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4th Aug 2010 10:12
4th Aug 2010 10:18
"well said rushy!!! Torres is the best striker in the world!!"
4th Aug 2010 10:23
"I can't better agree with you, Ian! Come on Reds!"
4th Aug 2010 10:29
"Too right Rushy. We could really use you out there alongside Torres! Record goalscorer and future record goalscorer! Rush and Torres=Premiership! YNWA"
4th Aug 2010 10:30
"Let's turn this good feeling into a successful season, lets start small and get into the champions league places and build from there, YNWA "
4th Aug 2010 10:32
"It's great to hear the team's united, it just seemed as though Rafa never had a personal relationship with the players, it's great to know that yo manager's backing you, at least we know Roy is a people person."
4th Aug 2010 10:50
"So true. Didnt think torres was gonna commit but all thanks to hodgson. good luck versus rabotnicki!"
4th Aug 2010 11:09
4th Aug 2010 11:14
"we can wait for the season to kickstart...."
4th Aug 2010 11:28
"The feel-good factor is back in my mind too. Good luck this season lads."
4th Aug 2010 11:32
"We will be once again Champions! YNWA"
4th Aug 2010 11:40
"Lets do it this season. Bag our 19th!! The media are debating whether we can break into the top four!! Let's prove them wrong by winning it this season as underdogs! Come on you Redmen. YNWA"
4th Aug 2010 11:50
"well done Roy and well said Ian. Gerrard and Torres were going under Benitez and he has changed their minds. THE BENITEZ DAYS ARE WELL GONE. LETS SUPPORT LFC AND ROY. YNWA"
4th Aug 2010 11:58
"As usual you are right Rushy. Great to hear this from a legend like you. Wish you had been young and shared the attack with Torres and win the league with him. We know you are here to boost him up.YNWA"
4th Aug 2010 12:07
"I 100% agree with what he says about Torres - best striker in the world, PERIOD!! Not Villa, not Zlatan, not Toni. There isn't another striker out there who possesses all of the traits to form the perfect striker that Torres is."
4th Aug 2010 12:24
"I do believe that it is so important for players to be supported by their manager, that can give a player a boost in his own personal beliefs about themselves, very happy to have RH running the flagship Team of the Premier League!"
4th Aug 2010 12:51
"Everything seems to be working perfectly ok for LFc, the aura around the new manager, the battle readiness of our warriors led by our field commander, the great Stephen G.,and the ever resilient of our anfield faithfuls who ready to go.This is certainly the year."
4th Aug 2010 12:54
"Considering the deths of dispair before any upward trend is like an oasis in the desert - lets postpone the trophy lifting exercises for a moment and start the season"
4th Aug 2010 13:24
"lets get it done this season boys.YNWA"
4th Aug 2010 14:01
"Bring it on!"
4th Aug 2010 14:05
"Its all to do with morale. The players respect Hodgson and Hodgson respects them. The difference with Hodgson is he's a people's person whereas Benitez was stubborn and always thought he was right, when most of the time he wasn't. I was glad the day Benitez resigned and even happier the day we signed Roy"
4th Aug 2010 14:06
"Feeling really optimistic!!!! YNWA.."
4th Aug 2010 14:10
"hope this will be our season..."
4th Aug 2010 14:18
"Whenever I see this article's le, I can't help but think about Gorillaz's song : Feel Good Inc. LOL"
4th Aug 2010 15:09
"Hp the luck on our side this time/this season"
Have Faith
4th Aug 2010 15:42
"im happy roy's job is easier now that star players(expect javier)are staying"
4th Aug 2010 18:47
"We just need the Yanks out and a new owner who loves the club and wants to make us great again and doesnt want to sell for a profit once the sale is here and our transfer kitty is full of cash were gonna be Ready for the le YeeHaa"
4th Aug 2010 18:51
"le comin home!"
5th Aug 2010 5:35
"no amount of money can buy morale. only a good leader can provide and mr hogson is doing a fantastic job so far."