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what a relief he isn't gonna sign Balotelli That guy walks everywhere I am not even sure he can run, if ever there would be a misfit in this team it would of been him, YNWA
3rd Aug 2014 22:08
3rd Aug 2014 22:19
"REUS :)"
3rd Aug 2014 22:28
"I've never been so relieved to hear of a non-signing in my life! I was beginning to think BR had lost it!"
3rd Aug 2014 22:32
"I will be very happy that MB won't be signed, he's a nuisance! Moreno will complete our defence. Personally I would offload Allen and Lucas and bring in another solid CDM. Offload Agger(injury prone) and Johnson and sign Yedlin. Then offload Assaidi and Borini and bring a good striker in! A.Hernandez?"
3rd Aug 2014 22:35
"TBH we wouldn't need another CM as I feel Lallana, Coutinho and Suso are fantastic playmakers with Gerrard, Can and Henderson as alternative options. That's 6 decent midfield players as it is. "
3rd Aug 2014 22:41
"What does it take to convince people that FSG are not, are not, are not interested in signing big name players, who have very greedy agents who insist on ridiculously high wages for their clients and naturally big tasty percentages for themselves. Big names are mercenaries who have no genuine love for the clubs they play. "
3rd Aug 2014 22:48
"Gutted. Was really hoping we would sign him and transform him like we did Suarez. No better striker available for the fee. Sadly we continue to buy nobody's for 20mln."
3rd Aug 2014 22:52
"To be honest at £14m I would've been ok with it. There's no other decent forward around at the moment for that fee. He has a good enough scoring record in England and what if BR helped reform him?... Worst case use him as a stop gap and we sell him for what we paid because he always seems to attract clubs who want him."
Natural Poolie
3rd Aug 2014 22:52
"Once the full backs are done we do need a quality striker though. Daniel can't do it on his own and last night proved if he's not there our forwards will struggle."
3rd Aug 2014 22:53
"lets hope we can add a quality striker! lambert is a plan b and only "good" cause he's a better option from the bench than aspas last season"
3rd Aug 2014 23:01
"That puts that to bed lol. "
3rd Aug 2014 23:02
"Latest news is that the agent of Mario is in talks with Liverpool over a 14M deal..."
3rd Aug 2014 23:05
"Wow so many critical comments. . One minute emre cam us called one forty he future. A bayern reject... and now some saying he is good enough and we can now sell Allen and Lucas. . People's opinions change by the day on here. ..if not the hour. Can was always a good player. It would be nice for people to support instead of doubting...."
3rd Aug 2014 23:09
"Lonewars - You have a lot of haters on this forum so I don't think many care about your opinions. I'm sure many fans would agree that Lucas is no longer the player he used to be and has lost form. Allen has always been imo an average signing and I will stick by my comment. He only makes up the numbers but never a starter for me. "
3rd Aug 2014 23:13
"Lonewars 3rd Aug 2014 23:05 - "One minute emre cam us called one forty he future". Seriously what? "Can was always a good player". Again have you been following his progress since he was a child or something. Most of us have not even heard of him until he was signed! "
3rd Aug 2014 23:13
"Coutinho... why are you even writing that just to be proved wrong again.... Emre can has already proved you wrong. You said he was not good enough.... why so negative. ... why don't people support lfc and what we are trying to do?"
3rd Aug 2014 23:15
"We need more firepower with such a long season coming. But being realistic, we should go on players like Lacazette, Muriel. If we paid so much for Lallana or Markovic we could buy each of them for £15M."
3rd Aug 2014 23:15
"Phew no mario ."
3rd Aug 2014 23:16
"Coutinho. . People are welcome to dislike me. Look at my name. I am here supporting lfc. A football fan would have heard of can... and markovic. .. so I laugh at the silly comments doubting them... then I get proved right... but at least I will put my opinion forward and not change it as the wind blows... which happens here all the time. "
3rd Aug 2014 23:20
"People keep doubting... and living in hindsight...where I keep believing, supporting. ..and predicting what will come to pass. ..I know which one I prefer. ..doubters only feel fear and DOUBT..supporters feel a positive passion...but have more of an open mind. Fear cripples the thought process."
3rd Aug 2014 23:24
"So coutinho... if allen has an outstanding season will you then support him. So you give us all the realistic measurable parameters of what his progress should be and we can all assess how he gets on at the end of the season... sound fair..."
3rd Aug 2014 23:36
"Lonewars - Allen has so far not had an outstanding season with us, in fact his first season he was pretty much a starter and did nothing in the 27 appearances he had in the league. Last season 1 goal and 1 assist in 24 league games. Nothing special. Gerrard, Hendo and Lallana will be our starters this season thank God! "
3rd Aug 2014 23:38
"Hopefully Suso and Coutinho are used as CMs so Allen hardly plays. We play much better without average Joe. "
3rd Aug 2014 23:40
"So coutinho. He was played as a cdm. Then played injured. And yes had not sparkled. But I have seen enough to know he has quality. So tell me... give me a realistic measure of progress for him to achieve this season. "
3rd Aug 2014 23:51
"All i can say is Jordan Ibe..............."
