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I'm going to miss you L. Suarez and also going to support Baca because of you and here by wish you and your family well in all your future endeavors, also do not forget that once a red is always a red, YNWA.
11th Jul 2014 13:20
11th Jul 2014 13:43
"If brendan's given all the funds we have to bring in one or two world class players, but the question is who's available? Let's just hope brendan spends the money wisely. "
11th Jul 2014 12:35
"No one is bigger than the club, but don't replace with someone mediocre either.. We need to thrive this season YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 12:39
"Mans talk B.R.Great visions.Togetherness is the big KEY to succsess."
11th Jul 2014 12:40
"ohhhh!!!! me and liverpool fan from Tanzania would like to know, for how much has he moved and from BR mouth, whom are you bringing as a replacement? Make statement on that too. Let him go YNWA. From Bukoba Tanzania. "
11th Jul 2014 12:40
"Just replace those 30 league goals a season BR and I'll be happy.To be fair the club has done the right thing and £50 million profit is fantastic business if is invested correctly."
11th Jul 2014 12:42
"Liverpool made them and they all leave"
11th Jul 2014 12:42
"Wish him all the best. Though it is sad seeing him leaving, but life goes on. Thank you for all the good times. YNWA."
11th Jul 2014 12:42
11th Jul 2014 12:43
"Enough said!"
11th Jul 2014 12:44
"Going to a team thats on the down.Thanks Luis"
11th Jul 2014 12:45
"We now have to buy world class players like Reus, Shaqiri, why not Aguero with the big fee of Suarez, ... No young boys Brendan, only confirmed greats players. "
11th Jul 2014 12:46
"Liverpool FC is bigger than any individual... well said BR"
11th Jul 2014 12:46
"Thanks to Suarez for the good and for the bad. we wish u well as we move on as a family. #LFC"
11th Jul 2014 12:46
""If there is one thing the history of this great club teaches us, it is that Liverpool FC is bigger than any individual" - in Brendan i trust"
11th Jul 2014 12:47
"Amen. We did as much as we could. Like Owen, Like Torres, Luis will come to realise just what a wonder this Great and wonderful LFC really is."
11th Jul 2014 12:48
"Well said Brendan. Luis will be sorely missed on the field BUT clus IS ALWAYS bigger than any individual. Make sure to spend that money WISELY!"
11th Jul 2014 12:49
"Maybe right about no one bigger then the club. But there have been some players pretty close."
11th Jul 2014 12:56
"Rues or benzema please"
11th Jul 2014 12:57
"Seriously am I the only person uncomfortable about this? Seriously, if Barcelona can over look all the bad press why can't we? I strongly believe we are reacting to the press. I have a very bad feeling about the sale."
11th Jul 2014 12:57
"it is going to be hard to get a player even half as good as Luis Suarez but we will walk on. I wish Luis all the best & he will never walk alone. it was always going to happen but I do feel we have sold him cheaply for a player as good as Luis who will bang goals left right & centre in spain. We seem to have no strength in dealing with transfers."
11th Jul 2014 12:58
"Just keep up the good work you and your team have done the past 2 years. We have seen them comeand go over the years and we will see them come again. This BR and the LFC family are the makers of superstars not "one" but a whole team of superstars so I will keep looking forward to an exiting season again. Most of all I will be watching the young guns from out of Melwood. YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 12:58
"Well said BR!! No one is bigger than the Club!! He wants to go, then let him go!! We'll fight together this year and win games as a team!! Just follow the example of Athletico and build a real team who does not depend on only 1 individual!!"
11th Jul 2014 12:58
"Sell Suarez and buy Bony goodbye all the hard work that was done last season. The whole league laughing at us Arsenal stealing Sanchez from us plus we lose our best player in many many years what are you smoking John W Henry?"
11th Jul 2014 13:00
"Totally agree, but be sure to replace him with a quality player."
11th Jul 2014 13:01
"Bring in a suitable replacement, not the also rans that are currently being bandied about."
11th Jul 2014 13:01
"Daniel Sturridge was amazing when Luis had his first ban. He will be even better this coming season. "
11th Jul 2014 13:01
"Well done and well spoken, even though suarez is a great player he shamed us by biting again even though we reached his precious champions league and the support from the fans every time he caused trouble, so thanks luis for the 2 years you have given us and thank you brendan for solving this situation so quickly"
11th Jul 2014 13:01
"Good luck Luis fare well you'll never experience anfield like other greats have on a champion league night "
11th Jul 2014 13:02
"I BELIEVE in MY CLUB and YOU Mr RODGERS.. Onwards and Upwards.. LFC Forever.."
11th Jul 2014 13:02
"vairuz: yes, you are. i think we all are reacting to his bites, not to the press. in barcelona they already have one psycho, now they have another one..."
Punta Gorda Red
11th Jul 2014 13:07
"This was inevitable and please just remember than no striker has left us to go on to greater things! If a player doesn't want to come -aka Sanchez-we are better off without them and also why the fervour about experience? How young were Owen, Fowler, Sterling when they burst on the scene?? Am sure BR and the transfer team know who and what they want."
