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U missed last minute stoppage time winner against City in 08
8th Feb 2010 9:11
8th Feb 2010 11:08
"Well... our "ultimate tool", our "footsoldier" Dirk has scored SO MANY goals, SO IMPORTANT goals and generally, Dirk's work on the pitch is remarkable; he's one of our most important players! Now... I think the goal against Chelsea in January 2007 is his best, because he made a superb move with the header and gave a pass to himself and he got through 2 defenders and made the goal! Brilliant goal!"
8th Feb 2010 12:25
"the wigan goal was great. showed he is acrobatic too. but my vote goes to the one vs chelsea"
8th Feb 2010 13:56
"west ham goal was quality"
8th Feb 2010 20:03
"i have to say his best goal was his 50th goal the one this weekend against everton maybe it wasn't his nicest goal but this was a goal he and the team needed, it was a milestone just as it was a boost for the whole team cause it gave the team their confidence and teamspirit back"
8th Feb 2010 20:49
"Sorry, it's kinda lame that only e-season holder can watch the 10 goals. How do people without e-season ticket are meant to vote?"
9th Feb 2010 7:33
"Last season there were many memorable goals from Kuyt including the venomous equalizer (2-2) at Portsmouth past Distin's shoulder. The stoppage winner at MCFC was satisfying as we were 0-2 down and looking out with critics around me bragging we'd lost. Kuyt is a true Kopite regardless of what others think and one of my favorite Reds of all time."
13th Feb 2010 15:51
"The recent derby win over Everton. 10-man Liverpool, and Dirk's goal was a great winner. "