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12th Aug 2014 23:05
12th Aug 2014 23:05
"Fantastic News! Welcome to the family Alberto. Ynwa"
12th Aug 2014 23:06
"Finally. Hope the phrase 'in principle' doesn't mean its any harder to complete"
12th Aug 2014 23:06
"Great. YNWA"
12th Aug 2014 23:06
"Brilliant signing.KEEP THE FAITH.YNWA"
12th Aug 2014 23:06
"Finally, so good to read this. Now let's get Eto'o to strengthen our frontline. "
12th Aug 2014 23:08
"Hoping the medical goes to plan & we have a fantastic LB in the ranks as a 1st teamer...well done LFC & at what seems to be a reasonable fee of 12mill. Kelly leaving to go to Palace is a shame; although he showed glimpses of being a great defender for us, he never really looked like he'd recovered from injury & would become the next level CB or RB. Good luck Kelly, I hope it goes well for you."
12th Aug 2014 23:09
"Welcome to Liverpool Alberto - you'll never walk alone "
12th Aug 2014 23:10
"Finally lool"
12th Aug 2014 23:11
"Alberto is a superb buy and will amaze everyone at Anfield. Sign lavezzi and bony and we will do well this season in all comps."
12th Aug 2014 23:11
"Hopefully this goes through"
12th Aug 2014 23:15
"finally... falco now and we are complete "
12th Aug 2014 23:15
"Very good news...stayed up at nite to watch moreno but definately worth it to know that we will sign him!!! Ynwa alberto moreno##"
12th Aug 2014 23:16
12th Aug 2014 23:17
"In principle? After months of wrangling I would have thought all that was needed was a final signature. Is this the most protracted transfer in LFC history? It certainly feels like it."
12th Aug 2014 23:17
"Welcome Moreno and Good Bye Kelly"
12th Aug 2014 23:18
"Well worth the £12m"
12th Aug 2014 23:18
"This is the best transfer this window so far. Welcome home Alberto. YNWA"
12th Aug 2014 23:21
"gr8 news get a back up striker .and we are set.ynwa"
12th Aug 2014 23:22
"Best signing of the summer so far. "
12th Aug 2014 23:22
"I absolutely love when we post a signing and some bonehead says "Great! Now let's get some other player we have no chance of signing!" I know let's sign Messi! Where is the Striker aisle at Wal-Mart?"
12th Aug 2014 23:25
"gr8 news get a back up striker .and we are set.ynwa"
12th Aug 2014 23:25
"Just needing to add another quality striker now & we are looking good for cover in every position. If the link about Eto'o are correct i think he could be a very good addition with his experience & he would fit the way we play also. We don't have to cover the 30 goals from Suarez we need to be more solid in our defending & the defensive additions we have made IMO will do this. "
12th Aug 2014 23:32
"One more signing and we're good to go. Now surprise the world. Go get Falcao or Cavani."
12th Aug 2014 23:35
"Love it. Having a high quality full back can add so much to a team!! Good bye Glen Johnson(hopefully)!!"
12th Aug 2014 23:39
"Fantastic!! This was dragging on for too long"
12th Aug 2014 23:46
""Warrior Gematria" Go share your conspiracy garbage somewhere else. FSG did buy LFC for cheap to keep us out of complete collapse and bankruptcy. Pretty sure the fans on here just like watching some good football. I think we are all smart enough to know the whole world is run by money and corporations. Did you build your own car that runs on negativity? This comment section is for fans."
12th Aug 2014 23:48
"Great to finally see this materialize! Shrewd piece of business by IA should it be at 12M... Is it at the expense of seeing Suso go the other way?"
12th Aug 2014 23:49
"Good signing, but why is Kelly being let go? He is a better player than Johnson (and younger). Personally I would let Johnson go to Palace."