TikaTaka in 88
11th Jul 2014 13:09
"Got to wonder if BR once said he was better then Bale why we has settled for nearly 20 million less....look forward to seeing the accounts to see how much we actually got. Should have played hard ball...100 million or nothing..."
11th Jul 2014 13:10
"We need to start from where left off!! We must show a real strong mentality with motive to survive on all fronts!!! "
TikaTaka in 88
11th Jul 2014 13:10
".Barca would have paid...glad he has gone as he totally disrespected the club and us in signing the new contract in December. Saying how he could not wait to play in the CL with LFC...Then as soon as he left the UK the old Suarez turned and moaning...I supported him...but no more...see how you like the bench and not being the star player. LFC will be stronger..."
11th Jul 2014 13:11
"This will be a repeat of 08-09 season.. when we sold Alonso we fell apart the following season."
11th Jul 2014 13:12
"Absolutly gutted YNWA suarez thanks for the ride but wish you had stayed longer, you won't get the love you had at Anfield thats for sure but i look forward to knocking you out the Champions league "
11th Jul 2014 13:12
"Don't try to buy a direct replacement as Suarez could only be replaced with 3-4 players we have no chance (means, audacity, willigness etc.) to lure here. We have enough young hopefuls, make them superstars BR would you? (BTW I have huge respect for the man for he's got the toughest job among our rivals' managers. They just get whomever they fancy.) "
11th Jul 2014 13:14
"Seriously hope we've got top dollar and that it will be re-invested.I was gutted all those years ago when Keegan left for Hamburg, we got Dalglish!!! No pressure."
11th Jul 2014 13:15
"How much did LFC get in transfer fee????"
11th Jul 2014 13:15
"Oh and young Bale went for 90 something and we part with Luis for 75 - if we're to believe the news??? "
11th Jul 2014 13:15
"He was bigger than lfc last season most goals and most assists and got us cl football. I wonder who is the playercan do the same again that we got? Lambertno chance "
11th Jul 2014 13:15
"AND NOW WHAT??????"
11th Jul 2014 13:16
"Liverpool will never be the same again. The worst day of my being a fan. 37 years! I will however continue to be Liverpool now and forever... YNWA"
Denza Red
11th Jul 2014 13:18
"Eloquently and diplomatically put Brendan. One less headache, which will allow you to focus on our still-to-come major success."
11th Jul 2014 13:19
"still love suarez though he had baggage he cant be replaced on the pitch he was a warriror ynwa"
11th Jul 2014 13:19
"very kind words boss way to kind feel for you br all that hard work keeping him on track for him once again to do the dirty unreal we move on the mighty reds dont need rs Y.N.W.A"
11th Jul 2014 13:20
"replace top striker griezeman bony loveron "
11th Jul 2014 13:21
"What will be the consequence if we do not end in the top four?"
11th Jul 2014 13:25
"Suarez was a pure football genius. I will miss watching him in this coming season. I hope this isn't a backward step that I believe it might be for LFC but you can't keep someone who wishes to leave. Good luck LS and good look BR and LFC think we will need it."
11th Jul 2014 13:27
"A lot of talk from fans looking for big players to replace Luis! The only possibilities are Messi, Neymar and Ronaldo and that isn't going to happen, so lets just move on and allow Brendon to judge who is right. It's about balance now and some players mentiones aren't brilliant anyway - Shaqiri and Reus?"
11th Jul 2014 13:27
"LFC make great players Hunt, St John, Rush,Aldo,Owen,Keegan, Dalglish,Torres -dont need to waste£m's on a marque-get potential!"
11th Jul 2014 13:28
"McManaman, Fowler, Torres, Owen. They've been great for Liverpool but always replaceable. Just hope we don't blow the cash. "
Liverpool NY
11th Jul 2014 13:29
"With all of his talent it is a very good move to sell him, his action were disgrace to this club, plus he will be suspended for 4 months, the key is to get good replacement and missing on Alexis is a blow"
11th Jul 2014 13:31
"We just need to get a marquee signing. Let's avoid the Torres to Andy Caroll mistake! 20 or more goals a season player is what we need! YNWA!"
11th Jul 2014 13:32
"Suarez was a bad boy but when he played and scored i didnt care,the lad is a genius-end of-its time for us to move on...,.p"
11th Jul 2014 13:34
"If you replace him with Bony or hell why dont we resign ngog!! #ridiculous "
11th Jul 2014 13:34
11th Jul 2014 13:36
"64 Million they got him for a bargain.Why do we always sell players on cheap.Having mixed feelings about next season,Only players brought in are squad players,nothing to make starting 11 stronger."
11th Jul 2014 13:39
"YNWA Come on"
11th Jul 2014 13:40
"gonna be a tough season without the little weasel!!"
11th Jul 2014 13:40
"Please use the money wisely. We do not want another AC saga!!! We need a world class defender and world class striker. My personal choice is either Rodriguez or Muller. Someone who is PROVEN goal scorer. Wish LS all the best except when he plays against Liverpool!!!"
