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good luck...
12th Aug 2010 9:53
12th Aug 2010 9:55
"A direct replacement 4 mash. But can pass the ball much better and can play football. Aswell as drop the hammer the way mash did so well a very clever cheap alternative 4 2 seasons then wil need replacing due to his age..Overall a good signing at a good price..YNWA"
12th Aug 2010 9:55
"He's a decent player with plenty of top class experience, only question is can he cut it in the prem. Good luck, I.R.W.T, Y.N.W.A"
12th Aug 2010 9:56
"vr good signing but pls keep masch"
12th Aug 2010 9:59
12th Aug 2010 10:00
"so masch is off then...and christian lets stevie roam from the middle and tidies up. i like that."
12th Aug 2010 10:04
"He has only ever played for top teams - and he has done so in three of the four biggest leagues in the world - playing for Liverpool, he will join a rare club of players to play in both Germany, Spain, Italy and England - with good teams. Germany with Schalke, Spain with Sevilla."
12th Aug 2010 10:05
"nice hair!! Because im worth it haha"
12th Aug 2010 10:05
"Welcome Poulsen. Think this is good, very good."
12th Aug 2010 10:07
"Also the end for Plessis? As Poulson has got Plessis number from last season?"
12th Aug 2010 10:12
"good singing for the price id say, should be able to play against arsenal hopefully, good direct replacement for mach, wish him all the best.. YNWAA "
12th Aug 2010 10:16
"After reading that...seems like a great signing!!"
12th Aug 2010 10:31
"welcome Poulsen hope you're as good as I think you'll be, YNWA!!! P.S. how about nicknaming him "The Badger" (his 2nd name) because he'll be building a defensive wall in front of our back 4 lol."
12th Aug 2010 10:40
"Welcome to liverpool poulsen, all the best. YNWA"
12th Aug 2010 10:47
"i hope he is more of a replacement for lucas than mascherano .... i can live 'n hope"
12th Aug 2010 11:07
"Poulsen, You're a star finally come to the right place to shine. You'll love it at Anfield and we'll love you! "
12th Aug 2010 11:18
"a strong player that can stand up to big stars like Kaka and contain them! Call it a job hazard, but expect lots of yellow and red cards ... "
12th Aug 2010 11:27
"Err… Number 6 basically means… he cheats!!! Better not be red card collector like Masch. Who NEVER learned his lesson…"
12th Aug 2010 11:28
"Just realised he's got Torres' old hair!"
12th Aug 2010 11:52
"Can see that he has the talent in him..i can't wait to see the new signings in action!! "
12th Aug 2010 11:55
"Every new arrival is welcome! Poulsen, i wish you the best"
12th Aug 2010 11:57
12th Aug 2010 12:08
"Well Poulsen, I wish you all the best an Anfield. I hope you will coup with the english game. You have to be strong and far sighted to passed the ball to your team mate. The Premier league is quite different from all those league you have played. I think you have seen players that left England without much improvement on their team. I wish U all the Luck."
12th Aug 2010 12:24
"I have heard that this lad is a rock and is one of the most aggressive players out there,He is made for the premier league.Best of luck Cristian.YNWA!!"
12th Aug 2010 12:49
12th Aug 2010 13:34
"Why Didnt They Get Ever Banega, Ten Times better then poulsen Bwt I Wish Him The Best YNWA"
12th Aug 2010 14:47
"Iv seen this guy on youtube and he doesnt take any messing and im personally not a big fan as he is a very dirty and cinical player such as his performance against Ac Milan..i hope im proved wrong though and he becomes a good player for us! YNWA"
12th Aug 2010 16:22
"i hope he is bettr than mascherano"
12th Aug 2010 18:09
"good business and leaves money 4 roy 2 spend aftr he sells masch"
12th Aug 2010 21:29
"great signing made my day"
12th Aug 2010 21:49
"As a UK based Dane for over 30 years I think Poulsen will be like Moelby and Agger. Tough but fair. Remember the Vikings did not take any prisoners. Welcome to LFC and all the best."