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After tonight game we will be competing for top 3, March/April for top 2 and May!!!!!!!?????? You never knows.
10th Feb 2010 11:45
10th Feb 2010 12:10
"Go Liverpool and Rasahi Ur gr8"
10th Feb 2010 13:50
"You never know!!! Let's hope we feel the same way after tonight. I'd love a win, but a draw is more likely. I shudder to even think about a loss."
10th Feb 2010 13:59
"I really do think we will win this game. Just hope Arsenal don't prove me wrong. We need to win this one. Please Liverpool do this. We will relive if this happens tonight. I am going with 1-0 for Liverpool. YNWA"
10th Feb 2010 16:36
"I hope we can win this game. It would be so important. Then we need to try and win the game against Man City. I also hope our injured players will come back fast."
10th Feb 2010 17:25
"This IS the biggest game we will play all year. Why? Because if we win this game it will boost our confidence to levels not seen since 08-09. I think we could go on an 8-10 game run if we make it happen tonight. C'mon boys, punish them!"
10th Feb 2010 17:26
"I have a strong feeling, that we win tonight."
10th Feb 2010 17:44
"3-1 for the mighty Reds Walk On!"
10th Feb 2010 18:56
"come on boys win this one to prove all the doubters wrong. use can get third place. and get some revenge just like use did against spurs. "
10th Feb 2010 19:00
"we aint guna score three goals. if we win it will be 1-0. draw most likely. 1-1"