11th Jul 2014 13:41
"No Suarez No Sanchez No new real star player. Stevie growing old. Was hoping last season was a prelude to a newfound success"
11th Jul 2014 13:41
"Involved in 43 league goals last season We now need proven world class to fill at least a good amount of that void We need to believe we can sign (within reason) anyone we want to"
Natural Poolie
11th Jul 2014 13:46
"Agree nobody is bigger than lfc and losing Luis will not define our season. How you invest and rebuild will. Filling in with mediocre pot luck players with possible potential will NOT suffice. Suarez is irreplaceable but with quality balanced through the team we can live without him."
11th Jul 2014 13:46
"I have no doubt on your ability Brendan. Keep up the good work and spend the 75 mil wisely. All the best."
11th Jul 2014 13:50
"well said. in BR we trust"
11th Jul 2014 13:51
"Can't believe Suarez to be sold for £64 million. We sell him on the cheap, don't get Sanchez and are held to ransom to buy average players at inflated prices. Not good business at all and Iam worried abut next season. Louis cannot be replaced. Should have plated hard ball with Barcelona and showed some bottle."
11th Jul 2014 13:51
"Suarez would have been a top player without Liverpool, look how many goald did he score for Uruguay, or for Ajax. So NOTHING to do with Brandon Rodgers. Who is good, is good in every team. And Suarez is brilliant. A big luck for Liverpool to have him 3 years. Such a 100 years once. He would stay more with top players near him, i am sure."
11th Jul 2014 13:54
"The last paragraph says it all. No ONE player is bigger than the club. We will be fine without him. Can't wait for the season to begin."
11th Jul 2014 13:54
"LS was a great player , however , HE CAN WALK ALONE NOW"
11th Jul 2014 13:55
"Stabbed in the back a few times by LS. Brendan's speech is spot on, no-one is bigger than LFC, which he thought he was. I'll miss how good he was, just hope we get someone of similar calibre and #1 don't waste money on English rubbish #2 Actually get a player with a proven goal scoring record. I bet we now have a world class player saga for a month and end up with a last minute rubbish buy."
11th Jul 2014 13:56
"If Suarez was as good as Bale 3.5 years ago then maybe he would be worth 100million but he's not as young and LFC getting £75 million for a player approaching 28 is good business. I would love to see some top quality signings now though."
11th Jul 2014 13:58
"I will miss Saurez and I don't think we will be able to replace him.We should have not sold now until next season . I am from Tanzania ."
11th Jul 2014 14:03
"how much cash did he go for? "
11th Jul 2014 14:05
"Liverpool, please go on and win the Premier League and European Champions League. We have always done this in the past when a player leaves us in this manner."
11th Jul 2014 14:05
"I wish you success Luis in your future endeavours. YNWA! BR, please make LFC the envy of all European clubs again, the club every player will wish they could play for again."
11th Jul 2014 14:08
"All the best to L. Suarez, thanks for some great memories. Hope LFC bump into you in the Euro final."
11th Jul 2014 14:08
"Now splash d cash and get moreno...... N mayb yedlin + griezman or pedro"
11th Jul 2014 14:08
"Time for Sturridge and Stearling to shine!!!!!!!YNWA "
11th Jul 2014 14:08
"Are lambert and bony going to be his replacement? I hope not,Rodgers needs to start looking at quality.Good luck luis,remember he was the only player who cried after we lost to palace.Just shows how much he cared about the club."
11th Jul 2014 14:09
"we need dzeko or negrado from MAN CITY WITH MICA RICHARDS NOW , "
11th Jul 2014 14:10
"Sturridge will thrive under BR this season!!!"
11th Jul 2014 14:21
"we need to bring in a world class player! coz the doom and gloom surrounding most supports could really bring the players down"
11th Jul 2014 14:27
"Thanks Luis Suarez. You did your part"
11th Jul 2014 14:28
"Never mind the face saving speeches and how we tried to stop the best player we've ever had leaving..! Get us a replacement ASAP. "
11th Jul 2014 14:29
"Brendan, you made us believe and you led this great club to where we are at this time and with you at the helm, we are on the verge of making our dreams a reality. So Suarez has left but the club remains stronger than ever. With this in mind WE GO AGAIN becoming the Champions we are destined to be. Liverpool YNWA!!!"
11th Jul 2014 14:29
"Rodgers you have to make your own stars get hungry youngsters and make them great. I dont see us getting any established player anytime soon. Bring the left back Moreno and this Markovic and lets see"
11th Jul 2014 14:29
"Vairuz-11th Jul 2014 12:57. spot on mate. I think FSG used the press fiasco to cash in. Unless we buy 3 world class players like Benzema, Reus and Kroos which is the only possible way to replace Suarez."
11th Jul 2014 14:35
"Good luck Luis but I think without him we'll continue to move forward. YNWA!!!!"
11th Jul 2014 14:37
"Natural Poolie very well said mate. Lets all move on now!"
