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Go for Reus....
17th Jul 2014 12:13
17th Jul 2014 12:18
"Brendan wants an immediate impact from a striker,i guess that's why he wants bony,epl proven"
17th Jul 2014 12:28
"Bony wouldnt be bad buy...but lord Ian is Slow...Why does it take us twice as long to wrap up some of these deals...(thats right im getting impatient) but Im happy with whats been happening so far!"
17th Jul 2014 12:33
"please please give up"
17th Jul 2014 12:36
"Would rather see Reus or Benzema.... "
17th Jul 2014 12:36
"We have Sturridge as our only class striker. Sterling could definitely go up top, but we do need another striker. Spending 20 mil on one, however, is wasting money as we should be strengthening our defence. We have enough creativity, sure up the defence!"
17th Jul 2014 12:40
"Bony another Demba Ba and Andy Carrol , good for Swansea and Southhampton etc ... why why when there are better players out there and for the same or less, Bony for 10m would be a fair risk "
17th Jul 2014 12:40
"I doubt Benzema's available . I don't think RM is gonna offload Benzema after Morata left."
17th Jul 2014 12:50
"Why are people asking for Reus? Do you think he wants to come? He can easily go to Munich next season when Robben/Ribery are done, or Madrid, Barca. Liverpool is big, but unfortunately not so big in the eyes of big players."
17th Jul 2014 12:51
"maybe reus would like to come Liverpool and be the main man rather than just another player at Bayern etc .. bony would be a good signing as long as we sign someone like reus/griezmann too"
17th Jul 2014 12:53
"We can go far more strikers but it won't do any good if we don't have a midfielder with the vision to supply them. I would suggest we need James Rodrigues to complete our midfield. The club should do all they can to land him. For me he was the best player in the world cup."
17th Jul 2014 12:56
"Get Bony. He is proven and is immense. We had no plan B since Carroll left and sometimes you need something different when the games not going your way."
17th Jul 2014 13:41
"Rues and Lukaku would be better options cause both are young & talented and should score 40 goals between them."
17th Jul 2014 13:47
"SteevieG8 - Isn't it why we have signed RL coz he's our Plan B ?. Duh... "
17th Jul 2014 13:47
"Rather we get Bony than any of the other strikers mentioned but hurry up cos Spurs are also after him.If its £20 million well go for it the guy is a proven goalscorer. "
17th Jul 2014 13:59
"I think I would like this to happen. I know a lot of fans want reus. Me too. But 45 million... when for less than 20 we get a 25 goal a season striker who is about to hit his prime and has brilliant defensive stats from set pieces."
17th Jul 2014 14:02
"Of those mentioned...I would prefer Lukaku and Lacazette."
17th Jul 2014 14:05
"I actually think bony would be a very very good striker for us... as last season went on he become more complete as a team player instead of a target man.. bony sturridge markovic is a very very powerful and quick front line with sterling in the 10 position. "
Ammar dent
17th Jul 2014 14:14
"What r u doing be,bony is a Swansea player n we r Liverpool n playing in cl and our aim is to win the league,look what Chelsea,man u and arsenal r doing,just to remind u that we had Suarez last year and need at least two top quality players like reus and cavani to replace him"
17th Jul 2014 14:23
"Ammar dent - So what if he's a Swansea player. So long he's quality , I don't really care where he plays his footie. "
17th Jul 2014 14:26
"Dont get me wrong yes there are very good african players. The only problem is you tend to lose them to the A N cup playing for their countries at a vital time during our season.We cant afford to lose essential players"
17th Jul 2014 14:35
"Wow... people actually discriminate against a player just because of the club he plays for. .. you would have to be terribly immature or small minded to think that way... A player has to come from somewhere.. It is his talent that counts, nothing else."
17th Jul 2014 14:39
"Ian Rush came from Chester, Stevie Nicol came from Ayr United, Ronnie Whelan came from Home Farm!"
17th Jul 2014 14:49
17th Jul 2014 14:53
"Lonewars: I think bony is quality but he plays as a lone striker .. he wouldn't fit in next to sturridge, so its a strange one if we get him as we cant move sturridge outta position when he was on fire last season through the middle"
17th Jul 2014 14:59
"Hester- Bony would be a handy option though, he banged 25 in last season playing with less quality players than at he would be at Anfield. Sometimes Studge took too many touches in the middle, when a quick lay-off or touch round the corner would be better, Bony offers this. I think him plus 1 more would be a nice mix"
17th Jul 2014 15:02
"Not 100% mobile but better than Aspas and Borini together,"
Reds 96
17th Jul 2014 15:03
"PC1892 ... if only we could find another Ian Rush. The guy was lethal, a total goal machine. Bony is a proven goal scorer in the Prem but I'd also like to see Brendan buy a a tricky skillful striker like Lavezzi. "
17th Jul 2014 15:17
"Reds96- totally agreed there lad, we have since found God and then Owen to play up top, but its been a while, a new Rushie would be amazing! Theres a young welsh lad at the academy making waves through the city.....Harry, fingers crossed"
17th Jul 2014 15:19
"Who is going to replace Suarez???"