12th Aug 2014 23:54
"And Marco Reus .... Job done"
12th Aug 2014 23:57
"Guess what, i have watched and supported sevilla to look alberto cuz he was our target player then he is not on da list and the end of da match saw he was crying and give hug whole da team and heard he completed his move YNWA baby"
12th Aug 2014 23:59
"Thank YOU, Thank You, Thank You. Now just one more - hurry up not much time left. Are we all happy. "
13th Aug 2014 0:01
"Welcome Moreno! You must be some prospect. £12m for a relatively untested 22 year old left back. Especially when we already have two in place and have just sold another one. "
13th Aug 2014 0:01
Buckie LFC Supporter
13th Aug 2014 0:03
"shame it appears Kelly is going, the only decent player from our youth system in the last 10 years (without being brought). Good player when match fit, selling price seams stupidly low. when MU can sell their reserves for £4mil. Would have thought we could have sold him for £3-4mil + £3-4mil based on appearances?"
13th Aug 2014 0:04
"So we've got 4 left-backs including Johnson. The belt and braces approach. I like it."
13th Aug 2014 0:05
"My bothers and sisters, let tell to ourselves truth, we need a striker but not falcoa or someone expensive, everytime i tell my hommies that when we lose our worldclass striker we find another striker that mskes himself a worldclass"
13th Aug 2014 0:08
"So we produce striker however situation it is so we dont need falcoa or cavani, not either future striker, only striker who is inform YNWA baby!!!"
13th Aug 2014 0:10
"Welcome your new home and new challenge big boy YNWA baby!!!"
13th Aug 2014 0:18
"Great signing! But please stop with "now sign Reus or Falcao or Cavani". Do you think it's you want it and you have it?? There's no top striker out there to buy, so stop dreaming."
13th Aug 2014 0:20
"There is no way on earth negotiations drug on that long to arrive at 12m!"
13th Aug 2014 0:30
"I've just typed Warrior Vav Qlippoth into my gematria calculator, which I always keep handy, and all I could come up with is 'Presleys Spiderwoman'. Surely, this isn't an omen of impending doom? Priscilla Presley (when she was younger) would have looked quite nice in a spiderwoman outfit, I'm sure."
13th Aug 2014 0:32
"£12m. Less than the £19m or so that was being touted weeks back. Kelly looks set to be leaving for Crystal Palace. Shame that his injuries wrecked his career at the club and good luck to him there."
13th Aug 2014 0:36
"This won't be the end of Johnson though. Glen Johnson is a right back, Moreno is a young left back who will go straight into contention with Enrique on the left, leaving Flanno and Manquillo to battle it out with Johnson on the right."
13th Aug 2014 0:38
"For 12million? All hail King Ayre!!!!!!!!!!!"
13th Aug 2014 0:40
"FINALLY!!! I took us forever to wrap this one up. Now all we need is a top class striker and I'll be a very happy man"
13th Aug 2014 0:48
"Welcome to LFC keeping fingers crossed this guy looks good will become class if he signs now a striker but not eto just a money grabber and past he's sell buy date"
13th Aug 2014 0:54
"Why do we. Need some one like eto he is past his seal by date ,We are getting all these young players in.,Let's go for falco "
13th Aug 2014 0:59
"A great young player Moreno at £12mil a proven left back at last now we are compleat o"
13th Aug 2014 1:00
"12m should be good deal, anything more is just too expensive"
13th Aug 2014 1:16
"good signing cant wait 4 next week.... #wegoagain YNWA"
13th Aug 2014 1:19
"Good Hair? Check Good Height? Check Fast? Check Body? Check Quick Feet? Check Does He Have Any Tattoos?! Cause Then He'll Be Our Type Of Defender! Lol....Great Player Tho! "
13th Aug 2014 1:25
"Good business but disappointed about Kelly. If he does go for 1.5m then that's practically giving him away. Decent player with the potential to become much better. "
13th Aug 2014 1:27
"Great news, Ian Ayre has done a fantastic job! Now move for another striker and job is done!!!"
