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Never forget what joy he gave- remember what he left not what he takes. Adios amigo
11th Jul 2014 13:34
11th Jul 2014 12:33
"Farewell Luis. :("
11th Jul 2014 12:34
"Gonna miss your impact on the pitch Luis but certainly not off it!! You will never get the love anywhere else that you got here."
11th Jul 2014 12:34
"Big mistake from the club !! Best player of the world leaves. Don't understand why he wants to go to Barcelona ?? Gutted, devastated. Luis, this is the wrong choice, you have much more in Anfield than Camp Nou :("
11th Jul 2014 12:34
"Good Luck Luis - All the best for the future. Can't begrudge you your dream move but it will be a shame not to see you playing on a Champions League night at Anfield. "
11th Jul 2014 12:35
"Good Luck Luis. Thanks for the good memories. YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 12:35
"We will miss you Luis!"
11th Jul 2014 12:35
"All the best suarez! #YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 12:36
"Good Luck and thanks for those wonderful years! YNWA "
11th Jul 2014 12:37
"fantastic player but not right in the head. Wish he could've played a full season for Liverpool without being band. Hope we will buy someone with the same skills (football only)to replace him. I won't wish him luck as he didn't show any respect for Liverpool after they stood by him , many times."
11th Jul 2014 12:37
"Very sad to hear about this news. Wanted to see Suarez in CL in LFC shirt. Now that remains a dream. Well, club is bigger than any player and I am confident we'll have new gem in our team soon."
11th Jul 2014 12:37
"Well I hope they met the release clause....... "
11th Jul 2014 12:37
"best of luck, youll be missed YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 12:37
"Thanks Luis, good luck in the future. Always a red in my eyes!"
11th Jul 2014 12:38
"good luck luis... thanks for everything :)"
11th Jul 2014 12:38
"good luck luis... thanks for everything :)"
11th Jul 2014 12:38
"thanks for the memories Luis , you were a goal machine for LFC best of luck at barca YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 12:39
"thnks and best wishes 4 future "
11th Jul 2014 12:39
"The news that we all expected is now confirmed. Let's hope that we have another world class striker on the radar and Brendan has something special lined up! Adios Luis and thank you for the memories, there will never be another striker quite like you!!"
11th Jul 2014 12:39
"I most certainly hope that the club will respect it's supporters in seeing possibly the clubs best and most productive player ever and reveal the amount we received for him and see it all reinvested in the squad."
11th Jul 2014 12:40
"Goodbye Luis! you leave only very happy memories for us, thank you for you contributions and we all wish you well for Barcelona! "
11th Jul 2014 12:41
"Going to a team thats on the down,Tanks Luis"
11th Jul 2014 12:41
"We will miss you Luis!"
Flanagan's ears
11th Jul 2014 12:43
"with him in the team we became telescopic, everything through him, we done just ok without him at the start of last season, and there ain't no reason why we cant be again."
11th Jul 2014 12:43
11th Jul 2014 12:43
"Liverpool made them and they all leave"
11th Jul 2014 12:44
"So gutted. Best we've ever had. Still all the faith in the world for Brendan. Come on reds! "
11th Jul 2014 12:46
"Thank you Luis, the best player I have ever seen in Red. It was however a good time to leave. I believe on both sides of the coin it was a good deal for Luis and Liverpool! YNWA "
11th Jul 2014 12:48
"you will always be loved!!! wish you all the best in spain..and thanks for the wonderful moments you gave me!!! thanks for leaving 80million as well...YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 12:48
"Luis, thank you VERY MUCH for all you have done for the club. You're a very, very talented player and I wish you the best for you and your family. Don't care what other think, I'll will miss seeing your magic on the pitch. Thanks."
11th Jul 2014 12:48
"What a marvellously exciting time we have had at Anfield with Luis. I hope fans will always welcome him if we ever play Barcelona - and never ever boo him if he scores against us! I hope he will return sometimes to club occasions. YNWA Luis"
11th Jul 2014 12:49
"Bye LS7. The only player I ever made my own song about. Hopefully we will get Barca in the group stages next season whilst you are still banned. Thanks for all the goals and the 50 million profit."
