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come on! Skrtel
4th Dec 2009 10:07
4th Dec 2009 10:15
"Martin.. your place in the hearts of LFC Fans is secure !!! Your place in the Slovakian team is also secure !!! You just have to grab each chance Rafa gives you and give your utmost... surely the rest will fall into place... one day..."
4th Dec 2009 10:19
"very good defender"
Marcelo Wallace
4th Dec 2009 11:29
"I hope he does sort himself out, because he has proven that he is a very good player when he is playing well"
4th Dec 2009 12:43
"Go Martin!! You might be behind Daniel in the pecking order but you are still very good...Thats why you play for LFC!! Make sure you grab your opportunity with both hands when you get it.."
4th Dec 2009 14:33
"i think skrtel is a cracking player and he gives it all and i know for sure if rafa gives him that chance he will make the most of it a stay in the first team side!"
4th Dec 2009 14:57
"I like Skrtel but unfortunately for him he is nowhere near Aggers quality. Agger & Carra are by far our best defensive partnership but its good to know we have a very very capable player in Skrtel to step up if either of them get injured."