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Pacheco's got the key to open defences and score goals.Hope he gets a decent run in the 1st team soon.
21st Jan 2010 22:47
21st Jan 2010 23:54
"Fair result I think, keeps us top of the league with a game in hand"
22nd Jan 2010 4:26
"The boys did well. With the way some of them are playing, next season should be a lot different. Hopefully Pacheco, Jay and some others get a good run in the 1st team and, like I said, next season should be a lot different. The future looks bright"
22nd Jan 2010 6:27
"We really need to give pacheco more chance to feature in the 1st team. Since the beginning I knew he was class. He could play alongside Aquilani because he opens up defences but it all depends on Rafa. Great job lad. Keep it up. "
22nd Jan 2010 8:01
"The most important thing is to be at the top of the table. Keep going, boys. YNWA."
22nd Jan 2010 10:06
"Give him a chance in the 1st team! "
22nd Jan 2010 10:29
"The young man will likely be like fabregas in a liverpool shirt come next season,of course every 1 knows rafa's idea about young players,albeit he said he bought him 4 first team.He is likely 2get some first team tastes this sizn, but nxt sezin he wil feature beta, then he'l b 19,aded som stamina."
22nd Jan 2010 10:30
"What a player- with him, dalle valle, eccleston and co, looks like we have great prospects for the future"
22nd Jan 2010 12:02
"Hopefully Pacheco's gets more first team action because he looks a real talent "
22nd Jan 2010 12:42
"Pacheco leads the front line very well..He is a very creative attacker and makes intelligent runs..Hopefully Rafa can see this and let him play for the first team.. YNWA"