11th Jul 2014 12:49
"All the best.....we'll meet in champions league"
Hend of
11th Jul 2014 12:50
"GUTTED!! But in all fairness he had to go. We can't keep players who don't want to be here and after his latest antics he clearly showed no respect for himself or club. I wish him all the best and just hope BR uses the funds wisely to keep us in that top 4."
11th Jul 2014 12:50
"Good Luck Luis!! I never liked the way you pushed for transfers but you always gave your best for us on the pitch!! You will realize what you lost here when you will see how Barca play only for Messi!! "
11th Jul 2014 12:52
"Farewell Luis all the best you could have had god knows like status if you had stayed! "
11th Jul 2014 12:52
"Well we are used to this, Alonso, Mascherano, Torres & now Suarez, we just a feeder club these days...and getting Lambert, Bony, Lallana (all one season players) to replace a WROLD CLASS PLAYER!!! Same mistake happening as Carroll, Downing etc, WE NEVER LEARN"
11th Jul 2014 12:52
"How much did LFC get? "
11th Jul 2014 12:53
11th Jul 2014 12:54
"I wonder if he'll be happy at Barca being third best player behind Messi and Neymar (who are hero worshipped)? Luis likes the spotlight and the moment he screws up over there that brutal Spanish media will crucify him. He thinks the press are bad in the UK? He has no idea how bad they can be until he's been subjected to the Spanish paps. Good luck Luis, you're going to need it!"
11th Jul 2014 12:56
11th Jul 2014 12:58
"No player will ever be bigger than Liverpool FC. See ya Suarez. YNWA."
11th Jul 2014 12:58
"Never seen a player with such quality. We really need to get a top player who will score regularly to assist Sturridge and Sterling etc. we'll never see such amazing talent again but if we can get another proven goal getter we will be successful. Sanchez would have been my choice so another disappointment there. LFC definitely improved Suarez's skills."
11th Jul 2014 12:58
"Sad. However, Liverpool FC made the right decision for the club. He wanted to go, so good luck to him. Come on you reds. YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 12:58
"What the point if a player sign a 5 year contact to play for a football club "
11th Jul 2014 12:59
"Thanks for the Memories Luis. All the Best To You and Your Family. Remember YNWA .. LFC Forever.."
11th Jul 2014 12:59
"Sell Suarez and buy Bony goodbye all the hard work that was done last season. The whole league laughing at us Arsenal stealing Sanchez from us plus we lose our best player in many many years what are you smoking John W Henry? I'm glad Suarez is gone but a double whammy of Sanchez joining Gunners + Bony as his replacement... Why not Benzema Rodriguez ANYONE"
11th Jul 2014 12:59
"i just hope now Brendan does not waste the transfer fee on sub standard players like spurs did with the BALE money "
11th Jul 2014 12:59
"One World Class Player who will be missed, now you have the funds, find the right striker to replace him and bring them in quickly. ssecure the team and use the pre season to bond then hit the ground running. YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 13:00
"You always tried your best on the pitch and have my thanks for that. YNWA. No player is bigger than this club. Thanks for good memories... and 80 millions. Now it's the time for the club to show their intend on the transfer market by buying big name striker."
11th Jul 2014 13:00
"Sad to see him go, but need to move on. My big concern is our best player is going and i will bet we do not purchase a world class replacement - we will not buy a player for £30m+ in this window. "
11th Jul 2014 13:01
"Good luck fella ......but remember this, Michael, Fernando, Ian dreamt away from the greatest arena in footbal -l ANFIELD! YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 13:02
"Thanks for the good memories.Best of luck,amigo. YNWA"
Denza Red
11th Jul 2014 13:02
"Luis was the master of his own downfall. If anyone conducted themselves in this way in their employment there would be one outcome - dismissal! If you conducted yourself this way in public there would be one outcome - arrest! Thanks for your time at Anfield Luis, but you can no longer expect our respect."
