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Welcome now get jackson martinez reus
29th Jul 2014 17:03
29th Jul 2014 17:03
"I think he did well in the world cup, hope he does well because of what I've seen he looks like a good player and good luck to him"
29th Jul 2014 17:03
"Welcome Divock - great news! Fantastic young talent! "
29th Jul 2014 17:04
"Welcome Origi, to Liverpool fc! hopefully he will be a very good signing in years to come, however I do believe we need two or three top quality signings, preferable a LB, RB and a striker to give this squad a major boost for this season!"
29th Jul 2014 17:04
SlimJayJaga 9ja
29th Jul 2014 17:05
"Nice one Liverpool...welcome 2 da family Bro.. YNWA"
29th Jul 2014 17:05
"Why must he be loaned back?"
29th Jul 2014 17:08
"welcome to liverpool"
29th Jul 2014 17:09
"All round top deal. Like hi going back over there for his development. He is blistering, great finish, great dribbling and plays three positions. "ill be a star for us. BR pulled one out the bag here, loads of clubs were after him! YNWA .. IBWT"
29th Jul 2014 17:12
"Outstanding work. I live our recruitment plan. Welcome and I look forward to seeing you wearing the red shirt at Anfield in the future."
29th Jul 2014 17:14
"aman ynwa i agree, i think he would get more experience playing in our reserves and maybe in the cup than he would playing for a team where he only scored 6 in 40 games last year, has to be better to be trained by us in our style for a year rather than have to learn it all next year but if that was what was needed to sign him then that will do "
29th Jul 2014 17:19
"Welcome origi to this great family! We are now left with marcos rojo, either reus or bony and we are best to go! *smile* ynwa! Redordead!"
29th Jul 2014 17:24
"Very happy about this. But can we not keep him and send Borini to them on loan haha! Get Jackson Martinez in and I'd be seriously excited about the new season - I am already!!!"
29th Jul 2014 17:29
"Welcome divorce origi, looks a great athlete and has a poise that sets him apart. Great move to send him back as he needs time to grow as well as getting regular competitive football something he wouldn't get in the reserves."
29th Jul 2014 17:32
"Welcome to our great family(LFC), Monsieur Divock Origi. YNWA! Great to have you on-board from next season, ofcos."
29th Jul 2014 17:33
"welcome to the lfc family you can be our superhero! you only have to make 20 goals or more"
29th Jul 2014 17:33
"Bet this cost a few million, disappointed for him to be loaned out. But, can't wait to see him play in a Liverpool shirt. Good look to you, Divock Origi"
29th Jul 2014 17:42
"Yes, I do understand a loan-back was perhaps the only way to buy him! If we did have a choice, not only would he be in our reserves, I could see him being used more, with Remy deal too falling through! Hope we get another first team striker soon!"
29th Jul 2014 17:45
"Welcome to the red family!"
29th Jul 2014 17:45
"Atlast he signs welcome son stay injury free smack a shed full of goals and will see you next season ready to blitz the prem "
Dede 7
29th Jul 2014 17:51
"Wow this is a good signing. Welcome Origi. YNWA."
29th Jul 2014 18:19
"Welcome to the LFC family divock"
29th Jul 2014 18:28
"For someone who is "delighted" to sign for Liverpool, he sure took his time in signing. "
29th Jul 2014 18:32
29th Jul 2014 18:34
"Welcome son. Now suppose we have a little problem requiring his services can we just recall him any time we want?"
Natural Poolie
29th Jul 2014 18:52
"Welcome Divock. Look forward to seeing the pace of you, Sterling and Markovic next year "
29th Jul 2014 18:56
"I really think this guy will be one of the greats and if there is a team in the world who can make him a great world class player then it's LIVERPOOL. Wish he was going to be with the guys this season. Welcome to the great LFC,"YNWA""
randfield rap88
29th Jul 2014 19:02
"not a good move sending him back although he sounds like a good signing. Not being funny but when his loan ends at Lille what if they try and buy him back?"
29th Jul 2014 19:02
"Sikhred I'm with you 100% proven quality! welcome origi hope you make the grade,"
29th Jul 2014 19:08
"This is building for the future Sako Lovren Henderson Can Markovic Coutino sterling Flanno ilori robinson Origi ibe and that's just the ones that I think could be the core of LFC and will be great players for the club others may brake through but these guy are now and tomorrow "
29th Jul 2014 19:11
"welcome home lad,i'm exited about this boy.....YNWA "
29th Jul 2014 19:11
"OldVic. After showing Origi and his father around Melwood and LFC facilities, he suggested that they went to Arsenal, Spurs and Athletico before they made a decision. As he has signed, it looks like a good bit of strategy. Which proved, he really wanted to come. They're the players we want."
