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Welcome Javier!
6th Aug 2014 13:08
6th Aug 2014 13:13
"Welcome home lad. Glen step up your game bcz competition is now here"
6th Aug 2014 13:15
"Dont want to sound negative, lads but never heard of him.....another with potential?? With every passing day its obvious we need a PROVEN striker-hope your s good player javier"
6th Aug 2014 13:16
6th Aug 2014 13:16
"Welcome to LFC... YNWA"
6th Aug 2014 13:19
"An already decent player with an even greater prospect. Now to complete the signing of moreno and hopefully a much needed quality striker ynwa"
6th Aug 2014 13:19
"welcome lad good to have you at the club."
6th Aug 2014 13:20
"Is this a one year or two year loan deal, does anyone know?"
6th Aug 2014 13:21
6th Aug 2014 13:23
"Love it. He might even make an appearance...kick a ball even."
6th Aug 2014 13:25
"Hola Javier, I hope you do as well if not better than our last Spanish right back."
6th Aug 2014 13:25
6th Aug 2014 13:26
"Welcome To LFC YNWA"
6th Aug 2014 13:31
"welcome to liverpool lad!! now time to get rid of johnson."
6th Aug 2014 13:33
"Will be every bit as good as Yesil....."negs" be darned!"
6th Aug 2014 13:34
6th Aug 2014 13:35
"Interesting strategy. Low risk loan move. Doesn't work out at the club, he goes back and we've not really lost out on money. He works out, we've proven he can adapt to English football and I'm sure there is a future agreement involved for that situation. Not entirely sure we needed a RB for cover though with Flanno and Kelly though. Senior RB maybe."
6th Aug 2014 13:35
"Fourth choice after Johnson, Kelly and Flano. The question is who's leaving? No one else has punned it yet but Manquillwho is the obvious one. Welcome anyway. Can we have some striker of note now please Mr Rodgers? "
6th Aug 2014 13:36
"Guys .. he can't be as bad as Johnson who's clearly not motivated to play for us. I'll rather have this kid over Johnson anyday . Liver-paul - I believe it's a 2 year loan deal with an option to buy."
6th Aug 2014 13:38
"Another mediocre signing, we sell our most exciting player a player that turns a game in a second and scores for fun, but we don't feel the need to replace him with another player of the same or higher caliber! That seems like madness to me, just going to defend all season and hope we score the odd rebound? This isn't progress were standing still. I hope I'm wrong but..........."
6th Aug 2014 13:43
"Manquillo is better than Calum Chambers.Chambers went for 16m pounds,having already signed debuchy.Arsenal fans were unperturbed.Manquillo has come on loan with permanent deal of less than 5m pounds and yet Pool fans are unhappy. Support you club or get lost!! "
6th Aug 2014 13:46
"Well done lad - you've signed for the best club in the world! "
6th Aug 2014 13:51
"Why is it that i find it very difficult to be positive about signings that rodgers makes! we need another striker sure we could put the boat out and get bobby zamora in"
6th Aug 2014 13:53
"Welcome Javier ynwa Wd now have 7 centre backs 4 right backs Javier Kelly Johnson flanno so surely too Many two to be loaned /sold "
6th Aug 2014 13:55
"5STARKOP - So you're happy with Johnson and Enrique right now ?. This kid can play at both wings like Flanagan. "
6th Aug 2014 14:00
"Just watched the 4 games you have played Javier and you are very impressive, I like that you have a fire in your belly and that you are absolutely fearless, its like that chip has been removed. Unbelievable. But you have a lot to learn and you are at the right place for that. Welcome to LFC. YNWA"
6th Aug 2014 14:03
"Welcome home lad. Hope you prove your worth. Time for Glen Johnson to know how the bench feels like! Now let's seal the Moreno deal and buy a top striker. YNWA"
6th Aug 2014 14:03
"Well I hope you guys wont slate this one to his face, he may be young but this one is not a wimp, he'd probably spank you silly. hehe. I think we may have a pretty decent player for the future. "
6th Aug 2014 14:05
"JDMayn1 - Fourth choice ?. He's more likely to be 2nd choice behind Flanagan . I hope we will never see Johnson play again. "
6th Aug 2014 14:05
"The only fustration Is with less than 2 wks to start of season we havnt replaced surez and the issue of centre mid. We got plenty of flair wide payers but not holding mid position and centre mid creative payer we got overun in some games and this affected the defence so these were priority areas that havnt been addressed n the keeper issue "
6th Aug 2014 14:14
"YNWA Javier! Welcome to the Liverpool family!"
6th Aug 2014 14:16
"Welcome Javier And to all you negative so called supporters here get behind the team or go join the bitters!! YNWA REDS now get that striker"
6th Aug 2014 14:17
"Can somebody tell Brilliant Brendan that Luis Suarez has left our club. We need a striker and not seven defenders and ten midfielders. But anyway welcome to our great club Javier."