11th Jul 2014 13:02
"Take care Luis all the best for you and your family, out with the old in with the Jackson Martinez! #YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 13:02
"Thanks for the delightful football you've shown. All my years as a LFC supporter never seen anything like it. Absolute magician of a player. Wish you all the best in la liga and despite you leaving I hope you succeed. Hope we don't play Barca at any stage of the champs league though :) "
11th Jul 2014 13:03
""Seriously am I the only person uncomfortable about this? Seriously, if Barcelona can over look all the bad press why can't we? I strongly believe we are reacting to the press. I have a very bad feeling about the sale.""
Gerrard 08
11th Jul 2014 13:03
"Time for BR to pull out all the stops to get a works class striker. Got to somehow re"
11th Jul 2014 13:04
"Absolutely and utterly gutted, Best of luck in the future."
11th Jul 2014 13:04
Gerrard 08
11th Jul 2014 13:04
"Got to somehow replace him. YNWA! All The best Luis! You'll be massive missed! YNWA "
11th Jul 2014 13:05
"Gutted he's gone, had to though, must invest in top quality replacement, final thought :- he will bite again, it's instinctive"
11th Jul 2014 13:05
"Gonna miss luis bigtimes!! At the age of 24 i can say he is the best player to play for our club apart from Stevie G ofcourse!! All the best and now go out there and show La liga what ur made of!! and oh yeah behave with biting please!! ;) "
11th Jul 2014 13:07
"So why are we playing in champions league again?? We clearly have no intentions of wining it. Money without the right player in the market to fill the gap is redundant."
11th Jul 2014 13:07
"I'm going to miss you L. Suarez and also going to support Baca because of you and here by wish you and your family well in all your future endeavors, also do not forget that once a red is always a red, YNWA. "
11th Jul 2014 13:08
"Barcelona need a little bite in there team! Colgate on their shirts next! "
11th Jul 2014 13:09
"Sad to see such a quality player leave, but at the same time I'm glad that we're offloading a player with no loyalty or respect. It will be interesting to see if Barca can handle his antics, which I very much doubt. "
11th Jul 2014 13:09
"You have to say he had very little loyalty to Liverpool wanting to go to Arsenal last season. Great player for sure but sadly I can see trouble ahead for him. One thing for sure he will never get the support and loyalty he got from LFC fans and for that we should be proud. 52.3m profit for the club, now to spend it well. "
11th Jul 2014 13:10
"£64.3m is a rip off. Very fed up.u"
11th Jul 2014 13:10
"1st it was champs league, now family///shoka players nee "
11th Jul 2014 13:10
"hope liverpool draw barcelona in the champions league....."
11th Jul 2014 13:10
"Once again the English media have had another major impact to the well being of this club. What could anyone expect from a talent like Luis.....there's only so much one person can take before imploding! Good luck Luis -- lets just hope the papers there treat you with some more respect. YNWA "
11th Jul 2014 13:10
"OMG did i get it right? Spanish Marca told that he was sold to Barcelona for 75 milion â"
11th Jul 2014 13:11
"Big, big loss. Best of luck Luis and thans for everything you did for us. We move forward, I just hope the board/BR don't buy cheap replacements. Suarez was the difference in us being a top4 team to a Everton/Spurs standard team. With clubs like Manu and Arsenal seemingly spending big, we must follow suit."
11th Jul 2014 13:11
"..and its not a mistake by the club, he wants to leave and would probably have requested a transfer..LFC have done the right thing, in my view a fantastic deal. If Suarez bites just one more time or attempts to it will be curtains! Barca have taken a HUGE risk here.."
11th Jul 2014 13:12
"You were one of the best football players I've ever seen but you were also one of the worst people I've ever seen. You've burned a bridge that can't be rebuilt. I wish you no ill will but I also don't wish you any good fortune. "
11th Jul 2014 13:13
"This will be a repeat of the 08-09 season, when we sold Alonso we fell apart the following season."
11th Jul 2014 13:13
"Please don't bite Messi."
11th Jul 2014 13:14
"Im actually sick with this, 1st torres now suarez!!! Are we genuinely looking to become the force we once were? or just looking to cash in wherever we can! Liverpool FC I have supported you since I was a kid, football and LFC has been my life! Today you have finally tipped me over the edge!!"
11th Jul 2014 13:15
"Thank you for everything you've done for our club ... All the best ..."
