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I believe it's immensely important that LFC continue to support causes such as this. THIS is what marks a great team, with great players and specially an atude to serve others. They are gifted people, and it makes me very proud to support a team with players like these. YNWA.
22nd Oct 2010 12:35
22nd Oct 2010 14:14
"Aaaahh they're so funny.They scored 2 of 5 both.Great work lads!"
22nd Oct 2010 12:28
"is nando wearing boots with no studs?"
22nd Oct 2010 12:39
"Ds is great!"
22nd Oct 2010 12:47
"Good work boys. Good to see high profile players involved in this for such a great cause!"
22nd Oct 2010 13:51
"ya m8rk100 coz there playin on astro turf..u can still wear plastic kinda studs on astro turf but the 1s he is wearing are comfortable :D"
22nd Oct 2010 13:51
"So thats why they have been playing so poorly. Someone tell em to take OFF the blindfolds against Blackburn and we might stand half a chance of winning!"
22nd Oct 2010 16:51
"Goooooooooooooo Torres "
22nd Oct 2010 17:33
"Maybe Nando should do more practice at shooting at the goal blindfolded. It may help him return to form. :)"
Hend of
22nd Oct 2010 21:28
"Lol BenGreen"
22nd Oct 2010 21:36
"2/5 well done. Looks very hard. First pen was LEGENDARY Nando, LMAO, poor Matt, hope Stevie lets you take a pen sometime. You do that again in a match, I will be in sches. LOL...YNWA!! "
22nd Oct 2010 23:48
"great work lads!"
23rd Oct 2010 0:12
"i think he should take them like that in the game his first was great"