3rd Aug 2014 23:54
"Ditto. Phew, the great escape. Well done BR. Suggestion to JWH, buy another 4 clubs around the world and loan them to LFC. Oh...City is already doing that !!lol tut tut"
4th Aug 2014 0:01
"To spy leader. . How good is Jordan Ibe. ... even if Studge was not fit. Play markovic. Sterling. Ibe up there... that would terrify and pull apart any defence in the world. "
4th Aug 2014 0:04
"I for one am very very happy with Mr Brendon Rogers. When he inherited this team we were a squad of decent players with a very major weakness...we werent comftorble on the ball esp in tight situations (a major part of his philosophy). His first season was spent trying to instill this and it took time but last season we all saw the benefits. cont "
4th Aug 2014 0:09
"Lonewars - I predict that Allen will get under 3 goals/assists this season. I don't think he will feature in more than 25 league games either. "
4th Aug 2014 0:13
"So coutinho. If he scores more than 3 *and he will be used for Europe more often than not* I predict 8 goals this season and the same assists. .. so if he hits my targets will you consider him a goid squad player..?"
4th Aug 2014 0:17
"Suarez looked so good last season because of the improvements others had made at being comftorble on the ball. They still werent perfect (if they had been we woulda won the league).benefits came from this improvement 1)Our movement,people werent scared to move for a pass as they had more confidence that the ball wouldnt be lost. 2)The speed of our play,teams couldnt keep up with our speed cont"
4th Aug 2014 0:19
"BR should enquire Aubameyang, it would be a long shot but I doubt Dortmand will sell, if they want Ilori, could do a player + cash?"
4th Aug 2014 0:22
"To kiwi kop. Great analysis. People on thus forum miss so many points you raise. They don't see how are play made saurez as lethal as he was. Rodgers built the team to support him. He was also brilliant on top of that. The pace and speed of our play is the best I have witnessed at lfc. "
4th Aug 2014 0:23
"Only maureen combated this lol parking two buses and this year we will be better at beating this. Mr rodgers also believes in a TEAM. The only two "marquee" players i believe he would think of signing are messi and lol suarez cont"
4th Aug 2014 0:24
"Lonewars your welcome to your opinion but asking as you appreciate others opinions are equally valuable it's a about opinions, mine is as we stand we need 2 strikers to get us yo where we need to be n a quality cm, as Gerry cannot dictate anymore and gets overun and we cannot rely on sturridge on His own as lambert is a squad player but we need a proven finisher or we will struggle offensively "
4th Aug 2014 0:29
"5 star kop. I actually completely agree. We need a very good finisher. We have a great variety of attacking options. We have for me a complete midfield. IMO. But yep we need to find that striker for sure. Any realistic Suggestions.."
4th Aug 2014 0:29
"why these two...cause they are the two unselfish stars. they will make a play for the good of the team not for personal glory...bale might fit into this category too but def not ronaldo and balotelli. When rodgers signs someone for 20 mill the money doesnt represent the players value...cont"
4th Aug 2014 0:33
"To 5 star. I also agree about gerrard. It sad to admit it but it cannot be denied. Lucas is looking exceptionally sharp in stevies position and I get it is pre season. But the best midfield performances last season didn't involve gerrard.. ie the spurs game. "
Ammar dent
4th Aug 2014 0:33
"I think our priority is moreno and right back as Johnson and Kelly r not up to a tough season ahead and finally a good striker who has a talent to beat defenders and created space to our striker,tbh I don't know who would fit this position but def not mb"
4th Aug 2014 0:39
"but he value of the player to the SQUAD!!! I am excited by his signings this year and the it feels like our squad runs three tiers deeper already. We do need a striker but not a marquee just another young piece of the jigsaw because one thing old whiskey nose taught us...U can win trophys with kids and build empires.JFT96"
4th Aug 2014 0:45
"Guys I think he might use Raheem in the Suarez role for more goals cause i think the striker we are looking for might be "ON LOAN " AT LILLE "
4th Aug 2014 0:49
"Kiwi.. I think our forward line will be.. marko. Sterling. And Studge. Which I am personally very happy with and with you origi waiting in the wings for next season the future is looking bright.. very bright..."
4th Aug 2014 0:58
"LOL well i wouldnt want to be an opposing center half...lambert is something diff for teams with buses...but suso may be key to these games...he isnt quick but neither are buses he just needs to show br that he can be strong like coutinho"
4th Aug 2014 1:03
"Kiwi. Spot on. Suso needs to watch and learn from pc. Similar players and this needs to be a break through season for him. As it will only be getting tougher to get into this team from now. A great composed finish the other night.night all "
4th Aug 2014 1:06
"What we need in a striker is a mueller type player...nothing flashy just always and i mean always in the right place at the right time...would love suarez to do a rushie and come back one season later(and cheaper)lol"
4th Aug 2014 2:25
"Off topic, why did we not sign Remy? His heart thingy has been known since 2010 so that was not a real discovery. How outrageous could his personal wages have been, surely we must have had am idea if we were flying him to US for medical. Still puzzled on this one. Anyone have accurate info? Please share."
4th Aug 2014 2:28
"Anyone who heard the full press conference, would have laughed at the link. BR was asked what do u think of Balotelli? 'Good player'.. but crucially gave the caveat at the end, if he focused & wud concentrate on being a pro he'd succeed. Rags report we're mad after Balo. Moral? Don't believe everything u read."