11th Jul 2014 14:40
"can you imagine liverpool vs barcelona champions league final lol"
11th Jul 2014 14:44
"Need to get a decent replacement, ideally one that doesn't bite people! Jackson Martinez looks like good business for £35m, 60 goals in last 2 seasons for Porto"
11th Jul 2014 14:45
"We need Shaqiri and Jackson in Porto but not Bony. We need to fight for Title but not Top four."
11th Jul 2014 14:48
"mbaise, if you support a club as big as lfc with all your heart then there shouldnt be any room left for any other club! especially one that has no morals whatsoever and has just took our best player."
11th Jul 2014 14:52
"Another one bites the dust. I think we have had the best of LUIS SUAREZ. Hope he his happy at Barca."
11th Jul 2014 14:58
"Gd luck Luis,u did alot for us!looking forward for the new season BR!just dun understand 1 thing why we r not getting kono??To be honest it is hard to find Luis 's replacement but with Daniel as our main striker,I really think kono has all the skills to replace Luis.We need to have someone who can change the game on his own!!right??"
11th Jul 2014 14:58
"Well said BR, spoke like a true gentleman, I know that there is nothing that u cud have done to keep LS, but we move on to bigger and better things . WE GO ON "
11th Jul 2014 14:59
"To the owners and Brendon, please dont patronise us, we all know that you agreed with Luis and Barca in the winter that he could join them, that is the only reason he got his head down and did his best. Why dont you people just tell the truth? Us fans are not stupid but you must be if you think we believe ur crap! Every player has a price just say it as it is simple!"
11th Jul 2014 15:00
"Vairuz 12.57. For goodness sake fool work it out! The man wanted the transfer Liverpool did not. We don't have control over the situation and at least it is 75m.....sigh! Move on - we may even be a better balanced side without him"
11th Jul 2014 15:02
"Love you Luiz.....will sorely miss you. YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 15:08
"with Stevie and jordan at the middle,I think up front should be Adam,Raheem,Daniel,Kono!Sub:lambert,Bony,Coutinho,Markovic.(personally I don't rate Markovic so much though!)"
11th Jul 2014 15:13
"the one thing you can take with you is you will always be a Liverpool player YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 15:13
"15.06 and your point is!!?"
11th Jul 2014 15:14
"Good talk Brendan Rodgers,this club is bigger than any individual player."
11th Jul 2014 15:18
"Seems Wenger had private meetings with Sanchez. We must pull out all the stops to sign a big addition now that Luis has gone."
11th Jul 2014 15:22
"withut suarez you cant play hede allen lucas together as your miedfielder . your defensive miedfiler are poor . i hpe can is good enog . how much you get money from fifalona ? if you just get cheaper than 70 m pon , you shouldnt make business with them anymore . 70 m pon is very cheap for him . they frced us to sell marcerano for 20 m pon what lfc gived to westham . he is best dmf"
11th Jul 2014 15:23
"im sure daniel levi would of got 90 million for suarez! we just mugged ourselves off, 64 million!! cant wait for the banter to start!! :("
11th Jul 2014 15:27
"Best of luck Luis and thanks for the memories. Y.N.W.A"
11th Jul 2014 15:29
"Think we have enough up top, sturridge will love being main man, sterling superstar in the making. How about mega bid for Barkley? Now get lovren and moreno, just do it"
11th Jul 2014 15:30
"was the big contract signing last december done just to insert the buy out clause? thanks for all you have contributed luis-lfc will survive, we always do"
11th Jul 2014 15:34
"selling the current best player in the world for 64million is a joke! proves we have been bullied by barca and let them have there way!!!! just hope Rodgers spends wisely, and that's not bony !"
11th Jul 2014 15:35
"All the best Suarez and I doubt you will be able to score 30 goals unless the team is design to suit you. And ya, Liverpool FC is bigger than any individual - in Brendan I trust. YNWA!"
11th Jul 2014 15:37
"Why can't our players resist about Real Madrid and Barcelona? Are these club really a big, Madrid yes maybe but Barc hmm? Talking abt big club and biggest fans-base, we're def in the world top 5 bracket! Hard to absorbed, nevertheless all the best to Suarez. He did bring us hope for our EPL Title Dream... All e very best Luis"
11th Jul 2014 15:41
"...because, Vairuz my friend, the bad press has been IN England not Spain. They would eat him up if he returned next season. And believe me Spanish press are saints compared to the English!"
11th Jul 2014 15:43
"was the big contract signing last december done just to have the buy out clause inserted? thanks for everything luis-lfc will survive, we always do"
11th Jul 2014 15:44
"Sorry to say 'there goes the top four' was nice while it lasted. Best of luck to Luis and Barca. YNWA!"
11th Jul 2014 15:45
"I hate to say that we can learn from Man U when they lost Van Nistelrooy and Ronaldo. Hopefully we can get good players to clinch titles next season"
11th Jul 2014 15:47
"The fans should take heart lfc have in previous seasons and still found better players outside players like messi naymer ronaldo who else is worth mega million just look at the strikers at the world cup best of luck luis and thanks "
11th Jul 2014 15:51
"Well what a romance that has been. All the best Luis, you've given us some amazing moments that will be remembered for decades. . A new dawn is upon us. The focus is about the team now rather than any one individual. I believe BR is the man to bring it"
11th Jul 2014 16:04
"We came second with Suarez , I can't see us coming first without him. Arsenal , Utd, Spurs,Everton , Chelsea will all feel a good lot better about their chances of being top four and maybe even Champions now we no longer have a footballing great amoung us. Tough times ahead unless we sign a world class striker sometime soon. Sad day , tough season to come."