13th Aug 2014 1:32
"The puzzle going to complete soon! It all come together... thanks BR! "
13th Aug 2014 1:33
"Is it 12 million, where has that come from. Hope the deal will go through, not sure what 'in principle' is all about. Is Suso staying, hope he's not part of the deal. Also would have liked Kelly to stay, sold on the cheap I think. "
13th Aug 2014 1:34
"HIP HIP HOORAY !!! and now for a WORLD CLASS STRIKER !?!?!?"
13th Aug 2014 1:39
"great news. Only Eto'o is left and we are up and kicking"
13th Aug 2014 1:54
"This is like giving birth to an elephant......."
13th Aug 2014 1:55
"If 12M is correct then that seems good business considering the figures that were first bandied about. Those shouting for Eto to come aboard, I agree, he would add valuable experience but only has squad player. We still need an additional striker. "
13th Aug 2014 2:08
"Great job. Now is the time for Rue and Bony. We only spend 100M(75M from Suarez), we still have 45M or to spend as we should have 70M to spend in ghis summet "
13th Aug 2014 2:16
13th Aug 2014 2:18
"Great business..Welcome to Liverpool Moreno18 and thank you so much to Mr.Ian Ayre just brought him to Liverpool..!! #WeGoAgain"
13th Aug 2014 2:25
"Great news. Another legend in the making."
13th Aug 2014 2:29
"Now all we need is a striker and were done,I think we've done some great business this summer.very impressed with how ayre and the transfer team have got deals over the line.moreno 12 mil is a bargain."
13th Aug 2014 2:34
"'Warrior Gematria' i think the point on here is to talk about the team, players, and their play. You basically have come on here and called other LFC fans "brainless/naive/low brow/saps.." for supporting their team. Go write your school paper with your "inside scoop" blow their minds. Welcome Mr. Moreno, YNWA!!"
13th Aug 2014 2:39
"Im with the Falcao or Cavani please posts,,not a has been or a will be ynwa"
13th Aug 2014 2:42
"Ynwa! Bony is next and we are done!"
Liverpool NY
13th Aug 2014 2:48
"Great signing and welcome to the club. It will be pitty to see Kelly leaves, I will be much happier to see many more youth players making the senior team than buying someone else youth system product, a little concering buying 8 new players"
Punta Gorda Red
13th Aug 2014 3:05
"Think this is another shrewd piece of business.We now look to have real depth in quality across the back and if we can score 4 against Dortmund are we really going to need another striker? BR always insisted he wanted goals from across the team and didn't we get that on Sunday??"
13th Aug 2014 3:05
"This is the first time that have confirmed a signing before he has actually signed . But lets hope everything goes well & he does a sound job for us .Welcome aboard the good ship `Anfield` Alberto YNWA ....."
13th Aug 2014 3:08
"Kelly to Palace for 1.5 m could be the bargain of the summer window , providing they play him in his best position which is C/B ."
13th Aug 2014 3:39
"We really need to go for 1 more striker and winger. Get Bony and Rues. Then we will be sure for top 4. Remember this year both Chelsea(Costa scored twice again)and Arsenal are very strong. Man U will rebound too..."
13th Aug 2014 4:27
"Wew......FINALLY. One of those we really wanted all along. Thank God...well done Ian and BR. Get us Reus and we WILL will have a team to compete for top 4 again this year. OH, SO EXCITED.....YNWA"
13th Aug 2014 4:34
"Twelve million looks a good buy,as earlier reports were twenty !! Hope hes a good player-welcome to lfc "
13th Aug 2014 4:48
"Superb work by ayre frm 20m to 12m gr8"
13th Aug 2014 5:14
"Great news!!! "
jamaal loverboy
13th Aug 2014 5:34
13th Aug 2014 5:41
"Welcome Lad, from this day onwards YNWA"
13th Aug 2014 5:43
"Yannick could be a good signing if we are not full with offensive midfielder already."
