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YNWA Luis , thanks for the great times you will be sorely missed, just hope next time we meet we are knocking you out of the Champions league :-)
11th Jul 2014 13:14
11th Jul 2014 13:21
"Goodbye and good luck Luis - many thanks for what you did for the team, especially last season!"
11th Jul 2014 13:29
"Good Luck Luis Liverpool's best ever player I hope you don't regret spurning Liverpools Love YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 12:33
"Good Luck to you Luis.."
11th Jul 2014 12:36
"Thank you for everything Luis, a true Liverpool legend. It's sad that you need a new challenge but we're all proud of you, good luck. We'll all miss you"
11th Jul 2014 12:36
"Goodbye Luis, thank you for everything, YNWA."
11th Jul 2014 12:37
"Yeah...allright mate...Good luck anyway Luis and thanks for the memories..good and bad.Just remember Fowler,Owen,Torres to name but a few all left but were never the same player!"
11th Jul 2014 12:38
"Gutted. YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 12:38
"it is a shame you leave . you will be miss YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 12:39
"We go again."
11th Jul 2014 12:39
"Great Luis Suarez but still don't understand your choice. You will score 30 goals in this liga. Hope Lfc vs Barcelona in Champions League. Good Luck ..."
11th Jul 2014 12:40
"Going to a team that is on the down,Thanks for the memories"
11th Jul 2014 12:40
"we will miss you Luis, good luck in all your future endeavours... jft96, ynwa"
11th Jul 2014 12:40
"Thanks For the memories luis!"
11th Jul 2014 12:41
"So long Luis. Fangs for the memories! "
11th Jul 2014 12:41
"Good bye Luis. It's bitter to see you leaving and we'll miss your brilliance and work rate. However, thank you for offering some of the best displays witnessed during the last decades. You have the right to give yourself and your family what they want. All the best"
11th Jul 2014 12:41
"hit hasnt hit me yet.."
11th Jul 2014 12:42
"You're now a Liverpool Legend and will never be forgotten! Thanks for all those wonderful years! Have a good life in Spain, may they threat you decently. YNWA Luis"
11th Jul 2014 12:43
"Going to a team thats on the down,Thanks for the memories"
11th Jul 2014 12:43
"Thank you Luis and all the best"
11th Jul 2014 12:43
"Good Luck Luis, thanks for all you have helped us achieve over your time here. Its been emotional YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 12:44
"all the best luis we'll always remember u.ynwa"
11th Jul 2014 12:44
"Thanks for all the great memories Luis. We all wish you and your family well for the future. "
11th Jul 2014 12:44
"Talk .... hope you will be best of friends with Messi..."
11th Jul 2014 12:44
"Good Luck, and thank you for your services. Wishing you and your family all the best."
11th Jul 2014 12:45
"Thank you very much Luis, we wish you all the best. God bless you and your family!"
11th Jul 2014 12:45
"it is a shame you leave . you will be miss YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 12:45
"come back in 3 years - we like 30+ strikers"
11th Jul 2014 12:45
"I hope our fans will all recognize your contribution to this football club over the last few years. I have been privileged to see some of the most exciting football ever at Anfield as a result of this incredible player and if we come up against him in the Champions league we must never ever boo him -even if he scores against us! YNWA Luis!"
11th Jul 2014 12:46
"Thanks for all the great moments you gave us and your part in getting us to where we belong in the football world. Best wishes to you and your beutiful family in the future. YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 12:46
"Thanks and we pray for your recovery soon. Especially this psychological one so that you can't do it the forth time. Will appreciation from Tanzania - East Africa."
11th Jul 2014 12:46
"Whatever you say mate I wish you the best... If you really loved this club you would stay. You will never be what you where here at Barca... In time you will see that. You will just be another line of stats on a page. Any player that leaves Liverpool for a "better" club is cursed."
11th Jul 2014 12:47
11th Jul 2014 12:47
"Best of luck Luis, one of the best players Liverpool FC has ever had. Fans will never forget you, YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 12:48
"Thank you very much Luis, we wish you all the best. God bless you and your family!"
11th Jul 2014 12:49
"Thanks for the memories Luis ..... YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 12:49
"Well that's that! Another chapter over in the clubs history. It is understandable why Luis wants to leave, we must always support him, throughout all of those troubles, he always gave 100% on the pitch, you can't ask for more than that! The good thing is, that Brendan (and the owners!) has turned the club around, and players from across the globe want to come here again!"
11th Jul 2014 12:50
11th Jul 2014 12:52
"Thank you Luis you did what you said you would you fired us back into the CL and done your part in the title charge too LFC legend.I´m sure you will out shine both Messi and Neymar at Barca best in the world for me pity you gotta go.YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 12:52
"If only your wife's family lived on Merseyside!!! YNWA Luis"
11th Jul 2014 12:52
"So miserable, actually crying."
11th Jul 2014 12:53
"Best wishes for your new endeavor, Luis. Hope you are more successful than ever. And, if all goes well, you may meet your ex-teammates in the Champions league soon."
Hend of
11th Jul 2014 12:53
"Thanks for the memories. a great player who just can't be replaced. But he's now gone - we move on. YNWA!!"
11th Jul 2014 12:54
"have a feeling suarez would fall out of love with football a little bit..i noticed it with sanchez because when sanchez first arrived and scoreda goal,he would go crazy with his celebrations(like he should) but team mates like xavi give him a look as if to say.'what are you doing'? before shaking his hands..hope suarez does not get the same"
11th Jul 2014 12:55
"thank you luis, but please please please try not to do silly things that will damage you and your family and good luck with your new challenge. YNWA."
11th Jul 2014 12:55
"His burning passion to win got the better of him sometimes. I for one would not take that away from him. Good luck Luis and family. You will be remembered forever. YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 12:58
"Sell Suarez and buy Bony goodbye all the hard work that was done last season. The whole league laughing at us Arsenal stealing Sanchez from us plus we lose our best player in many many years what are you smoking John W Henry?"
11th Jul 2014 12:58
"All the Best!!!!"
11th Jul 2014 12:59
"YNWA Luis , all the best for the future for you & your family."
11th Jul 2014 12:59
"All the best Lui ynwa"
11th Jul 2014 12:59
"Thanks for the memories Luis...True World Class Player..."
11th Jul 2014 13:00
"Best of luck to luis Suarez. Thanks for helping liverpool get back to where we belong. See you in the champions league final next season!!!"
11th Jul 2014 13:02
"Were gonna get Barcelona in CL I feel it....."
11th Jul 2014 13:02
"Good Luck Luis, we let you leave with heavy hearts, YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 13:02
"Ynwa Luis "
11th Jul 2014 13:03
"New challenge? you've won nothing yet. Good luck regardless. At least all the transfer every season is over now. Let's go and get a player who wants to wear the red and white shirt."
