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Welcome to Liverpool family. You will be a great addition. YNWA.
13th Jul 2014 16:43
13th Jul 2014 16:44
"Welcome to the team :D BR has done wonders this window. We are becoming the team to fear. Roll on the new season. "
13th Jul 2014 16:50
"I like this signing, this lad has all the quality's to become a superstar."
13th Jul 2014 16:50
13th Jul 2014 16:52
"hope this lad turns out good!! but what i don't understand is every year we go after top class players, we cant get em coz we ain't got the funds or champions l-eague football. Now we have champions l-eague football and the biggest transfer budget we've ever had, we ain't trying to buy the top class players!!!! #STRANGE"
13th Jul 2014 16:54
"Hope you can play just as good if not better than Sterling. Welcome and good luck!"
13th Jul 2014 16:57
"Welcome to our family. Watched your games while at Benfica and really admired your style of play.May you and all the new arrivals have all the success in the world whilst at LFC"
13th Jul 2014 16:57
"Thereturnofsmithy confused "
13th Jul 2014 17:01
"very confused!!"
13th Jul 2014 17:05
"Coutinho10?11: I thought he's rubbish? might struggle to be better than sterling he's gonna have an awesome season :)!"
13th Jul 2014 17:06
"get griezeman next remy bony missed out on manzukic costa make me dream get james rodriguez"
13th Jul 2014 17:07
"We finally have a second player like sterling. The opponents will be wary when attacking us due to the pace we have on the counter now with danny, sterling and markovic."
13th Jul 2014 17:08
"good signing though hope he settles quick"
13th Jul 2014 17:08
"Delighted to have you on board Lazar - now cut through those defences & score/create oodles of goals."
13th Jul 2014 17:10
"well done now sign Beasley and mensza for defense and good attacker benzema and bony job done "
13th Jul 2014 17:15
"Pls sign Hummels before he's going to Utd.... Better than Lovren even though he'll cost a bit more. Get Moreno deal done as well and we're set for the new season. Keep some dough for winter reinforcements."
13th Jul 2014 17:16
13th Jul 2014 17:18
"This kid can play, welcome aboard lad"
13th Jul 2014 17:19
"Welcome to Liverpool. YNWA."
13th Jul 2014 17:22
"Welcome to best club in the world lazar pure pace in attacking areas ddeffo gona be havin other teams thin twice wen on the attack now coutslallana markovic sterling ibe studge all quick just need cover lb n a solid cd along with tricky striker iturbe matinez n we set on fronts come on reds roll on 16th ynwa"
13th Jul 2014 17:22
"Him and Sterling will play well on opposite sides of the pitch. Both sides with a strong pressing force."
13th Jul 2014 17:24
"I agree. We have a really pacy team now. :-D"
13th Jul 2014 17:25
"Mr Brendan Rodgers, please buy Ezequiel Garay, 1,92 meter, we have money, sir!!!! watch him in world cup final today!!! We only have Sakho. He is fragile...He can not to be sweeper..."
13th Jul 2014 17:32
"I am sorry, garay already join to St Petersburg, anyone else, I don't have idea. "
13th Jul 2014 17:33
"WELCOME TO LFC FAMILY.....LAD you will become a star at LFC go get them tiger......."
13th Jul 2014 17:35
"Lazar Markovic would be a great addition to the squad...Great player #Superstar"
13th Jul 2014 17:40
"Please BR buy this player I only heard of 5 minutes ago or else our season will be rubbish!!! I know you're reading here looking for ideas!!!"
13th Jul 2014 17:50
"hester91 13th Jul 2014 17:05 - I have never said he is rubbish. If so find me the link if you dare. "
13th Jul 2014 17:58
"Coutinho10?11: might not have used the term rubbish but you said he's average and was worth half the money ... "
13th Jul 2014 18:07
""20M for an unknown player does not excite me as a fan. We are losing one of the best players in the world and so far, not a single signing comes even half close to Suarez. This Markovic kid, is he better than Sterling? 20M will feel wasted unless he can hit double figures. Huge pressure on AL and this kid if signed. (your words)"
Natural Poolie
13th Jul 2014 18:11
"Will be quality and add some much needed width. We will have pace to burn next season. Just think that most of our other signings are very ordinary."
13th Jul 2014 18:13
"We had one star who became a superstar. We finished the season with 1 superstar and 5 stars (not counting SG). So don't let's waste everyone's time by ging off present choices. Mind you if we end next season with 5 more stars, there'll still be a few moaners no doubt."
south africa's Gerard8
13th Jul 2014 18:25
"Very excited just can't wait to c him combining with the attacking lads, Moreno and lovern nd I think that will b It, a lot of changes mite work against us "
13th Jul 2014 18:25
"theRETURNofSMITHY 13th Jul 2014 16:52 maybe we cant attract big players as br is not high profile manager yet"
13th Jul 2014 18:27
"My countryman came on Anfield...Good news,but Lazar need a 5-6 games to adopt on EPL.Welcome."
