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Where do you think Joe Cole's best position would be in the Liverpool side?
25th Sep 2010 9:27
25th Sep 2010 9:33
"Behind The Foward or A Three Way Attack with Whoever On The Right and Joe On the Left And Torres In The Middle YNWA"
25th Sep 2010 9:37
"He will score "
Ammar dent
25th Sep 2010 9:41
"Agger and Jova should play,if agger did not play today ,he ll definately leave anfield next summer,he is confident and has the ability to controlll the ball better than his teammates,while Jova is strong and is capable to score cause he is already a striker not left winger"
25th Sep 2010 9:58
"Joe Cole behind Torres. Cole is excellent at keeping possesion and spotting that killer ball. just like Danny Murphy used to be able to do. not since Alonso have we had that type of player. In my eyes, Cole has picked up Alonso's mantle...the playmaker..."
25th Sep 2010 10:00
"i hink we should play a 4-4-2 GK:reina DEF:kelly, carragher, agger, konchesky MID:johnson, gerrard, meireles, cole FWD:torres, kuyt i think that is our strongest line up"
25th Sep 2010 10:06
" I personally think he could better behind Torres. But that is not the problem. We are lacking balance. Not because we don't have players. Our defence no longer needs Carrager, tracing his form from the Start of last season. Which defender never jumps at all? He can't move the ball forward, yet extra erratic on aerial balls. We need Agger! "
25th Sep 2010 10:09
"I think there is Roy has problems with Agger. For me Agger rightly deserve his central defence role, and Carra should rest."
25th Sep 2010 10:10
"Agger should play beside Carra for this game since he is our best passer of the ball in defense. Too bad he probly wont since he played mid-week... Skrtel has his pros too, but Agger is the one defender who can "play" the ball out of defense to effect. Joe Cole should play behind Torres."
25th Sep 2010 10:15
"Cole's best position for me is behind the front man, where he can run at players and also make the killer passes. The question is can we get the best out of Gerrard in another position i.e playing deeper? If the answer is no, the question then becomes who is better behind the striker (and for the team), Gerrard or Cole?"
25th Sep 2010 10:33
"com on guys we can win this i dont like being 16th :( i love you liverpool ill always stand by you no matter what :) "
25th Sep 2010 10:37
"Obviously, Joe is at his best when he plays as slightly attacking midfielder in 4-4-2 formation. Well, we have Gerard for that position, we don't play 4-4-2 and we badly need some wingers. I hope Joe could do much better on the wings than any of our other players."
25th Sep 2010 10:42
"Reina Best Keeper In The World..... Agger The Best defender in the world. Steven Gerrard Best MIdfielder In The World. Torres The Best Striker.... Weve got The spine but no backup..!"
25th Sep 2010 10:56
"On the left of a three wit gerrard and kuyt behind el nino"
25th Sep 2010 10:59
"Normally I would say Joe Cole should be behind Torres but with the lack of width at the moment I think we need him on either flank"
25th Sep 2010 10:59
"I think Joe Cole should play in the hole behind Torres. There he can get more involved in the game than when he plays on the wing and he can feed Torres smart passes. It only makes sense for players like him and Gerrard with high technical ability to have more possession of the ball as they can unlock stubborn defences with their imaginative play."
25th Sep 2010 10:59
"Give Joe the freedom to roam about behind Nando & Stevie to feed killer balls through & we will score goals. YNWA"
25th Sep 2010 11:07
"Attacking midfielder, but Kuyt should really start playing with Torres in front. I know it really doesn't matter what position he's in, he's always everywhere on the pitch but playing as a striker could help even more"
25th Sep 2010 11:24
"Behind Torres"
25th Sep 2010 11:24
"I'd say a central position behind the striker his best moments against manchester united came when he drifted in centrally "
25th Sep 2010 11:46
"Joe Cole's best positions are behind the striker or on the left. We'll see some magnifcent creativities from Joe! YNWA"
25th Sep 2010 11:53
"behind torres "
25th Sep 2010 11:55
"Play Cole on the left wing and Jova on the right wing so that both of them can cut inside, they can always switch play..."
25th Sep 2010 11:58
"___________Reina__________ Kelly__Carra__Skrtel__Paul _________Poulsen__________ _____Gerrard___Meireles___ __Kuyt______________Cole__ _________Torres___________"
25th Sep 2010 12:08
"GK-Reina RB-Johnson CB-Carra, Agger LB-Konchesky MF-Kuyt, Poulsen, Gerrard, Joe Cole FW-Meireles, Torres"
25th Sep 2010 12:11
"I think Joe Cole's best position for liverpool would be playing down the wings "
25th Sep 2010 12:27
"I must say i'm absolutly made up our Dirk's back. Now Johnson can get his game going too. I predict a big win today, we'll be like a wounded animal, got a good feeling about it!"
25th Sep 2010 12:47
"attacking midfielder "
25th Sep 2010 13:14
" --Torres-- --Joe-- Milano--Steven--Raul--Maxi"
25th Sep 2010 13:47
"Cole belongs at CAM, pure and simple. Gerrard belongs in the CENTRAL midfield. Agreed with Ghandi on Jovanovic, he deserves to play, but LW isn't a natural fit for him. He's a dribbler and a shooter, not a distributer. He deserves a shot at forward in a 442 or 451. Carra slots well against teams with brains, Agger against speed. Agger is a phenomenal CB, and we need him there."
25th Sep 2010 14:01
"We need to really turn it on in games.We have some of the best attacking players in the world, we could really wipe opposition teams out if we put our minds to it! Gerrard, Torres, Cole, Miereles - i mean come on lads! Lets play all out attack!"
25th Sep 2010 14:35
"Glen you need to concentrate on your own performances and sorting your hair out, you're always messing with it and not concentrating on the game!"
25th Sep 2010 15:42
"behind torres "
25th Sep 2010 17:54
"bench :"