11th Jul 2014 13:04
"Luis, it's quite unfortunate that you are leaving LFC for a new challenge, we thank you for the moment we have had with you, we will miss you so much and i wish you and your family goodluck,thanks for everything YNWA. "
11th Jul 2014 13:05
"all the best papa. players come and go ,but the red train moves on"
11th Jul 2014 13:05
"Good luck Luis. You will never be forgotten but I do believe that you will also have a hard time being so loved by your new supporters."
11th Jul 2014 13:06
"LFCSuarezNo7 our club tried their very best to keep Suarez. It was he who pushed the move. He, himself, said the club did everything they could to keep him. He had said he was staying next season. Was it the World Cup bite or did he always want to go. We may never know. We'll never see a talent like it again."
11th Jul 2014 13:09
"So the only transfer Ayre gets completed is selling our best player haha"
11th Jul 2014 13:09
"I wanted Suarez to go lfcredi. He dragged Liverpool down but not BONY to replace him!! Average overpriced. I want world class to replace him PLUS Arsenal get Alexis Sanchez and are laughing! All hard work done getting back into CL done for nothing "
11th Jul 2014 13:09
"Good Luck!! Your a Legend!!! Too many good memories you've left behind!!!"
11th Jul 2014 13:10
"Good Luck Suarez:-) YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 13:10
"Good luck Luisito! Thanks for the good times and beautiful goals! You gave your heart on the pitch for us. So sad that your leaving LFC, but all the best to you and your family. YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 13:10
"One word to describe you LEGEND. Best of luck Luis. "
11th Jul 2014 13:11
"All the best Luis and family, as a player you will be much missed. Your workrate, eye for goal, and the obsession with WINNING are all LFC style qualities. Adios, YNWA "
11th Jul 2014 13:11
"Luis - you have been fantastic! I'm sorry to see you go, but go with our blessing to you and your family. "
11th Jul 2014 13:11
"all the best lui,gutted ur gone"
11th Jul 2014 13:12
"nkemo I wanted Suarez to go. So yeah. Good luck with that one. But not Wilfried Bony to replace him. Average, overpriced. Arsenal get Sanchez from it. Double whammy. Where's our statement of intent just like Arsenal and they haven't even sold anyone? Where's our worldclass player?"
11th Jul 2014 13:12
"This will be a repeat of the 08-09 season, when we sold Alonso we fell apart the following season."
11th Jul 2014 13:13
"Good luck Luis. Thanks for everything. Best player I've ever seen in an LFC shirt."
11th Jul 2014 13:14
"Not if we buy a truly great player with the money James. Liverpool have zero excuses now. £75m in the bank. I want a marquee statement of intent signing to replace him. Wilfried Bony average one season wonder."
11th Jul 2014 13:15
11th Jul 2014 13:16
"Luis, fantastic player, loved watching you, the ultimate flawed genius"
11th Jul 2014 13:16
"It seems that all LFC greats have been here played very well, then left & fallen apart. I cannot see the real reason behind the biting incident, but at L4, cheats do not prosper. So go on biting & cheating, Suarez, your ban should have been more severe."
11th Jul 2014 13:16
"Great guy. Men like your are rare. Wish you all the best in your future endevours. Hope you don't celebrate should you score a goal against us for Barcelona cos it will pain us to the marrow."
11th Jul 2014 13:17
"How much did LFC get in transfer fee??? "
11th Jul 2014 13:18
"Suarez has gone so so sad never going to replace a great player like him Barcelona got a bargain"
11th Jul 2014 13:18
"I'd like to see Luis come to Anfield and wave goodbye. Now that would be a real statement!"
11th Jul 2014 13:19
"well i am not surprised at all great footballer ,needs regular c/l which i dont think at this time we can guarantee,he almost pulled us through on his own last season ,and we havent actually improved the team assuch yet yes we have strenghthened the depth but not the quality "
11th Jul 2014 13:19
"You didn't deserve the love and support you received. You are the most arrogant player to ever wear the shirt. We supported you when the rest of the world wanted to burn you at the stake and this is how you show your thanks. Good riddance."
11th Jul 2014 13:19
"You could have been a legend Luis but you chose to follow your temper and bite people.... still love you as a player and a person off the pitch, but do everyone a favour and seek help!"
11th Jul 2014 13:20
"I'm going to miss you L. Suarez and also going to support Baca because of you and here by wish you and your family well in all your future endeavors, also do not forget that once a red is always a red, YNWA. "
11th Jul 2014 13:22
"Can't deny I'm disappointed and still annoyed at what happened to Kenny - but in general it was really good while it lasted"
11th Jul 2014 13:22
"cont i always stood by luis esp[ecially through the racism accusation which i still believe he was not guilty of ,but 3 times a biter no way once is to many for that sort of thing ,good luck luis hope your dreams come through "
11th Jul 2014 13:22
"miss you suarez ynwa top player and warrior"
11th Jul 2014 13:23
11th Jul 2014 13:24
"He stayed when we needed him too and we're back in the Champions League, so all we can say is thank you. YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 13:26
"CRAM it luis"
11th Jul 2014 13:27
"Great player. Let's hope we dont miss you next season. Hard to see how though"
11th Jul 2014 13:27
"if you relied on this site for all your club news then this would come as quite a shock. The name 'Suarez' hasn't been mentioned for weeks. "
11th Jul 2014 13:28
"I want to throw up, love this and love that, bla bla, stop throwing big Word around.. "
11th Jul 2014 13:29
"Thanks for the memories and the goals. Liverpool fans will always former players all the best at their new club. As for the club please buy an accomplished top striker to replace Suarez! Spend a little bit more please!!!"
11th Jul 2014 13:29
"It's sad to see you go. All the best. You gave your all for us and it's only fitting to wish you luck"
11th Jul 2014 13:30
"Good luck luis suarez i wish all the best of luck you will always rememberred in our memory, YNWA "
11th Jul 2014 13:30
"Good luck Luis.Thanks for all the goals and assists and the hard work too! Some of your moments on the pitch were simply breathtaking! Wishing you and your family all the best for the future. Hope you have LFC in your heart forever! YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 13:32
"A great player but let us down with his antics"
11th Jul 2014 13:33
":((((((((( Come back once as a Liverpool manager. ;)"
11th Jul 2014 13:35
"LFCSuarezNo7, think we are all concerned about the future. We'll never see the incredible football skills again but hope we can get someone who will score regularly. Whoever we do get is likely to improve - as did Suarez. It's a time when we all need to stick together and back our club. Any strikers you feel we should get?"
LFC Nuuk Greenland
11th Jul 2014 13:36
"Thanks for everything so far Luis. It's been a pleasure watching your amazing skills on the pitch. YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 13:37
"Keep On Biting Suarez ! We Will Miss You !!"
