chances against Spurs. There were points where I thought he was Torres from a distance. Meireles is an orchestrator, and he's doing it well. Konch has been subpar, though."
29th Nov 2010 17:12
"I thought it was Ngog who held his hands up, anyway?"
29th Nov 2010 17:16
"It's a pity to have lost. We played very good football, specially in the first half. We had a lot of good chances. Roy has been wrong in the changes. He had to put Poulsen and Shelvey for the tired Lucas and Meireles. Very bad, Roy!"
29th Nov 2010 17:29
"A day on, I have managed to cool down somewhat. It's -21 centigrade in Finland....maybe that helps!? I stand by my analysis of the match. No good outplaying the opposition home or away for 45mins only. No good blaming refs or bad luck - bad refs and bad luck are not why we are midtable on minus GD in late November."
29th Nov 2010 17:40
"In all honesty as a player he doesnt have the quality we need at Liverpool, Lennon destroyed him for 90+ minutes and we lost the game because of it, Roy needs to start playing the best player in the position, in this case, it should have been Aurelio or Kelly, i've had enough of his poor passing marking and work-rate, Konchesky Out."
29th Nov 2010 17:42
"koncheskys fault for both goals, he should of been infront of crouch and could of kicked the first goal away, the 2nd he just needed to watch lennon and the ball at the same time and deal with the situation better. We need 4 games to go our way and we can get back in the top4!"
29th Nov 2010 17:44
"not the first time."
29th Nov 2010 17:46
"insua is a better defender than konchesky, and insua is not great, why send him and aqualani away on loan when it is proven we need them both at the club, secondly every liverpool fan in the world also new that neither player should not have ever been sent on loan, how is Roy keeping his job making decisions like that! "
29th Nov 2010 17:47
"Dude, you should be holding your hands up in every match, this is nothing new, the only difference is you decided to speak out now, you can do us all a favour, since you are in the mood of being a man, admit you're not LFC material and quit, take Roy with you."
29th Nov 2010 17:47
"allw him atleast he is tryin"
29th Nov 2010 17:48
"why not Play young Danny wilson at left back, he is a left footer and will give him the break he deserves until he can become a Centre half!"
29th Nov 2010 17:48
"I will advise you to up your game asap, try to deliver those telling crosses you can and cut the mistakes like yesterday!! your are 29 and can not improve that much, get your form back and the fans might get off your back don't and you should be gone. Goodluck."
29th Nov 2010 17:49
"Perhaps if you hold up your hands more you might stop a goal."
29th Nov 2010 17:50
"Konchesky didn't cost us the game yesterday.....Torres and Maxi did with their misses. It's too easy to blame Konchesky."
29th Nov 2010 17:51
"maxi and nando didnt play they have missed so many chnaces oh my god i cant believe it we would have won by many goals"
29th Nov 2010 17:56
"Mate, Roy made your dream of playing for a big team come true, now that you have something to tell, you can now leave, January wouldn't be a problem."
29th Nov 2010 18:01
"Why is everyone blaming Konchesky? He misplayed the ball just as badly as Kyrgiakos did! What about the THREE defenders Modric passed before Skrtel had the own goal. Maxi had 2 clear chances and didn't take them. Torres had 2 chances and didn't even get a shot off. It was a team effort. We're getting there. Support the team. "
29th Nov 2010 18:04
"Konchesky is not Liverpool Fc standard. He is awful!"
29th Nov 2010 18:05
"Sorry Koncheski, you have not impressed from the start. I know its not your fault. Woy wasted are money on you. That was amateurish on sunday enough is enough.Pack your boots and take Woy with you. Before things get worse. "
29th Nov 2010 18:06
"I'm one of Maxi's biggest critics but i can definitely see an improvement in recent weeks,Merelis was our best player yesterday and i think he'll become useful as time goes on, but Konchesky i have not seen any improvement."
29th Nov 2010 18:10
"Bad luck Paul, dont think you were to blame for the result... I think your a good solid English left back with plenty of Prem experience. If we would have took our chances in front of goal yesterday we wouldn't be blaming you for the loss! But celebrating a win..."
29th Nov 2010 18:17
"only thought, ROY,S tactics are not working.we won over chelsea because of torres magic, they outplayed us yesterday we were rubbish in the 2nd half and not only because of konchesky useless winger (kuyt and maxi) midfield which cant hold the ball and distribute it, and a leaking defense especially the left side "
29th Nov 2010 18:28
"Its not your fault its the managers for buying you in the first place!!!!!!!!!"
