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A star of a new era that will herald our rise back up into the Premier League! May the Standard Chartered sponsorship bring us loads of success! YNWA!
1st Jul 2010 0:41
1st Jul 2010 2:30
"WELCOME ABOARD Mr Chairman !! We the Liverpool fans in Malaysia wish you & Standard Chartered the very best.. and here's to a lasting & impressionable relationship !! Boo Soon Yew webmaster Official Liverpool Supporters Club Malaysia (LSCM)"
1st Jul 2010 5:12
"Fingers crossed! :)"
1st Jul 2010 7:08
"This is so great..Many Muslims support Liverpoolfc. The last sponsor is from the beer product which Islam prohibited to advertise it direct and indirectly. So merchandising for Liverpool fc will definitely rise up in terms of profit. YNWA ."
1st Jul 2010 8:02
"One of many new partnerships in july i hope,Standard Chartered,the Roy Hodgeson an then new Ownership please for a perfect month an a truly new era."
1st Jul 2010 8:16
"They don't know what they have got their self into at this moment in time."
1st Jul 2010 8:53
"Standard Chartered......Probably The Best Bank In The World! Let us rise together! YNWA!"
1st Jul 2010 8:54
"Welcome aboard John Peace, may this combination bring about success for both sides. From Liverpool fans, Liverpool"
1st Jul 2010 10:28
"Thanks "
7th Jul 2010 8:02
"Thank you Std Chartered Bank. I will surely open an account with your bank now that you are sponsoring our LFC. If possible do support our club's finance."
7th Jul 2010 12:19
"Having banked with Stanchart(I have 5 bank accounts) most of my adult-life and being a life-long LFC fan, I am delighted that to see the "marriage" of two giants close to my heart. I humbly suggest to Mr John Peace to commemorate the shirt sponsorship deal, Stanchart should give away LFC shirts with the new Stanchart Logo to all their account holders world-wide. Thank you."
6th Mar 2012 10:11
"Ashamed to have this sponser on our shirts after the way I was treated by them in Bangkok"