11th Jul 2014 13:40
"Cheers Mr Suarez... YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 13:40
Natural Poolie
11th Jul 2014 13:42
"PL isn't a bad parting gift mate. Enjoy life in Spain, may see you later in the season. Good luck!"
11th Jul 2014 13:42
"Sad to see him leave wish him well. Now a new chapter begins and we move on and find a new hero as we have in past YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 13:42
"Muchos Gracias, Senor Suarez Usted nunca va a caminar solo "
11th Jul 2014 13:43
"I am an Uruguayan born Australian and long time fan of Liverpool. I cannot begin to understand from the moment Luis took that deliberate run towards the Italian defender just to bite him culminating in Luis crushing the dream of Uruguay and then leaving Liverpool, good luck, You are going to need it!"
11th Jul 2014 13:43
"I'm a Liverpool fan so bear with me...1 or 2 people mention Barcelona are a team on the demise (down) with Messi, Suarez & Neymar....get real! Luis was always going to go to Spain, they speak his native tongue and not just that, La Liga has a far bigger attraction than the Prem that's why all the worldâ"
11th Jul 2014 13:43
"Thank you for every thing Luis YNWA though it's too painful to see go coz really love you so so much. Thanks again God bless you & your family. Best of Luck Luis you will always be my idol LS7 Bye Bye."
11th Jul 2014 13:44
"Thank you Luis for all the great memories, you will always stay in our hearts."
11th Jul 2014 13:44
"Gutted but good luck. Loved your commitment to the team. You were a true Red. "
11th Jul 2014 13:44
"I'm a Liverpool fan so bear with me...1 or 2 people mention Barcelona are a team on the demise (down) with Messi, Suarez & Neymar....get real! Luis was always going to go to Spain, they speak his native tongue and not just that, La Liga has a far bigger attraction than the Prem that's why all the worldâ"
Assassins Creed YNWA
11th Jul 2014 13:45
"Good luck Luis! I wish you every success except when you play us. Thank you for all the good times. I wish you were staying but as you say we are in good hands. All the best mate, despite what other people think, I think you are good guy."
11th Jul 2014 13:45
"All the best Luis. You have done in 3 years what most players would do in 10. We have the players and hopefully new additions and we can all say " We GO AGAIN!""
11th Jul 2014 13:45
"Good luck Luis. This is a win win situation. You have helped the club with your efforts on the field despite all the problems you brought to this club. Anyway, 75 mil will help improve this club even further. Good job everyone."
11th Jul 2014 13:45
"Andylai, with such a comment you need to be released freely. you do not deserve to be a true liverpool fan. try man u or arsenal..."
11th Jul 2014 13:48
"Good luck.Thje good thing about this move is we knew and have organised and got our targets up till now.Lallana,Lambert and Can in early and Origi and croat lad before sunday.Lovren,Bertrand and Bony look likely and maybe another surprise.Great team,youth and proven PL Players.Well Done Brendan lid"
11th Jul 2014 13:48
"Yeah right! You better just sod off still dont see why you had to leave. Last year it was becus of no Chl well now we got it and you still want to leave, false snake nothing else. I recognise what you have done for the club. Hope you get your head straight youve made a fool of LFC and then es of."
TikaTaka in 88
11th Jul 2014 13:48
"Just sold a world class player....and liar whose disrespect and biting will be the only thing remembered. You are gonna kick off big style when you are 3rd or 4th in the pecking order. Maybe JH has been buying what they have been smoking...75 mil...joke...we will not miss him our guys will step up"
11th Jul 2014 13:50
"Don't waste your breath.... you have the loyalty and class of a dung beetle! Loved your performances for lfc but you have tried to wangle a move every chance you got, every transfer windows... even trying to go to a rival in arsenal!! Now you have the excuse of your wife's family in Spain?? Good riddance to you.. just pray br has someone on the radar who can replace his goals and assists "
11th Jul 2014 13:54
"we go again , we go together. we will never walk alone. "
11th Jul 2014 13:54
"what a crock of ..he didn't write this, his PR team did, he probably hasn't even read it !"
11th Jul 2014 13:54
"clear off!!!!"
Yeoman Mick
11th Jul 2014 13:55
"Thank you Luis. Your contribution to LFC will never be forgotten. Good luck in Spain."
11th Jul 2014 13:57
"Walk on, boy, itâ"
11th Jul 2014 13:57
"OOOO , we need a top striker now asap "
11th Jul 2014 13:58
"Walk on, boy, itâ"
11th Jul 2014 13:58
"What's the odds that we get Barcelona in our champs league group, chances are we won't be in the top pool of teams for the competition seeing as we haven't qualified for a while. Even Man City have been in the 2nd pool for a couple seasons"
11th Jul 2014 13:59
"Can't blame him wanting to go and its good timing for him AND Liverpool. We had to make sure we sold him when we could generate good money. Loved seeing him play, and his family outside Anfield. One of the best ever - but a legend?? No - he didn't stay long enough or win much. King Kenny and Digger Barnes are still above him in that status. "
11th Jul 2014 13:59
"luis suares ty for the wonderfull moments of magic, just wish like yourself that you could of been the player we hoped you would be here. ynwa , "
11th Jul 2014 14:00
"Love to watch you play. Love you always!"
11th Jul 2014 14:00
11th Jul 2014 14:00
"Brilliant player, but a nutter. hopefully we have got a goal scorer lined up to bring in to replace him. "
11th Jul 2014 14:01
"Well I wished it wasn't so and that you would be with us for another title challenge and european nights but thanks for all your hard work. It was a joy to watch you and you're always welcome back. Only when you come back with Barcelona will we be against you! Good luck."
11th Jul 2014 14:01
"The best player to ever play for lfc,I never saw kenny play but in my era he's the best by a mile.We can't replace him but at least buy someone who could be great in 2 years time."
11th Jul 2014 14:05
"Good luck to luis suarez..u will always be an anfield hero !!..since sanchez said no to us we should bring some1 atleast btr than him to show that we are not just a one season wonder..YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 14:07
"The guy is getting too much praise. Whilst a Liverpool player he bit two players, and racially abused another. Yes he fired us to CL, but he is in no way a legend of the club. I for one am glad we are moving on, and looking forward to how we fare with a more balanced team. "
11th Jul 2014 14:09
LFC since 1975
11th Jul 2014 14:09
"good luck Luis, most fans appreciate what you did for LFC, we wish you well unless we get drawn against Barca in the CL. good luck getting your demons sorted. YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 14:10
11th Jul 2014 14:11
"Goodbye and thank you for your time at LFC. A great player who could have been even better with BR guidance."
