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welcome barrotelli, welcome to the family ynwa
25th Aug 2014 17:01
25th Aug 2014 17:03
"Welcome to the great LFC family, Super Mario! Shut the naysayers up, with your goals, assists and performaces. YNWA!"
Hend of
25th Aug 2014 17:03
"Finally, it is done. Welcome Balo YNWA"
25th Aug 2014 17:04
"Welcome super Mario to the best club in the world do your stuff prove the critics wrong and bring us the title YNWA!!!"
25th Aug 2014 17:04
25th Aug 2014 17:05
"Super mario has signed at last. Great signing. BR will get the best out of him no doubt! Mancini was not the right man manager for this player. C'mon mario show us your best side and get those goals! Welcome and good luck. YNWA"
25th Aug 2014 17:05
"Welcome Mario Score plenty YNWA"
25th Aug 2014 17:06
"Now we're ready, now i'm happy. Would have loved a challenger to Mignolet, but I think we've spent enough now. YNWA."
25th Aug 2014 17:06
"Welcome to the family Mario! YNWA"
25th Aug 2014 17:06
"Finally. Hoping this turns out to be the matter stroke that I'm hoping for."
25th Aug 2014 17:07
"Welcome Mario !!!"
25th Aug 2014 17:08
"Welcome to LFC. Hope you help Liverpool to the summit. YNWA."
25th Aug 2014 17:08
25th Aug 2014 17:08
"Superb signing for the money, all the doubters will be proved wrong soon enough. He has genuine pace, a superb touch and the means to finish from anywhere, with hard work and dedication he will be a truly inspirational signing."
25th Aug 2014 17:08
"Welcome to Liverpool FC Mario! You should get the nr 7!"
25th Aug 2014 17:09
"Welcome Mario!! I hope you go on and prove to all the haters that you are really a world class talent!! All the best Lad!! YNWA!!"
25th Aug 2014 17:10
"Good luck MB: Let's add inler and song and we are ready to go"
25th Aug 2014 17:10
"Welcome 2 the worlds biggest and greatest club super Mario and if u give 100% every game the fans will back u all the way "
25th Aug 2014 17:11
"Welcome Mario, you've joined a proper club now. Please don't waste this great opportunity or let us loyal fans down. YNWA."
25th Aug 2014 17:11
"Welcome Mario. Now Behave yourself and you'll be loved here"
Dede 7
25th Aug 2014 17:12
"Welcome. YNWA."
25th Aug 2014 17:12
"Welcome home Super Mario.YNWA"
25th Aug 2014 17:13
"This is probably his last chance at a big club. He better behave or he can kiss his career goodbye"
25th Aug 2014 17:13
"Behave yourself and play well and you will be adored by the greatest fans on earth. "
25th Aug 2014 17:14
"Good luck MB: Let's add inler and song and we are ready to go"
25th Aug 2014 17:14
"Welcome Balotelli! Hope you do well here at LFC! YNWA!"
25th Aug 2014 17:15
"Welcome Mario. The suspense was killing me. Great timing. Man City watch out! Well done to the signer-uppers great job. Top signing!"
25th Aug 2014 17:16
"Welcome to the family Mario its time to show your talent and class all the best to your Liverpool career LFC FOREVER "
25th Aug 2014 17:18
"Welcome Ballo .... Be Red inside out YNWA"
25th Aug 2014 17:19
"Im taking a deeeeeeeep breath.........."
