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No thanks. We have enough players "for the future", we need a few more that will get into the starting 11 this season, not in 2017...
18th Jul 2014 9:02
18th Jul 2014 9:10
"Plan for now. Get in world class players for CL. And I mean big money players."
18th Jul 2014 9:22
Tatenda YNWA
18th Jul 2014 9:33
"Arsenal tried that system and it didn't work now there are going for world class players "
18th Jul 2014 9:36
"MrLiam, I really hope not. Think about our best players. Suarez? Chancy buy from an unfavoured Dutch club. Torres? Better known but became a star at Anfield. Sterling? Youth buy from QPR. Sturridge? Lo-cost gamble. Only one big-money buy in the recent past; failed."
18th Jul 2014 9:39
"WHY IS BR SO OBSESSED WITH KIDS!!! THEY SAY MIX OF YOUTH AND EXPERIENCE MAKES A BALANCED TEAM!!! we have too just too many youths with no experience...this will come back to bite in an important CL match, when pressure and experience will be needed!"
18th Jul 2014 9:42
"I would love to see this one. I want to see a big striker signing, Reus would be amazing, but I wouldn't turn down a good bit of business like bakkali either. Long way to go till the window shuts. "
18th Jul 2014 9:44
"This kid looks like a future star, if we sign him but loan him back to PSV it will be good business then he'll either be our star in 2-3 years or we'll sell him at a profit. We must learn from Chelsea in this regard they've been doing it for a while. As for now we have enough players in that area of the pitch so I don't see a 'potential' player coming in."
18th Jul 2014 9:47
"He certainly seems better than Ibe"
18th Jul 2014 9:52
"we got plenty all ready we need player who can go straight into squad now as we want to compete on all fronts we need a thophy this season"
dlr man
18th Jul 2014 9:55
"If this kid is as promising as people say then £8m is a steal, if it doesnt work out then our loss will be about £3/4m---a damn sight better than the andy carroll disaster--go get him brendan"
18th Jul 2014 10:00
"New hazard is this the new Egyptian messi !!!I'd rather we went for the new Russian Ronaldo or Patagonian pele"
18th Jul 2014 10:13
"I get what the fans are saying about buying young players,but at 6-8m for this kid is a steal,he's as good as Stirling if not better,the epl is littered with so called marquee signings that have failed and we've had our share,after last season br deserve,s our trust to sign the players he wants.ynwa."
18th Jul 2014 10:25
"dlr man; I agree with you 100%,BR has loads of experience with young players, after all its what he did at Barca and Chelski. The way he introduced Sterling to a new level he will do the same with Ibe,Suso,Tux and the rest of young talent already at LFC. FUTURE LOOKING GOOD, YNWA,JFT96 "
18th Jul 2014 10:25
"This lad's got an exceptional talent and, at 18, he's hungry for success. A future star, undoubtedly. Agree with RedFerd, probs enough depth attacking-wise after Lazar so loan him back so he continues to get game time. Would love to see this happen. Go on BR, make my day."
18th Jul 2014 10:34
"at 8mil -10 mil this kid is a steal,hes got talent and ability ,and hes good enough to go into the squad now ,but i do agree also we need experience through the team "
18th Jul 2014 10:48
"Dunno about the new hazard but this lad is class and has bags of potential, agree with people saying we need player's for NOW tho"
18th Jul 2014 11:02
"Yes please! Seen him a few times and he's always impressed me. Good player, can be great!"
18th Jul 2014 11:04
"reus and remy.."
18th Jul 2014 11:04
"rodgers is a coach thats why he likes to get the youngsters in so he can develop them into his way of thinking"
18th Jul 2014 11:29
"looks like a good prospect!! sign him up"
18th Jul 2014 11:29
"Negative ninnies, please stop with the criticism! There's nothing wrong in signing potential like this. Remember could have had James Rodriguez for 4mil a while back; we could have had C Ronaldo when he was 18, also for 4mil! Look how all that worked out! In Brendan We Trust."
18th Jul 2014 11:33
"whothehell!! spot on, i still cant get over us passing on ronaldo!!"
18th Jul 2014 11:33
"Adding 2 or 3 youngsters wont take the budget away from signing a big name. This guy is class, add Origi and Delle Ali to the list and the future looks so bright, you can't neglect getting the stars of tomorrow. We do need a marque signing but then to sell a few players "
18th Jul 2014 12:03
"He would be our fifth signing, great reporter u t!t"
18th Jul 2014 12:16
"We need our Academy to acquire the experience and learn the game quickly Ibe, Wisdom, Texiara and The Cody's and many of them. They just need to be trusted, they will reach that level soon. We need a quality left and Centre backs and one striker only now. We don't need teens for now. We are rich on that."
18th Jul 2014 15:54
18th Jul 2014 16:57
"Haha I think br and aye have bin playing to much fifa. Let's go throw a cheeky bid in for lavezzi"
18th Jul 2014 22:13
"On our good old scouting tool - youtube, he looks to have some quality! He looks a good signing, but I think Jordan Ibe could replicate what Sterling has been doing. He looks a special player already - just needs to improve that finishing!"
19th Jul 2014 2:08
"Cant accept da fact we have lost suatez to barca..he was such a huge talent for us..liverpool mayor and the city council should really consider making liverpool city an attractive place to stay as many world class players shunt us because of geographical issues"
19th Jul 2014 3:46
"This kid is the real deal. check him out on YouTube you will love him. we need player who can take player one and one and this boy can do it. we miss that the other day when we played our first pre-season game. Before we say bad things about this boy watch him on youtube and think about the players we have know. "
19th Jul 2014 8:47
"God you guys make me laugh! If he doesn't cost 50 million you don't think he is good enough. Grow up! If you want to support a team just because they spend billions on players go watch PSG or Chelsea or Man City. Look where Chelsea's money got them last season and Spurs 100 million pound spending spree on high profile players like super Soldado. Brendan knows better than you guys!"
19th Jul 2014 13:04
"This 18 year old man is very talented on the ball judging from some clips. Shooting and awareness needs a lot of work but developing raw talent is what a coach like BR enjoys doing. As a club we have missed out on a lot of players that have gone on to be major players in the World of Football. It's good to see us becoming a club where players fulfil their potential. "