11th Jul 2014 13:15
"We knew it was coming - and for a long time. However we have had the chance to develop some players and now need a better balance to the side. Sturridge needs to step up even further and Sterling can be unstoppable in the next 2 years. We probbly don't need as many 'stars' as many think. Markovic is hugely talented and Ibe is going to surprise lots of people."
11th Jul 2014 13:15
"Great player but kept on damaging our clubs reputation so I'm pleased he has gone. "
Liverpool NY
11th Jul 2014 13:16
"Good move to sell him as no player bigger than the club and his action were disgrace, however missing on Alexis is a big blow for us, not sure Bony is a good replacement for him"
11th Jul 2014 13:17
"It was a matter of when , now that its happened, hope LFC go out and get more top players ,so that the club can maintain the good progress they made last season."
11th Jul 2014 13:18
"Here's hoping that the ungrateful rat breaks both legs on his first day back, four months from now..."
11th Jul 2014 13:18
"Dipas223- Clearly the club has tried to hold on to him, we fought off interest from arsenal but clearly he wants to leave, and we shouldn't want to keep players that dont want to play for the club"
11th Jul 2014 13:19
"what a point in football if a player sign a 5 year contract "
11th Jul 2014 13:19
"Arsenal fans all having a field day!!! We loose suarez cant even attempt to land Sanchez! what do we have to go by this summer! just more and more disappointment! Is that what you want for your fans FSG/LFC? Ohh you dont care its money in your bacv pocket right!"
11th Jul 2014 13:22
"I think when Luis lands to Barcelona he feels that some thing is missing inside him and he try to find out that for the rest of his life.Thank Luis for every dribble you made for us.Y.N.W.A."
11th Jul 2014 13:22
"At first I was hoping we'd keep him. But when he bit Chiellini, I was just like just give us the money and go. He's gonna regret it, when he'll be Messi's bi**h. Everyone regret it(Torres, Owen, Rush...).I thunk he's too big a ego to play for someone (like Messi). And I believe, that he lost any chance of possible ballon d'or and simillar rewards with that transfer. So farewell, Luis. "
11th Jul 2014 13:22
11th Jul 2014 13:23
"I just hope Brendan makes good use of this money. "
11th Jul 2014 13:23
"What will be the consequence, if we do not get at top four place??"
11th Jul 2014 13:24
"Great player but not human being, we will miss his soccer skills, irreplaceable for sure, if only we had got Sanchez or we could get Shaqiri. Good buy Luis hope you get treatment, that's what you need not punishment."
11th Jul 2014 13:26
"To: Luis Suarez!! Thank you for everything you did for LFC!!! Great memories Great goals!! Wish you the best for luck mate! Much respect for not going to an EPL teams!! Hope you and your family have a great future in Barcelona! Your always welcome to Liverpool!! As do my LFC fans!!! Ignore the ignorance FANS!! "
11th Jul 2014 13:26
"I'll miss watching him play in a red shirt but I don't feel that heartbroken by it. We've adored him but also suffered with him. His heart has long since been settled on a move to Spain though. £75m to the warchest, hope it's spent wisely. "
11th Jul 2014 13:27
"We will struggle without Suarez he was / is a genius. he will regret leaving that is without doubt. Now more than ever we need to focus on the team and not the individual. We can be better together YNWA "
11th Jul 2014 13:27
"excellent now get jovetic from man city.."
11th Jul 2014 13:28
"That Brasil episode was made buy Barcelona Clan.It was set up for weeks earlier.Issue was how they sell it to the media and they play it well.Nothing happens for nothing."
11th Jul 2014 13:29
"Good riddance. What matters is LFC! Forward and upward without the unnecessary distractions of a sick mind! Hope he gets help ... but he isnt our problem now. We'll get another gem just like we got Suarez after Torres! LFC 4ever."
11th Jul 2014 13:29
"Gutted this has finally happened. Been amazing for us and wont be the same without him.Hope we bring in a quality replacement. £64m is a joke if true. All the best Luis!! YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 13:31
"One of the sadest days of my life as a Liverpool fan. I didn't feel this bad when Owen left, not even when Torres left. Life is wicked!!!"