Reds 96
17th Jul 2014 15:31
"PC1892 ... yeah, that'll be Harry Wilson. That lad is very quick and skilful with a good eye for a defence splitting pass and a good eye for goal. Looking forward to the day that lad gets in the first team. For now, Marco Reus would be the best choice. He's top class. "
17th Jul 2014 15:33
"On more relevant news, Seb Coates is back with the squad!!!! :) Assaidi is not with the squad heading to USA.. I guess he's on his way to stoke city then."
17th Jul 2014 15:33
"On more relevant news, Seb Coates is back with the squad!!!! :) Assaidi is not with the squad heading to USA.. I guess he's on his way to stoke city then."
17th Jul 2014 15:37
"I do not think we will ever see Reus in a LFC shirt. Some website have blown things way out of proportion. "
17th Jul 2014 15:42
"Milidu- Coates scored that lovely scissor kick away at QPR, but other than that, he is slower than a standstill pal, every striker will target him and burn him, not one for the future at all"
17th Jul 2014 15:58
"To be honest I was hoping that we did give up,at least we haven't offered crazy money like 20mil yet,I would go to 15 mil and then walk away."
17th Jul 2014 16:02
"Assaidi is being sold for nearly 7mil which means we will make a profit,most of Rodgers signings we could sell on for a profit or break even on.Apart from aspas,plus coutinho and Sturridge are both worth 3x what we payed for them now."
17th Jul 2014 16:36
"have said it over and over,pls go for reus"
17th Jul 2014 16:37
"have said it over and over,pls go for reus"
17th Jul 2014 16:39
"Thomas muller"
17th Jul 2014 16:42
"FSG want bargain basement stuff to save as much money as possible. Big names are totally out of the equation, so no one hold out for any marguee signings, they ain't gonna happen. FSG don't go to Harrods, they love the pound shops, better get used to it. "
17th Jul 2014 16:50
"He might be Pl proven but is he CL proven??? NO! He ain't and only 2 of the signings we made are and they are kids!.... Get quality F sake!!! Reus, Benzema I refuse to believe it's not possible to get something better than Bony, we have the money, CL exiting way of playing football! Cmon aim higher!!"
17th Jul 2014 17:28
"Can somebody help me? Here in Holland we are getting reports that LFC are preparing a bid of E55 million for Reus but I don't see anything here or on the BBC. Is there any truth in these rumours? He would be a better buy than Bony!!!"
17th Jul 2014 18:13
17th Jul 2014 18:23
"Demeester,there has been talk about reus but nothing concrete at the moment.i doubt it will happen but you never know,Brendan might surprise us.At the moment it's just a rumour"
Thisis d1
17th Jul 2014 18:50
"KL_RED I couldn't agree more.Let's get "The Rolles Reus". Quality over Quantity! Y.N.W.A. "
17th Jul 2014 18:51
"Why why why go for bony. Hes got nothing on real Madrid or Munich in the UEFA. Get reus or Benzema!!"
17th Jul 2014 19:14
"Can't understand LFC being so reluctant to cough up the cash for a proven striker like Bony, but willing to pay way over the odds for a defender - Moreno, £20mill. However I would prefer to see Lacazette arive, he's brilliant."
17th Jul 2014 19:24
"If we try to get a Suarez replacement at a cut price we are going about it completely wrong.... Quality costs. Just my 2 cents."
17th Jul 2014 19:31
"Any of these names mentioned would suit me lukaku preferred option but doubt Chelsea would want to bolster our title challenge "
17th Jul 2014 19:33
"Bony would be a great addition and would create all sorts of problems at set pieces. He is also the perfect striker in a 4-3-3 as he can hold the ball up and bring others into play. Suarez did that but sturridge tends to drop into our half. Bony is a very clever striker much like Oscar Cardozo of benfica he would be brilliant in Europe and perfect in our system when teams sit back. "
17th Jul 2014 19:46
"I'm afraid Rodgers record so far is 2 successes in the transfer window rest have flopped and if he is not careful he will do the sane this year, it's all good buying potential but we need the real deal too. I think Rodgers is afraid of big personalities he ce why he buys players he can mould we need a Reus benzema type player no excuses now as we can attract them as we are in champ luge "
17th Jul 2014 19:50
"I fear we gonna blow the surez money on unknowns we had the excuse that we had no money or we weren't in champs lesgue do we can't attract the bigger player we cannot just blow the budget on unknown potential wd need 2-;3 worldies now we havn anything to cater for lack of bite n creativity in middle of park we need a long term replacement but n a hard man which Rodgers hadnt addressed "
17th Jul 2014 19:54
"We got 4th because of surez n buying grunge players to replace him will not do on it's own where are the marquee signings, a Reus benzema khadira, Rodgers is kidding himself if he thinks he can flood the team with just promising talent we need the balance of the two get your finger out Rodgers "
17th Jul 2014 20:53
"Bony is decent. But not anywhere near World Class like Suarez."
