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well done jack.
9th May 2010 18:40
9th May 2010 18:40
"Well done Jack. Seeing you on the pitch was the highlight of the day! "
9th May 2010 18:42
"If Rafa stays we will never see him again"
9th May 2010 18:55
"Jack is back!!!"
9th May 2010 19:14
"Unfortunately too little to late and why could'nt Danny Pacheco have been given a start for a change? Well done Jack. Hope to be seeing more of you next season."
9th May 2010 19:22
"Definately one for de future.Good to see were startin to bring through English players.Well done jack it wont be long until you r in de first team regularly.YNWA!!"
9th May 2010 19:31
"It's good to see a youn player being given a chance - I hope this appearance gives Jack the confidence and determination to get more games and try and break into the team. well done kidder!"
9th May 2010 20:03
"all the best for next year jack, keep at it and we'll see you in the red shirt more next season good luck!!!"
9th May 2010 20:51
"it's ironic but i gotta agree with GT-LFC! Rafa's just trying to leave some legacy here but if he stays, Jack wont have any more chances looking at how Rafa actually operates.... but anyway, well done Jack! ^_^"
9th May 2010 21:09
"well done Jack, if you're good enough you should play"
9th May 2010 22:01
"he aint bad - just needs to learn to cope with the pressure and learn the LFC game. LEWIS QUAYLE."
9th May 2010 22:48
"great to see a youngster in, but I am wondering why him? hes a great player but there is also coady, wisdom, and others. By the Way, what has happened with Adam Pepper??"
9th May 2010 22:59
"great to see some young lads have a kick about, Rafa have faith in them for next season, i would love to see the likes of dalla valle, amoo, eccleston, spearing, Robinson, and Pacheco more often, its a shame you didn't play them much this season."
9th May 2010 23:32
"Rafa just doesn't change and never will. Left back making debut on left wing - Brilliant !!!"
9th May 2010 23:40
"game wasn't shown in the USA, but listened live. Good on you, Jack. We'll be waiting on pins and needles to see if a buyer is found. Also, can't believe Carra is being asked back to to play for England. Love you Carra, but time to retire...Bring on some young blood!!!"
9th May 2010 23:46
"Well done Jack, although I really do think rafa should be giving run outs to people who have proved their worth in the reserve team.. "
10th May 2010 2:05
"Jumpin' Jack Flash? Good on you mate!"
10th May 2010 3:49
"i hope we'll see him more next season, playing at the age of 16 with stars like steevy or torres shows that he has what it takes to be a red. keep up the good work jack!"
10th May 2010 8:23
"Bring more of the talented Academy players in the first team and for heaven's sake DON'T SELL THEM PLEASE!"
10th May 2010 8:39
"Well Done Jack!Hope we'll see you more on the pitch next season!!!"
10th May 2010 9:11
"Good job Jack! Hope to see you in the team in a few years."
10th May 2010 12:38
"The lad has a great left peg, hope he continues to make the grade. "
10th May 2010 12:58
"Good to see young players Like Jack and Ayala and Pacheco get their chance. It can only do them good for the future"
10th May 2010 14:29
"I think it is great that Jack Robinson got a chance, now, hows about giving Dalle Valle, Eccleston and Christopher Buchtmann (Who I believe is the best young prospect in football at the moment) a chance"
10th May 2010 14:33
"Well done lad u where only on for bout 15 mins and you where probs da best player on the pitch. hope rafa gives you a chance again. up the reds"
10th May 2010 14:34
"Everyone having a go at Rafa for not giving young players a chance, tell me, how it's Rafa's fault there's too few games in the reserve league. Good to see this guy get his chance and break the record, let's hope it's the first of many games and he is a future legend. Be good if he can also become our oldest ever player and break our apperance record."
10th May 2010 14:35
"Its class to see the young one getting a chance to make their make on the squad you done well lad, keep up the good work mate."
10th May 2010 15:45
"Fair play, good luck to ya may be comng in just at the start of the Red revival - BRING ON NEXT SEASON."
10th May 2010 15:57
"Surprise surprise, Rafa played him out of position! Good luck though Jack, hope you are a future player for the first team! "
10th May 2010 16:40
"Nice one lad! Hopefully we`ll see some more youth talent coming through the ranks next season."
10th May 2010 16:51
"he even set up gerrard when he hit the post"
10th May 2010 18:23
"Yeah its all well and good playing him for 15 minutes on the last game of the season but when it comes to it he will lose interest with Rafa sitting him on the bench and move. Same with Pacheco :("
10th May 2010 19:19
"well done jack. you earned your spot. now rafa needs to see that your better than any of the other left backs we've got n no one can argue coz at least you've got pace unlike insua, you're the best in our school aswell"
10th May 2010 20:27
"Yeah well done Jack "
10th May 2010 20:27
"well done jack it was the only highlight"