11th Jul 2014 14:12
"Wish you all the best Luis. Now lets all move on from this. No one is bigger than the club. I'm sure we can create another legend if we can't find one. We Go Again! =)"
11th Jul 2014 14:13
"sky says we get 75 million for him, now benzama pls even if he costs 40 mnil , "
11th Jul 2014 14:13
"Would be just that lttle bit easier to swallow,if we had won the league with him last year.Not at all confident about the season ahead.Think we've done a Spurs on it and blew the money in the first shop."
11th Jul 2014 14:15
"Wish you and your family the best - amazing goals - thanks for staying last year and helping the club to a champions league - if Liverpool play Barcelona in the champions league don't score against us lol "
11th Jul 2014 14:15
"Liverpool shoul buy a new player now. Benjamin Suarez. He is very young and cheap at the moment. :)....;)"
11th Jul 2014 14:20
"He will never be a legend. "
11th Jul 2014 14:20
"goodbye luis, you can walk alone now, ska loma batho."
11th Jul 2014 14:21
"Now seriously it is a player who could replace Luis Suarez. His name is Zlatan Ibrahimovic. I don't really like FSG and Brandon Rodgers, but if Zlatan would come to play for Liverpool, i would change my opinion 100%. Maybe the chances are nul. Maybe just i would would like him........."
11th Jul 2014 14:23
"Thanks for what you did for us, we will never forget you and you will always be welcome in Anfield, see you soon in CL"
11th Jul 2014 14:23
"Togp, who the cares about legends?"
11th Jul 2014 14:24
"we need to bring in a world class player! coz the doom and gloom surrounding most supports could really bring the players down"
11th Jul 2014 14:29
"Break a leg,literally"
11th Jul 2014 14:31
"Absolute coward and a traitor to lfc. He will be targeted in la liga. The building process starts again. Feel sorry for all those at the club that stood by him to made into monkeys for their faith in him. But as BR says no player is bigger than the club ynwa"
11th Jul 2014 14:31
"Thank you Luis. See you in CL and i pray that we will group together and you finally experience the European night of Anfield as how Real experienced! "
11th Jul 2014 14:31
"SEE `yah! every team in Spain will be parking the bus! Luis was a brilliant addition to our team. we shall always have place in our hearts for you!"
11th Jul 2014 14:33
"Thank you for everything Luis. I wish you and your family all the best and will support you wherever you go. YNWA."
11th Jul 2014 14:34
"thank you. full respect."
11th Jul 2014 14:34
"I'm sorry but i don't believe a word. Do not hold any ill feelings and was truly amazing to watch but the club will always be bigger. YNWA "
11th Jul 2014 14:35
"Thanks Luis, we never could get enough. Incredible player. Good luck and come back some time. YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 14:37
"All the best Luis but always remember there is and will always be just one LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB, what you achieved here will not be replicated elsewhere. We will always remain the best club in the world. "
11th Jul 2014 14:39
"All the best Luis !! YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 14:39
"Thanks El pistolero but don't forget to behave yourself when you get to Spain cos they won't be as tolerant as we've been with you. GOOD LUCK!!!!"
11th Jul 2014 14:39
"Good Luck in Spain Luis, sad, so very sad to see you go. I understand why you would want to go there and be where your family can be happy. You will take La Liga with storm! YNWA LS7"
11th Jul 2014 14:46
"Thanks for the goals and the wonderful memories. Shall hold you in great regard always. You'll Never Walk Alone. "
11th Jul 2014 14:49
"What worries me most, apart from the loss of a genius, is "Has LFC, without Luis, become a less attractive proposition for potential signings" or do any of our current squad now see LFC as a lesser prospect of silverware because lets face it if you take a 30 goal man out of any team, they will struggle. But having said that I believe BR is right in saying that no player is bigger than the club. "
11th Jul 2014 14:49
"It is a shame, but all the best to him, ofcourse if it ddoesn't work out, he could always come back. But now onto all the doom and bloomers, OK he's gone, we miss out on 31 goals,but take those away from our total from last season, and we still ended up with 70,which was just 1 less than Chelsea who bar us and City were the top scorers in the league."
11th Jul 2014 14:55
"Was always going to Spain, so good luck to you and your family LUIS. Loved watching you play for our team. YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 15:01
"For such a great player for our club why do I feel a bad taste in my mouth!?"
11th Jul 2014 15:02
"Thanks Luis. You will forever be missed. All the best in your new club."
11th Jul 2014 15:03
"The best player ever!! hope you stop the biting, but wow you made me jump like a 7 yrs old boy sometimes thx for the happytimes.. "
11th Jul 2014 15:03
"I am so sorry to see you leave Luis - you made me fall in love with football again. Good luck to you and your family. Love to see you back one day."
11th Jul 2014 15:03
"Goodbye lois but not farewell, i hope everyone plays there heart out like you did last season this season, goodbye mate god luck. "
11th Jul 2014 15:05
"thanks for what you've done, gett lfc back to the CL. i do think it's a bunch of . you're really leaving because of the british press. you'll be missed but just remember, no player is bigger than the club! #YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 15:06
"Good buy and good luck to the greatest player ever played for LFC and PL. Great things don't last. Apart from being an LFC supporter by birth, I will also follow Barca because of you. I doubt that LFC will find a replacement for you!"
11th Jul 2014 15:08
"Ungrateful unloyal P.O.S.! Hope you turn into Torres. Our owners are frickin idiots that let themselves be bullied around. Let's sit around and watch all the top class players be bought by our rivals while we buy decent players from 2nd rate leagues that MIGHT be good in 4-5 years. Frustrating. YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 15:10
"Thanks Luis suarez,YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 15:10
"OMG!! we only got 64 million!!!!!"
11th Jul 2014 15:10
"Thanks Luis suarez,YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 15:19
"Best of luck luis you are the best up front in the world,but you do walk alone now "
11th Jul 2014 15:19
"good luck luis're world class..anyway..have a good life there with your family..ynwa"
11th Jul 2014 15:19
"All the best mate, thanks for all the hard work and the great memories.LFC will go again upward and forward. YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 15:29
"Please god no!!!! Wilfred bony is a wooden one!"
11th Jul 2014 15:29
"I want to cry....... but im in work and cant.GUTTED I hoped we wud tell them to get lost... keep him and take on the world!!! oh well.... "
11th Jul 2014 15:29
"So sorry to see you go Luisito :-( Anyway good luck. Thank you for everything."
11th Jul 2014 15:29
"Luis, thank you for all the wonderful goals you scored for us. You could have been a legend for Liverpool but your behaviour on the pitch was at times disgraceful. It's best for everyone that you have moved on. You were the big fish at Liverpool but at Barcelona you will be just one of the shoal."