17th Jul 2014 20:54
"Only more player will be signed by the end of the transfer day.we have already a stronger squad. STURIDGE MARKOVIC STERLING LALLANA. HENDERSON GERRARD FLANAGAN. SAKHO AGGER JOHNSON MIGNOLET "
17th Jul 2014 20:56
"Benzema and Reus aren't available. Bony/Balotelli are not good "enough". There's like no strikers out there..."
17th Jul 2014 20:56
"Sorry one more player"
Natural Poolie
17th Jul 2014 21:02
"I think Bony is lazy, someone that will wait in the 6yrd box and expect other people to do the work. Not an lfc player IMO. But he scored 25 goals so £12m is an insult, if we're not serious about it then why bother, at least be tempting. I would prefer someone more mobile and creative."
17th Jul 2014 21:04
"LOL that is not the squad... It's: Mignolet Flanagan *Lovren Skrtel *Richards Gerrard Henderson Sterling Lallana Markovic *Bony Sturridge. SUBS: *Valdes Agger Sakho Can Ibe. And * means that we might not have them."
17th Jul 2014 21:05
"Natural Poolie - I agree."
17th Jul 2014 21:10
"And please stop going back to the Carrol/Downing transfer guys. That was Dalglish, This is Rodgers."
17th Jul 2014 21:50
"there area which people are overlooking,the cm, lucas have injury problems and since is back is no in his best,allen is inconsistence,gerrald is old so there is no guarantee,while can i think is not this season player he still need to adapt,this leave us with henderson who is good in pressing and have high working rate but he still not good with the ball keeping,creativity and help team to player."
17th Jul 2014 22:36
"Go for lukaku!"
17th Jul 2014 22:46
"12.5 million is way under what they want, why would they go for that. I dont understand the way we approach these deals. Spend the money on the players, not have low bids rejected then move on to another player and put in more low bids. Get the deal done! Pay the money and lets get this pre-season going."
Natural Poolie
17th Jul 2014 23:02
"Geraldhino- am with ya buddy I also think CM is still weak. "
18th Jul 2014 0:37
"I hope I am wrong, but I have a funny feeling FSG gonna play moneyball and not invest all the proceeds from Luie sale on team. No wonder we can't close deals. How long has our left back been a problem, all year and still we don't have a good one. Enrique ok at defense but offers nil going forward."
18th Jul 2014 0:44
"Make no mistake, Luie was gonna leave this summer even had we won the EPL. And though we are the most exciting club in EPL and now with CL, you would think there would be a cue of good players wanting to come. Sanchez picks gooners over us, gimme a break, what a joke. I don't understand that move at all. Somebody tell me why!!!!!"
18th Jul 2014 9:24
18th Jul 2014 9:29
"Its no surprise the initial bid was rejected so far from the valuation. I wish Liverpool would quit their bargaining tactics. They got £75m from Suarez sale and BOny is top quality and at £20m is a bargain. Bid what's needed and sign him for God's sake"
18th Jul 2014 11:52
"Bony, Reus and Moreno!"
18th Jul 2014 12:25
"Reus is a no go its more of a rumour then anything can you really see Reus signing for Liverpool i don't think Rodgers can attract that sort of player,he needs to show he can win trophys with Liverpool to start attracting the top players.I like Rodgers but the top players want to see successful managers at the club they are signing for.."
18th Jul 2014 12:39
"The reason for Sanchez went to Arsenal is they have better shopping for his girlfriend in London,and a manager that has always got Champions league plus is successful in winning might have being a while but he is a winner.I don't think we have long to wait until we see Rodgers becoming a successful manager in the league with the mighty LFC.."
18th Jul 2014 15:29
"Move on BR!! Move on!!"
18th Jul 2014 16:01
"Ocvette-Sanchez picks the gooners as its the big city .Shops,clubs,mates & immage its his loss !! Y.N.W.A."
19th Jul 2014 9:20