29th Nov 2010 18:33
"Now Aurelio is fit he must start, he is better tactically and without Gerrard in the team he is the ideal replacement for the set piece taker. We are not going to qualify for the champions league this year so blood the youngsters like kelly, shelvey and pacheco"
29th Nov 2010 18:35
"your a fine player paul im glad your at LFC ynwa hard luck yesterday"
29th Nov 2010 18:41
"u shud of pulled him down "
29th Nov 2010 18:45
"poor player who is not good enough."
29th Nov 2010 18:46
"dont blame konchesky and if u want 2 start pointing fingers point them in torres and rodriquez direction they could have killed the game off by the 50th minute.i cant help but think if carra was on the pitch we would have not have conceded so late on."
29th Nov 2010 18:55
"I know we're supposed to support the team thick & thin, but I cannot lie & say Paul Konchesky is a decent player. He is virtually our #1 LB and he leaks goals almost every game. It's a third of the season and he had only played two Liverpool-standard games all season - blackburn & west ham (btw, i dont remember anyone played badly in those 2 games)"
29th Nov 2010 18:58
"All football fans know that its a TEAM sport. Maxi and Torres should also hold up their hands. If we don't kill off teams when we have the chance then we will pay dearly in this league. Aurelio and Babel should start the next few games ahead of Maxi and Konchesky. IMO Meireles will prove to be our best signing yet. "
29th Nov 2010 19:13
"yes paul but if you are truly honest you will walk back to fulham and the lower half of the pl "
29th Nov 2010 19:18
"Konchesky is responsible for covering Lennon yesterday and he failed to do so.. so part of it IS his fault! As for Maxi and Meireles... they are actually carrying the team with Stevie injured and Nando not scoring. 2 Goals shoulda been clear before halftime yesterday but then again... Spurs shoulda scored on their penalty too so it still woulda been 3-3..."
29th Nov 2010 19:30
"As everyone is aware the best way to defend is to attack!! So Paul, Maxi and Torres are to be blame. The way we played yesterday to be honest can't be said that it was good football. In january we need to buy better forward as well as better defence. "
29th Nov 2010 19:36
"terrible, we played so good aswell, really bad luck :/"
29th Nov 2010 19:37
"Do the decent thing Konchesky & seek a transfer in January - please!!"
29th Nov 2010 19:40
"Just hope Konchesky doesn't read the website! In the modern age of Internet and forums and websites, I think any player who has the courage to say "it was my fault" should be commended. We're not a million miles away from getting this right. Have a little patience and walk on with hope in your hearts!"
29th Nov 2010 19:40
"The long and short of it is we had atleast 5 chances to win this game and on another day would have won 5-o. Give the lad a break he is good enough but he wont improve with everyone on his back. Everyone needs time, we are liverpool and we do well when we get behind our team for example european nights they dont come any better because we get behind the team. YNWA "
29th Nov 2010 19:46
"The absolute worst thing any LFC supporter can do is personally destroy or humiliate any one of our players wearing a RED shirt. It shows no "class" and no passion for Liverpool. hurts deeply to have allowed Tottenham to take those 3 points away from us, but football is a "team sport" and the blame must be spread ast all the players. We should have won 3-1!"
29th Nov 2010 19:47
"Waste of money, waste of a shirt. Get rid!"
29th Nov 2010 19:47
"spot on Steiveheighway !!"
29th Nov 2010 19:53
"konchesky is absolutely e and i've known it all along. Worst buy for 5 years in my view. Almost cried when the ball went in, absolutely furious with the team for being lazy and not converting chances."
29th Nov 2010 20:00
"You're out of ur depth mate. But you're not going to agree with that. Sentiment excluded you've been poor. Below the level of expectation. Saying that there's only 10 full backs or so at the very top level in world football, you're no worse than those a level below. We need to unearth a young gem or spend big on top quality to fill a longtime problem position. "
29th Nov 2010 20:05
"I know he'd prefer not too but Daniel Agger, with his ability with the ball at his feet and his natural defensive mindset would be the perfect choice to play Left full. His instincts would give more protection when GJ gets caught out of position"
29th Nov 2010 20:13
"Its sad.. no wait its not sad its just a simple fact. And Danny with all due respect he's just as far from an acceptible player as Gordon Brown... We donīt have Gordon Brown do we?? If Roy would have signed him he'd play him anywasys untill he'd be sacked, Paul is useless offensive and defensive. one of the worst players I'v ever seen in red.. sorry but true.."