11th Jul 2014 15:30
"Nice words surez thanks for the brilliant memories and making us dream!! Lets spend the money on 2-3 world class players break the bank to get the likes of muller falcoa Reus type of player "
11th Jul 2014 15:32
"There have been so many Liverpool greats through the years Luis, so many, but for me you will always be near the top. I wish you could have taken stage for us as we play Europe's elite. An experience you would never forget. Thank you for your efforts and best of luck to you and your family."
11th Jul 2014 15:35
"what a player good buy and good luck "
11th Jul 2014 15:35
"could have been a legend here but now your just another that's come and gone! lost all respect when us fans didn't once get an apology after this last bite"
11th Jul 2014 15:36
"I think the majority of Liverpool fans understand your decision to join barcalona (wife's family). Its just like Rickie lambert coming home. Good luck for the future and remember us."
11th Jul 2014 15:40
"Good bye gonna miss watching you every week, you made me watch evry match coz i knw i would be impressed with your display! For me your the best in the world..happy to know your doing this for your family..dont go biting peeps anymore..wish you ALL the best...except when against the RED MEN!!"
11th Jul 2014 15:42
"Must say I'm sad to see you go but I do understand why. All the best at Barca! YNWA!"
11th Jul 2014 15:43
"Mucho gracias Luis. Some great memories.Good luck to you and your family. Looks like we'll be winning the titles without you."
11th Jul 2014 15:44
"good luck Suarez...but surely eyes will look for you when reds are playing"
11th Jul 2014 15:53
"Thank you luis,you are always the best player in my eyes.Thanks for all the good memories, thanks for making me dream again. we are all gonna miss you...."
11th Jul 2014 15:54
"You are the one who made my weekdays ran faster because I wanna see you and team playing on weekend in league. Goodbye my man, my SAS"
Mr R
11th Jul 2014 15:56
"Thanks Lius. You'll be missed. We just couldn't get enough of you. Best of luck in your new chapter."
11th Jul 2014 15:56
"You did bring us back our title hope! You're a joy to watch and you be remember. At the very least, you left the club not just with good memory but a huge fortune as well. All e best, amigo Luis!"
Mr Ironside
11th Jul 2014 16:01
Mr Ironside
11th Jul 2014 16:03
11th Jul 2014 16:09
"Thanks Luisito. Last year was great with mixed emotions.we'll miss you. Good luck. "
11th Jul 2014 16:12
11th Jul 2014 16:24
"That's the Suarez only Liverpool supports know and respect. Good luck and next season I hope you win that balon dor carry on."
11th Jul 2014 16:27
"Thank you Luis for all you done for Liverpool.Good luck and YNWA."
11th Jul 2014 16:29
"Thank you Luis for all you done for Liverpool.Good luck and YNWA."
11th Jul 2014 16:29
"all the best nasher you will always be remembered for the goals you got in br we trust..."
11th Jul 2014 16:33
"We will miss you Luis, BUT I think you may have made a huge error, we will see..... YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 16:36
"Gutted yes... but wishing you all the best Luis.. Just do yourself a favour and get your head sorted. Thanks for the exciting times and best wishes for your future. YNWA!"
11th Jul 2014 16:43
"Gutted, yeah we got the money but also got demoted (hopefully not). will delete you quickly from my mind now and wish you all the best in Bacca. YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 16:44
"It was good whilst it lasted - "lifelong ambition" is the key phrase. Oh well, move on. Shame we couldn't say goodbye properly, but we are proud of you and respect you! "
11th Jul 2014 16:47
"Thank you, Luis, for all those great memories especially last season.. wish for you and your family all the best in future.. :)"
11th Jul 2014 16:50
"Too bad LFC, letting him leave. I hope we don't turn out to be like Tottenham "
11th Jul 2014 16:51
"Totally understandable luis but you will be missed. The important thing was to return liverpool to the cl and you helped achieve that. You leave behind a team on the up and players that have learned from the best."
11th Jul 2014 16:56
"All the best LUIS, you deserve it! we will miss you so much, LEGEND."
11th Jul 2014 16:58
"Luis aunque te vas segues siendo un Crack. Uno de los mejores jugadores que a visitido la camiseta del Liverpool. Gracias por los buenos momentos. YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 17:03
"What are the odds of meeting Barca in the Champions League? Likely in my eyes for the story...but we're gonna turn some heads"
11th Jul 2014 17:03
"YNWA Luis, thank you for all the great moments you have given us and with a heavy heart we have to accept that you need to move to Spain, whatever the reasons may be...all the very best to you in your future endeavours...Cheers"
11th Jul 2014 17:04
"Just can't believe this, just can't take it in, can't accept this has happened but it has and what a shock to the system it is. What a player, what an effect he has had on all of us.......Words fail me!"
11th Jul 2014 17:07
"Luis, genius crazy all mixed into one!! You came you saw and you conquered!! I for one will never forget how you lift us up! Thanks for the memories and God's blessings to you and your family on your new endeavours! YNWA KING LUIS!!! "
11th Jul 2014 17:08
"Good luck Suarez YNWA. "
11th Jul 2014 17:22
"Every time I think about how it all started, I can't but help to imagine that it was orchestrated from the beginning. I mean, from his lawyer claiming he would transfer to Spain b4 the world even started"
Dede 7
11th Jul 2014 17:25
"We shall miss you. Honestly you will always be in our hearts. What hurts me in particular is that i wanted you to be the greatest player Liverpool FC has seen coz you are the most talented we have seen. All the best. YNWA."
Dede 7
11th Jul 2014 17:28
"To be honest i am BROKEN. YNWA."
11th Jul 2014 17:32
"excellent now we have money to sign JOVETIC and BLIND and then we can win the league."
11th Jul 2014 17:33
"So a sad day for me !! I'm agree with Stevie your are the best forward I've ever seen ! Very gutted because the club let you leave. But I wish you the best for the futur and will always support you!! YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 17:34
"Thanks for the goals Luis..... we are gonna miss you as much as your going to miss out on the champions league nights at Anfield. You are an incredibly talent player but we are even more incredible fans. Your loss mate!"
One of 533
11th Jul 2014 17:36
"goodby Magical luis suarez, you are a football genius gonna miss you skills and friendly personality. Moving to barelona will be amazing for you and I hope to see you score more wonder goals there, just not against Liverpool in the champions league which you helped us get in to. Thank you"
11th Jul 2014 17:42
"Hollow words Luis, you have engineered this move for the past two years, your heart has never been at Liverpool you disrepected the club, teammates and fans last year, sorry mate but never will see you as a Liverpool legend, cant condone the morals of someone who would do this. Cant say YNWA......"