11th Jul 2014 13:34
"This is a sad day, but with the cirstances, it had to happen. Luis put us back at the top. I only hope the transfer fee is not wasted. The club is on a financial solid footing now. "
11th Jul 2014 13:38
" Why all the good wishes for Saurez when he CHOOSES to leave and all the hate for Michael Owen and Fernando Torres when they choose to leave."
11th Jul 2014 13:39
"You'll never be a legend in my eyes !!!! You have proved to everyone you have no loyalty and wish u the worst at Barca. You will fail miserably ........ Good riddance "
11th Jul 2014 13:39
"Why did we sell him for 64m he is worth a lot more than that.. ridiculous taken for a ride of Barcelona once more they must relish poaching our players.."
11th Jul 2014 13:40
"gonna be a tough season without the little weasel!!"
11th Jul 2014 13:41
"Not everybody is sad, The whole FA, sir Alex and Howard Webb are having a happy day today. This guy made some difficult days for them. Now can come Man United again. This is their competition. The Premier League. Thanks God Suarez is gone, hopefuly forever."
11th Jul 2014 13:43
"It Doesn't matter if he wants to go, LFC's job is to make him stay obviously they cant do that! so its all down hill from here!!!!"
11th Jul 2014 13:45
"Urmm 'big mistake by the club' errr 'release clause' errr 'he wants to go' somehow these things are clubs fault! He is a fantastic player & i will miss him as a player. But in every other way he has damaged this club. I don't think we are as weak without him as many imagine. Others will step up. Theres more goals in Sturridge, Sterling, Coutinho & Henderson this season for starters."
11th Jul 2014 13:46
11th Jul 2014 13:46
"Dipas go support Man City you'll be happier and so will we."
11th Jul 2014 13:47
"The worst news and the biggest mistake in decades. As we cannot buy Messi we cannot replace him. who thinks we can he is deluded. Thank you Luis for everything and wish you all the best. YNWA "
11th Jul 2014 13:48
"Let's stop mourning about Luis departure, we got him after Torres and we will survive without him. Sturidge was scoring during Suarez ban and would have continued scoring. We seem to forget that Sturidge had 21 goals. Another Suarez will come through - he was not that prolific dusting his first year at Liv so was Torres. BR bring another Suarez, Sturidge from the current squad"
11th Jul 2014 13:49
"Folks, did you even take time to read Brendan's and Suarez's statements. Both said LFC did EVERYTHING they could to get him to stay but he was set on leaving. So don't be blaming LFC or Brendan, they did all they could but you can't keep a player that is intent on leaving. "
11th Jul 2014 13:49
11th Jul 2014 13:52
"Why do Liverpool not say what the fee was we as fans are untitled to know we pay there wages"
11th Jul 2014 13:54
"Thanks Suarez for all the smiles you gave us during your time in LFC, no doubt your name is already written in the legends' register with the KOPs. YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 13:55
"Don't forget he was making noises of leaving Anfield before the famous world cup "bite". Great player but no loyalty to the club who stood by him through so much bad publicity."
11th Jul 2014 13:55
"Bit annoying how a few seasons ago he wanted to leave because we didn't get champs league football, and now that we have qualified and achieved his "dream" he has still left. But we'll take the 70-75 million and move on. One thing about Liverpool over the years is that we are also blessed with good strikers. Sturridge will need to step up again next season, and another striker will be needed! YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 13:57
"SKY are saying they've been told £64.3m. If that is true I AM DISGUSTED!!! That makes us look even more of a laughing stock than anything Suarez did! Shame on you Ayre & Co. Shame!!! "
11th Jul 2014 13:58
"Johnny it was 75 mil,The media drove saurez out cus he doesn't play for man utd.If he played for them they would of gone easy on him mark my words,of course he didn't help himself at times too.Just hope Rodgers buys a great replacement and not bony!"
11th Jul 2014 14:00
"we need to bring in a world class player! coz the doom and gloom surrounding most supports could really bring the players down!"
11th Jul 2014 14:03
"Never forget the moments u gave for us... All the best Luis... Rumours that Reus is not happy about the Luis signing.. he was expecting sign for Barca???"