29th Nov 2010 20:26
"Atrocious, he has been a joke since arriving. Are we to wait half the season for him to adapt? Meanwhile the rest of the back four struggle to make up for him. It was his team mates who saved his skin more than once last night when he let us down again and again. Was not happy when we signed him and has done nothing to allay those fears"
29th Nov 2010 20:27
"konchesky is a pile. isnt good enough to wear the liverpool shirt, aurelio should start lb, end of. "
29th Nov 2010 20:28
"bad signing by a bad manager. i don't enjoy going the game at the moment, we have a mediocre manager in charge that doesn't know how to manage a top club - the players body language says it all if this carries on we will lose all of our top players. Roy please leave now and take your c r a p signings with you!"
29th Nov 2010 20:28
"he's seriously bad. no top half team should have him play as their LB. he tries but he's just not good enough."
29th Nov 2010 20:55
"We deserved something from the game, konchesky simply isnt quick enough as a left back and yet again his lack of pace was on show."
29th Nov 2010 20:55
"You can't blame him for being slower than Lennon."
29th Nov 2010 20:55
"Early days Rome (77 & 84) was`nt built in a day Give the lad a chance he`s been in 2 cup finals with lesser qualty teams than us so he must have done some things well !!"
29th Nov 2010 21:08
"Konchesky is the worst player to play for LFC"
29th Nov 2010 21:29
"paul i wont lie you really need to get better i totaly understand that you have came into a team that has not ben playing well so thats always going to b difficult . i think aurelio is 1st choice left back for now . i really miss riise "
29th Nov 2010 21:29
"Players make mistakes. It happens. What should be under scrutiny is our inability to score goals. We could have been 4 nil up. The Mancs score 7 against Blacburn, we score 3 against West Ham and give up trying. There's the difference."
29th Nov 2010 21:43
"Spot on foghorn, and the difference is reflected in the goal differences of the likes of Manure and Chelski and us....I said I said I said it's the goal difference son (my best Foghorn Leghorn impression!)/ YNWA."
29th Nov 2010 21:47
"This sounds rather sinister - whose hands is Paul Konchesky holding up? And how did he get hold of them. Hmm?"
29th Nov 2010 21:49
"This headline is up der with that weird one about Roy's relief over 'soft tissue' damage."
29th Nov 2010 21:50
"I say it's the goals, I say it's the goals boy! Did you hear what I said, I say it's the goals boy! lol"
29th Nov 2010 21:52
"Can't wait til the Agents Fee Disclosure page (see bottom of this page) is much did Konch's and Poulsen's agents pocket in bringing them to Anfield....for starters."
29th Nov 2010 21:53
29th Nov 2010 21:56
"Lookit here son, I say son, did ya see that hawk after those hens? He scared 'em! That Rhode Island Red turned white. Then blue.Rhode Island. Red, white,and blue. That's a joke,son. A flag waver. You're built too low. The fast ones go over your head."
29th Nov 2010 21:56
"Ya got a hole in your glove. I keep pitchin' 'em and you keep missin' 'em. Ya gotta keep your eye on the ball. Eye. Ball. I almost had a gag, son. Joke, that is. "
29th Nov 2010 21:57
29th Nov 2010 22:00
"Anyone see the Barca v Madrid game tonight? Barca had 9 out of 11 of the first team starters come through there accademy.. just says it all doesnt it, who are we producing? they are not this kind of class! the future looks bleak, The English Prem league can no longer say its the best in the world!"
29th Nov 2010 22:01
"2153: Full-time Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid SPECIAL ONE?"