13th Jul 2014 18:40
"Welcome to the best club in the world. The best fan base in the world. Enjoy and give of your best that is all we ask. YNWA"
13th Jul 2014 19:09
"Buy Lamela, Willian, Saleh, Suiggurdson .... "
13th Jul 2014 19:14
"I hope he will shine in the coming seasons."
13th Jul 2014 19:40
"Welcome dude, hope you will shine in the coming seasons."
13th Jul 2014 19:41
"Welcome to lfc lazar! Wow what a midfield we will have full of pace and creativity! Gerrard and hendo playing sitting roll with a choice of sterling coutinho suso ibe markovic lallana can running at you! Capable of running any defence ragged"
13th Jul 2014 20:18
"hester91 13th Jul 2014 18:07 - Still does not mention "rubbish" or "average" as you claimed. I have not seen much of him to make such a statement however I did question the fee of 20M because we already have Sterling and Ibe. "
13th Jul 2014 20:40
"Coutinho10?11: there was one where you mentioned his stats, and said they were rubbish last season. hope he turns out good anyway"
13th Jul 2014 21:18
"hester91 - His stats may have been average which is why I questioned the fee but it is not Lazars fault if the strikers cannot finish. I said that AL and LM will be watched closely this season since we have paid a lot for them. Hope they turn out to be great signings! "
13th Jul 2014 21:32
"He may be unknown to you but he has international experience and at his age can only get better. We need a deep squad so that we can complete in the CL and the PL and that costs money. £20m on Markovic is worth the risk."
easy e
13th Jul 2014 21:48
"BR is building a Healthy squad [ not only for EPL but all other comp's] the additions thus far are adequate, â"
13th Jul 2014 22:24
"Very excited for this deal! Markovic sterling and sturridge will be quite a pacey front 3 to deal with, especially with through balls being provided by Gerrard lallana and coutinho! A healthy Enrique will also help. Promising stuff, just one more striker to back up DS and hopefully Lovren..!"
13th Jul 2014 22:28
"Confused "
13th Jul 2014 23:06
"Uncrazy 13th Jul 2014 21:32 - Sterling also has international experience and is now known worldwide, he is also younger than Lazar so not sure what your point is... "
13th Jul 2014 23:10
"Just beginning to understand how the comment section works: mention a lot of foreign league names, and slate the board for not going for them... So here goes.. Buy Messi, and Ronaldo whiles you're at it Ayre.. And go for Muller or James Rodriguez or we're going to be relegated next season .. :)"
14th Jul 2014 3:05
"Welcome, God Bless Liverpool FC. Great addition to the team and system."
14th Jul 2014 3:54
"Markovic will be very close to Hazard level. At least their style of play is so similar and Markovic has exciting performance at 20 years old, already played against many strong team, I'm sure he'll be a star."
14th Jul 2014 3:59
"Coutinho10?11, style and age is the most important criteria to analyse a player is good for the team or not. Statistics are nothing."
14th Jul 2014 6:22
"Until it's announced by LFC???"
shaikh khalid
14th Jul 2014 7:01
"welcome to Liverpool, please Dr Brendan sign Di maria and higuain if not el sharaway please. ynwa Lazar Markovic "
14th Jul 2014 9:09
"got a good feeling about this boy, rapid with vision also. A little bit raw from looks of it but sure BR will help him fulfill his potential. Need that commanding CB and agree Hummels would be good fit. Not bothered about spending 20 mil on LB if Enrique can stay fit. Sooner buy top drawer striker."
14th Jul 2014 9:21
"How about trying for James Rodriquez - really someone to replace Suarez. He is young, has pace and really good. Irrespective of what reports say, offer the right fee and he is ours. Brendan in you we trust."
14th Jul 2014 9:58
"we taking chances again on players look at last season the waste we bought, lets go and get a world class star,"
14th Jul 2014 10:00
"Great signing ! This is a quality player with excellent technique .Welcome Lazar you can achieve greatness with LFC ."
14th Jul 2014 11:14
"i wish i was happy with the new this good enough for the top4?? "
14th Jul 2014 13:01
dlr man
14th Jul 2014 13:27
"top young player at a good price---high hopes for this lad"
14th Jul 2014 13:47
"Welcome to the Club of the Univers. Hope you will be a force and that you will hit and run straight away. "
14th Jul 2014 13:53
"His message was a little blunt, ah well."
14th Jul 2014 18:17
"Can't believe we are spending this much on this guy!"
14th Jul 2014 21:38
"So did we or didn't we ?"
Henry Mugerwa
15th Jul 2014 11:56
"Welcome to the greatest club in the world."
Henry Mugerwa
15th Jul 2014 12:50
"Please BR,please bring on Etoo,Puyol,Defoe and Lampard.Am sure the league will be ours."
15th Jul 2014 21:02
"GeT MoReno..."