11th Jul 2014 14:06
"It's time for Liverpool FC to step up and return to this great football club's normal position; the very top of the pile."
11th Jul 2014 14:07
"Bolteyes... i don't want to support Man City, I love Liverpool, the point im making is that the men behind the club don't love their supporters, by giving us what we deserve by trying to build for the future not destroying. Seriously do you think we will be the same or better off without Suarez?? seriously!!!!"
11th Jul 2014 14:09
"Selling Suarez? But now will have to play against him!!! What were you thinking!!!What if it's the Europa final!!!"
11th Jul 2014 14:10
"The scary thing about all of this is that per game we win more points without Suarez in the team than with him! I think we will be better without him. Its a team game YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 14:10
"Thanks for your efforts Luis. But no strikers as replacement roger that Rodgers"
11th Jul 2014 14:11
"Fantastic to have had him at Anfield. Louis Suarez...YNWA."
11th Jul 2014 14:12
"Just want barca to play us in the CL at anfield. Show him what he missed."
11th Jul 2014 14:15
"Good luck Luis and thanks for the memories. I completely understand you jump at the chance to move to an ambitious club when all your current club can do to capitalize on a great season is to sign overpriced British dross and squad players."
11th Jul 2014 14:17
"Suppose this fee is in instalments - think we should push for a couple of Barca players on loan with their wages covered by them - Masch and Tello perhaps...."
LIVERPOOL ghal dejjem
11th Jul 2014 14:17
"Wish you the best of luck Luis.You'll never walk alone and we'll never forget you. Once a Red, always a red, but no one is Greater than Liverpool.YNWA MALTA. "
11th Jul 2014 14:20
"Heartbroken to lose such a magical, genius of a player Farewell and goodluck for the future - u will be sorely missed ! Sylvie Chetty Johannesburg SA "
11th Jul 2014 14:22
"A victim of his own uncontrolled passion to win, the English Murdoch tabloids, and now FIFAS corrupt management. Breaking Neymar's spine intentionally in a world cup gets you a yellow card whilst a bite four months. Am I the only one that sees the hypocrisy here?"
11th Jul 2014 14:24
"its always the same great players always leave ... lets hope the new players will be better than the ones we got last season .... can see lfc finish in the top 4 with the new players we are getting lets hope I'm wrong YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 14:24
"Liverpool had him for three years and twe made £53m PROFIT plus tens of extra millions from qualifying for the Champions league. His goals can be replaced because many came in blowout games. His family is important to him as it should be so listening to his wife and wanting her happy is a valid reason to move on. He goes with my best wishes "
11th Jul 2014 14:28
"Was expecting that one, thanks for the good memories Luis Suarez. YNWA!!!!"
Flanagan's ears
11th Jul 2014 14:29
"64 million pounds !!!!!!!!! they had us over a barrol if thats the case"
11th Jul 2014 14:29
"Bring in cavanni, he's not happy at PSG"
11th Jul 2014 14:30
"Good luck champ!! Will never forget ur determination and willingness to win besides all ur skills and goals....YNWA "
11th Jul 2014 14:31
"Great player but a liability. The LFC bandwagon will roll on regardless. Have faith in Brendan. I've no doubt that when Louis has had enough of Spain he will be chomping at the bit (or anything else he can get his teeth into ) in order to get another transfer. "
11th Jul 2014 14:34
"Always Remind me the source of good and evil is one."