11th Jul 2014 16:17
"Really appreciate the statement from our manager. Sums the situation up well for me, YNWA LX"
11th Jul 2014 16:25
11th Jul 2014 16:28
"Everyone on this thread is pretty much on the button, BR you need to replace him and get a decent mid-field general... no more squad players please!!! r we going to compete with the best of the best in 2015! I hope so. Goodbye Luis and good luck"
11th Jul 2014 16:34
"It would be nice to know EXACTLY how much he went for.Instead of all the speculation from all and sundry..........."
11th Jul 2014 16:45
11th Jul 2014 16:46
"Don't believe we're gonna get top four this new season now he's gone but I sure hope I'm wrong."
11th Jul 2014 16:50
""If there is one thing the history of this great club teaches us, it is that Liverpool FC is bigger than any individual.." I'm with you, BR.. YNWA!!"
11th Jul 2014 17:13
"bony can be like drogba,him and studge can be deadly,he`s got a good background but im sure we refused to offer a contract after a trial in the past"
11th Jul 2014 17:14
"Come on Brendan Rogers sign a quality striker. Its gonna be hard to replace Suarez but we need a striker who can scores 20+ goals a season. "
Bigland Park
11th Jul 2014 17:20
11th Jul 2014 17:22
"Is he going then?"
11th Jul 2014 17:28
"Hes gone "
Dede 7
11th Jul 2014 17:34
"We shall miss him. But life goes on. We believe we have a great manager in you BR and we have high hopes come next season. YNWA."
One of 533
11th Jul 2014 17:37
"goodby Magical luis suarez, you are a football genius gonna miss you skills and friendly personality. Moving to barelona will be amazing for you and I hope to see you score more wonder goals there, just not against Liverpool in the champions league which you helped us get in to. Thank you"
Dede 7
11th Jul 2014 17:39
One of 533
11th Jul 2014 17:42
"feel sorry for Brendan Rodgers he is gonna have to perform mircals to turn this disaster around, atm he has taken one step towards being sacked but now he can prove he is one of the all time great managers"
11th Jul 2014 17:45
"Brendan, you are going to have to replace him with a top class player, Bony is not the answer, hope you have someone in mind or well be lucky to be in Top 8 next season, on the way down again I think, unless you bring in top class players...."
11th Jul 2014 17:45
"We should consider buying Hulk and Fred, their value has dropped considerably at the moment, they may actually be in hiding somewhere but we'd get them for buttons!"
11th Jul 2014 17:49
"Such a big loss will take some replacing all the best Luis will always b in are hearts ynwa"
11th Jul 2014 17:52
"Abel Hernandez, Gaston Ramirez and here's one that that almost everyone has overlooked, a real talented England International....Jay Rodrigez, get him cheap now coz he will be something else when he makes his full recovery from injury."
11th Jul 2014 17:57
"The team was built around luis and that is the big challenge facing br. Br needed luis during that bedding in period but this is totally a br team now with his methods now the norm. We will miss luis but this is about br now and can he achieve without luis."
11th Jul 2014 17:59
"Another reason Gerrard is King Red!! Success found AND kept with liverpool! Good luck Luis, I'm sure there are more bites on the way during those crazy barca v real matches..."
11th Jul 2014 18:21
"Well said that man!! "
Liverpool NY
11th Jul 2014 18:37
"with all of his brilliance, I am happy to see him leaving. First thing be a decent human being and then a football player. I am happy the club made the right decision and I am sure other great players will come. For me he is not a legend for playing two years, 3 major discipline issue and trying to engineer Arsenal move last year"
11th Jul 2014 18:44
"We've lost players in the past and improved I was heart broke when Kevin Keegan left but step forward Kenny and the rest was history as they say We did well when Luis was on his ban and we still have our SAS sturidge and sterling It'll soon be time for us to go again"
11th Jul 2014 18:49
"Luis(Terminator)Suarez, he´ll be back."
LFC Dastan
11th Jul 2014 19:01
"Please no Bony. Buy Markovic, Shaqiri and please MARCO REUS with suarez money. Sell Agger and Lucas to fund Lovern and Rojo deal"
11th Jul 2014 19:05
"No Sanchez because he went for London/Ozil/Wenger. As for 'style' we played better football than any other team last year... Move on to someone like Benzema or Cavani - we need at least one classy player. I'm anxiously waiting to see who it's going to be... "
11th Jul 2014 19:12
"Di Maria is close too Man U , now that is a player we need now that Luis is gone, so please get him before Man U "
Vosta Lee
11th Jul 2014 19:19
"He has left us at a better place than Torres did and also left better."
