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Seen him alot last season honestly dont rate him at all, championship player at best
22nd Jul 2014 10:16
22nd Jul 2014 11:17
"not worth it, this kid wont make it at this level"
22nd Jul 2014 12:03
"Way to support him guys. Honestly some of the people on these comments make me ashamed to be an LFC fan"
22nd Jul 2014 12:20
"Probably be loaned out again AMD possibly sold but aLready better than Allen and equal with Lucas,"
22nd Jul 2014 13:09
"Coady is 21, England youth International, and still has a couple of years experience to gain, think about it which is the most difficult area of the pitch to master, Goalkeepers keep goal, defenders defend (mostly) the Strike force attacks, Midifield is different they have to master, Defence and Attack and also be the link between both. "
22nd Jul 2014 13:10
"^ Talk about supporting the players. "
22nd Jul 2014 13:55
"weve seen it time and time again with players like spearing..we need to cut our losses asap"
22nd Jul 2014 14:25
"He's one of the best English midfielders for his age, would die for the club. Ridiculous comments here writing him off."
22nd Jul 2014 14:40
"Its a good job some of you are only critics and not very good at it? YNWA is the motto here.. "
22nd Jul 2014 14:43
"He still has a lot to learn, but he'll make it.... YNWA."
22nd Jul 2014 16:18
"Coady can become a very good box to box player he is strong has decent technique and plenty energy but most important he reads the game very well. Give him time to develop he could become a vital part of the midfield in the future."
22nd Jul 2014 17:14
"Its called an opinion! Most you sheep try saying he's good when you's haven't even seen him play. "
22nd Jul 2014 17:41
"Hester91 you have opinion on everything you muppet support the team or keep it shut just my opinion. "
22nd Jul 2014 18:22
22nd Jul 2014 18:27
"name is socks cause he is a lonely single man lol keyboard warrior! "
22nd Jul 2014 20:10
"Hester91. you just come on here craving confrontation. Wisdom on another story, now Coady. If you are the superfan who attends most games that you claim you are then you wouldn't have such negativity on our youngsters/players. Now I have said my piece. Unlike you, I cannot be bothered getting in disputes. "
22nd Jul 2014 20:24
"Hester91:- Great opinion and great support for a young lad trying to cut his teeth, I personally think you know nothing as Brendan has loaned out the young players he thinks could possibly step up to the first team in a year or two and the ones he didn't think could make it got sold last year.....did you go and watch Sheffield United play a lot last year then???"
22nd Jul 2014 20:28
"ANI-ROAD-03: another special person that cant understand things, I clearly said probably wont fit into our team as a FULLBACK as he lacks the pace etc, but can become a CB here! and yes I did dred, my best mate supports them and doesn't rate the lad that highly either"
22nd Jul 2014 20:33
"ANI-ROAD-03: just because im not biased? I say MY opinion on a player based on what I have seen! you don't have to agree, guess every player here is a world beater to you ..."
22nd Jul 2014 20:39
"Hester91:- 50 games for the blades last season at 20 years old sounds like he must of been doing something right or he wouldn't of got any game time, I don't want to get in to a slanging match with you but don't you think sometimes it's better to try and encourage than to discourage, does or has he also represented his country at certain levels as we'll, that must show the boy has something???"
22nd Jul 2014 20:45
"DRED11: yeah I admit I shouldn't have said it the way I did, just my personal opinion that I think he will end up a half decent championship player. (obviously id love him to make it here, but just going off what ive seen etc)"
22nd Jul 2014 20:46
"just people like ani road jump on the bandwagon, feels he needs to try bully people online behind a computer, proves he got bullied at school. on wisdom, I just said our fullbacks are pacey and have to get up and down so don't think he will become a RB here, but may become a CB here"
22nd Jul 2014 20:58
"I would also love him to make it and I do value peoples opinions on this page but what makes for a good debat/conversation is constructive opinions and not counter productive.......YNWA "
22nd Jul 2014 21:00
"DRED11: I agree I will word it better next time, good to see someone be calm instead of all the angry heads on here! could just explain it didn't sound good like you did, and let the person explain the reasoning"
22nd Jul 2014 21:07
"Hester... Yeah man, I was bullied in school... Had my dinner money taken off me everyday, I used to be the one who would get snow bathed. So yeah, you are right pal, I am an angry person who coems on here to take my frustrations out... What great powers of observation you have... Smart lad "
22nd Jul 2014 21:27
"Ive seen Coady an awful lot to and he does have all the tools to make it no doubt. Many had similar views to Hester about Carra in his early years it's all about how much Conor is determined to learn and I for one think he has the right attitude. Its easy to criticise a player for what he isnt right now, he needs our faith and support just as Carra had"
22nd Jul 2014 21:33
"EvilGenious: your right regarding his attitude, like I said just my opinion on what I had seen of him that's all. wasn't saying its right or wrong as others will think different"
23rd Jul 2014 11:53
"A blades fan here. He did great for us last season. A great player. Nearly all his goals came in the last 3 months of the season when Clough arrived as Wier had him as a holding midfielder. If it wasn't for his ability to get oide quite often he's have ended up with 15 goals. He scored loads of oide goals including 3 in one match against Charlton in the FA cup quater final."
23rd Jul 2014 11:54
"We'd have him back in a heartbeat. Blades fans loved him and the fact he showed so much desire for his loan club says a lot about his character too. He interviews well too. None off the off the shelf answers that most players seem to use these days. Top lad."
23rd Jul 2014 11:57
"There was a famous flag (to blades fans anyway) at the FA Cup semi which read "Stevie G wears Conor Coady PJ's, justice for the 96" which summed up how highly we rated him."