29th Nov 2010 22:05
"Just do yourself a favor and're nowhere near LFC standards and never will be...I'm really not surprised you had a big part in Liverpool losing a hard fought game...and yes I'm all about the support and standing behind our players and all that...but really lets be realistic, hes just a BAD BAAAD player"
29th Nov 2010 22:10
29th Nov 2010 22:20
"well said redhh83"
29th Nov 2010 22:21
"As a general rule we are Liverpool fc, we say you will never walk alone, and whilst I still believe in this, I also believe that Paul and poulsen just aren't good enough for us. While they wear the red shirt I will cheer them despite their lack of quality! As manager you live and die by your signings and toys have to improve. We are Liverpool ...... Not fulham!!! Ynwa"
29th Nov 2010 22:27
"I still cant believe we threw away money, and two of the best prodigies, for Konchesky; who has given us one assist, and cost us countless games, in return. we need better full-backs. i hope we do have the funds to sign players in this window."
29th Nov 2010 22:30
"no sole player is responsible. you are ignorant if thats your take. Blame Torres he missed two simple chances for a player of his calibre. and he missed more chances that may not have been quite as simple. Blame Maxi he missed a simple chance as well."
29th Nov 2010 22:31
"listen to numbers paul , most of the goals we conceded this year came from your side , your direct opponent "
29th Nov 2010 22:33
"but enough badgering and putting fault to one player LFC didnt play too well at times and thoroughly impressed at other times. It was a loss for LFC in whole. YNWA-supporters know what that means so make it true. LFC wins as a club and loses as a club. as any player one player cannot lose a game nor win a game."
29th Nov 2010 22:35
"respect himfor coming out and admitting it but he cannot play for us anymore.. give fabio aurelios place back or put glan there if we have to and kelly on the right"
29th Nov 2010 22:50
"Instead of blaming LFC players, why not congratulate spurs for beating our juggernauts. So quick to blame and bring more negativity to the club. Who does that help-no one. if paul is to get better we need to stand behind him and trust our footballers. we are supporters so lets support the red boys."
29th Nov 2010 23:06
"he is not the only..."
29th Nov 2010 23:22
"Give the guy a break, at least he's admitted his mistakes, it takes some guts to say what he's said unlike some players who just hide behind the manager! "
29th Nov 2010 23:31
"Konchesky, Poulsen, Lucas, Maxi and Especially ROY HODGSON are the biggest craps that will destroy liverpool. That is a FACT"
29th Nov 2010 23:32
"If Aurelio is back, then why is this reject still playing 1st team?"
29th Nov 2010 23:38
"If Aurelio is even capable of walking, Konchesky shouldn't be anywhere near a Liverpool shirt. He offers absolutely nothing that Insua (at 8 years his junior) doesn't already offer. Get him back from that loan, and get Fabio on the pitch. Have never wanted, and still don't want to see PK in a red shirt."
29th Nov 2010 23:47
"Kantackleski and Hodgson should go back to london where they belong,we still have time to Save Our Season. Someone DO IT NOW pls"
29th Nov 2010 23:51
"hes also nowhere near good enough to play for liverpool"
29th Nov 2010 23:53
"The arogance of certain indiviuals on this message bored is simply astonishing,I just hope these are kids thinking we can sign ashley cole or maicon.We are not and have not been le challengers in nearly 25 years.Benetiz left us in this state,not konchesky,not Roy,Roy's challenge getting this club challenging again is huge."
30th Nov 2010 0:13
"HAHA Konchesky, you're rubbish.You're not of the right standard to be a Liverpool player and you never will!"
30th Nov 2010 0:38
" PJC82: First off its spelles erratic, not irratic. Secondly, Mereiles is a class act, you're obviously blinkered because of you're bizarre determination to hate Roy. Agree with you about Poulsen and Konchesky though."
30th Nov 2010 0:46
"meriles has been awesome..shame hes yet to score but he will..He's been real impact on team..BRIN IN CONTRANEO...Paul pls up ur gme..roy bring back insua and aqua"
30th Nov 2010 0:54
"Konchesky, Shelvey, Lucas ....they don't deserve to be in Liverpool team!"
30th Nov 2010 0:57
"Oh yes! Not forgetting to remove 2 more clowns - Maxi, Poulsen too. I felt sorry for Torres for not getting enough support."
30th Nov 2010 1:08
"well seriously what do ing expect from a team like us seriously. Liverpool fans where really happy with the result u stupid guy."
30th Nov 2010 1:10
"What do u expect from a club like us and seriously u expect Liverpool fans 2 be happy with the result seriously thats the most stupid questions u can ever ask."
30th Nov 2010 1:10
"This is the advantage to have pacey and skillful flair players. Our snail Kuyt is not a winger. Maxi and Jova are not fast too but at least they got skills to beat defenders. CAN'T YOU ALL SEE THAT?."