4th Aug 2014 2:43
"I think reus is the best replacement for suarez, the style of playing, seem like same, plz bring him here although he is a winger, same like suarez before"
4th Aug 2014 3:04
"Ppl need to forget about Reus. he isnt coming. and just recovered from a ligament injury, which is a really bad injury and might not be the same. so we would waste alot of money on a player that has just recovered from a bad injury. no thanks. "
4th Aug 2014 3:06
"we also need another striker that scores plenty, to add to just sturridge and lambert. not another midfielder. our midfield is packed with talent now."
4th Aug 2014 3:38
4th Aug 2014 3:44
"I prefer we get a top striker like Rues ASAP. "
4th Aug 2014 4:02
"I have complete faith that Rodgers will do whatever it takes to build a championship team. I am a new member of the Liverpool FC family and am excited about the upcoming season. My Gerrard jersey is on its way. Lets go lads in Miami. "
Norfolk in Chance
4th Aug 2014 6:11
"Nice to see the Superfan who knows it all and predicts everything is telling them what to think again! Wow, the delusional arrogance of some people. Get help. "
4th Aug 2014 6:16
"add further ..yes..but we gotta let some players go 1st..lot of central defenders and right backs.. agger-seems br doesnt fancy him,johnson-looks disinterested and huge wage reina-huge wage for back up keeper,coates-confused whether hes in br's plans,toure-prone to mistakes ,illori-6m for him and havent seen him kick a ball. skrtel,lovren,sakho and 1 more from cb from above is more than enough"
4th Aug 2014 6:17
"Yes with all due respect to both daniel and mario both are equally selfish players..yes they both are immense talent infront of goal but rarely would you see them passing to a better positioned teammate..especially mario ballotelli! We need a team player like luis to drag our forward line!"
4th Aug 2014 6:21
"14m for borini -sell. assaidi bought for 3.5m -will be happy wid 7m frm stoke even though he didnt get his chances,aspas- not a premier league forward,hope we get atleast half of the 9m we spent on him frm sevilla.alberto -hope he gets better returning frm malaga ..seems unlikely.."
4th Aug 2014 6:27
"gerrard has atleast two more years at top level..but we need someone with his passing range to compete and replace him if he gets injured..with all due respect lucas doesnt fit with system or philosophy br works wid..need someone more agile and good on the ball to fill in that deep lying playmaker role tailormade for stevie "
4th Aug 2014 6:32
"ibe,sterling,suso,coutinho, lallana and markovic - more than happy wid our attacking midfilder - all can play wide or through the middle..In midfield very much happy wid emre can,allen and henderson-lot of energy and work rate .wish we get atleast 20 goals btw them "
4th Aug 2014 6:48
"we should buy a top striker,not a backup striker but a a striker who can play on his own or wid sturidge or lambert if br decides to play with 2 strikers.said all that..not sure who br has got in his mind.remy deal is gone,big no for balotelli,bony? may be but only if hes coming within 20m.."
4th Aug 2014 6:51
"reus -returning frm injury n hes not a striker more of a 2nd striker.will cost atleast 30 m.paying lotta money for player coming back from major injury might endup either way.but wish we sign him or seriously wish sterling to fill the void suarez left.."
4th Aug 2014 7:28
"Go for El sharawy, giovani dos santos these guys are dangerous going upfront don't need a striker with these we can do without one"
4th Aug 2014 7:43
"Sell Borini & Aspas, but not loan, are the most priority to improve the attack mode."
4th Aug 2014 7:46
"I am with you BR. Many criticing signings already made but I think they are all perfect for what we needed. BR knows we need a LB and another "marquee" versatile forward player. I would be very surprised if two more players in these postions came in behind MArquillo (who himself is shrewd business). BR ticking all the boxes for me, compared to what KD/Camoli done with over £100m. IBWT "
4th Aug 2014 7:50
"mushroomscouser599GTO - Putting rebuilding in inverted commas suggests that you think this wasn't the entire truth of the situation? That maybe he should have achieved more? Also, he has only had 2 seasons of rebuilding. I wouldn't even count his first transfer window because that was the biggest shambles of LFC's history. BR has done magnificently. The "re"building is finished, now were building."
4th Aug 2014 7:51
"Great to see people say it's all about results. .. 2nd in the prem.. last season. Fans must be so happy with everything the club has done to achieve this. Wonderful. But I get a feeling when some people say that it is all about results that it is not a positive statement... but a hope for something else. ..."
4th Aug 2014 7:52
"Lonewars - If Allen can achieve 8 goals and 8 assists in all competitions, then yes I would say he has improved and would say he is a good squad player. Still never a starter for me but the contribution counts. "
4th Aug 2014 7:53
"LOL Reus? Think: ligament injury. Think: Bayern "waiting" a season. Just THINK. This isn't FIFA, it's not Football Manager. It's REAL LIFE. I would rather put our arm around Sterling, MArkovic, Coutniho and Ibe - than waste over £30m on a player who could have lost a yard of pace. Ligament injury stays for life, never the same after those."
4th Aug 2014 7:59
"Coutinho10?11 - I watch games and survey the entire situation. Guys like you get the stats up and pretend this actually means something. YES, he needs to improve but I argue the timing of some of his injuries, like getting a niggling injury just when you come back from a long term injury and the rise of Hendo, has really hampered his overall progress. This cannot go unnoticed."
