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Well done Brendan and the team.
Lucas Jackson
10th Aug 2014 15:15
10th Aug 2014 15:25
"I though Lovren was solid today. Even Lucas had a decent game. Sterling is the new Cristiano Ronaldo. And there aren't many playmakers as good as Coutinho. Only If Reus was there to witness Anfield passion"
10th Aug 2014 15:27
"In BR we trust. YNWA"
10th Aug 2014 15:29
"Excellent workout! Lovren solid in defense, Manquillo - pace going forward, decent crossing, swift return to put in timely stops. The lil' magician was got a goal! Raheem's improving. Better depth in the team, although we still need a 'Killer' striker! Lots of goals and a clean sheet. Long may it continue, bring on the season!"
10th Aug 2014 15:33
"Very impressed with Lovren and manquillo.henderson,coutinho and sterling we're moan that we've lost Suarez but forget we've still got some top players.With Moreno signing and a top striker we will challenge for the title."
10th Aug 2014 15:34
"We need CF then we will be fine.Agger should stay, he is more comfortable on the ball compared to skrtel"
10th Aug 2014 15:40
"Brendan really makes me laugh listen to this,'we got four really good goals and maybe could have had a few more' ,the boss is really hungry I like this"
10th Aug 2014 15:45
"well done lads, real work starts soon though! not getting carried away just yet"
10th Aug 2014 15:47
"Don't know where would Lallana and Markovic fit in?"
10th Aug 2014 15:47
"liverpool looked good but we still need another top class striker . manquillo and lovern looked good "
Norfolk in Chance
10th Aug 2014 15:51
"Enjoyed the game, always good when players get off to a positive start, takes a lot of pressure of them, particularly if they have a high price tag. Some fans wanted to force out Hendo after his quiet start, but look at him now... Saints next and three points please."
10th Aug 2014 16:01
"To those saying we played against BVB's youth team: Piszczek, Schmelzer, Sokratis, Bender, Kehl, Aubameyang, Mkhitaryan, Immobile, Ramos, GroÃ"
10th Aug 2014 16:02
"To those saying we played BVB's youth team: Piszczek, Schmelzer, Sokratis, Bender, Kehl, Aubameyang, Mkhitaryan, Immobile, Ramos, Grosskreutz, Jojic all played. These have featured consistently in their starting XI in recent years (minus new signings Immobile and Ramos). Only senior players absent were Hummels, Subotic, Sahin, Reus, Gündogan, Kuba, Weidenfeller, most of whom have been injured."
Dede 7
10th Aug 2014 16:03
"We have a rock in Lovren. what a player!. good signings all in all the future is bright. waiting for Tiago Ilori to feature. YNWA."
10th Aug 2014 16:04
"lovren was solid throughout. i was really impressed to see him being a two-footed defender who is very comfortable and composed on the ball. overall performance of the team, it was good. looks like they're raring to go. YNWA"
10th Aug 2014 16:07
"Really good acquisitions so far BR. if we get Moreno our defense is complete. Lovren looks like the defender Pool has been missing."
10th Aug 2014 16:12
"Goals! Goals! Goals! is what the manager wants to see :D"
10th Aug 2014 16:14
"Solid, confident, comfortable, strong, sharp, good tackles, interceptions. Had a great game! Looks a good player. Great signing. "
10th Aug 2014 16:29
"defensively we are looking strong in depth and great competition, still think Moreno will complete that and we will have a top defence so hope the deal happens!"
10th Aug 2014 16:31
"Brilliant performance from the whole team.Dejan Lovren makes us much more solid in defence and good to see Stevie playing so well."
10th Aug 2014 17:08
"Best of luck for this new season Boss. Squad depth 90% covered and team still managed to excute your tactical preference. WE GO AGAIN!!!! "
10th Aug 2014 17:08
"The performances of Lovren, Manquillo, Sterling & Coutinho really lifted the performances of the rest of the team. An air of growing confidence bred in that game, which will serve us well for the 1st game of the season. Looking forward to a great season."
10th Aug 2014 17:15
"Saying Lovren was good is not doing justice..He was scintillating.Manquillo could really grow under BR.Can still seems to be finding it difficult to play full intensity for 90min..I think he and Allen will play 45min each in the initial matches to maintain intensity.Lucas is poor.Please sell him. "
10th Aug 2014 17:23
"You know this Brendan Rogers chap might just know what he is doing. Challenged for the title in his second season and got us into Europe, brought in good new players [and those he missed out on proved their worth with their chosen teams],and got the best out of the players already here. Yes I think he might have a future at LFC."
10th Aug 2014 17:24
"Where's all the muppets questioning BR's signings?. LOL. This is what post Suarez looked like. Worried?. We'll definitely compete for the title this year. With Moreno coming in , We will be even better !."
