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This is fantastic news!!! By far our best player this season after Torres! Here`s our next Liverpool captain!!! Pepe you beauty!
9th Apr 2010 10:37
9th Apr 2010 10:38
"Great news - like Stevie G said - our future captain"
9th Apr 2010 10:40
9th Apr 2010 10:42
"Absolutely fantastic news. The best keeper in Europe stays with us."
9th Apr 2010 10:42
"best news all season!!! happy days, pepe = best keeper in the EPL."
9th Apr 2010 10:46
9th Apr 2010 11:01
"Great news Pepe!! Look forward to seeing play for the next 6 years."
9th Apr 2010 11:06
"Great! You made some crucial saves last night and it was the defenders' fault we conceded."
9th Apr 2010 11:07
"I am very happy that Pepe has commited himself to our club...Reina is the best Goalie in my opinion Happy Days....."
9th Apr 2010 11:17
"good to hear we've prolonged the stay of the best keeper in the world for the next six years! "
9th Apr 2010 11:19
"Well done Reina So will you stay in Anfield then "
9th Apr 2010 11:20
"A win at fulham would make this a pefrect week. It would be even better if the mancs get beat and city and spurs lose!"
9th Apr 2010 11:21
"delighted to hear this pepe. besat epl goal keeper ever in my opinion"
9th Apr 2010 11:29
"great great great news!! the most important thing is that we stick together and pepe's a key figure in the dressing room!! come on you mighty reds!! YNWA"
9th Apr 2010 11:34
"Reina 25 is going on the back of every replica jersey I buy as long as Pepe is at our club. I expect to see more of the GK's new sleek silver jersey on match days too. Pepe is a true LFC hero."
9th Apr 2010 11:35
"great news hope masch will follow him soon "
9th Apr 2010 11:55
"the best keeper since clem & brucie keep it up,pepe & we love u so much"
9th Apr 2010 12:00
"Awesome news Reina "
9th Apr 2010 12:07
"You're the best keeper in the premier league, and have a great personality to go with it. VERY happy that you're going to be with us for the next 6 years, pepe. Good lad!"
9th Apr 2010 12:19
"Fantastic news after the new home kit and a great victory yesterday evening !!! The perfect day !"
9th Apr 2010 12:38
"Fantastic news the future captain and if the news about getting Georginio Wijnaldum then wrap it up as soon as possible this a superb young player... check out this clip RAFA grub this guy quick quick..."
9th Apr 2010 13:05
"Dead sound, Pepe lad (as your children would say :) I'm delighted with this; best goalkeeper I've seen at Anfield (and I saw Sir Ray of Clemence). "
9th Apr 2010 13:08
"Great news really he is our best man this seasnon so far and the best goalkeeper in the world for me,hopefully he will be at the starting up line at the spanish team in africa.YNWA"
9th Apr 2010 13:13
"Best Keeper in the premier league by far. Fantastic shot stopper! Great distributer of the ball! One of the best at saving penalties! Pepe YNWA!!!"
9th Apr 2010 13:26
"Pepe Thank you very much.One of the best goalkeepers in the world at LFC for next 6 years.Wow!!! YNWA Manoj India"
9th Apr 2010 13:28
"Fantastic news, fantastic keeper. Pepe just oozes confidence and you can see it rubs off on his team mates."
9th Apr 2010 13:38
9th Apr 2010 13:49
"The best news ever, THANK YOU REINA, you are a legend in the making"
9th Apr 2010 13:54
"Brilliant news. This is why Stevie tipped Pepe as a future captain, as if Pepe see's out the contract, Stevie will possibly be retired by then. So Stevie leaving worries can go away now. If Pepe stays the full length of the contract, he'll be enled to a testimonial, and he'd deserve it. Let's hope Pepe breaks some of the apperance records, to go with the records he has already set. "
9th Apr 2010 14:08
"pepe u r a brilliant example to every1 and an absolutly brilliant keeper, hopefully others will follow ur example and stick with us, u signing is fantastic news, thanx for the loyalty!!!"
9th Apr 2010 14:08
"he sure deserves 2 b d future captain. great news n example. hope we get gud new signings n more committment frm d gud old ones. YNWA."
9th Apr 2010 14:21
"good man pepe! liverpool will achieve great with you and you with liverpool likewise "
9th Apr 2010 14:54
"Great news to cap a fine European nite. And agree with SG that Pepe will be the next El Capitan"
9th Apr 2010 15:04
"Wow Reina That is fantastic news "
9th Apr 2010 15:33
"Pepe Jose Manuel Reina!!! Legend!!! Your passion is just so contagious, and I'm so proud of you. Please help the team win the Europa league, and help us get three points from high flying Fulham on Sunday. It's obvious after the Scouse rule of SG and JC, you'll be our next skipper! Walk on....YNWA."
9th Apr 2010 16:14
"That's the kind of commitment and attachment I like to see in a player. Reina always showed just how much he love LIverpool. I'm glad of it!"
9th Apr 2010 17:08
"Thanks Pepe, you have been a class act since you joined us. Now we need to sign some Big Players for next season."
9th Apr 2010 18:31
"i feel he'll b vice captain & mascherano will b captain cos i remember last season wen stevie carra & kuyt wer all subbed off & mascha was given the armband not pepe but things can change & im not bothered cos ther both gr8 at playing & mentally"
9th Apr 2010 21:40
"Such an amazing keeper....I love him...Stay with us Reina...YNWA"
9th Apr 2010 23:41
"Great Pepe your an example and hope for everyone .Pleased to have you here.L.f.c forever"
10th Apr 2010 1:12
"Great news. Pepe you are a legend in your own lifetime. And it hopefully encourage Masch to extend his contract as well. We need to keep are best players."
10th Apr 2010 5:07
"I wish every player at Liverpool had the same atude as Reina he is an absolute legend and sets an example for everyone. Best keeper in the world without doubt and he doesn't get enough credit for how good he is!"
10th Apr 2010 7:08
"best gk in premier league"