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I started reading this intending to read a paragraph or two then move on. Instead, I read every word and it ranks as one of the most touching stories I've read. It's amazing how much football can be a source of inspiration to these kids but it's been made so much more than that through the partnership with SCB. Well done to our great club and Standard Chartered. YNWA the world over.
23rd Aug 2010 11:55
23rd Aug 2010 14:39
"I have had many opportunities to be a proud Reds fan over the last 4 decades but I've never been prouder than this recent visit by the Club's ambassadors to my home turf. This community service programme has created much awareness back in England. It's also a tremendous boost for the loyal Reds supporters here. Thanks LFC. Thanks SCB. I hope to see more of you in future."
23rd Aug 2010 15:23
"We are so grateful to Standard Chartered Bank for their kind gesture to our African brothers in Kenya. I've gone through some of the photos and seen what they have done. I just hope and prayed that this gesture can extend their good work to my Country Liberia. We have people that are really in need of such a gesture. We are grateful SCB...Keep it up."
23rd Aug 2010 11:10
"Good work LFC"
23rd Aug 2010 13:04
"This is exactly why we need new owners - and quick. Football should be about community, not profit, and LFC is the best placed in the world to extend its community. This is a brilliant example of the club investing in community projects, and the rewards will be there in a new generation of fans worldwide. "
23rd Aug 2010 13:25
"an amazing read..tq Standard Chart and LFC very proud to be a LFC fan"
23rd Aug 2010 19:25
"I could not be more prouder to be a True Red!!! YNWA!!!"
26th Aug 2010 6:20
"I really appreciate SCB for arranging Liverpool to be in Kenya . One mistake to choose only Nairobi . We have also young kids who play football and love football than anything in this world . As a supporter of Liverpool dying for liverpool and for over 45 years am Liverpool. Kind Rgds Hussein"