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fantastic news!!!come on u Reds let go repeat last season performance at the lane!!!
29th Aug 2014 15:13
29th Aug 2014 15:18
"Lallana and Balo starting please, come on red men!!!"
29th Aug 2014 15:19
29th Aug 2014 15:22
"Great imagine this line up and bench Mignolet,,, Manquillo ...Skertel... Loveren.... Moreno...... Gerrard.. Henderson...... Lazar....Sterling........ Mario... Daniel... Bench Jones, Coutinho, Can, Llana, Lambert, Sahko,Allen,Flanno cant lose "
29th Aug 2014 15:25
"Lets go and get the three points. Need to win convincingly."
29th Aug 2014 15:27
"Lets smash them !!! "
29th Aug 2014 15:31
"Great news. The 'proof of the budding' with regard to our summer transfer activity is how our new recruits blend in and improve our squad... "
29th Aug 2014 15:35
"...I hope soon opposition teams will be looking at our play and worrying & then throwing an eye at our bench and getting even more worried..Upwards and forwards may it be. YNWA."
29th Aug 2014 15:40
"time to make big decission on line ups. looks like all players are gonna be available in a couple of weeks."
29th Aug 2014 15:53
"Interesting to see who makes way (in both the first 11 and the bench!)for Lallana and Balotelli! Allen for sure has to go (Lucas will be transferred/loaned). Ibe has gone to Derby so assume Balotelli can fill that gap."
29th Aug 2014 15:58
"For me Lallana is our most exciting signing."
29th Aug 2014 16:00
"Robpagan, I had a very similar 11 lad. Just Lallana instead of Markovic. Great options "
29th Aug 2014 16:01
"robpagan ... what do you think about addition of Alex Song if it happens? Lucas to probably go out on loan. Cam still getting used to pace of Prem League and Gerrard lacking something this season. If Song can repeat season he had with Arsenal a few seasons back he will add some much needed steel. We needed him to deal with Yolo Toure on Monday."
29th Aug 2014 16:03
"Sorry ... I meant Yaya Toure! Typo!"
29th Aug 2014 16:08
"Yes this guy is a gem. Cant wait to see him in action.."
29th Aug 2014 16:08
"lvplfc4ever Songs never had a good season Wenger couldnt wait to sell him. West Ham want him not us heres not one respectable journalist who has ever linked us with him, we wont sign him and we shouldn't because hes incredibly lazy and not a good player to have around the dressing room."
29th Aug 2014 16:29
"Belfast_kopite: I see your point though we have taken a risk on Balotelli. When Song was at Arsenal and he was voted their 2nd best player in his last season. I understand he wanted to talk about a new contract but as Wenger does he wanted to wait, then Barcelona came in. I know he has not settle with them but I think he will be fired up with a second chance in the Prem league like Mario."
29th Aug 2014 16:35
"I'm with belfast_kopite concerning Song. Lazy and bad influence but can't defend much either at times because he can't be bothered to. Better than Lucas going forward, but if we really want to b up there challenging for the tittle we need to go for someone who can offer the best of both worlds. We need to think big. But whose out there? Not Alonso anymore. He would've done nicely..."
29th Aug 2014 16:36
"Belfast_kopite: And I can't see anyone who can cover for Gerrard as a def mid. Emre Can looks promising but still inexperienced in Prem League, Lallana more attacking. Song still only 26 and like Balotelli will come cheap. I get your point about his attitude in and training but again it will be last chance saloon for him! I think the team spirit is too strong for one or two players to break. "
29th Aug 2014 16:40
"Belfast_kopite and SpeedoGonzales: Good points guy. What is your answer to Gerrard and defensive mid problem. He struggled against Yaya Toure (I know he had to cover other areas too). It really showed on Monday night. Be interested to know your thoughts. Yes sad about Alonso not coming back."
29th Aug 2014 16:56
"It doesn't seem we pushed hard enough to get Xabi back IMO. He's still got a couple of good seasons left and a world class player. Strange?"
29th Aug 2014 17:04
"If anyone can Emre Can. In all seriousness though I agree that Gerrard needs more help in there he's our past master and gets isolated back there at times he's a better tackler than people give him credit for, let's see how Can does and if it doesn't happen for him straight away bring someone in at the January window."
29th Aug 2014 17:13
"Anyone who does not see that we do not have good players in the DM position really does not know much about football. What plays Henderson I really do not know. He's just a lot of running and his assists are all back. DM should be able to organize an attack and keep the ball if it necessary."
29th Aug 2014 17:24
"Question for Brendan. Who can assist Balo and Dan? Does back passing benefit us? Who can protect the defence? We have change so many centre back and we are still conceding goals. Will our new recruits will make us better? Hope Brendan know how to solve the equation and don't just play players by default. Tottenham game may boost our moral if we win it."
29th Aug 2014 17:31
"Good news, of course he will take a few games to get match fit and gel. As soon as he does we will all hopefully get to see added creativity to the attack. YNWA"
29th Aug 2014 17:33
"Especially in the final third. YNWA "
29th Aug 2014 17:34
"Hey Natipool get real. We are not going to repeat what we did last season at Spurs because a)they had lost their best player and had a load of new players not settled in b)we had Suarez and a squad that was really settled and flying high c)WE are the ones in the situation they were in last season d)they now have a much better manager."
29th Aug 2014 17:38
"Reading between the lines of what BR said; we probably won't sign anyone else unless someone very special falls into place, so no Song. Agger and a few others are on their way. Borinni who wants to stay will probably not get a game."