30th Nov 2010 1:27
"Like what i said earlier.. Barca had 9 out of 11 players that started today against Madrid come through there academy! Who do we have? Spearing? get real man.. How many other prem teams who he get in? NONE! you have to say that about most of our squad! its sad but its reality! I am ashamed of our squad its pathetic!"
30th Nov 2010 1:28
"Enough with the negativity!! I'm gutted but appreciate the boys efforts against a very good team. LFC - YNWA"
30th Nov 2010 1:38
"good for you to admit your wrong doings! If i rember correctly was it not Konchesky that got the ball off A.Cole and then passed it to meireles who then passed to Torres and then it was 2-0 to liverpool against chelsea. Its more than one player that messes up and we also had many chances that was not to the ref did not help. carragher get well soon. YNWA "
30th Nov 2010 1:56
"I hope he dont start next game, least he honest kno! "
30th Nov 2010 3:01
"I don't blame Konchesky. Knowing that he's not good enough for the team, he should not have been brought in anyway. The person to blame is Roy Hodgson."
30th Nov 2010 3:03
"We cant blame Roy for this defeat .We played well we had the chance to go 2 or 3 goals up in the 1st half but we didnt make most of it.We played and im starting to believe that we are going to finish in the top 4"
30th Nov 2010 3:12
"You can't blame 1 player for a loss, it's a team game. Palacios played terrible, worse than Konch, yet Tottenham won. I do agree that Aurelio is the better option, I prefer his set plays to Raul's as well."
30th Nov 2010 3:14
"Aurelio is better at leftback than Konchesky and Pacheco is better than Aurelio (or Maxi) at left wing. Babel would thrive at rightwing and Kuyt would be a better second striker than Ngog. Also, I wonder how Torres and Babel would look as strike partners? "
30th Nov 2010 3:37
"I think we said same sort of things to lucas at start of season but for last three four game he has been our best player beside raul. I thought our main problem wsnot roy but missed clear chances. So we all supporters gonna support roy for comming games. If he is not able to get 20 points frm next 8 fixtures before chelsea then he deserves to be sacked and should be sacked.."
30th Nov 2010 3:47
"look had maxi or torres finished clinically , we would have gone on to win . then nobody would be critisizing konchesky and to be fair to lennon's strike how many left backs in the world could have stopped lennon's pace in that situation . stop making konchesky the scrape goat"
30th Nov 2010 3:47
"king kenny wasnt a superstar overnight neither was alan hansen , gerrard or fowler ... so give him time im not saying a few years but at least a season"
30th Nov 2010 3:48
"aurelio is way better he should start but konchesky can be kept as a sub "
30th Nov 2010 3:55
"fabio is injury prone sell both him and konchesky and sign riise and recall insua"
30th Nov 2010 4:24
"Why on earth we let Insua go, god only knows! He wasn't the speediest left back on earth, but was a far better defender than Konch & a very good crosser of the ball. And when we have Aurelio, Konch shouldn't even be starting. Anyway, lets hope we can get back to a more honourable position with 23 games to go...C'mon you Reds! YNWA"
30th Nov 2010 4:34
"get lost dude ! :"
30th Nov 2010 4:36
"breedo23 well said !! 2nd is nowhere ! r v really LFC ! neways i still believe in the team ! YNWA"
30th Nov 2010 5:04
"everybody makes mistake. he was right about liverpool, liverpool is getting much better."
30th Nov 2010 5:28
"Roy Hodgson is now imposing his brand of football? what exactly is that? you said the team is becoming organised in the system. Tell me quando quando quando? "
30th Nov 2010 5:35
"u should step up laddy cause ur not good enough now"
30th Nov 2010 5:59
"atleast insua ws jst 21 yrs old...this dude is 29...y did roy bring dis dude. sell him baq"
30th Nov 2010 6:00
"Lets give him a chance funs he is a Liverpool player (am not against constructive criticism ) Maxis miss was game changing in the end.IMPROVEMENT should be seen in our remaining games lets give it our all till the end and funs lets support the team till the end coz in truth we have improved our play and our mentality in the pitch.Y.N.W.A"
30th Nov 2010 6:24
"He's never been impressive from day 1. I don't know why we always bring players who don't have the Liverpool calibre. Should place him on the transfer list during the summer."