Red Fred
13th Aug 2014 5:45
"Screamed with joy in my car when I heard this news on the radio...bring on the new season.Great job IA n BR.YNWA IBWT."
Red Fred
13th Aug 2014 5:48
"Another striker would be a good addition. I wouldn't mind adding a free agent in Eto'o,he's still hungry n well experienced..his stats proves it..other than tat,Bony would be awesome..even Balo would be great :) YNWA IBWT JFT96"
13th Aug 2014 5:49
"Teene20 not the first time for sure but yeah I think they only did this with "big names" only cos this has been going for nearly 2 months and finally they said, hell yeah we got him!"
13th Aug 2014 6:16
"i like moreno's look! looks serious like messi nice one BR"
13th Aug 2014 6:20
"Fantastic addition and quite the bargain at 12 million. YNWA Alberto, welcome to the family"
13th Aug 2014 6:43
"Now get a 'big-gish' striker. Our two man hit squad of S and S nearly stole the league. This year...not so confident up front!"
13th Aug 2014 6:49
"Job well done by ian ayre..if reports are to be believed 12m pounds is a good business. Ynwa moreno hopefully you will establish the left back position as yours and become the best in your position."
13th Aug 2014 7:00
"That was very quick to be announced soon after the Madrid Sevila UEFA match as reported by gossip columns.After seeing his emotional goodbye yesterday i think he is now a Pool player. Welcome Moreno now lets see what you are all about"
13th Aug 2014 7:00
"Great news"
13th Aug 2014 7:15
"From expected 20m pound to 12m pound, ayre and rodgers rocking the club"
Marc liar tanner
13th Aug 2014 7:16
"Luke shaw is way better and he only cost 30 million....BR you so dumb"
13th Aug 2014 7:37
"The pace down the left hand side with this boy & Sterling will be frightening, can't wait to see that "
13th Aug 2014 7:46
"Great, now defence sorted (may be one young decent keeper cud be added on). The focus should shift to one decent striker may be we can sign Etoh and keep Borini although getting someone better than both and selling Borini sounds more appealing however looking at whats available I can't see any decent strikers available,with Eto we will buy time until Divock Origi comes back.YNWA"
13th Aug 2014 7:50
"mushroom: 12mil plus add ons so it could rise quite a bit, but still if we do land him i will be delighted... just a decent striker now and it will have been a great window imo."
13th Aug 2014 7:53
"Now we must buy a bazuca.....and he is Bony."
13th Aug 2014 8:20
"Eddiegluesniff - you 'pritt', marc was being ironic. Now don't be such a 'stick' in the mud. Great post by the way:)"
13th Aug 2014 8:26
"Great Signing, Promising. our back line is set. All we need is another decent keeper to compete with Mingolet, and Another competitive striker. NOT eto. If we can get a good striker on loan for a year it will work our well as Origi will join us next season. Cavani Falcao Hunteleer Boni"
Caveman the Red
13th Aug 2014 8:31
"Moreno looks the biz, and how can anyone say Shaw is better??? ridiculous comment. £12m v £30m!!"
13th Aug 2014 8:38
"Selling Kelly for at most £2 million is bad business. He is going to be a superb defender. Established goal scorer and we're ready for business."
Natural Poolie
13th Aug 2014 8:58
"Could be the signing of the summer. I do think that they are jumping the gun with the £12m. The price mentioned in the original reports stated £12m to be paid up front and the rest to be paid in a further installment. There wasn't a final total mentioned, I don't think it will be £12m lol. Could be one of the buys of the summer "
Bud red
13th Aug 2014 9:01
"Looks A good buy for the money.Expect suso will go as part of the deal. however credit to ian ayre. Sad to see martin Kelly go and yes very cheap.He be Gr8 if he can get back some fitness.We look ready to rock on Sunday. Ynwa Berty."