4th Aug 2014 8:03
"It so nice to see a professional manager like Rodgers lifting the club to where we are in two seasons. Amazing. The club was in free fall before he arrived. He has balanced the disgrace of a wage bill. Move on the right players and has brought some class to the club and pride. And most of all we are now feared again and have hope years ahead of schedule. "
4th Aug 2014 8:05
"Thank goodness , he would have been a disaster , we still need a top striker."
4th Aug 2014 8:07
"Coutinho. Cool. D I agree at the moment he is not a first teamer. Players are ahead of him. But he has talent that he needs to realise. But let's see how he gets on. Every player deserves our support and a chance to prove us wrong/right. Wow if fsg negotiate the way some say. I am so glad they are on our side. Brilliant. "
4th Aug 2014 8:11
"King will is. I asked coutinho10? 11 for a tangible realistic marker to measure a successful season by allen, fans strictly look at stats so that is what I have used. But as you point out players are much more that that. ..was carra a bad defender because he scored more own goals than for us. .. of course not. ."
4th Aug 2014 8:23
"Great additions to the squad, let's hope they gel quickly into the philosophy of the team and manager. WNWA."
4th Aug 2014 8:40
"If Allen played 90mins, I wouldn't be watching him only for the whole game. I would be watching the match itself. If Liverpool score a goal, I don't just check who scored or assisted, I watch the build up to that goal, player movements, key passes etc... "
4th Aug 2014 9:12
"Coutinho10?11 - Then you should look further and watch Allen when he's without the ball.Good at pressing and closing down opponents.Works well with Hendo and Sterling as a unit to apply pressure up front.Allen's got the necessary technical ability and he reads the game well. "
4th Aug 2014 9:28
"A few differing opinoins on here again all valid....the truth be told is we NEED LB RB and a PROVEN STRIKER.not a striker with potential,we have one at Lille (on loan) but my opinion is all the proven strikers are settled at other clubs......."
4th Aug 2014 9:43
4th Aug 2014 9:55
"right BR i trust you for that you not change youre mind with that balotelli he is only evil....."
4th Aug 2014 10:19
"If Allen is as good as some of you mention, then why isn't he a starter? "
4th Aug 2014 10:29
"has not the phylosophi of the club Would rather add firmino from hoffeineim. firminofirminofirminofirminofirminofirminofirminofirminofirminofirminofirminofirminofirminofirmino "
4th Aug 2014 10:47
"Lonewars. That 'reject' - an international at all levels to 21, for Germany, who seem to have a better eye for a player than we do, was sent on loan with option to buy back with a view to replacing Schweinsteiger. I feel time may prove Rodgers right."
4th Aug 2014 10:56
"With Moreno coming in according to gossip all we really need in order to be secure is a striker with finishing, we have enough in midfield with the likes of Suso, Ibe and all the others coming in. Most of these lads are rather light and short. If we were to add a player that would add width I think Hulk should be looked at. "
4th Aug 2014 10:56
"Reus and Benzema please :)) and Hummel also :)))"
4th Aug 2014 10:59
"I know Hulk didnt really light up the world cup but he has been playing in Russia so you should not really expect to much. But he could be looked at and assessed. There might be a way to get him in form and if so then he would have something none of our other players have. "
4th Aug 2014 11:09
"hi BR, with utmost respect Sir, I hope you remember that Pepe Reina is a world-class goalkeeper and he IS available. He is also quite a leader at the back. Since Carra left, we've not had clear leadership at the back. Reina may well help the younger and newer lads. Don't forget he IS proven. YNWA"
4th Aug 2014 11:28
"Forget about Reus, he's not going anywhere! "
4th Aug 2014 11:42
"Pls lads stop asking for Marco Reus. He won't come! Take a step back and you can see it wouldn't be an upgrade for him leaving Dortmund and joining us. He might get a bigger paycheck but thats all!"
4th Aug 2014 11:45
"To shanklyghost. . This is why I am surprised by so many fans saying they had never heard of emre can and he is not good enough..I was chuffed when I heard we were linked to him and even more so when we activated his release clause. Bayern must have been fuming. A great deal."
4th Aug 2014 12:09
"I think this transfer window has added an amazing amount of depth to the squad.. for 100 mil. We have added.. Two young stars of European football, ready for the first team. One young world cup starlet for the future. One top international defender.and one top clever England midfielder... great work by Rodgers and ayre."
4th Aug 2014 12:28
"A very definite need for a top goal scorer"
4th Aug 2014 13:19
"Let's hope Suarez doesn't settle in at the Nou Camp, we could re sign him next season, just like we did Ian Rush :-D .... Make us dream YNWA"
4th Aug 2014 13:22
"lets not waste a load of money i.e. andy carroll to prove a point we have money to burn. we could do with someone like a suarez type player who can play in midfield or up front. "
4th Aug 2014 13:40
"I thought Mr Ayres had gone to Spain to tie up the two full backs. Has he or hasn't he? Could someone please let us know what is happening or what is not happening. This is some SAGA."
4th Aug 2014 13:40
"To say lfc were on the slide before BR is a total exaggeration and when KK was appointed, it was really as an interim position to steady the rocking boat and he performed his role admirably. cont..."