25th Aug 2014 17:21
"Welcome Mario!! Love this signing! YNWA"
25th Aug 2014 17:22
"Get in well done Ian Ayre you've done us proud this window "
25th Aug 2014 17:23
"we need these type signings (no offence) for all's confidence.. with not much strikers available mario represents a major confidence booster for the club/players and supporters and install fear in opposition teams.. we need this and we have it.. really want mario to spend the rest of his days with us. YNWA "
25th Aug 2014 17:23
"Finally... YNWA Super Mario! =)"
25th Aug 2014 17:24
"SUPER MARIO..... You are a winner. We are winners too. Welcome to Britain's MOST successful football club. Please put egg on the faces of the naysayers who forecast that you will bring gloom and doom here. That you are a ticking time bomb. THIS IS LFC Mario....a club like no other. You give us love and we will give it back to you 10 times over. Help us to be winners again. WELCOME YNWA"
25th Aug 2014 17:24
"Sensational. More excited about this signing than either Torres or Luis"
whacko jacko
25th Aug 2014 17:25
"Welcome MARIO make yourself a HERO , score goals n create assists n help this great club get back to the summit of english football. WE R THE BEST CLUB IN ENGLAND N WE WILL PROVE IT THIS SEASON. SENSATIONAL SIGNING N WE FULL OF INTENT N PROGRESIVNESS FOR THE FUTURE. A GREAT TRANSFER WINDOW. YNWA , JFT96 "
25th Aug 2014 17:28
"Wonderful news to have that edgy, talented & unpredictable player in the squad. Welcome to LFC Mario. The transfer comittee, BR & FSG have done an incredible job to pack our ranks with hungry, talented winners. There will always be those that have nothing better to do in their bitter world but to make poorly judged negative comments about all LFC do; thankfully, no-one pays any notice to them."
25th Aug 2014 17:28
"a legend in the making? YNWA "
25th Aug 2014 17:29
"What a great transfer window this has been :) And welcome Balotelli."
25th Aug 2014 17:30
"I cannot wait to see my fellow Italian wearing the MIGHTY RED jersey! YNWA "
25th Aug 2014 17:31
25th Aug 2014 17:31
"Welcome super Mario"
25th Aug 2014 17:31
25th Aug 2014 17:32
"Welcome home mario ba-goal-tel li"
25th Aug 2014 17:32
"UNLEASH THE BEAST!!! If nothing, this will be entertaining as $#!%"
25th Aug 2014 17:34
"Balotteli= more problems than jokes"
25th Aug 2014 17:34
"This signing will really make people happy we didn't sign Sanchez! (as if his current play doesn't do it for you already!)"
25th Aug 2014 17:35
"Love to see BR formation with Ballo. Will he go 4-4-2 now. We have so many options now and man, I have never been so excited as a LFC fan for a long time. This boy is going to become a man at LFC. "
25th Aug 2014 17:36
"Welcome to the greatest club in the world Mario. Im sure you will flourish under the wings of Brendan & Please keep yourself out of trouble & bring the fireworks onto the field. Y.N.W.A."
25th Aug 2014 17:38
"Welcome home Super Mario. YNWA"
25th Aug 2014 17:39
"Welcome to the family Mario!! Lets play some beautiful football together"
25th Aug 2014 17:42
"I'm still not entirely convinced but I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt, at 16 mill this could be a great signing but it could also be awful, all depends on his attitude. YNWA!"
25th Aug 2014 17:44
"Welcome to the Liverpool family, Mario! You'll Never Walk Alone..."
25th Aug 2014 17:45
"WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! What a player!!! "
25th Aug 2014 17:46
"£16m for a world class, EPL proven striker. Best bit of business in this window. Rogers gas done a great job at bulking the squad up. "
Brucy's Tash
25th Aug 2014 17:48
"So we still need a number 7!!!!!!!!!"
25th Aug 2014 17:48
"Excellent!! In a slightly twisted way, I don't think the sponsors will mind if Balli does do the odd bad thing as having your logo behind an apologetic manager on the 10 o'clock news and in the papers every other week is loads of free adverising!!"
25th Aug 2014 17:51
"Make them eat their words Mario B. Ynwa"
25th Aug 2014 17:52
"Fantastic signing! Welcome Balotelli, gives us explosive stuff! Cant wait to see.."