11th Jul 2014 14:34
"Sad to see him go. But we should put things is perspective this time last year we had an uncertain future,fourth was going to be a struggle, Arsenal were offering half of what we have got now and we didn't have CL football lto entice anyone...Forward one year he has doubled in value, helped propel us into the Champions League and landing himself a 15/16 game ban. Good luck Luis YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 14:35
"Sorry for you to leave Luis. I wanna thank you for helping us get to the Champions league back to Anfield, something we have wanting for a few years now. I want to thank you for not leaving last summer or made it harder to keep you one more year. I hope you and your family will have a good life in barca. thanks for everything Luis. YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 14:41
" I need quick signing to adjust my feeling.I now LFC is like Phoenix. we come back with great power and determination to win EPL.May be a good sign LFC wili win next year.remember AJAX win 3 consecutive erdiviso after 3 dreadful year with Suarez "
11th Jul 2014 14:44
"Thanks for all the thrills and the wonderful moments Suarez. Once a Red, always a Red. "
11th Jul 2014 14:46
"I would like to wish him all the best, but somehow can't. I feel totally conned, both by his lies saying he was very happy here, and his obvious selfishness. We stuck by him through thick and thin, and pays us back this way........BIZARRE !! He leaves a club that worships his talents and goes to one where he will be "ordinary" with Messi and Neymar. Gutted."
11th Jul 2014 14:47
"Spain was always going to be his next destination. Thanks Luis for the amazing football and good luck. YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 14:48
"yeah, thanks for getting us into the champions league...and then ditching us before we've even played in it thereby making our team weaker and we'll inevitably drop out of the group stages and it'll be 2009 all again!!! cheers buddy!!! Pr**k !!!!"
11th Jul 2014 14:51
"Ajax is Ajax, Liverpool is Liverpool. Liverpool will not win the league in 75 years with this politics. If Brandon Rodgers will come 4th in 2015, we can say he is a true great manager. Of course i don't believe this. I hope however."
11th Jul 2014 14:52
"Lets not lose sight of the fact that last seasons performance was not totally down to one man. It was down to a team performance. Yes he did score 30 goals but LFC as a team scored over 100 goals. Yes he did make a vital contribution to get us champions league but so, many other eg Sturridge, Gerrard, Sterling, Henderson etc."
11th Jul 2014 14:54
"One of all time legends, will miss u mate but happy for the transfer, too much distraction. Upward and forward for LFC , no one and I say no one is bigger than LFC. GO REDS YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 14:58
"Luis you are the best player we ever had (I started watching in 1958) I say thanks for your exciting electric football. Good luck to you and your family. Somehow I think you will be back"
11th Jul 2014 15:09
"god, some fans are so boring in their demented opinions!"
11th Jul 2014 15:09
"OMG!! we only got 64 million!!!!!"
11th Jul 2014 15:10
"Good luck at barca, thanks for all the great moments you gave us. YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 15:14
"Luis being a legend here was given freely to you,unlike other legends who earned it over ther years here,you never walked alone,But sadly you did in the end,so i dont think its fare to say ynwa unlike other greats that have moved on,But thank you for your effort you are number 1 at that"
11th Jul 2014 15:16
" - Liverpool accept Arsenal have beaten them to target Alexis Sanchez - Jackson Martinez admits he would make Arsenal move.... Nobody wants Liverpool???? :(((((( "
11th Jul 2014 15:19
"All LFC fan will never forget him for the smile and cheer he brought to our face and we all wish him best of luck and controversy free career ahead of him"
11th Jul 2014 15:23
"Feel like crying massive loss for us thanks luis for the brilliant moments and almost making us dream you are irreplaceable ynwa"
11th Jul 2014 15:26
"This guy is Amazing, we won't forget all the things this guy gave us. Hope you get along in Barcelona, We love you Luis, and i hope the management can move faster to get us the outstanding replacement like Luis Suarez. "
11th Jul 2014 15:27
"This guy is Amazing, we won't forget all the things this guy gave us. Hope you get along in Barcelona, We love you Luis, and i hope the management can move faster to get us the outstanding replacement like Luis Suarez. "
Caveman the Red
11th Jul 2014 15:31
"You're one very sad individual. "
11th Jul 2014 15:32
"Absolutely gutted! In fact, that's an understatement! Fantastic, gifted and well nourished player. All the best for you and your family. Here's me now hoping you can return to play against us at Anfield next season perhaps in the Group Stage."
11th Jul 2014 15:37
"letting the best player inn the world leave for 64million what a joke "
11th Jul 2014 15:40
"I just want to be a realistic person to say that Luis is half of our strength. Goodbye SAS, goodbye hands kissing celebration, goodbye a player with huge passion to win. I'm a big guy with many tattoos but my eyes are full of tears...."