4th Aug 2014 13:41
"cont.. He took one for the team when the mutual consent decision was made so that we could hold on to saurez and and move on so to belittle him is total respect - BR has done admirably since then which KK mentions without fail because class recognises class...."
4th Aug 2014 14:53
"I'd like to see the Moreno deal finished and then buy Hernandez! He's always a problem for opposition, finds himself in great spaces and can finish. This seems the best option and he's already played under big club name pressure so should be good to go. Great to see everyone else trying to score,suso, Hendo, sterling, and hopefully lallana will contribute.."
4th Aug 2014 15:02
"Coutinho10?11 - Coz there's only 2 available spots in mid with Hendo a guaranteed starter for his unlimited stamina and Gerrard in the quarterback role.That would most likely be filled by offensive players such as Sterling and Coutinho.Allen is a great squad player and an asset.With Emre Can, Lallana and Suso,we have plenty of options in mid and BR can play according to their strengths. "
4th Aug 2014 15:26
"To be honest if Brendan had any aspirations to sign Balotelli before the Milan game, they were certainly quoshed when Emre Can shrugged him off the ball with ease and left him lagging on the floor, to then play a lovely slide rule pass to the 18yd any case he's lazy and for 14mil I'd expect someone for that kind of money to be able to run around the pitch not just walk."
4th Aug 2014 15:34
"Mushroom. You swore blind Rodgers would get us relegated and be fired in his first season.a mid table manager you called him. You said selling carrol is a huge mistake... you said said a player from a midtable club is not good enough.... hmmm great predictions pal"
4th Aug 2014 15:37
"Your anti rodgers/lfc views are becoming dull...but you are consistent... consistently wrong and dull... just get behind the club and support it.. and stop wishing we lose the match on here before every game and then throwing a tantrum when we don't trying to ruin the forum for real supporters."
4th Aug 2014 15:38
"To captain rational. I saw that as well. Complete class by can. ... who by the way mushroom declared will flop in the premier league and is a bayern reject... It is so laughable..."
4th Aug 2014 16:04
"fsg are doing there best to put liverpool back where we belong br is doing his best to put us back where we belong and to be truthful the club over all is great shape only people who seem at odds is the fans after reading all the posts on here..cheer up true reds it show time soon....Y.N.W.A..JFT96"
4th Aug 2014 16:23
"Hyppia apparently highly recommended Can to BR . It was Hyppia who gave the lad his breakthrough at Leverkusen. Can we have Son Heung Min next ?. BR take note !!. "
4th Aug 2014 17:18
"Mushroom. Only the lies you consistently tell made people think I disliked the king. Which is fine. As all you can do is attempt to smear me. Rodgers. His players and fsg... so I know who is telling the truth.. and that is me. You maybe be a scouser born and bred like myself.. but you seem very bitter... and probably blue with bitterness... "
4th Aug 2014 17:21
"So if rodgers finishes top 8, wins any trophy and we get played off the park week in week out. we can consider Rodgers season a raging success. Wonderful. Thanks for the benchmark mushroom."
4th Aug 2014 17:27
"Jmf83. As you say hyppia did our scouting for us. When I declared how good can was and that he was emre can was and that he was shoulders above Barkley I actually received abuse declaring I was mad from the usual suspects. .. who never have anything nice to say .."
4th Aug 2014 18:19
"Mushroom.. people see you lie everyday on here. With your anti fsg/Rodgers propaganda. And fsg have promised Rodgers the complete use of funds raised by the sale of players, I have proven I am from the city as people have added me on Twitter, and I have equally proved I am a elite performance coach, you have proved to be just a little .."
4th Aug 2014 18:22
"That is where we are different... I am willing to predict how the new signings will do using my knowledge... where you use hindsight to say what should have been done. A cowards route... Can will be a hit. Markovic will be in the prem team of the season. You predict doom. I predict a bright new dawn. "
4th Aug 2014 18:28
"Before we bought carrol I predicted he would be injured more than he would play based on his character and lack off dedication... a waste of 35 mil. Now the west ham owners are actually saying he was a failed gamble at 15 mil and they should not have spent that much on one player. Only if they had listened... It is what I do for a living... what do you do. .."
Norfolk in Chance
4th Aug 2014 18:37
"usual pompous nonsense from Lonewars. Who claims he alone wanted & predicted BR. Yet he posted this: Lonewar 26th Mar 2012 14:30 ""I say break the bank to get Jose M or Rijcard!!!!!!!!!! give them 100 million and what a season we will have next year...."
Norfolk in Chance
4th Aug 2014 18:37
"And he posted this: Lonewar 31st Mar 2012 23:32 "I would love Frank Rijcard though" "
4th Aug 2014 18:38
"So much unnecessary posturing on here that makes it more like a soap opera than a debate forum! Some people will never agree in a debate, & there's nothing wrong with that, but the childish sniping & bullying is an embarrassment to the fans. Put your past indifferences to bed & enjoy a grown up debate. As for multiple user names, there's more than one poster who does that (pot-kettle-black)."