25th Aug 2014 17:56
"Welcome ya mad hatter, ynwa"
25th Aug 2014 17:57
"Welcome Super Mario to the Liverpool family. You Will Never Walk Alone as the fans are there supporting you. Please score 20 over goals, assist and you and the team will be on top. All the best. "
25th Aug 2014 17:58
"Welcome super mario"
25th Aug 2014 18:01
"Still time up get a feeire deals done as our net spend is only about 30m "
Liverpool NY
25th Aug 2014 18:03
"I cross my fingers, but I would be amaze if he wonâ"
25th Aug 2014 18:05
"Super duper 45"
25th Aug 2014 18:06
"welcome marioe..hope your time at liverpool would be a memorable one..of course for all the right reasons..YNWA"
25th Aug 2014 18:13
"Welcome Mario I believe this is the right club for you. Grace us with lots of goals"
25th Aug 2014 18:13
"welcome to LFC family Mario, just play with all your heart for Liverpool and goals themselves will come... YNWA"
Total LFC
25th Aug 2014 18:14
"Can somebody define the term 'superfan' for me please? I see it tossed around here a lot lately and have no idea what it really means. Great seeing Balotelli sign. Hope this instills added fear to other BPL teams, especially the ones under the illusion that we are now toothless without suarez "
25th Aug 2014 18:14
"respect for poh ceh lee?"
25th Aug 2014 18:15
"What a fantastic transfer!!! I don´t really liked him after scoring 2 goals against Germany 2012 at European Championship. But now...I am really happy he joined our family here. Great player at a good age and I am convinced they will play well in the near future. YNWA! Regards from Germany. 0:2 this evening. FU citizens"
25th Aug 2014 18:15
"Welcome Super Mario, wish all the best in your LFC career.. You will feel the love u need at this great club.. Looks like LFC have just pulled the rabbit out of the hat.. Good signing for 16 million.. YNWA!!"
25th Aug 2014 18:15
"I'm taking an even deeper breath and wondering . just how long."
25th Aug 2014 18:17
"Vorrei darti il benvenuto a casa! PERCHE SEMPRE TU? Attento ai bastra*I che cerceranno di farti perdere la pazienza"
25th Aug 2014 18:21
"Welcome and Best of luck... "
25th Aug 2014 18:24
"Welcome Mario just play for the team and you will do well"
25th Aug 2014 18:30
"Great signing and as with luis he may be a tad controversial but if he scores goals and trills us like luis he will have his name in song."
25th Aug 2014 18:31
"hes guna explode when he hears the KOP cheering his name for the first time.Welcome aboard the rodgers express train choo choo :)"
25th Aug 2014 18:32
"Welcome Mario, our new 4+5=9 (just so I don´t get stick for calling him 9). but those that know him get it. Amazing amazing news. Perfect signing just perfect. YNWA! Mario and you will receive colossal support. And I know most of the reds supporters had your back at City but we never wanted you at Anfield in blue! but in red.. thats another matter. "
25th Aug 2014 18:35
"And further more... You never have to talk to reporters from the s*n as long as you stay here and nobody cares what they write because we don´t have a clue what they are doing.. Nobody cares.. YNWA"
25th Aug 2014 18:36
"Welcome Mario. Play your best football for Liverpool and you will see what it means to be loved! YNWA!"
25th Aug 2014 18:38
"Welcome to Liverpool FC Mr Balotelli, YNWA!!!!!!!!!!!"
25th Aug 2014 18:44
"we're a family "
25th Aug 2014 18:58
"Welcome to LFC, please stay focused on what you have to do,don't be distracted and ALL will be fine.Just prove your critics wrong. " "
25th Aug 2014 19:00
"Welcome Balotelli. Know a couple other teams were praying you dont sign. Squad so deep Brendan had to go for diving lessons"
25th Aug 2014 19:03
"Welcome to LFC family. Just prove everyone that you are a fabulous player on and off the pitch and that you have the potential to become a LFC legend!!!"
25th Aug 2014 19:04
"Welcome Mario - feel free to entertain us off the field provided you entertain us on it:) realise your potential at lfc."
25th Aug 2014 19:25
25th Aug 2014 19:32
"Was always coming."
25th Aug 2014 19:50
"Hiya, Good luck, be good, be brave, work hard n we will love ya. xxx"