13th Aug 2014 9:19
"Good news we now need only two players. One is a renowned striker who can score goals and provide competition to D. Sturridge and also when He is out injured. I mean real impacting strikers not Ricky Lampert or Etoo. another would be a hard and tough tackling fast Defensive midfielder capable of initiating attack from deep lying positions coz Gerard is now old and getting slower. "
13th Aug 2014 9:23
"Skysports said 12m with add ons. Great capture, welcome to LFC best of luck. YNWA "
13th Aug 2014 9:25
"Just Reus and we are good to go."
13th Aug 2014 9:25
"Here is a thought, now that we have a right back and a left back and enrique back to the team maybe play Glen next to Stevie in the center, he is fast and both att and defensive minded. "
dlr man
13th Aug 2014 9:37
"At last, now a striker please boss"
13th Aug 2014 9:38
""Manc Liar Tanner" Your Mouth is as wide as the River Mersey and as Full as S#ite as it."
13th Aug 2014 9:40
"12m would be a fair price"
13th Aug 2014 9:42
"please ...not Eto'o!"
13th Aug 2014 10:03
"The thing with Martin Kelly was his wages, 40K a week for a 4th choice RB is plain stupid. Bit like Pepe, really, the fee looks cheap, but if it wasn't, nobody would take them 'cause of what they're earning !"
13th Aug 2014 10:10
"Finally! Great buy for the future"
13th Aug 2014 10:10
"Ok so he was supposed to play yesterday and the deal was agreed and they said no more risking you may man you belong to Liverpool now. Thats good news indeed. Now just a medical and personal terms i guess and a car to use and a flat to stay whilst he gets his things in order and some chef to cook his balanced meals fit for an athlete of his stature"
13th Aug 2014 10:36
"welcome alberto mereno to the best team in the world look forwood to seeing you play come on you mighty red men ynwa jft96"
13th Aug 2014 10:40
"Great addition to the our team cant wait to see MORENO in the mighty reds team. Let the good times roll, and stuff Nevilles obsurd united bias down the little mans throat. Welcome ALBERTO you are now in the land of legends ,soon to become 1 yourself. play hard and to the best of your abbilitys and YNWA."
13th Aug 2014 10:56
"Now get a striker i read a comment on here about a young German Volland for 12.5 million now if we can get him it would be brilliant.Just the man to add to our Attack !!!"
13th Aug 2014 11:08
"We were willing to pay 16mil they wanted 20mil the compromise was 12 mil? BARGAIN"
13th Aug 2014 11:09
"Shaw was 30mil. What a waste of money man u!! And also after watching Moreno i think he is better"
13th Aug 2014 11:20
"come on BR now sign the striker all us fans want to see,give us a lift after most experts have written us off."
13th Aug 2014 11:30
"Good work... This is an excellent player. He will love it here.. Absolutly the perfect left back for our squad. What a relief.. oughh.. YNWA this will be one hell of a season.."
13th Aug 2014 11:34
"Welcome to the Liverpool Fc Family Alberto.. YNWA.. now all we need is striker.. for me is eto'o is good enough, still have the pace for EPL, composure n he's know our type of play (when with barca).. just need time..or if we go for big name, i will prefer we go for di maria.. we can play false 9 with him up front.. "
13th Aug 2014 11:57
"What exactly we need. No more Jhonson around the defence (even in the squad). now sort out the front line. get at least one real striker."
13th Aug 2014 12:00
"If Drogba can do something Eto'o can do better. He wants to prove Mourinho wrong which will mean great for us. get him."
13th Aug 2014 12:03
"If Drogba can do something Eto'o can do better. He wants to prove Mourinho wrong which will mean great for us. get him."
13th Aug 2014 12:15
"Sell Borini,Toure, Kelly and get Bony. Then spend 30-40M to get Rues. "
13th Aug 2014 12:15
"welcome moreno. striker needed. sign bony...powerful striker and has always up'ed his game at anfield"
13th Aug 2014 12:21
"At last! A really good deal for a good player. I have to agree, get Bony. Think his wages may be a bit too high so that may be why we are holding off."
