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Do you agree with the decision to award Stevie with the POTM for September? (James, journalist)
14th Oct 2010 16:47
14th Oct 2010 16:46
"well done stevie g"
14th Oct 2010 16:54
"Stevie is our LIVING ACTIVE MYTH player!!! I've a strong LFC supporter, but also a FANATIC... Gerrard-ian!!! Well done, my skipper! I hope and pray you'll finish your career with an EPL le with the red shirt! HAIL to Steive!"
14th Oct 2010 16:56
"Gerrard or Reina for me. Perhaps Broughton can win it for October if things go according to plan."
14th Oct 2010 17:30
"gz stevie g"
14th Oct 2010 17:30
"Well said Stevie. Totally deserved, You and Reina have been the stand out performers this season."
14th Oct 2010 17:51
"Stevie is the dream of all managers in the world to have him in their team. Fortunately he's ours (LFC) and will ALWAYS REMAIN SO >>Still remember his first match where he scored a brilliant goal and today he is even better and the BEST player in the world. Well Done Stevie. (From Mauritius Island)"
14th Oct 2010 17:52
"absolutely yes i agree 100%"
14th Oct 2010 18:07
"Congratulations you've had very good games, and every day you show that you're the best with your shots out of area. This Sunday, another chance to show how the Liverpool captain has a lot to give."
14th Oct 2010 18:13
"Definately. Best player of the season so far."
14th Oct 2010 18:23
"he is my hero"
14th Oct 2010 18:41
"well done stevie g some nice silverware ynwa "
14th Oct 2010 19:03
"okay Stevie ;d"
14th Oct 2010 19:05
14th Oct 2010 19:14
"Nobody deserved it, award should of been scrapped. All as much to blame for poor form as each other, the fact awards are being dished out is nothing short of disgraceful"
14th Oct 2010 19:32
"well done steven i feel though we need to play better as a team and start showing are ability as a collective whole we are as good as anyone to win the premiship but we need to step up now xx"
14th Oct 2010 19:37
"Yes AlexPenn83 you gorra good point der la! I'd certainly vote for Broughton next month if he can sort this mess out."
14th Oct 2010 19:55
"completely deserved it but he is so right he cant win the league for us we need the other players to start playing as well as he does!!!!! WELL DONE STEVIE!!! YNWA"
14th Oct 2010 20:14
"yes.stevie has been our best player and has given his all this season.well done stevie g."
14th Oct 2010 20:29
"No not really. I mean he's a fantastic player, one of the best, but he just can't find the RIGHT form after the injuries. He's showing signes but is definately NOT the Stevie we all know and love. The result is that Torres gets no balls."
14th Oct 2010 21:01
"Well done Steve, but now get the rest of the players to follow your lead. Eveyone needs to stop making excuses about the owner fiasco and own up when they are no at their best. Lets hope we can win on Sunday."
14th Oct 2010 21:17
"congracts babe ! iloveou stevie forvever and im only 14 ! :D lol <3"
14th Oct 2010 21:43
"best player? i dont think so, if he was our best player then the rest must have been awful, gerrard is finished, best days are behind him"
15th Oct 2010 1:05
"He has been the most consistant player, so Yes he deserves it."
15th Oct 2010 2:39
"yup, would have been either gerrard or reina. not a difficult choice since there were no other outstanding performances. broughton shld win it for oct if the sale goes through."
15th Oct 2010 2:54
"Yes I agree, he deserved it!"
15th Oct 2010 5:06
"Yes.. hes been the only player to play well.."
15th Oct 2010 5:38
"i completely agree with our captain.THE KOP'FUTURE WILL CHANGE SOON"
15th Oct 2010 7:56
"Stephen Wonder has done so much for us during the month of September and i am not doubting his ability, this is a role model our upcoming lads in the club should be looking up to. Well he has done so much.. thumb up Captain Fantastic you too much. For October it will be a tight race if we can rediscover our form as a team and with Mr Broughton coming in now"
15th Oct 2010 8:51
"I would have said it was him or Reina. Reina's done amazing lately"
15th Oct 2010 11:12
"Totally agree with Steve being player of the month or even player of the decade, wish we could get him cloned and put out a team of Stevies!"
15th Oct 2010 12:06
"Absolutely.To me he is the best player in the world.I do pray that it won't be long before he lifts the EPL & hopely The CL for the second time.YNWA!"
15th Oct 2010 12:18
"Deserved? Yes. But he should have turned it down (in keeping with his comment that the team performance is more important than his own.) The team, as a whole, have been beyond woeful last month & I would have rathered Stevie made a gesture of acknowledgement to the fans that no one associated with LFC is celebrating anything to do with performances in a red shirt, for September 2010."
15th Oct 2010 12:20
"Good on you Stevie, well done! If it were down to me you'd win this every month. Keep up the good work!"
15th Oct 2010 14:12
"Yes, I agree with the decision to award Stevie, because he was our best player both in the match against Man utd and against Sunderland. Stevie, keep going in this way!"
15th Oct 2010 14:33
"How has Pepe Reina not got an award for a single month?? He was our best outstanding player since start of new season. He is the only player who seem to play for LFC. Ngog & Gerrard were not the best. "
15th Oct 2010 14:33
"Great Job STVG!!"
15th Oct 2010 14:51
"Congrats Stevie! I agree at 110%, Stevie deserves it! "
15th Oct 2010 16:03
"It should have gone to the fans. We have been through the rain and the storm and yet we have not and will Never Walk Alone. The one of October should go to Broughton if all this goes well, he really has worked his head off. Thanks Mr. Broughton, YWNWA."