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The Good thing about this season having this lad ur atude against lyon was spot on, u did everthing for team that u could do, even getting injured trying to save the goal.The rest of the team should have his mentality (the never die till the last whistle mentality)not playing like your being forced to play.
13th Mar 2010 8:56
13th Mar 2010 9:36
"if this lad cud be at arsenal, he would e fighting for a place at the world cup"
13th Mar 2010 12:12
"so wud pachecho dalle valle plessis. but rafa rafa benitez doesnt like young soon to be world class players it seems"
13th Mar 2010 13:48
"The emergence of Martin Kelly is the the only ray of light in a very dark season."
13th Mar 2010 15:23
"I felt sad when I heard Finnan is Leaving but to it no Liverpool right back can withstand him bcos of the way he play,we lost legend till now we had not balanced the right back, so painful I missed u Mr. Stephen Finnan"
13th Mar 2010 15:54
"If this lad can play left back, why is insua still playing every game? and our other great youngsters? guess they have no chance under rafa if Aqua + Ryan dont!! such a shame, guess we will end up selling them like Chris buckman! if we lose against pompy + lille please step down Rafa "
13th Mar 2010 22:06
"again you are all blaming rafa this is the same manager thats taken us to 2 cl finales a semi and 2 quarters plus finished second in pl last season with pretty much the same team we have now have you lot forgot we were a team struggling just to make europe b4 rafa came sad really when you call yourselves fans"
14th Mar 2010 3:01
"Come on Martin...u need to griw a little bit and u will be very good players...maybe like Glen Johnson "