6th Aug 2014 14:20
"Why a a 2yr loan deal & why are we only paying 5m for him if he is so good . "
6th Aug 2014 14:24
"Welcome to LFC. Give Johnson a run for his money."
6th Aug 2014 14:27
"Teene20 - Good question. I guess it's to replace Johnson who's has only 1 year left in his contract. So he's got plenty of time to adjust in the BPL. "
6th Aug 2014 14:29
"Welcome Javier.! We needed a good replacement.!"
6th Aug 2014 14:38
"Please Sign Mauro Icardi! We need to snap him up, HUGE talent! That would be a major upgrade to Bony etc."
6th Aug 2014 14:42
"Another signing which improves not only squad but one of the problem areas DEFENCE. I believe mid is sorted as Lovren will shout at Gerrard to get into position unlike the other centre backs. Just need Moreno now and defence sorted. Now just another forward. Hopefully one no one here es and moans about like they do with every signing. "
6th Aug 2014 14:46
"If we are to have any hope of winning EPL then we must get Reus at all costs and possibly Bony as well, though I'd actually prefer Keisling from Leverkusen TBH. I hope this kid does well but I'm always wary that he may hanker for a move to Barca or Real the minute he becomes good enough and they start waving their cheques again."
6th Aug 2014 14:51
"Jf83 na would prefer flanno n Moreno n have Enrique n Kelly as back up all I'm saying is with the amount of defenders a few will have to be sold "
6th Aug 2014 14:52
"Basically, Johnson CBA. "
6th Aug 2014 14:57
"just watch a clip of him on you tube. looks a shocking player."
6th Aug 2014 15:00
"Good Luck in Liverpool. YNWA."
6th Aug 2014 15:05
"Welcome to LFC mate, wish you a great season.YNWA"
6th Aug 2014 15:12
"Another with potential-time to clear the decks and buy the A-grade striker we need;sell Johnson,Agger,Lucas,Enrique,Assaidi,Borini,should raise some cash.What did we get for Raina"
6th Aug 2014 15:13
"YNWALFC123 You said boring are you sure, I have seen this boy play and he is already 4 times better than GJ. What happened to the days we welcomed players to LFC"
6th Aug 2014 15:15
"5STARKOP - Well i think Johnson is gone and Enrique will be only a bit part player once Moreno comes in. As for Kelly , he's a good option for defense but offers nothing offensively. So we're probably stuck with Moreno,Enrique,Flanagan,Manquillo and Kelly as fullbacks . That's good depth."
6th Aug 2014 15:28
"Fair point jfc83 I think defence sorted assuming Moreno arrives but Stil not 100% convinced about keepers as mignolet brill shot supper but puts unecessary pressure on defence for not coming for crosses tight under his nose nor does he command the box and that's what cost us last season b&q this pre season nothing has changed, begowich from spurs or lloris would be brill"
6th Aug 2014 15:31
"But priority now 2 strikers n a midfield general so lets use the final 3 weeks of the window wisely n get these players in n off load some dead wood!! How About Hernandez from united ??"
6th Aug 2014 15:32
"Sorry jmf83 not jmc83 "
6th Aug 2014 15:33
"5STARKOP - Probably will see a new backup keeper or a reserve keeper being promoted coming in once Reina's gone."
6th Aug 2014 15:35
"5STARKOP - I actually rate Hernandez however I doubt Man Utd will let him go to a bitter rival."
6th Aug 2014 15:37
"Because all you people saying 'buy this guy' 'buy that guy' are all top scouts/coaches and know what your talking about. Go have a lie down and think about supporting the team. YNWA"
6th Aug 2014 15:39
"Welcome. Now it is time to sell Johnson...."
6th Aug 2014 15:39
"Yeah he is a good finisher n wouldn't cost the earth but like u said I doubt whether united would sell its a shame we can resurrect the remy deal maybe on loan to prove his fitness or a fee based on appearances or something"
6th Aug 2014 15:40
"On another note Cody has been sold for 500k"
6th Aug 2014 15:41
"Nerosnow we do support the team which is why we logged on this forum chatting about lfc it's about opinions and views which is why it's called a forum "
6th Aug 2014 15:49
"Young and hungry to impress. Good look to you mate. Just keep ur head down play your footy and become a lfc legend "
6th Aug 2014 15:50
"come on Rodgers,stop playing about! sign the chequebook and get "Radamel Falcao"DONT HANG ABOUT NOW IS OUR TIME TO MAKE MOVES "
6th Aug 2014 15:51
"I like the lad but I thought Rodgers said no more loan's hard to keep the faith in BR when he constantly says one thing and does something completely different.."
6th Aug 2014 15:51
"ehmm a loan deal... that surprices me a bit even so,welcome to the biggest club ever mr.manquillo you job is simple..we dont want 50 goals again against us"
6th Aug 2014 15:52
"its well and truly over"
6th Aug 2014 15:53
"the title dream ends today "
6th Aug 2014 15:54
"5STARKOP - this isnt a forum buddy but I know what you mean. Its just annoying that when a player signs the comments are 30% 'welcome' and 70% negativity and/or bullpoo, it gets a brother down."