Norfolk in Chance
4th Aug 2014 18:39
"Another from the 'expert'. Lonewar2012 27th Sep 2012 15:08 "also, People who think hendo is the bees knees for running around alot... THEN Lets by Mo Farah, if hendo is worth Ã"
Norfolk in Chance
4th Aug 2014 18:40
"More arrogant nonsense: Lonewar2012 27th Sep 2012 15:28 "I could clearly see Lucas was going to be a very good player. I just cant see it with Hendo... He is a work horse, not a technician! A good championship player! but not for LFC. I welcome him to prove his doubters wrong though! I hardly get it wrong when it comes to recognising talent!" Wow! The arrogance... He's obviously not a well man."
4th Aug 2014 18:47
"Why the hell is everyone arguing. We were the best footballing side last season. We have a much healthier squad now. A manager who wants not only team to improve but himself. If we all support this one beautiful club then why are we ridiculing each other instead of joining together to watch our rise to greatness again"
4th Aug 2014 18:57
"So Norfolk. .. you are also the mushroom... wonderful news... Thank you x"
4th Aug 2014 18:58
"mushroomscouser599GTO - Your comment about FSG trying to get a lower fee for Remy due to the medical report doesn't make sense, after BR has spent 20mil on Lovren, 25mil on Lallana etc, why didn't the medical team or FSG just say there was something wrong with their medicals in order to drive the price down for them too?"
4th Aug 2014 18:59
"Mushroom/Norfolk... if any cares to notice they are not my posts.... but yours... The name is wrong.... part if your smear campaign. ..keep it up the good work x"
4th Aug 2014 19:04
"What is actually sad. Is mushroom has kept all the fake posts he wrote in a name similar to mine.... how sad is that. .. very sad..."
4th Aug 2014 19:12
"Mushroom has stated and put his terrible name on the line saying he is 100 percent sure remy is a done deal. let's watch this space. ..."
4th Aug 2014 19:34
"Mushroom if you are having a go a me at least you are leaving Rodgers and fsg alone. So I welcome it and please please keep smearing my name and so on. I get paid very well to give top sportsmen advice and guide them... like it or not. I am very very good at what I do. "
4th Aug 2014 19:37
"Good to hear br say he wants more additions and great that we are looking to add a striker. Last season we exceeded all expectations, even br's. Br has done a great job so far and if he can push on now we can achieve great things. If we pin our hopes on borini or lambert we will be in trouble."
4th Aug 2014 19:47
"Aww thanks that is the first nice thing you have said. A positive from you. Since Rodgers has been manager not once have you come on here congratulating the team. After we destroyed spurs. After we destroyed the gunners. You just came on here and abused fsg... and you call yourself a fan..."
4th Aug 2014 20:01
"Our back line was our main weakness last season and the addition of lovern and moreno should give us more strength there. I could see lovern starting the season at right back and flanno at left back. In other games moreno and johnson would make us more attacking."
4th Aug 2014 20:08
"Lonewars 19:34 I'm not quite sure of the advice you gave me for this years tiddlywinks champions cup in st George's church newcastle-under-lyme.u told me something along the lines of placing the squidger on my winky. I could have heard u wrong though u may have meant 'wink' it was quite embarrassing. "
4th Aug 2014 20:14
"Pacemaker 22:08 'that guy walks everywhere' I thought he's got a lambo?"
4th Aug 2014 20:16
"Mushy 19:39 you have to unzip the flies to get to the b0110x. BOOM BOOM:)"
4th Aug 2014 20:24
"Current signings: Rickie Lambert (squad), Emre Can (squad), Adam Lallana (first team injured), Lazar Markovic (squad/first team injured), Divock Origi (on loan) and Dejan Lovren (has had 5 mins of pre-season). Doesn't look so great does it? Still no marquee signings. Bet Brendan wishes he never used that word."
4th Aug 2014 20:25
"Redahendo. .. ahhhh dude.. I hope you do better in next year's tourney. .. my apologies for not being clear and I hope your winky recovers soon."
4th Aug 2014 20:31
"Jdmayn. I've heard we're close to signing Mark Key from Dynamo Shorpe...."
4th Aug 2014 20:34
"S-c-u-n-t-h-o-r-p-e lol, only just realised there's a c u next Tuesday hidden there."
4th Aug 2014 20:54
"Man so much arguing and negativity. Does anyone think Hernandez would be a good striker that is for sale right now..and not 40 mil?! He would work hard and is a different type than lambert. Seems a no brainier to me."
4th Aug 2014 21:02
"Please buy Moreno, please, with him we will be the best team in the world, no more players are needed, but he should come"
4th Aug 2014 21:32
"It is clear to all who read these posts that mushy and lonewars dont agree on a number of issues..... It sometimes gets personal ect ect but one things certain their both care abt lfc (in different ways !!) Im not getting involved this season as im resigned to behaving myself.....but one things for sure,round three will start soon .....!!!! LOL"
4th Aug 2014 21:46
"I hope most of u have got your candles ready for 10pm tonight."
4th Aug 2014 21:51
"Mushy-it is true BR has never WON a thing but its obvious hes' done a good job in his time at our club.the style of play,ect ect but their will come a time when he will have to deliver trophys,unless he becomes wenger and just keeps getting CL to keep the owners happy....but we are lfc and we need trophys and in time we will all see the if BR for fsg im still narked !!!!"