11th Jul 2014 17:52
"Now we should play barca in CL and show them our tiki taka "
11th Jul 2014 17:53
"Hope you read this Luis you've an awesome player for us all the best in the future hope to see you back at anfield one day a true red you,ll never walk a lone "
11th Jul 2014 17:54
"Wow....emotional reading that last line, nice to hear he realized it was a special time with a lot of love. Thanks for the goals, YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 17:58
"thank you luis for all the joy you have given me and liverpool supporters . i wish yo and your family well"
11th Jul 2014 18:06
"Suarez will tear LaLiga apart and he knows it! Playing in the EPL has made him an extraordinary player! I was very shocked that Real Madrid let this happen without a wimper! Interesting! A penny for their thoughts? We cant sign an underdeveloped right back without 5 other teams being interested! "
11th Jul 2014 18:07
"Barcelona sign the greatest player in the modern game for 75mil, no hiccups, no outside interest,seemless and flawless! How did that happen? "
11th Jul 2014 18:08
"I hope i am wrong. But i think honestly that Suarez kept in life the whole Brandon Rodgers "system". It is true Lfc played a few games without Luis Suarez, but now we will see how is without him, what a great manager is Rodgers and how good is this half dead (my opinion) management."
11th Jul 2014 18:13
"A great player thank you for your part in last season wish you and your family all the best in Spain xx"
11th Jul 2014 18:20
"Thank u 4 everything u have done 4 this great club and a massive thanks 4 getting us into the champions league and nearly winning us the league title last season "
11th Jul 2014 18:21
"Señor Suarez, best of luck in your new endeavours and thank you for your contribution to our club. I hope the Barca fans and team respect you as much as the Reds have. God speed. YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 18:23
"See you in the CL Quarter final Luis then we can say Good bye all over again :-) Barca is my second fave team but as ever, Up the Reds! "
11th Jul 2014 18:27
"Good luck Luis, thank you for goals and work rate you put in. With the money we get for you, we will go and build a stronger team. Liverpool football club is never about one person. It has always been about the team and always will be."
11th Jul 2014 18:29
"I Wish you and your family all the very best you gave us some magic moments we'll never forget, a pure joy to watch thank you I hope you get sorted its not fair on your family YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 18:35
"Hope you go on to emulate your predecessors Torres and Owen did when they left us."
11th Jul 2014 18:36
"i feel very sad really. This year should had been one of our best, now I don´t know. Good luck Luis, best player in the world."
11th Jul 2014 18:38
"Regardless of what he did wrong, things like this are the reason he will always remembered with fondness. Take note Senor Torres. "
11th Jul 2014 18:39
"Absolutely gutted to lose you luis. Good luck with everything and hope to see you back one day. True legend. "
Henry Mugerwa
11th Jul 2014 18:41
"You will greatly be missed.Indeed you played your part and what more could we ask for.Wish you the best of luck in Barca and will now partly support Barca because of you."
11th Jul 2014 18:42
"Heartbroken Luis wish you'd stayed with us we're your family too. You were magic with the team around you especially you and Stevie. YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 18:56
"A pity your morals aren't as as good as your football. "
11th Jul 2014 19:02
"Luis is gone, and Di Maria is close to man u. It is a sad day"
11th Jul 2014 19:06
"guys it is 81 mil euro or 64 mil pounds......bale was sold for 72 mil pounds or 91 mil euro...not a big deal...based on his antics,bite.....and he wanted to leave the club....brought his value down....cant blame the club thou......"
11th Jul 2014 19:23
"Best wishes Luis, you were awesome! Like Torres, no player is bigger than the club. I am sure you will be great at Barca, show Neymar how its done! When you are back in England, lunch is on me! No biting...YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 19:27
11th Jul 2014 19:29
"Te extrañaremos aca Lucho. Mucha suerte en el Barcelona, ojala y tengas muchas glorias y momentos bellos en el Barca. Gracias por todo lo que hiciste aqui en el Liverpool por nosotros y siempre te recordaremos con mucho amor y cariño. YNWA"
Peter Broen
11th Jul 2014 19:29
"God luck Luis, it was great watching yo, and thanks for what you and the team achieved last year. Bony? No thanks. Sanchez? Let Wenger have him, he's not that good, and LET BR CONTINUE building a great team. We'll be ok for sure! "
11th Jul 2014 19:31
"This was always on the cards after what happened in Brazil I wish we could of kept him but the truth is he was one embarrassment to far I just hope the figure for his sale quoted on the news as touted by Spanish press of nearer 65 million than 75 is not correct."
11th Jul 2014 19:36
"but once again Ian Ayre has shown his negotiating skills by coming away from Barcelona with no players I don't think he could negotiate for a cold bowl of custard he doesn't do a very good job of selling one of the best clubs in the world to top players but lets see what is done with the Suarez money."
11th Jul 2014 20:10
"we need to get Juan Cuadrado and luis muriel"
11th Jul 2014 20:26
"Thanks luis for the memorable goals you scored over the years unfortunatley the passion and love you felt from the anfield crowd will not be the same at Barca..LFC fans remember Luis pushed the move, Sanchez CHOSE Arsenal we want players to Chose Liverpool and finally LFC always find a class striker it a gimme YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 20:38
"Good luck Luis ,but as the genuine greatest LFC player Mr.Gerard says WE GO AGAIN"
11th Jul 2014 20:38
"disgraceful player and actions. if a transfer request was handed in and this statement was given then fairplay but HE BIT another player to sanction a move he knew what he was doing. i feel a complete lack of disrespect for the club with the way hes acted. u will not receive my best wishes its a shame as i was a big fan "
11th Jul 2014 20:39
"Goodbye luis...and thanks a lot for'll always be in our heart. Have a good life in spain #YNWA "
11th Jul 2014 20:41
"Good luck Luis, you were a Warrior!"
11th Jul 2014 20:49
"Thanks mr suarez and good luck in spain. Come back in 8 years."
11th Jul 2014 21:00
"i cant deny he played some of the best football ever for the club but he has made us look a laughing stock as a club. some fans need to get real yes he was awsome does he care NO . THE GUY IS NOT DIGNIFIED AND IS A COWARD FOR NOT HANDING IN A REQUEST. SPOILT CHILD COMES TO MIND . SUCH A SHAME. we have sturridge who will bring us goals still onwards and upwards. YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 21:00
"From #1 at Liverpool to #3 at Barcelona really wish he wasn't going no doubt he is still going to boss it for Barcelona going to miss you BIG time luis, let's hope we sign a top quality striker who can bag 30 goals like Suarez"
11th Jul 2014 21:12
"YNWA Luis. We may meet hin the the CL next season. We will miss you..."
11th Jul 2014 21:13
"I'm crying... he was my favourite ever player. Time to switch to Stevie..."
11th Jul 2014 21:16
"We got £75m. Spend it wisely Brendan. Good luck at Barca competing with Messi and Neymar. YNWA."
11th Jul 2014 21:19
"Remembered forever YNWA."