29th Jul 2014 19:22
"Chuffed with this signing.Welcome divock. Get all your mistakes out of the way at lille before you arrive in pool:)I'm glad he took his time and didn't just rush, shows he has attention to detail."
29th Jul 2014 19:24
"And please bring back a few bottles of gowden caroulus with u...I've ran out:)"
29th Jul 2014 19:24
"Lille wouldnt sell him if he wasnt loaned back. Welcome Origi"
29th Jul 2014 19:33
"Don't understand this thing , buying a player then loaning him out for a ear to same club you bought him from? Then he gets the kicked outa him for a whole season then they give him back to you all beaten up and useless, like what happened when manu got Saha from Palace, Zaha is a big Tube now!"
29th Jul 2014 19:36
"Get Jay Rodrigez to sit on our top shelf until he gets mended, he would love linking up again with his old saints mates again."
29th Jul 2014 19:52
"great very very good deal"
29th Jul 2014 20:17
"Loz 19:36 - totally agree, but if we get him then where else do we go for the least English sounding surnamed players.....:-) "
29th Jul 2014 20:22
"Loz 19:33 he's playing for lille, they don't get beaten up there. All they do is pull the legs off frogs, eat snails, drink wine, make love, go on strike and moan about us:)"
29th Jul 2014 20:26
"welcome to Liverpool laa"
29th Jul 2014 20:28
"Redohendo. You forgot the garlic bread!!!!!!"
29th Jul 2014 20:41
"Strange we have loaned him back. why buy a player and do this. we need a striker now!! Hopefully BR knows what hes doing?"
29th Jul 2014 20:42
"And the croissants,"
29th Jul 2014 20:46
"The loan part of the deal was the only way they would sell him...they have a season to find a new striker. We now have just about two weeks to buy another top class striker."
29th Jul 2014 20:52
"WE NEED MORE FIREPOWER NOW - - - Who is gonna step up the when Sturridge needs help? is off form? or if sidelined? ...Get us REUS and one of Cavani, Falcao, Lavezzi. Lets get busy and close this window in real MARQUEE style."
29th Jul 2014 20:52
"Just realised we playing city tomorrow night, wow, let's hope it's a good game and win for us,"
randfield rap88
29th Jul 2014 21:02
"Nice one, but i'll tell you one thing we better wrap sturridge up in cotton wool, with no disrespect to lambert. I do worry where the goals are coming from apart from daniel. Having said that weve made some very good signings, but i reckon weve probably bought our last player in this window now. This leaves us a bit short i think, maybe 2 players or so in defense and up front"
29th Jul 2014 21:05
"'marquee' - another french word, went france the other day and talked to the Mrs about french phrases and words we use every day. Creme de la creme, entrepreneur, and more importantly ooh la la (although I said that a few times in my head)"
29th Jul 2014 21:20
"Nothing to do with this item but the calendar on this site shows Nov 29 LFC v Stoke BPL Dec 1 Stoke v LFC BPL Dec 2 Leicester v LFC BPL fixture pile up already?"
29th Jul 2014 21:24
"Welcome to LFC, great signing, petty he won't play until next year. YNWA"
29th Jul 2014 21:31
"This one is really a great potential. Welcome home kid. YNWA"
29th Jul 2014 21:40
"has a great future"
easy e
29th Jul 2014 22:34
"welcome to the family"
29th Jul 2014 22:46
"R-E-D-A-H-E-N-D-O 29th Jul 2014 20:17, Perhaps go back again to Southampton and sign another Saint with the name 'Sniederlin'? lol:) "
29th Jul 2014 22:56
"Kinda weird that the club that's doing the selling should want to hang on to the player for another season meaning they are under obligation to pay the player's wages, not only are they out of pocket for £10000's/Euros = deduct this from the signing fee they get (10million) also saves the buying club paying his wages for a whole season. Just doesn't make sense at all. "
29th Jul 2014 23:03
"We are well on our way to having a really powerful squad for 2014-15, could get really complicated getting all these guys to gell, we must hope that BR gets it right."
29th Jul 2014 23:23
"Welcome to LFC (Next Year)!!! Do we have a clause in the contract that says we can recall Divock from loan if required???"
29th Jul 2014 23:24
"Welcome to Liverpool Divock. Best of luck with your new adventure. I personally think your an outstanding talent. Delighted you signed."
30th Jul 2014 0:37
"oh boy! why is our coach so obsessed with kids???? another one for the future! oh well sigh#"
30th Jul 2014 1:43
"Great young talent. But I'm still worried, Sturridge is injury prone and what if he has to be out for some time? Where will our goals come from?? Other players can score, but I don't think will be enough. We need a proper striker to replace him."
30th Jul 2014 3:09
"Welcome. Good signing. Now we need Rue and Isco for this season. YNWA"
30th Jul 2014 7:08
"Welcome for the future but what we need players who can play and make an impact now."