4th Aug 2014 22:11
"Mushy-lonewars said this cos'he BELIEVED it just like you BELIEVE things about fsg.We all have gifferent views,at certain times but maybe some views can never be forgotten but we are all entitlec to them "
4th Aug 2014 22:17
"Mushroom only when you were pretending to be me slurred the king. I loved Dalglish as manager. He did what was required. Brought unity. I was not happy with his signings but completely supported him and hoped the penny would drop with him. Why do you post under so many names mushroom.... why do you post pretending to be other people on the forum. .why?"
4th Aug 2014 22:20
"Redahendo-i told my lad all lights out and elecky off soon,so no fifa 14....he collapsed !!!!"
4th Aug 2014 22:22
"I will tell you why. .. your a man of zero character. .no matter how many lies you say about me will never make them true...The same goes what you say about fsg and Rodgers... you are everything that is wrong with the word fanatic.. and obsessed with the past"
4th Aug 2014 22:23
"and mushy I am not giving you my business twitter account for you to troll me there a well.. that is my business.. what provides for my family. You do that and I WILL take you down. .that is a line you never cross... "
4th Aug 2014 22:28
"I use an acute pattern of success to influences certain process... welcoming fear and directing ambition and talent appropriately. And yes my clients know the passion I have for my club... they are sports people... and my alternate line of thinking inspired by learning to walk again is specifically why my clients request for my assistance. "
4th Aug 2014 22:29
"Black night-first bus? Do you live in liverpool? Its arriva and mersey travel-muppet"
4th Aug 2014 22:30
"Mushroom.. you right. We agree it is pathetic. So why do it... and post under so many different names. I dislike what you do on here. But equally don't know you.. by I know how act on here. I hope in your personal life your a much better man..."
4th Aug 2014 22:34
"Mushroom aka black night.. first bus is bristol area... hmmm... Mushroom I will never tell you my twitter... on the lfc tour forum.. you can use Facebook to chat... just look for a muscular good looking guy with a hot girlfriend... I am the bigger guy stood next to"
4th Aug 2014 22:37
"Black knight-you on drugs? Your a foul mouth muppet lad,who comes on to wind fans up-do one you idiot "
4th Aug 2014 22:38
"Mushroom I am more than happy to let everything you have slandered me for pass.. forget everything. Forgive. All I want on this forum is a supportive discussion.. I have met many from the forum also.. I am just not a fan of wild unsupported comments. And think they harm the forum. I have never said any if the things you gave accused me of..but I can be belligerent no doubt."
4th Aug 2014 22:39
"Theblacknight - it's 'Pro Tiddlywinks Winkers Assistance ltd' the twitter address is piersmorgan."
4th Aug 2014 22:42
"Night all"
4th Aug 2014 22:47
"The reason I could not walk for a few years was due to being injured in the military. . But you know that mushroom.. you used to private message my profile with filth. (When you could do that).. remember that... proud of yourself.... but I let that pass... why don't we both curb our posts and just support the teams progress..."
4th Aug 2014 22:49
"My lady is from near Bristol.. I remember them... you seem to know an awful lot about busses....hobby... bus spotting..."
4th Aug 2014 22:58
"Lonewar. I like your positivity towards Rodgers and the fact you acknowledge what a great job he is doing. But I still think you have an agenda. You mention the mess BR inherited and refuse to acknowledge how Kenny was the one who sorted the mess following Woys and Hickes and Gillets legacy. "
4th Aug 2014 22:58
"Mushy-First Bus route 1 Liverpool (Sir Thomas Street, stop EC) to Chester, runs about every 15 minutes, Thats about it as far as first bus run.....stop been mischievours,lad "
4th Aug 2014 22:59
"BR has come in and took the club further. Then you call out negative fans. Mate that is how you become renowned on this forum for your daily hate campaign against Kenny, even wanting the team to lose an FA Cup semi with Everton so it could push Kenny through the door. Mate it just stinks of double standards. "
4th Aug 2014 22:59
"Air then land. Is this going to be a normal discussion or are slurs going to follow.."
4th Aug 2014 22:59
"I agree, people should be more positive but your smear campaign against one of the most succesful managers in English football hisory and Liverpool icon does leave a sour taste at many..."
4th Aug 2014 23:02
"Ani -hi,hope your well,lad"
4th Aug 2014 23:03
"Ani... wow you have fallen for it too. But your wekcome too. I guess my accurate and honest assessment would upset fans.. the truth upsey me too. I would never wish that of Kenny. . I just will not wear rose tinted glasses when discussing the past... and that goes for my personal life as well..."
4th Aug 2014 23:04
"Ha ha so I did black night. . Lol. I could have written that a bit better and more accurately. "
4th Aug 2014 23:05
"Ani. It is nice to see you on the forum again. I know you don't like me and that us fine. But I really like reading your passionate posts. I may have disagreed but always respected what you said. Hope you post more."
4th Aug 2014 23:09
"Black night-dont forget to log in/out with the correct username........."
4th Aug 2014 23:09
"remember as much as some of us don't get on, were all on this site for one reason and that's cause we all support Liverpool. so its best to drop personal battles rather than carry it on forever"
4th Aug 2014 23:09
"It was attached to the army for the last 3 years of my career bit still RAF. I applied for it then med discharged. Yourself.. you have obviously been around it?"
4th Aug 2014 23:12
"Hester it's ok. I just don't get how we all support the same team but equally be so diverse in opinion.. This forum should be a shared common ground format. But no lol."
