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I totally agree with Tom regarding the character factor. The team now has character to be in the CL next season. YNWA
8th Feb 2010 11:52
8th Feb 2010 12:00
"superb article yet again, this really should be circulated ast the national media to shut some of the idiots up, including our own fans.Lucas, given he is limited, has been superb this season and Ngog for a 21yr old lad would be praised from pillar to post if he played for Arsenal."
8th Feb 2010 12:18
"yeah have to agree, however, i would look to see some moer youngsters thrown in the fray such as pacheco, quality youngster"
8th Feb 2010 12:32
"That's not football Paul, that's people quoting a lynch mob press who never seem aware of the facts. Google is such an easy tool to use, but for some people a tool like Merson is easier to listen to."
8th Feb 2010 12:44
"Why do I like being Kopite? Knowledgeable fans WHO WON'T BE COWED, and a team that has loads of character! We are in a crisis, right? Five points behind third-placed AFC? We have bad players like Lucas who's leading the PL in passes made and completed? Kuyt, N'gog, Kyrgiakos all inferior players? Keep your Kop heads high and just keep smiling. YN(Ever)WA(Ever)!"
8th Feb 2010 13:31
"Wow i was thinking about tomkins early and i check the site and he is back!! I know it's been a bad season but things look better and glad you are back to talk to us and share your wonderfull views."
8th Feb 2010 13:33
"Ngog is really improving and if rafa can just get him to bulk up and work on aspects of his game he could be great for us, look at lampard practice makes perfect, he really improved when he got to the blues, rafa must work hard with ngog."
8th Feb 2010 15:01
"rubbish article, getting sick of hearing about your love for lucas"
8th Feb 2010 15:04
"Superb article by Tom. Kuyt has been awesome these past few weeks. Hopefully he can continue his scoring form until Nando comes back from injury. Oh, I loved the part Tom always backs up the zonal marking issue with stats. Shows it pays to do some research before saying something which is totally wrong. GO REDS! YNWA"
8th Feb 2010 17:17
"This column is getting a little more interesting now that we can comment on it, isn't it."
8th Feb 2010 17:24
"Another great write up. YNWA"
8th Feb 2010 18:06
"Thank you Paul Tomkins. You're a true RED!!! You can't be sure, but it looks like I season is about to unfold, starting on Wednesday!!! Waiting to see the grand climax to this season; who knows what would happen??? You can always expect the unexpected in football, and that is why it is such a beautiful game. YNWA."
8th Feb 2010 18:08
"Another good article, I agree with Jonesy88. "
8th Feb 2010 18:26
"A well written piece but there is two things I'm not convinced about. 1. I'm not convinced that Lucas is a quality player and 2. I'm not covinced that Benitez will ever come as close to winning the PL again as he did last season. I beleive those problems go hand in hand."
8th Feb 2010 19:42
"totally agree with Tom "
8th Feb 2010 20:52
"Tomkins, your a legend."
8th Feb 2010 21:36
"It was a good win Paul. If the team wins we are happy and especially under the cirstances they all played well and we salute them for the win. Thats what we ask for WINS and everyone is happy from Rafa to me here a nobody in Australia"
8th Feb 2010 23:00
"Full credit to the players and Rafa for sticking together through difficult times.Goes to prove how wrong the media were about Rafa losing the dressing room. As for people rubbishing Lucas, they should send a collective apology to him. He has come through some outrageous comments to prove his worth to the team. Keep it going Lucas, you'll never walk alone!"
9th Feb 2010 0:32
"Oh no! Here comes Mr FACTS again! Honestly, your column is so depressing to read, i could ask for a noose. You always go on about how great RAFA is with most of his average players but, you always forget THE MOST IMPORTANT THING, PREMIER LEAGUE LE AFTER 6 YEARS! Tell your Amigo that. "
9th Feb 2010 0:34
"Totally agree with Sp-It "
9th Feb 2010 1:21
"Good to hear from you again Tom. I always enjoy your positive thinking atude towards the team."
9th Feb 2010 4:48
"Personaly i'm still not sold on Ngog, i just dont really see what he offers, his shot isnt the best, he lacks pace and i believe his hold up play is mediocre. He could turn into a decent player but i just dont think he justifies his place. Would rather Kuyt up on his own or Babel given a run, surely Babel offers more attacking threat when we are a little short on goals recently?!"
9th Feb 2010 6:57
"good article again but Kyrgiakos tackle was also straight red,no debate... Totally agree with you on Lucas,Ngog,insua... If we win on wednesday were only 2 points behind Arsenal in our so called worst season in 250 years..."
9th Feb 2010 8:00
"Nice article though I do not believe it unreasonable to compare Lucas to his more illustrious countrymen but I certainly would not call Leonardo, Romario, Kaka, Ronaldo, Alves et al show boats. Each Brazilian is effective in every position they play. Lucas and Anderson are just not what we’ve come to expect from a Brazilian national."
9th Feb 2010 8:00
"Stats I like to see: How many: passes to the correct player did Lucas make instead of just completing a pass: times has his first touch let him down: times he was dispossessed & how many times his own players avoided a pass to him?"
10th Feb 2010 15:06
"i absolutaly love reading tom`s articul s he is great at what he does but come on all this talkin up of LUCAS when clearly he is a disgrace of a player. emagine what gerrard and torres must think of him but cant say in public."
10th Feb 2010 19:12
"wanjere. lucas is good but all those passes are square passes. there easy. "
10th Feb 2010 19:19
"I do like Tom's positive outlook on things but i think you have to look at some negatives to improve."