11th Jul 2014 21:44
"Well we saw a a genius at play. Unfortunately he was a flawed person. The club gave him everything, support, love and £10,000,000 a year but evidently that was not enough. Never mind, he got us into Europe now the greatest club in the world moves on. No one player is bigger than LFC. Who will be the next promising talent we make a star? "
11th Jul 2014 21:49
"Truly one of the most exciting players I have had the privilege to see in over 50 years of watching football - YWNA!"
11th Jul 2014 21:50
"What am I going to moan at now? Hope u get your teeth stuck into your next job luis. To think you've arrived at the greatest club in the universe (and then left:) joking aside thanks for the entertainment and for helping us to get back in the chase.ynwa"
11th Jul 2014 21:57
"Thanks for the great memories, but I'm having a hard time feeling like we were just another stepping stone to get to Barca or RM. Seems like the bites were calculated moves to force through a transfer. Hope I'm wrong, maybe just in a cynical mood. "
11th Jul 2014 22:06
"Today Luis Suarez, who is banned from football until November, signed for Barcelona who are banned from signing anyone until February please explain.... "
11th Jul 2014 22:13
"really sad to see him go , i loved the genius,the fighting spirit,the creativity of Luis even if he has his dark phases...he will be deeply missed .Good luck in Catalunya "
11th Jul 2014 22:14
"Hubfan - Not cynical at all, you are right. It's no coincidence each of the 3 bites came near a transfer window. He did it once to force a move to us, now did it twice to force a move away. I'm sure he thought Uruguay were going out when he did it only for them to score few minutes later. He is a horrible person. "
11th Jul 2014 22:19
"He will soon discover what Sanchez and Neymar(even though the latter is very overrated anyway)have which is the team revolves around Messi so don't expect to have anywhere near the same impact. "
11th Jul 2014 22:20
"Farewell to a legend. YNWA."
11th Jul 2014 22:22
"Luis Simply, thank you and good luck in Spain. I was privileged to see your master class against Norwich at Anfield in 2013. The press starting with Sir Alex have made your life impossible in the UK impossible. Come back when the dust has settled, YNWA."
11th Jul 2014 22:23
"Good luck with Messi. (300th comment). YNWA."
11th Jul 2014 22:26
"Good formation for Barca: 4-3-2-1. Suarez at front, Messi and Neymar behind, Busquets and Alonso etc. behind, Def And GK. Good luck with that then..."
11th Jul 2014 22:30
"We will miss you. Have a good life in Barca, I'll follow your goals!"
11th Jul 2014 22:34
"Good luck in Barca. Treat Messi like Sturridge, and Neymar like Sterling. Enjoy with former Red Alonso like Gerrard. Spanish Liverpool! Good luck in Uruguay too."
11th Jul 2014 22:35
"Gutted phukin gutted-big season ahead now,teams will think we are a easy touch now hes gone-just hacked off lads,hacked off" "
11th Jul 2014 22:37
"Gutted..One of the greatest to ever play the game in my opinion. and still has years ahead of him. I really hope we don't face you in the CL because that will be too emotional! YNWA, go on and outshine Messi!"
11th Jul 2014 22:50
"Gladto see all the well wishers here, some bad comments but most will miss him. Quality player but hopefully we can find a new legend."
11th Jul 2014 23:04
"Good player, good riddance. Shamed our great club over and over. Forget the fake love letter to the fans, PR, Nothing else. Remember Arsenal last summer. Great player, Oh Yes. A club great.....don't be silly. No dignity. Thanks for the memories, but you are No Daglish, Gerrard, Barnes, Rush, Souness, Hansen....etc etc.....True greats and the list could be a 100 long before you."
11th Jul 2014 23:05
"There are tough times on the horizon! Not taking advantage of the weakness in the top four squads last year is going to go down as one of the biggest let downs of the last ten years if not longer! I feel gutted for Steven!"
11th Jul 2014 23:06
"Yes, thanks for trying everything last summer to get a transfer to Arsenal and for being banned for the first 6 games. Thanks also for going missing the last half dozen games when it mattered."
11th Jul 2014 23:08
"Liverpools best ever player. WHAT.... Not even close you fools. You've obviously only been watching Liverpool for the last few years."
11th Jul 2014 23:31
"Thank you King Luis. You are a real genuis. You are the best and most hungry player i ever see in our red shirt.thanks for the wonderful memories. YNWA!"
11th Jul 2014 23:45
"I could care less about Suarez! You shouldn't either! Never fall in love with these players with all their public relation apologies to escape criticism, phony contract extensions for photo opts to ease the fans insecurity and my favorite "Where their heart is at!" coming from someone who tries to facilitate a move every transfer window! T"
11th Jul 2014 23:52
"Support a club, not a player! We need 30+ goals and a defense! CHOP CHOP!!!"
12th Jul 2014 0:32
"sorry to see you go luis fantastic goals you gave us all the best liverpoolsuperfan"
12th Jul 2014 0:44
"It's sad to read comments from ungrateful supporters, seeing only the bad side of Luis. They forget how he gave his 100% in every game, his goals, his fighting spirit, his desire to win. It's easy now to say "good riddance", when we are back in Champions League thanks in great part to him. I'm sure he enjoyed playing for Liverpool and he has the right to move. Wish you all the best. YNWA."
12th Jul 2014 1:00
"Luis was a guy who gave his heart and soul to this club, if you ever doubted this, may I remind you of the time he cried his heart out when he realized he was not able to give the city the title; obviously not due to his fault. This guy left it all on pitch for us, a true legend, a genius with a touch of madness, I will remember you forever, thank you for all the great memories, YNWA!!!"
12th Jul 2014 1:05
"One of the best players we have ever seen at Liverpool so it's sad but understandable to see him leave. Good profit gained for the club so can only thank him for his brilliance and effort he put in while at Liverpool.Good luck Luis & family.Don't be a stranger, good to read that you & your family will always be reds & that Benjamin is a Scouser.YNWA Luis Suarez, Liverpool Legend."
Shania Jang
12th Jul 2014 2:09
"To Suarez Thanks for a whole time you lived and devote for Liverpool. Hopefully, you and your family will have a happy life and you will achieve more success in new life!!! never forget you"
Tampa Kop
12th Jul 2014 2:12
"How is it that Spurs get 80M for Bale and we only got 75M for Suarez?!? Makes no sense. Either way, while he was an amazing talent, he did not want to stay a Liverpool player. He tried to leave last year for RM; this year he got his wish. I hope to meet Barca in the CL."
12th Jul 2014 2:16
"cheers buddy! all the best"
Tampa Kop
12th Jul 2014 2:18
"Also, 3 seasons at a club a legend do not make. Kenny is a legend. Rushy is a legend, Fowler is a legend. Stevie is a legend. Suarez, Torres etc. not even close."