4th Aug 2014 23:14
"Centrecircle. .. lol.. It must get confusing. ."
4th Aug 2014 23:15
"I am guessing anonymity makes some people feel powerful. Everyone staying up for the match."
4th Aug 2014 23:16
"Lonewar. I hate your guts.. Only kidding mate. I don't use the forum often, kind of moved away from using the net so much. Considering staying up for the game tonight so thought I'd have a look on site and gather some opinions. I have never hated you, yes been frustrated. But you are a good man, entertaining and like me, wears heart on sleeve-Passion. No hard feelings from me old pal"
4th Aug 2014 23:20
"Ani. No hard feelings either. I really used to like our chats. And I know my views upset you.. but the extreme stuff was never me. My girly is up at but I am staying up for the match. Will be a little tired tomorrow. But I have a week until my next tournament so all is good."
4th Aug 2014 23:22
"Watching LFCTV yesterday. Re-run of LFC v MUFC. I found myself hating and getting angry at Mancs. Shouting obsenites at Manc players etc, even though I knew the eventual score obviously... I cannot help it. Maybe a friendly tonight but we gotta win. Ram it down the Mancs throats."
4th Aug 2014 23:24
"Black night. Now that is interesting. It was all desert and chemical training for me... sweated like I don't know what... many long sweaty months. ..until the injury. I would have officially retired last year if I had stayed in. But it all worked out well."
4th Aug 2014 23:25
"Lonewar... I am going into work half day tomorrow. In at 12pm. So may pour a glass of vino and stay up for match too. "
4th Aug 2014 23:26
"We should be channeling this banter at those horrible mancs. I reckon we'd be champions league taking cup holders for the next ten years."
4th Aug 2014 23:27
"Ani I feel exactly the same. I want Rodgers to put out a strong team and treat it like a derby... a good crushing victory. Won't be happy at all if we lose. But should be good. "
4th Aug 2014 23:29
"'p-i-s-s taking'. Yes staying up, at least we agree on something:)"
4th Aug 2014 23:32
"Perfect ani. Shall We stay on this article to chat then and maybe we forget the rubbish of the past chats and just stick together and chat about the game. ."
4th Aug 2014 23:42
"Whats happened in the past remains in the past... Yeah a truce is called. I am tered now to be fair but not long now to Kick off, LFC playing in yellow"
4th Aug 2014 23:43
"Mushy - I've got a 20 something mrs- just checking she's not your 20 something mistress? mind u the way she keeps shovelling these biscuits in she may be 20 something stone..."
4th Aug 2014 23:45
"Don't you hate it when you see advertised an event/match to start at a certain time and then realise it's the time the programme starts. Thinking game starts at 12am, just realised that is when most broadcasters start broadcasting from and KO is at 1am. Knew I should of had a power nap now"
4th Aug 2014 23:47
"People make money from war.. It is the second oldest profession in history... and it will always happen.. war is calculated and manipulated and rarely happens by chance or misunderstanding. I loved my job in the forces though..and would do if again even knowing the bigger picture."
4th Aug 2014 23:49
"Ani lol. I worked that out yesterday lol. I was going by the game time of the other matches and set sky to record it... then realised not much sleep is on the way. ..."
4th Aug 2014 23:50
"Blacknight - oh I'm confused, I may even drive to Dundee in my slippers just to get a Toblerone .Didn't realise u were the anti-banker.Uve got more sides than a Tetrahedron:)"
4th Aug 2014 23:54
"not sure I can stay up until 1am. 3pm finish. In work for 12pm tomorrow but gotta be up 10am. Suppose it's 7 hours kip. Tell I am tired as I am just waffling s-h-i-t-e now "
4th Aug 2014 23:56
"Ani I feel the same lol.but determined to see it live "
5th Aug 2014 0:03
"Strong team good to see, hope lambert bags his first goal tonight against these muppets"
5th Aug 2014 0:24
"Everyone still here lol..."
5th Aug 2014 0:41
"My God, its only a friendly & I so pumped for us to stuff the Manc trash! C'mon lads!"
5th Aug 2014 1:56
"Good game so far. "
5th Aug 2014 2:36
"Disappointing double-whammy there; we had so many chances before those goals to put this game beyond ManU. Hope we can get back in this game..."
5th Aug 2014 2:48
"that's what happens when you have lambert as your ST! who everyone raved about! every game so far he looks lost"
5th Aug 2014 2:51
"We dominated that game so much & have ended up losing. Granted we were far wide of our starting 11, but we should have put a few goals away there. Pleased Lambert is with us, but we were impotent up front again. RS & JI were great again, & Sakho was immense in defence. A striker needed please..."
5th Aug 2014 2:57
"The lads need to taste how bitter that lose is against the auld enemy & use that bitterness in the EPL & CL. A controlled performance by LFC, & outplayed MU for most of the game with a weaker side than them, but we need to find that potent goalscorer, because the chances are being created a-plenty."
5th Aug 2014 3:26
"Have you been on to the phone with Benitez for advice, Brendan? Finish second one year then, instead of pushing on, spend all the money on defenders and full-backs. £75m for Saurez; £100m+ spent this summer; and of that ONLY £4m of that on a striker that looks a worse buy than Peter Crouch. For all the talk of strategic plans in the transfers, clearly there was no plan B for Saurez leaving."