6th Aug 2014 15:55
"This is a low risk signing that could be good for both the player and the club. I look forward to seeing how he develops. Liverpool's biggest problem remains Steven Gerrard, however. The bullet needs to be bitten. Gerrard has been fantastic, but is a liability now. "
6th Aug 2014 15:56
"Van Gaal and Mourinho are death scared now."
6th Aug 2014 16:13
"He reminds me of another full back Liverpool once signed.......I just hope he turns out better than that one............Anyone think he looks like Philipp Degen????"
6th Aug 2014 16:16
"Welcome to our club Javier, good to have you here. YNWA"
6th Aug 2014 16:33
"Trophies are for team with 27-28 years in avarage . But let's trust BR. Add moreno, bonny and reus please"
6th Aug 2014 16:40
"This kid is partially lying when he say "every play want to be playing for us"coz most of world and top class player they dont want to play for this club and when our player become world class player always leave us. "
6th Aug 2014 16:57
"I don't get it. We are recruiting a youngster to give him experience so he can return to Atletico a better player. What about our academy and B team? Not good enough? "
6th Aug 2014 17:21
"Welcome to the family Javier."
6th Aug 2014 17:31
"We require marquee signings and not unproven players. We also need a couple of estblished strikers. We acquired a lot of players but none of themis Suarez quality."
6th Aug 2014 17:57
"Unfortunately, Suarez is Suarez, and you are wasting your time looking for a direct replacement. Absolutely no-one currently available can replace fully what Suarez brought to the team. Time to move on, find someone that can hit the back of the net, and stop harping on about buying players that dont fit BR's style of play."
6th Aug 2014 18:01
"Oh, and welcome Javier. Give GJ good competition for his place and we will write songs about you ! GJ has certainly lost his edge recently, but is still an LFC player, and as such deserves our support. You never know, having to fight for his place just might inspire him to work harder."
6th Aug 2014 18:10
6th Aug 2014 18:35
"Is it a 2 year loan deal? "
6th Aug 2014 18:42
"The best ever ManUnited legend and player has just retired. Howard Webb is calling it quits."
6th Aug 2014 18:46
"Hopefully spells the end for mr lazy defending Johnson. Now lets concentrate on bringing in a top quality striker this has to be done or we imo will struggle this season as we cant rely on DS being fit and to play every game. The money is there no excuses just go all out and get us a top drawer striker or pay the consequences. "
randfield rap88
6th Aug 2014 19:12
"Please just target buying a decent striker as priority even if we have to miss out on moreno. Good luck to this player anyway"
Red heat
6th Aug 2014 19:58
"Well Johnson is useless if this boy is any better than I guess we're lucky. Being bluntly honest here I havnt liked the decisions and comments Rodgers has been making lately. I just have a bad feeling about this season. Also wonder why Rodgers has to butt into the mancs affairs for example their new manager?"
6th Aug 2014 20:26
"Dont mind if Rodgers gets into Van Gall`s face, we are afraid of nobody, this guy is a really joke. Just wait and see once he looses a couple of games. And all you please remember the rant Benizez had with his "These are Facts" interview against Sir Fergie. If they keep on joking about our skipper, Brendan can say what he wants. "
6th Aug 2014 21:26
"I saw give BVB Johnson plus 20 million for Rues. Would get rid of a big wage for us and personally I think he is better than the RBs they currently have."
6th Aug 2014 21:39
"Gr8 now go and get a decent partner 4 Dan up top or we will struggle all season will b regretted big time if we don`t "
6th Aug 2014 21:42
"hope this lad turns out to be a real gem! but people on here saying "he's better than chambers" is exactly the problem with our fans, over hype people too much and I can guarantee half are just saying he's good cause we signed him and they checked a 2 minute clip on youtube"
Dede 7
6th Aug 2014 21:49
"Welcome YNWA"
6th Aug 2014 21:53
"Manquillo lovren sakho Moreno is a very good backline. If Gerrard or Lucas can drop back when the fullback push on then we hopefully won't concede as many goals"
6th Aug 2014 22:43
"Looks a bit boz eyed to me. Must be better than Johnson tho."
7th Aug 2014 4:40
"Best of luck! On a different note, webb,s retirement is like an extra 8 points a season for us plus and extra couple rounds of progress in the cups"
7th Aug 2014 8:04
"Hopefully useless Johnson never plays for us again. Jokeson should be send on gardening leave regardless of wages he can do less damage then. "
7th Aug 2014 8:10
"And Garuda (last seasons January singing) hasnt even debuted yet lol."
7th Aug 2014 9:14
"Dziga - Do BVB even want him in the first place . Duh.. "
7th Aug 2014 12:20
"Welcome kid."