13th Aug 2014 12:23
"Brucewhatsthe score I wouldn't worry mate, the good news is that you only have to put up with divvies like him on here, you'll never actually see them at a match...not cos of their 'beliefs' but cos they don't actually bother...nor would they dream about walking into the Sandon and spouting off. "
13th Aug 2014 13:03
" "This court concludes that RBS control of the clubâ"
13th Aug 2014 13:06
"SuarFez 13th Aug 2014 12:59...go to about 20 games a season, would go to more if the stadium was bigger and share my views with loads in the Sandon or the Arkles or any other alehouse in town...facts are facts lad. Because you cant understand em doesn't make others divvies. It makes you one."
Natural Poolie
13th Aug 2014 13:09
"Is it just me or does Moreno look like a young Xabi Alonso from some angles?"
"Mushroom I understand all of them and occasionally - very occasionally - I even find you quite funny. But there's a line 'lad', and if you are a good red then you should know where it is, people don't need to hear the same thing vey day, believe it or not you probably ain't more intellectual than everyone else."
13th Aug 2014 13:13
"SuarFez 13th Aug 2014 13:09..clever enough to assume people don't go the game and wouldn't walk in the Sandon? Like as if the Sandon was tasty. I aint the one quick to call people "divvies" "lad"..or tell people that to think or post "lad". "
13th Aug 2014 13:19
"right price, lets just hope he can step up, could be of great help"
"Mushroom....clever enough to recognise that from what I've read over the last few months the majority of people don't come on hear to listen to your repetitive views, free speech is one thing but you're just boring."
13th Aug 2014 13:28
"SuarFez 13th Aug 2014 13:23...people don't "hear" them they read them...and they don't have obvious fact. But not obvious to you. Like the fact the Sandon is bang full of people who don't trust our owners or eat Donuts. I am still waiting for bruciewhatsthescore" to expalin the judges ruling on FSG.."
13th Aug 2014 13:29
13th Aug 2014 13:31
"Okay Mushroom you've given me your view and although I think this is the wrong place for it, at least your consistent....I'm off back to work lets speak again. Read v hear though, turn of phrase that I'm surprised you don't get."
13th Aug 2014 13:33
"Championship winning sides always start with a good defense and it looks like we are now ther. We lost last year because of our defense. Midfield is also sorted. Just need one more striker and we are good to go."
"Ps I love donuts but more of a cheesecake man, if that helps."
13th Aug 2014 13:44
"Natural Poolie He may look like him but if he plays anywhere near as good as Xabi then we have another gem in our ranks."
Natural Poolie
13th Aug 2014 13:49
"Lfc1958- exactly what I thought. Manquillo and Lovren looking good already and if this guy fits in with what we already have then defence should be immense."
13th Aug 2014 13:56
"Finally its over. Welcome to L4. Hope you help us achieve top two."
13th Aug 2014 14:17
"cant believe talk of selling Martin Kelly. would rather sell Glen and keep Martin. Thoughts anyone????"
Norfolk in Chance
13th Aug 2014 14:45
"Johnson has taken over the role of the player less loyal/disrespectul fans love to hate, from Hendo/Lucas etc Any mistake, cross/dribble which doesn't get an assist is torn into as 'proof' he is rubbish. That is silly talk imo. Kelly has potential, but a poor injury record. Johnson is a top player. Their values, experience are incomparable imo."
LFC 433
13th Aug 2014 14:48
"Its getting scary how much pace is in da team.with manquillo n moreno decent stricker n people will fear lfc "
13th Aug 2014 14:49
"I hope in principle doesn't mean he's going to be loaned back to Sevilla for the season? Lol!!! Selling Kelly is a mistake, but he might want regular playing time! I think he'll have a good season this year!"