11th Jul 2014 19:20
"talk is cheap. falcao, cavani or rodriguez. "
11th Jul 2014 19:24
"Well said BR. Move on, next objective!"
11th Jul 2014 19:35
"Its a sad day for LFC we will never find a player like L Suarez and what is B Rodgers doing looking at Swansea to replace Suarez what a joke it shows how inexperience he is a good manager will keep his best players look at A Ferguson looks like mid table next season"
11th Jul 2014 19:39
"what are you smoking FSG - are you sure are not the one smoking pot. You seem to be posting duplicates on every thread with exactly the same message. Pls show us the contract and where it say 64M is the buy out clause. Media can ONLY speculate on the true cost as both clubs have chosen not to disclose how much was paid"
11th Jul 2014 19:45
"Come guys I am gutted but, would Suarez be as effective this year as last year? I doubt we would have got the same season this year as last year. Plus he is 27-28 we would not get anywhere near the money got for him now The only problem is how to replace him and with whome?????"
11th Jul 2014 19:48
"Rodgers is not the man to take us to the next level."
11th Jul 2014 19:51
11th Jul 2014 20:00
"Liverpool are better than Barcelona. Lets trust Brendan. YNWA "
11th Jul 2014 20:06
"I think he will miss Liverpool more than we miss him, hope he settles happily with his family, but can't understand why he considers Real or Barca bigger than Liverpool! "
11th Jul 2014 20:10
"we need to get Juan Cuadrado and luis muriel"
11th Jul 2014 20:46
"goodbye to bad news.. he lied to fans,saying he had no intension of leaving. LFC were left with no allternative but to let him go. we have to support BR and his attempt to replace him. as long as FSG let BR spend all of the money."
11th Jul 2014 20:56
"'Moving forward' is a very optimistic assessment of a club selling its only world class player ahead of what was supposed to be season to remember. The buzz I had watching Luis Suarez will definitely not be compensated for by watching our club captain produce the least convincing impression of a holding midfielder I've ever seen. Mid-table mediocrity here we come. "
11th Jul 2014 20:59
"Gutted phukin gutted-big season ahead now,teams will think we are a easy touch now hes gone-just hacked off lads,hacked off" "
11th Jul 2014 21:10
"No please D; farewell... YNWA."
11th Jul 2014 21:18
"Bony is one of the highest scoring premier players in 2013/14 EPL with 16 goals (Equaled by Dzeko, and Giroud), and bettered by Aguero, Suarez, Sturridge, Rooney, and Yaya. He's no average player. He scored 2 goals in the 2014 world cup. For a striker to score 16 in his first season at the EPL is no easy task."
11th Jul 2014 21:21
"It will be exciting to watch him at Barca, even better if we get to play againt. Lets Go Reds!"
11th Jul 2014 21:38
"Not looking forward to next season without for me the best player in the world Luis Suarez you will never walk alone"
11th Jul 2014 21:54
"Now I'm supporting real Madrid in Spain "
11th Jul 2014 21:58
"Now teams will open up a bit more to us now "
11th Jul 2014 22:07
"Today Luis Suarez, who is banned from football until November, signed for Barcelona who are banned from signing anyone until February please explain.... "
11th Jul 2014 22:11
"Buy JULIAN DRAXLER please !!!!!!"
11th Jul 2014 22:22
"So much for FIFA's ban on Barcelona not being able to buy players. I'm guessing they'll also lift Saurez's ban once he's officially their player. FIFA/Blatter are/is a joke."
11th Jul 2014 22:37
"Folks get real! He was going anyway despite the lies soft soaping the fans. At least Ayre got a decent pay day from him and if he stayed he was a great player but it doesn't matter how good he was sat on his arse at home drawing 3.2 million quid in wages he wasn't adding any goals and it was going to be left to what he have to do the business anyway. We need to move on. YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 22:38
"Luis + Messi... hmm..."
11th Jul 2014 22:50
"We sold a banned player to Barca. Buy him back in Jan and pay Suarez to play horrible for Barca and we will get profit and Suarez will be back."