12th Jul 2014 2:23
"Gracias luis por hacerme hincha del liverpool! Thank you luis for making me a liverpool fan I learned to love this team and stayed tuned to all the games it almost cost me my wife greetings from uruguay!!!"
12th Jul 2014 2:26
"Hope to see you in red again I'm a die hard peñarol fan but this is my 2nd club "
12th Jul 2014 3:16
"A great player. A great shame. We are selling a 30 goals-a-season striker ... I hope there's a top replacement lined up!"
12th Jul 2014 3:39
"All the best to you and your family, and the thanks for your efforts on the pitch. YNWA."
12th Jul 2014 4:35
"you will be missed here at Anfield,,,so sad not to see you play in UCL with Liverpool,,,but thank you,,we love you and your lovely family,,,,all the best for you Luis,,,YNWA"
12th Jul 2014 5:12
"TAMPAKOP 12th Jul 2014 2:18 "Also, 3 seasons at a club a legend do not make. Kenny is a legend. Rushy is a legend, Fowler is a legend. Stevie is a legend. Suarez, Torres etc. not even close." So English people legend, Spanish people no legend, what is this, racism? :)in my opinion Luis is the best red ever."
12th Jul 2014 5:15
"Outstanding player, legend! thank you for all you have done and the best memories. Good luck, wish you all the best. Hope the media in Spain will treat you better! "
12th Jul 2014 6:49
"L. Suarez is a quality, finished end product, world class striker, either you like or not. In exception of L. Messi and C. Ronaldo it is hard to have one to fit his shoes in the pitch unless two quality strikers whom we can quickly porch in the market and fix the dent... YNWA...Sasa-Tanzania..... "
12th Jul 2014 7:04
"Good Bye! Good Luck Never forget your magic, your passion Please keep LFC forever at your heart Cheers!"
12th Jul 2014 7:39
"hoping.. the only sense comment so far. I also knew it was gonna happen sooner or later when I saw him shook his head on the 3-3 draw against Palace. He alone literally pulled us to the "top" and our defence has pulled us down!! And still nothing has been done so far to uplift that defence. Luis a LEGEND. YNWA "
12th Jul 2014 7:40
"God bless you and your family Luis and thank you for your services you were an excellent player for us. Good luck in your next job and know you will never walk alone. "
12th Jul 2014 7:43
"Luis Suarez is the type of player that makes you fall in love with football.."
12th Jul 2014 7:50
"No doubt he was a true genius and will be sorely missed. I only hope now that we can move forward from here cause from how I see it, only Chelsea and arsenal have significantly strengthened their squad in this transfer window and it is worrying that we are targeting average unproven players for over inflated prices. "
12th Jul 2014 8:13
"Thanks Luis, it is your choice. LFC just need a best defender, I am very concerned about Sakho, his passing in WC is very dangerous. Hoping BR recruit a best defender."
12th Jul 2014 8:24
"Thank u Suarez 4 a wonderful time in Liverpool...u have brought Liv to its glory once again. Wishing u n ur fly best of luck in Barcelona. Thank u Suarez....we salute u."
12th Jul 2014 8:39
"It is how you engineered your way out of the club even after making statements that you will stay at Liverpool that makes me doubt your sincerity! You have lost a lot of respect from a majority of Liverpool supporters! I hope we get a chance to meet Barca and beat the hell out of you!"
12th Jul 2014 9:32
"What a beatiful World. Will never forget the fabulous goals he scored while as an LFC player. Shame FSG could n)t use him win the league. what a squelch transformation this team has had, Torres, now Suarez, Lfc Fans demand a straight replacement for Suarez and that defense that cost us the league 14#. I Suppose "
12th Jul 2014 11:33
"El Pistolero!!! Great Lad, Great player. Your contributions and work rate cannot be questioned...Good luck"
12th Jul 2014 13:20
"see ya. dont come back. we are way bigger than u ever will be. YNWA "
12th Jul 2014 16:14
"I actually feel better after reading this. LFC should stop media speculations and rumours building by taking of business quickly and let us the fans know asap or confirm their intentions. All the best Luis Suarez, thank you for your input and positive comments YNWA"
tomc lfc forever
12th Jul 2014 18:22
"to be honest luis if we really meant that much to you and your family you would'nt be leaving us this season we stuck by you during your race hate crime against patrice evra and we got much criticism from all the other teams we stuck by you when you tried to eat ivanovich and "
12th Jul 2014 20:10
"Best wishes for the future. Goodbye and good luck. It's been a pleasure. One of the best footballers ever seen ."
zebra 3
12th Jul 2014 23:30
zebra 3
12th Jul 2014 23:39
"I can't remember any player putting such a smile on my face as Luis.His unpredictable genius would have me grinning from ear to ear,often in disbelief. Black friday has passed and we must look ahead,but thanks for the memories ..gone but not forgotten !"
13th Jul 2014 1:34
"YNWA Luis , thanks for the unforgetable moments of brilliance"
A Red In My Bed
13th Jul 2014 13:01
"Yes Luis. You did a lot for us. But we also made you one of the best players in the world. "
13th Jul 2014 13:58
"LS you will always be a LFC Legend, thanks for the memories - all kopites wish you well. You are and always will be part of our family. YNWA."
13th Jul 2014 15:27
"Good luck,Luis...It seems to me that the main problem in Your life is Your wife...Kissing the wreck,all goals and so were followed by Sofia...As well as on PFA award in London and other occasions.It was well covered.You were poor,she was wealthy,now You MUST move on Barcelona where her family live...cause SHE ordered that."
13th Jul 2014 15:28
"Thanks for the great memories Luis. all the best in your future.."
13th Jul 2014 15:38
"...So,it was very sad.Sad for man 28 years old...This man may not say "No!" to his wife.Instead,that man bites around.These bites are his way to expel disappointment deep in his personality.And he WILL bite again till he would say "No!" to Sofia one day in the future. Thank You,Luis for job worked off in LFC."
tomc lfc forever
14th Jul 2014 11:15
"Good ridence to bad rubbish i hope you suffer the same goal drought that plaqued Fernando Torres when he abandoned us for Chelsea may your shots fly way wide past the goal post good bye you crazy basterd"
14th Jul 2014 11:49
"Yeah Thanks Luis....... That was the hardest thing i have yet had to explain to my 3yr old. luis Suarez has left us. His Words after... Gerrard Not leave!!!! i said No Son..... He will Never leave us!!! "
14th Jul 2014 18:55
"Thanks luis YNWA"
15th Jul 2014 9:18
"thanks for the melodramatic message,it may work on others but not me,you manufactured this move,you knew if you done something like this again!! that we would have no choice but to let you go,so cut the sob story and just move on, just like all the others that have stabbed us in the back,and then failed,goodbye. "
15th Jul 2014 10:21
"this guy has crapped on us(club/fans) from a great height and yet people still wish him good luck,why for god's sake??"