10th Aug 2014 17:25
"Awesome, fantastic, phenomenal.....well done. Manq was particularly impressive given that he is so club, new team mates, new what a performance. Let's not forget our other young guns, Stirling, Cortineo, ....can't wait for these boys to peak. So much more in this team to look forward to. Impressed with GJ at left. SG looked every bit of his 25 yrs LOL"
10th Aug 2014 17:33
"BR is a footballing genius....this will be proven over time. I hope we stay patient with him. Yes, we want titles....BADLY. Things can go pear shape very quickly as we seen not too long ago. He is young and learning all the time. I say it again. If Shanks was the first....then BR MUST be the second coming. We wait patiently BR ....Reus, Levezzi, Huntelaar, Cavani, Falcoa.....MAKE THE PEOPE HAPPY"
10th Aug 2014 17:54
"all we need then is quality striker and moreno and we ready to go "
10th Aug 2014 17:58
"JMF83 17:24 - well said! BR, we are as delighted with your work as you are with the debut defenders."
10th Aug 2014 18:07
"Perfect from the lads"
10th Aug 2014 18:11
"if sterling is the new ronaldo coutinho is the new xabi"
10th Aug 2014 18:11
"Faultless displays by both."
10th Aug 2014 18:21
"Thought Lovren played really well. Made important tackles, marshalled the defence excellently. Commands the defence. Manquillo looked good as well."
10th Aug 2014 18:21
"PC was something else today, boy do we have some player. Good workout for the boys, now bring on the saints. "
randfield rap88
10th Aug 2014 18:22
"I thought the movement and pace of the passing was really good today. Only pre season i know but the signs are looking very decent at the moment. Heres hoping we sign another forward in the next 3 weeks. I just not sure who yet. one of the names weve been linked with would be good though."
10th Aug 2014 18:23
"Well done lads,now the real work starts....."
Natural Poolie
10th Aug 2014 18:31
"Both Dejan and Javier looked good. Javier looked more comfortable than Johnson already. Having a stronger base gave us the opportunity to push on this afternoon. "
10th Aug 2014 18:55
"I think our defence is good, but we need a defensive midfielder to help protect the back 4 when everyone is on the attack.At the moment, our Dms aren't doing their jobs right."
10th Aug 2014 18:57
"Am surprised Sahko didn't play at all, I was eagerly awaiting to see how he and Lovren will look like. It seems Sterlin and Coutinho hv the key to unlock all defense. Can was solid, Gerrard, Henderson, Manquillo were good. "
10th Aug 2014 19:19
"today's performance makes it harder for me to choose players in fantasy football lol"
10th Aug 2014 19:19
"AcuteSuarezo9ja - I think BR is testing the CB pairing of Lovren and Skrtel . Both of them were solid. "
10th Aug 2014 19:19
"Great match by whole team, Dejan and Javier looks to be really great signings. YNWA"
10th Aug 2014 19:20
"what make the defense look good is Manquillo was very disciplined as right back and also Gerrard and leiva protect the defense well which Brendan must take note and they play gud passing football. couthino and sterling are more mature now and are both starters. Note they defend well also"
10th Aug 2014 19:22
"OldVic. Admirable summing up. I think you may be right. Brendan looks as though he's here to stay."
10th Aug 2014 19:29
"Damn , I'm gonna have to make some adjustments in my fantasy team. LOL. Coutinho and Sterling are going straight in my lineup."
10th Aug 2014 19:59
"all we need a LB which I hope soon will come and an attacker to compliment Sturridge and we will be perfect YNWA"
10th Aug 2014 19:59
"Really impressed with Manquillo! Lovren was outstanding and Emre Can looked great as well! I can't help but think about adding Lallana and Markovic into the fold! Sturridge and Sterling look great as usual ,but I found myself nervous every time Sturridge hit the ground! We need another striker!"
10th Aug 2014 20:00
"Hm. With Hummels there........this was not Dortmund."
10th Aug 2014 20:04
"salzmarkt - Sokratis was there. Still get slaughtered. Ginter is not a rubbish defender as well . Duh."
10th Aug 2014 20:22
"well done to the new boys, but we need a much more imposing defensive midfielder..."
10th Aug 2014 20:29
"Well done very good result. BUT can some one tell me how this game was a sellout as I seen plenty of empty seats all around the ground. I tried last week to get a couple of tickets online, but the few seats that where available and I mean a few where the odd one here and there. Explain please LFC. "
10th Aug 2014 20:32
"To score 4 goals is nice. My problem with Brendan Rodgers is that his resuls are acceptable when it is not so important, i would prefer a win vs mancs ( this always counts) And than i would accept to lose with Dortmund, but no, it was the oposite. "
10th Aug 2014 20:54
"salzmarkt - Winning is always great however this is preseason . The Dortmund game holds more importance as it's played a week before our opening match against Southampton and it's a better indication of our squad's fitness conditions. The team is in good shape and I'm very sure we will win next week convincingly. "
10th Aug 2014 21:00
"Very good performance by the lads especially our new signings. Glad to see a commanding defender in Lovren.. then again I did say he'll be our best signing of the bunch. Manquillo looks good., full of energy bombing down the right and tracking back. I don't even think LB position is essential. Much needed positions now are striker & Goalkeeper"
10th Aug 2014 21:27
"4 goals and a clean sheet. Already a great change wiz to new back players Lovren and Manquillo."