11th Jul 2014 23:10
"See ya Suarez, you were a riot"
11th Jul 2014 23:13
"Marko rous from borusia is the anser"
Natural Poolie
11th Jul 2014 23:20
"Are we going to be given something to dream is more to the point. Is BR going to be allowed to spend money on world class players. Given the whole lot to go out and get Benzema and one of the Benders or I could live with Can if we got Benzema and Greizman lol"
11th Jul 2014 23:36
"sadly i think it will be all down hill for Luis from here "
11th Jul 2014 23:48
"Sorry but selling your best player and replacing him with overpriced, mediocre players from mid table teams is not how you progress and build on a fantastic season. People are always quick to point out how we made players like Torres and Suarez world class, but what have we ever really achieved with them in the side. "
11th Jul 2014 23:52
"Yes we know he's nt bigger than Lfc but we need world player(s) to compensate for his loss. Athletico sold Costa and are in for Madzukic,Barca sold sanchez and bought Suarez, we sold Suarez and you think Lambert or Markovic can replace him? Be wise Rogers! "
11th Jul 2014 23:53
"We cant keep developing these promising young players into stars only to sell them to other clubs where they then go on to achieve success, before we actually win anything of our own. I'm sure I'm not the only one who can sense a repeat of the 2009-10 season. "
11th Jul 2014 23:57
"We'll certainly struggle to make top 4 next season unless we buy some world class players who can improve the first eleven, but the way things are going, i highly doubt we'll do that. Our rivals are improving and we've just gotten significantly weaker. "
Natural Poolie
12th Jul 2014 0:14
"Centercircle- not the end of the world yet mate. Depends how we invest it. 2x£35m bids for Muller and Vidal, £20m Khedira and £40m Benzema or 2x£35m for Reus and Dzeko. Invest wisely on quality and it could be the making of us. Imagine 2 of these with who already bought and the rest of our original targets dude "
12th Jul 2014 0:19
"Although I believe in Brendon to take us forward, we need a marque signing soon. YNWA"
12th Jul 2014 1:03
"Hanomac 1 I think he cried because he had lost a filling!!! Brendan, never mind all that cash, just spend a little of it. A bit more and you will probably get Moreno and Lovren. However, just compare our signings with Arsenal's and United's. Can you honestly say this excites you. If we finish top four it will be a miracle, but best of luck!"
12th Jul 2014 1:07
"People criticising FSG for inserting a release clause are do realise if they hadn't he would be starting this season with only 1 year left on his contract, "
12th Jul 2014 1:08
"he wouldn't have signed a new contract in December unless a release clause had been included, as a result, we would've been lucky to get £50 million for him, seeing as once the 2014\15 season was up, he would be available on a FREE."
12th Jul 2014 5:17
"Rodgers, take the plane and go to buy a world class striker. Otherwise we all will cry at Christmas, especially you. Fsg will never cry, coz they are not having feelings. "
Natural Poolie
12th Jul 2014 5:19
"I'm going to come in for a lot of slating now but I don't really care. I was speaking to my long standing friend last night. Lives on the East coast of Italy, in Bari. During the conversation I think I stumbled across the reason lfc cannot attract big names. Cont'd "
Natural Poolie
12th Jul 2014 5:23
"The conversation got onto football, the inevitable Suarez to Barcelona. He couldn't understand why he moved from one big club to another. I explained that it was to be close to his wife's family, which he understood. He also mentioned BR's comments and said it sounds like he had a lot of love and respect for Luis. Cont'd "
Natural Poolie
12th Jul 2014 5:27
"I explained that everyone associated with lfc has a lot of love for Luis. But then he asked who BR was. I didn't understand it at first, then I realized that until he became manager of lfc I hadn't heard of him either. I could only say that he had worked at a few teams in England, mainly as a number 2. That he had been Mourinho's right hand man for a while. Cont'd "
Natural Poolie
12th Jul 2014 5:31
"His comments got me wondering though. Yes we haven't been in CL for a while but lfc are still respected and loved on the continent. Still carry a bit of credibility. But if people and maybe players on the continent haven't heard of him, how can he command respect."
Natural Poolie
12th Jul 2014 5:34
"Maybe BR has to prove himself in CL before he is strong enough to attract the big names. Yes we love him here at lfc but on the continent he's an unknown. Apparently when they meet him he's a bit of a charmer lol but maybe with the big names he struggles to get that far yet. Just a thought."
12th Jul 2014 5:49
"True, BR, you are right, noone is bigger than the club!!! faster find replacement!!! BENZEMA pls...."
12th Jul 2014 6:43
"Tell that to Owen and Torres mbaise lol"
12th Jul 2014 7:05
"I dnt care what any1 says torres,n now suarez stil lfc. Stands as long as we have brendon Rodgers 4 me he is the way forward 'viva coach'I know u wil make us proud"
12th Jul 2014 7:14
"LFC need at least 1 good centre back and 1 good right/left back who are also good in the air. URGENT!"
12th Jul 2014 7:24
"Strikers always get the headlines. But Football is a Team game. Only a good manager can get the parts each doing their bit to gel, teamwork and you have a Winning Team. BR is the man who can do this. Proved!"
12th Jul 2014 7:48
"He is of course a huge loss but I think we will be fine without him as long as you sign a replacement. He was hunted by the press and like every special person that emerges in England he would have been destroyed by the press. "
12th Jul 2014 8:07
"Please do not look for a Suarez replacement, but a striker with his own strength. I for once do not want that comparison. It will just put undue pressure on that individual. Please make this clear to everyone. Suarez will never be replaced wherever he goes."
12th Jul 2014 8:53
"It's a fair point about continentals not knowing about Rodgers and top players will have reservations about joining us because of this. The same could be said of Jurgen Klopp but he eventually turned Dortmund into one of the elite clubs. Maybe some players are waiting to see what we're going to do in the CL and see what Rodgers is really made of..."
12th Jul 2014 8:54
"Anyway, we know what he can do so we'll have to trust his skills and ingenuity to add to and develop the squad to compete with Europes elite - It's still early days lads but we've got off to a good start under Rodgers! YNWA! "
12th Jul 2014 9:03
"2nd in the Prem and back in the CL in Rodgers 2nd season, we couldn't have asked for much more! Yes we had Suarez but I believe Rodgers will move us forward again..."