"Global research or should I say mushroom...pot kettle, don't see much ignoring of my comments from you, think that's called irony, so do one with your educational superiority complex. It ain't about superfan or non fan, it's about right time and place, I'd be happy to discuss stuff like this in the boozer and may even agree with some of it, but I don't come on here to read this e, end of chat."
"No mate, just bored with your rubbish and keen to talk footie, as for 'jog on you mug' not only are you so worldly wise you're also dead street....word up and how are those skinny jeans?"
13th Aug 2014 15:06
"SuarFez 13th Aug 2014 14:53..I only ever post as myself. Don't see any pint in doing otherwise."
"Global you disappoint me, 15 mins and an intellectual like you couldn't do better than're slipping ha ha."
13th Aug 2014 15:24
"Global Research- FSG have done a wonderful job with Red Sox and now with Liverpool. We want players to play for the shirt. And the new Anfield expansion is going to be a beautiful new expansion so everything you are saying is irrelevant. We are not Real Madrid or Barca or Bayern or City or Chelski, we are Liverpool and be proud of that no matter how we do. "
13th Aug 2014 15:25
"I hope that Moreno and Javier Manquillo signing means that Glen Johnson never gets the opportunity to be on the bench let alone be featured in a game because IMHO GJ is a clueless headless chicken!!! "
13th Aug 2014 15:30
"Great signing at the right price too."
13th Aug 2014 15:40
"leg end of a a player - he will be better than rooney and cheper"
"Global so in your considered opinion how would you counteract it? "
13th Aug 2014 16:13
"Now a much needed top striker. Hope it does not go down to the very last hour of the transfer window. "
"Reminds me of classic Partridge..."I evolve I don't revolve"', superb. So - and this is an honest question if you really do want proper debate - do you genuinely think this site is the best place to start the evolution?"
13th Aug 2014 16:47
"'Norfolk' I feel like a respectful supporter of the club for 14 years now who tries to see the good in what players can offer, presently, Glen johnson is the only player who makes more mistakes than good plays. His job is to make tackles and assists, I see way more dispossessing of the ball than positives. Simple as that, not good enough, anymore."
"I get that to a's similar to the privacy debate...if you're in the public eye then you can't complain if it works against you. My only point to you - take it or leave it - is that if you want to change opinion then the first rule is engage with your audience...I can take it all day long, but some of your responses would be way over the line of banter to most reasonable people."
"That'll be leave it then....! Anyone heard anything interesting on the striker front?"
13th Aug 2014 17:36
"Suarfez u like to argue ur point lmao"
"Butch ha ha does it show then?!"
13th Aug 2014 17:55
"Thank you FSG.. You have bought us a winning team..."
13th Aug 2014 18:26
""deal in principle"? why does this transfer takes so long and technical?"
Dede 7
13th Aug 2014 18:42
"wow ! finally we have a prolific left back after decades. YNWA."
13th Aug 2014 18:42
"Disappointed to see kelly leaving but if you think about it was either him or Flanagan, and with Kelly's injuries then it will always be him. We got three right backs now so I can even see Johnson leaving next season."
13th Aug 2014 18:46
"It's agreed in principle as the deal is agreed between the clubs and the play. However it has to be sanctioned by the Spanish FA which takes time. This is why deal with Spanish clubs take so long. So stop moaning people the deal is done the contract is signed. "
13th Aug 2014 18:47
"Seems like a decent player and as we have strengthened across the back we should be a lot more solid this season. We still need to add a top striker as if and when sturridge gets injured or rested we will need someone to provide that firepower. Bony seems the obvious choice but someone like Hernandez could also do the job. Torres could even come back in and do a job, 10m might get him."
13th Aug 2014 19:17
"Eddiegluesniff 13:04 u cud have carried on the butcher post and said you would 'meat' me. looks like you've got yourself in a 'sticky' situation with our comic financial advisor. "
13th Aug 2014 19:21
"Suarfez 16:30 lol can we be friends?best friends? U can come and meet my brother in law - guess where he lives?"