29th Aug 2014 17:40
"Signing lallana,many have said its our best signing,ever since people dont inc him in ther starting 11 spiolt for chioce now,,hehe but yer he is in our top mid fielders surly,and great news hes ready :-0 good luck to you mate, ynwa"
29th Aug 2014 17:44
"Lallana i feel will be absolutely Class!!"
29th Aug 2014 17:45
"I would think Lallana AND Balotelli will start on the bench."
29th Aug 2014 17:45
"great interview by brendan..hope ballo starts in place of coutinho and markovic takes over allen's place..importantly moreno and skrtel are ready for sunday hopefully"
29th Aug 2014 17:51
"I am excited by Lallana being available it is like a new signing (if that makes sense)! I still can't believe he is our player until he puts the shirt on! I think he will start on the bench though."
29th Aug 2014 17:53
Norfolk in Chance
29th Aug 2014 18:55
"Can't wait to see him play. His performance vs Costa Rica was one of the highlights of the England World Cup team, but then Roy pulled him off! Not in the biblical sense.. although he was probably relieved about that! "
Norfolk in Chance
29th Aug 2014 19:03
"Don't think Song will join us now, but it annoys me to hear people that in reality don't know the guy personally, call a player lazy with no statistics. Particularly when it's usually only directed at black players; aka the big Ron Atkinson mentality. Sturridge was called 'lazy' before he joined us, they couldn't have been more wrong. It's just prejudice dressed up as objective analysis. "
29th Aug 2014 19:26
"Norfolk I've seen Alex Song play plenty of times, he's cr*p and Ron Atkinson was one of the managers who first brung black players into the main stream, he had one slip of the tounge. Get your facts straight before you say something like that oh wait maybe you should look at some more statistics because they tell you everything don't they? "
29th Aug 2014 19:43
"Go on Adam show your stuff great news stay fit show us your class "
29th Aug 2014 19:51
"Let's hope there's nothing bouffant about Adam. Powder- won't do. (I can be extremely judgemental, I know)."
29th Aug 2014 20:22
"I agree with myherodalglish - go on son. Get stuck in."
29th Aug 2014 20:28
"I can't see Coutinho starting this time...woeful performance in the last two matches. Sturridge Markovic Sterling Lallana Hendo Gerrard Moreno Lovren Sakho Manq. Mignolet "
29th Aug 2014 20:45
"Great news, especially Johnson having a thigh problem."
29th Aug 2014 22:05
"Great to hear. Will bring much creativity to the attack I'm sure. Believe he created at the most scoring chances in the Premier League last season. Will need to settle and adjust himself but certain to be a great signing I'm sure."
29th Aug 2014 22:32
"Spuds 1 - 5 LFC. Ballotelli (2) Sturridge, Sterling Henderson. Mario scorez his first from the penalty spot after being brought down by Lloris who gets a red card"
29th Aug 2014 22:42
"Belfast Kopite I dont care that Ron brought alot of black players. He still racist. I got John Terry in my sky fantasy team but I still think hes a racist too. Malky mackay decent manager but racist."
29th Aug 2014 23:17
"Wouldn't say Rons a racist just brought up n a generation when them sayings where the norm. Use to be paint brands called n*gger brown in the paint shops. People just weren't educated, theres a huge difference."
29th Aug 2014 23:23
"He helped players at West Brom tackle racism from fans when other managers wouldn't give black payers a look in, hes done more good for the black community than bad, certainly not a racist."
29th Aug 2014 23:38
"'Ashu1' I like your line up, if not that lineup, maybe a 442 diamond, putting Mario up front with sturridge, then lallana at the point of the diamond, marko and sterling wide and Gerrard in CDM. Once we get the lead we can take off Mario and bring on Hendo and eventually Can to lock down the midfield and win! Come on reds!!"
30th Aug 2014 0:18
"Very good news cos I can't wait to see Lallana in our famous red shirt."
Red Fred
30th Aug 2014 0:53
"My opinion would be to start Mario with Dan upfront with Lallana & Sterling on either wing while Gerrard and Hendo provide central cover. It is important to get early impact goals and in the 2nd half Can should come in to enhance midfield control in place of Mario..I predict that he will score a goal in his debut.YNWA."
30th Aug 2014 1:38
"Lallana might get the nod over coutinho who in the last two games has been poor.We don't need song cus we signed can."
30th Aug 2014 4:00
"Big win at lane and make them cry.... YNWA"
30th Aug 2014 5:20
"Enrique should starts. I'd like to see Markovic and Lallana supply Baotelli. Thus Sterling, Coutinho, and Sturridge could rest.. That's what i meant with squad depth"
30th Aug 2014 5:21
"Enrique should starts. I'd like to see Markovic and Lallana supply Baotelli. Thus Sterling, Coutinho, and Sturridge could rest.. That's what i meant with squad depth"
30th Aug 2014 5:22
"Enrique should starts. I'd like to see Markovic and Lallana supply Baotelli. Thus Sterling, Coutinho, and Sturridge could rest.. That's what i meant with squad depth"
30th Aug 2014 5:24
"Enrique should starts. I'd like to see Markovic and Lallana supply Balotelli. Thus Sterling, Coutinho, and Sturridge could rest.. That's what i meant with squad depth"
30th Aug 2014 8:21
"Hope adam lallana justifies his hefty transfer fees and wont be another anfield flop like downing and carroll who cost us fotunes"