12th Jul 2014 9:04
"As for Barca I think the wheels will eventually come off, especially with them 3 big characters in the side. Their slipping further and further away from the team we saw dismantle ManU at Wembley (Awesome!) and their only hope is for PG to return I think..."
12th Jul 2014 9:04
"Good luck Luis you were immense, an irresistible force, but I don't think this move will work out for you in the long run. In fact I reckon you will even end up at Real, which would suit you better - Adios!"
12th Jul 2014 9:17
"No one but no one is bigger than this club, We all respected what Suarez did for LFC but his actions were irresponsible. He clearly didn't want Liverpool enough. I hope if he bites a player again he is banned for life! Thanks, but goodbye Suarez. YNWA."
12th Jul 2014 9:40
"What a player, best I have ever seen. Sorry to see him go. "
12th Jul 2014 11:02
"Now that we wont be getting Sanchez in a Suarez deal, why not go for Pedro plus 50m pounds. And we can spend the rest of the money to buy Dzeko and Hummels. we r ready for the season then..."
12th Jul 2014 11:39
"On whom do we spend the money ? and who is available . To replace Suarez with a single player is impossible in my opinion , so we must find a combination that will work. We should aim high we nust aim high. I don't know is Reus is available , he would be perfect, in combination with Markovic. For me NO to Bony Griezman and Benzema. I'm sorry lads I'm really saddened by Luis's departure. "
12th Jul 2014 11:39
"On whom do we spend the money ? and who is available . To replace Suarez with a single player is impossible in my opinion , so we must find a combination that will work. We should aim high we nust aim high. I don't know is Reus is available , he would be perfect, in combination with Markovic. For me NO to Bony Griezman and Benzema. I'm sorry lads I'm really saddened by Luis's departure. "
12th Jul 2014 11:43
12th Jul 2014 14:16
"Judas "
12th Jul 2014 14:57
"I wish Luis Suarez the very best with his new club, Barcelona... One of the very very best players to ever pull on that beautiful jersey, with some of THE BEST goals ever seen at Anfield. BUT, NO ONE PLAYER IS BIGGER THAN THE CLUB.. Liverpool are stronger and more together than ever before, and we will go on next season and win the Title.. LFC YNWA"
12th Jul 2014 15:03
"PLEASE sign Isco and Griezmann only way we will win the league!!!!!!!!!"
12th Jul 2014 15:07
"Someone said we came second with Suarez, how can we win the title without him.. We lost the Title last season because we conceded too many. All we need to do is just tighten up at the back, and keep going forward as we did last season. We are signing, some real quality players, that only a few years ago were dreams only... THIS GREAT CLUB IS ON THE CUSP OF SOMETHING TRULY SPECIAL YNWA"
12th Jul 2014 15:13
"Well I for one think that getting the fee for him whatever it was is better than him continuing to drag the name of the club through the mire. Had he not been suspended last season for the first five games we would have won the title. Some people such as BR and SG are too honest to say what they really think they like us have been let down. "
12th Jul 2014 15:54
"LFC to spend wisely. Learn from the Andy Carroll saga. Do not panic buy any striker. We need strikers with an average of 18 plus."
12th Jul 2014 16:00
""he has improved as a player". Why must Rodgers try to take credit EVERYTIME for EVERYTHING? Without Suarez's goals, assists, contribution.. Rodgers has got absolutely nothing to boast about because LFC would not even be in the top 5. Get a grip on your pride Brendan. Please, your attitude is getting so boring."
12th Jul 2014 16:06
"Brenda Rodgers we agree with you 100% that no individual is greater than Our Noble Liverpool Football Club; but now lets move on. the issue is not how many but how good? Let us loot at people like Marco Reus, Ada Turan,and Di Maria. one/two of them will be ok for us please RB."
12th Jul 2014 16:09
"Brendan, please fix up the defense. Defenders that keep scoring own goals are really a disgrace! No more Suarez this season, please wake up!"
12th Jul 2014 18:54
"If we buy a big name so called world class striker he will only think he's more important than everyone including the club. Better to bring through a potential who may actually gives LFC a few years. Pay less get more all round "
12th Jul 2014 19:48
"Let's get this straight. He wanted to badly that he engineered a move last year and we stuck by him. He did the same against. HE DID NOT WANT TO BE HERE ANYMORE. Another thing.....Sanchez did not want to come. We don't want players coming here for the money. We will make another Torres, another Saurez.....whoever."
12th Jul 2014 20:00
"its time to stop pampering to foreign prima donnas and get some good British blood . get back to the old style of the Mc's and scousers ynwa "
12th Jul 2014 21:57
"Stop the shameful moaning about FSG. We all knew Suarez would move sooner rather than later. The fact that FSG managed to get him sign a new contract with a lucrative buy out is a stroke of genius as he would have gone for peanuts. Adios Luis, in BR and FSG I trust YNWA"