30th Nov 2010 6:36
"Yes true !! Konchesky is not Liverpool level."
30th Nov 2010 6:46
"Better to send him a loan and bring back Insua in January. Roy I lost my faith on u & I don't understand why u chosen Paul when Fabio on beanch???? Shame on Roy. YNWA!!! "
30th Nov 2010 6:52
"Yes Paul is responsability but he's not alone, but also to Maxi and Torres because they missed gold chances! because if they scored, the game will be differenti!"
30th Nov 2010 6:53
"stop to play him 1stteam roy...not liverpool standar, very poor"
30th Nov 2010 7:03
30th Nov 2010 7:30
"Why blaming Konchesky for our loss how about Maxi's blunder - what a downer - I could've kicked him through the nets myself!!! Then there was Moreiles and Torres chances. It takes the die hard support of the fans to encourage the guys not destroy their confidence through such negative comments."
30th Nov 2010 7:43
"I have a better idea, instead of holding your hands up just put in for a transfer. RH please do the same."
30th Nov 2010 7:46
"Maybe if you watched a game you would see what everyone else does. To slow, not good enough on the ball and postioning not taht great either."
30th Nov 2010 8:01
"all players are gud they are giving there best but Roy dont place them in their right position for me a new manager will be the best thing for january transfer bring GUUS Hiddink or Frankraijkard or a better one than roy if he continuer to managed liverpool we are doomed !!!"
30th Nov 2010 8:04
"Roy should go out with the players he bring in like konchesky, poulsen mireles as today gerrard is injured no one is here to replace him unless Aquilani was here!!! Roy get out from our prestigious club plz man "
30th Nov 2010 8:19
"i cant believe im seeing this much negative comments from livpool supproter.. yes maybe he is not good enough but he is trying his hardest to improve himself. HE IS A LIVERPOOL PLAYER!!"
30th Nov 2010 8:26
"this is the difference between an average player and an exceptional player. Paul goes some way to recognising that he needs to improve. Achieving it will make him a better player. Against him is his age, he should be at his peak now. Liverpool should buy Gibbs from Arsenal he's a class player."
30th Nov 2010 8:28
"feel for him if torres and maxi put away those golden chances he wouldnt have anything to feel guilty about"
30th Nov 2010 8:28
"well said RedKevin..Raul has been our best player so far..doesnt seems its his first season in adjusted to pace of EPL in no time and i am astonished fans still have jury out for they watch different match??"
30th Nov 2010 8:39
"I'd rather to see Fabio starts... Anyway we need to sign a proper left back in Jan."
30th Nov 2010 8:42
"you deserve three months on the bench"
30th Nov 2010 8:59
"i think u should go back to Fulham..and bring Roy with u ..!!!"
30th Nov 2010 9:02
"This idiot doesn't even belong in the liverpool car park never mind a shirt "
30th Nov 2010 9:13
"Yeah...Wake-up Paul, your NOT playing for Fulham now. Step up or Step OUT."
30th Nov 2010 10:27
"you and hodgson are not up the standards set by previous managers and players not to mention the expectations of loyal. "
30th Nov 2010 11:11
"Sorry mate, these aren't warm up matches. You've got to deliver."
30th Nov 2010 12:22
"He's the new Julian Dicks"
Ammar dent
30th Nov 2010 14:54
"Simple things is that Roy wont be able coach liverpool,we lost because of konchesky and his bad line up,ngoog is bad,lucas is bad,maxi is bad,skirtel is bad,and the problem we got babel,aurelio,jovanovich and all r a very good player but he always bench them,roy has a limited experience ,we need a very good coach to bring a quality players"
30th Nov 2010 15:43
"Why is it that fans need a scapegoat? It used to be Lucas... now it's Konchesky?! He came up against Lennon in top gear! So he switched off for half a second... so what! it happens! Get over it!! Remember Stevie's passbacks to Henry and Drogba? Carra's own goals? Maybe they're not good enough for LFC either!!"
30th Nov 2010 15:51
"cont... don't listen to these halfwits Paul, as a real LFC fan I can see you're giving it your all, and it's hard fighting a tide of red halfwits! I believe in you, and all the lads, I know you'll come good. Let's keep pushing on! We've got a Champions League train to catch! Come on LFC! YNWA"