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Yeah, we have the best stopper in the world. we also have the best striker and not forgetting in Gerard we have the best midfielder in the world. YNWA-KL-MALAYSIA
7th Jan 2010 11:14
7th Jan 2010 12:54
"yeah!i agree with AmKL.."
7th Jan 2010 14:35
"no doubt about that he is one of the best in this business.....keep it up pepe"
7th Jan 2010 15:43
"pepe reina is one of the best no doubt."
7th Jan 2010 16:36
"Thats right AmKL… but how many of the rest match their standard? "
7th Jan 2010 22:06
"Best gk,best def mid(mascherano),best cen-mid(gerrard) an best cf(torres).These 4 would get in any team in the world.Then other quality plyrs like johnson,agger,aquilani,benayoun.We need to get rid of foreigners here for the money but not prepared to put in the hardwork an commitment of the plyrs above(you know who you are deggan, kryiagos, dossena,voronin etc).Not good enough for this famous club"
8th Jan 2010 1:03
"Pepe is one of the best keeper we had. "
8th Jan 2010 4:04
"Pepe is best in the world. I like the fact that nando agrees that he is the best gk so cute:)"
8th Jan 2010 7:00
"Right on AmKL...Dirge Shah Alam"
8th Jan 2010 7:00
"Right on AmKL...Dirge Shah Alam"
8th Jan 2010 10:04
"I think I speak for every honest LFC fan, when I say that Lucas is our weak link. If we pull back Gerrard in CM and Give Benayoun the free role to play behind Torres for a while, I am certain we can change the rest of the season's performances.."
8th Jan 2010 10:18
"Reina you are the best and superb stoper in the world. i agree with u AmKL... we want see more glorys pls bring back the reds glorys. we all the reds big family fans will behind you all forever. YNWA-KL-MALAYSIA."