13th Aug 2014 19:23
"Perhaps global research is tony hares?:)"
"Redahendo took me a while to get that....I'm just a fan Alan !"
13th Aug 2014 19:36
"Suarfez - there's not a day goes by when I don't use an Alan line. I've even thought of a french parody alain pa'rtridge. Knowing moi knowing vous aha'e'ha. If Coogan rips this I will not be impressed."
"Superb....mentalist! Last one before I go....who were Wings Alan? Only the band the Beatles could have been."
13th Aug 2014 19:47
"Ruddy hell - it's softcell! Suarfez - I'm just anticipating the language translators of our world fans going crazy with alanisms. Back to the thread... almost welcome Moreno, u r nearly at the best club in the world. You will almost never walk alone."
13th Aug 2014 20:02
"Glad we have real competition at left back. With regards to strikers we should go for Callejon at Napoli. Perhaps a swap deal with Lucas?"
13th Aug 2014 20:10
"Not countin me chickens until the deal is sealed. "
13th Aug 2014 20:35
"global - I'd get me sen down there but ar bazzers got sum heavy stuff going down at finnegans place(apparently bevs popped down their for a brew and a vanilla slice from the moby) "
13th Aug 2014 20:49
"Buy Balde Diao and we are ready and full of young, hungry, physical, fast and technically gifted warriors who are also leaders for there tender years! Brendan is building something remarkable! Love it!!!!!!!"
13th Aug 2014 21:12
"16m + extra charges from what I heard!"
13th Aug 2014 21:25
"First time I saw him I thought he was a ringer for Chuck Norris, why not nickname him 'Chuck'Moreno?"
13th Aug 2014 21:28
"We have to get the best use outa him until Real or Barca fancy him and their cash registers start jingling again."
13th Aug 2014 21:29
"I don't like FSG and agree many fans have been brainwashed. Everything about FSG I despise. Raking as much as they can from the club and showing little ambition or interest. Thank goodness for Brendan I say... That said, it does get a little boring hearing the same old anti fsg stuff. Good things are happening on the pitch at LFC, lets hold on to that feel good factor."
13th Aug 2014 21:31
"Mushy-the sandon (oakfield road) bin told their do a nice curry in there lad"
13th Aug 2014 21:46
" Redahendo-your a crazy guy lad"
14th Aug 2014 0:28
" JAL 58 13th Aug 2014 18:03 You are flat out wrong about Toure. He is fantastic. He was the starter when we went 3 in a row last year with a clan sheet, so..."
14th Aug 2014 0:30
"So... we know that with Toure, there is a good chance of getting a clean sheet. So what, he made a mistake at Aston Villa. Please let me know how you became so perfect. One more thing..."
14th Aug 2014 0:30
"So... we know that with Toure, there is a good chance of getting a clean sheet. So what, he made a mistake at Aston Villa. Please let me know how you became so perfect. One more thing..."
14th Aug 2014 0:31
"He is very positive and upbeat and we need that on the team more than anything else. There is something good to be said about a team where the bench players support the starters. You are wrong (respectfully) about Kolo."
14th Aug 2014 1:17
"to; Global Research dot com - brilliant comments, HAD you posted them 2 years ago. I hope being negative makes you happy. How about focusing on all the positives..."
14th Aug 2014 1:28
"having strolled through these comments, this must be the longest list of comments ever on a potential (confirmed-ish) signing! Lets hope his accolades in years to come matches the excitement here. Welcome to the greatest family in the world. "
14th Aug 2014 8:57
14th Aug 2014 10:42
"Has he passed the medical already?"
14th Aug 2014 10:54
"Brader poos will be proud of this deal^^ what say u the most natural of all poolies naturalpoolie:O"
14th Aug 2014 11:51
"Everything is going as planned . Moreno to complete medical and to be seen holding a red jersey smiling on Friday. Next will be our mystery striker."