10th Aug 2014 21:41
"yes great new defenders,top job,,,still need a falaco or a top top front man,as every game wont go as easy as this did,manu showed us that,also everyone wanting rues hes not even a striker,ynwa"
10th Aug 2014 22:19
"He had a great game today. Didn't put a foot wrong. I was more worried about Skirtel making mistakes."
whacko jacko
10th Aug 2014 22:35
"Just home from game, absolutley delighted as we all should be as fans. solid throughout and waht a performance from Manquillo, outstanding !! Many great performances , Lovren ,stevie g n Couts surely he shud b playing for brazil now !! Bed a happy man. YNWA , JFT96"
10th Aug 2014 22:42
"An outstanding team effort. Solid in all areas of the match. Well done lads."
10th Aug 2014 22:46
"We have seen a fantastic and positive performance today, goals all over the team. Coutinho, Sterling, Henderson and possibly Sturridge will score more this season than last. Lambert will chip in a few too. Add Markovic, Lallana, Ibe and Suso (if he stays) goals everywhere. If Moreno comes he will add a few goals and plenty of assists too"
10th Aug 2014 23:23
"I said it once and I'll say it again I love Brendon Roger ever since he walked through the door I knew he know what he was doing from the get go. one of the most famous highlights for me early on was you say steady on to me again and you will be on the next flight home. Who remember that moment. What a great team perfomance. IN BRENDON I TRUST."
Den Haag Greg
10th Aug 2014 23:23
"Lovren looked very good, he can ping a ball across field as well. Manquillo is very god at getting around the back of the defence, a great talent. If we add Moreno this week then our defence will be full of options. A friendly yes but a rhea work out and didn't we move the ball quickly, a joy to watch, Sunday cannot come quickly enough."
10th Aug 2014 23:34
"Believe Lovren and Coates will be a brilliant combo."
10th Aug 2014 23:43
"I wish lovren is the answer for our problems at the back last season, now i see why brendan really want him."
10th Aug 2014 23:44
"BR is about to begin his third season and hasn't done badly at all, there is room for improvement ie he hasn't yet won any trophies. It doesn't matter how much you talk him up, and like him, that's irrevelant. What he needs do to prove how good he is is to win trophies and dominate his rivals. He is still unsucessful until he does, that's the plain truth. Best of luck Brendan. "
10th Aug 2014 23:47
"Well Done Lads, also this us irrelevant but without Suarez's goals Liverpool would of managed to finish the season with 71 points, only losing 13 which if we never got Suarez, another striker would if come and at least would of got us 4th or 3rd."
11th Aug 2014 3:32
"Well done, I enjoyed the game so much, overall all played well, to be fair although another striker is essential, but I think need to give Lambert some times, he will be a very imporatant squad player during the season, BR build a team around suarez, but Lambert is trying to play towards the new team style. "
11th Aug 2014 4:10
"Lovren is our new Commander on defense. We leaked goals last season because only Skrtel who fit to shout loud. Manquillo on RB, Flanno on LB...we are going to have a pair of aggressive wing backs next season"
11th Aug 2014 5:51
"LFC have never looked so prepared for the season ahead. Normally we've had to endure painful lethargic performances in pre-season. Far from it this season. Moreno coming in + 1 striker. Lambert needs to pick it up in training"
11th Aug 2014 5:56
"Anyone else thought Dejan looked like a fully-fit Daniel Agger last night? Very composed on the ball and good passes in-field and pinging it to flanks. Dejan is much more physical and heads a ball better than Dagger tho so i can't see Dagger re-claiming his place after his injury"
11th Aug 2014 5:56
"BR, we need LB and 2 more strikers."
11th Aug 2014 7:53
"Impressive,fast flowing,looking forward to the season ahead,a brilliant display YNWA "
11th Aug 2014 8:24
"You can see BRs vision taking shape,keep on building boss.Good performances from everyone to end preseason although I thought RL looked a bit ordinary perhaps he needs to play in front of AL."
11th Aug 2014 10:43
"Great Performance, Last year was amazing , i think we are stronger in Depth, Suarez a massive loss, but im sure he will miss us. Onwards and Upwards so excited for this new season. In Brendan we trust YNWA"
11th Aug 2014 11:51
"I see Suarez departure as a gain for Liverpool in term revenue or more playing as a team. We're now more unpredictable for opponents and looking forward to the new season."