11th Jul 2014 15:40
"We need to bring in better replacement. We should bring someone who score goals assist and create. Otherwise we will struggle next season as now Suarez is gone. Adios Amigo Suarez."
11th Jul 2014 15:42
"Why LFC Why are you hell bent on Directing the club into relegation? This is not a joke! more of a plea to get in people who care about the club and not cash!"
11th Jul 2014 15:44
"Im angry because he never gave us a chance with champion league football next season but to play with messi doesnt come around often :/ hope we get reus or a world class player not do a spuds and blow it on mediocre players"
11th Jul 2014 15:48
"Good luck Luis thanks for everything, just hope we replace you with quality and not more hopefuls,"
11th Jul 2014 15:49
"Another piece of bad business by Ian Ayre, how come the clause was 80m (100m euros) wasn't paid in full and instead LFC accepted 64.3m (81m euros), why giving them a discount of nearly 16m pounds, with that money we could have bought Shaqiri, why LFC don't explain how they sucbed to the FCB bullying, if it was vice versa surely they wouldn't have accepted"
11th Jul 2014 15:49
"nolongball - you got it right. It's time people started to have standards and not just a greedy eye on the money. Great player, yes, but a little man in terms of character."
11th Jul 2014 15:50
"64m should of been 90m"
11th Jul 2014 15:54
"it really hurts that you're leaving us.. thank you for everything luis.. wish you all the best.. adios amigos el pistolero"
syf amos
11th Jul 2014 15:57
"thanks for all the good moments u had with liverpool..wish u the best"
11th Jul 2014 15:59
"64m should of been 90m"
11th Jul 2014 15:59
"A sad day, we lose a world class player and our most potent threat. His boots cannot be filled , so lets hope we find some one who can at least score goals. Thanks Luis , we will miss your goals , the rest , we will be glad to see the back of. YNWA."
11th Jul 2014 15:59
"the clause never was 64.3m surely more, Ian Ayre should explain to the fans those people that love the club and pays hundreds of pounds every year to watch LFC,this is disrespectful to the fans, they should know more, you should resign IAN AYRE, always paying over the odds when buying whilst always selling on the cheap or loaning out players and keep paying half their salary. DISGRACEFUL!!!"
11th Jul 2014 16:02
"bite messi bite neymar please hahahahaha"
11th Jul 2014 16:11
"I hope Paul Scholes is right when he says Suarez will regret Leaving Liverpool. A Goal scoring midfielder and a world class striker is all Liverpool need right now. Luis Enrique is back in training so he'll be like a new signing. cont'd"
11th Jul 2014 16:16
"We all know why he he has left, it is because Norwich got relegated"
11th Jul 2014 16:18
"Cont'd.. Lovren and Skrtel will Boss the defence, although I would've given Sakho more time. Lastly, Let's all pray for Gaza, Since pray is all we can do"
11th Jul 2014 16:22
"Best forward I have ever seen. Lets be honest guys, we were lucky to keep him last season. The best players in the world end up at madrid or Barca. Thanks for the memories and we can now move on."
11th Jul 2014 16:25
"All the best Luis, YNWA! "
11th Jul 2014 16:25
"All the best Luis and thanks for the great memories but 3 strikes and your out we stuck by you through everything! Clearly has no respects or loyalty personally I don't think he will settle at nou camp he won't be top dog messi and neymar hold that mantle! So be prepared not to be worshipped like you was at anfield "
11th Jul 2014 16:25
"Luis Suarez wish you and your family all the very best at Barcelona wish you were staying but life goes on thanks for the memories i will never ever forget of the magic you brought to anfield truely an amazingh player Y.N.W.A.--JFT96 GOOD LUCK LUIS SUAREZ "
11th Jul 2014 16:29
"So sad one of the if not the best striker we have ever had. ynwa"
11th Jul 2014 16:29
"You dreamt of the move Luis.... a big mistake! Your dream will turn into a nightmare soon when you see that you are only third choice! Can your ego take it? Any mistake and you will be crucified by the Spanish press. You thought the English press was bad? You ain't seen nothing yet!! You will never be loved like you were at Anfield. Ever! However, good luck but not against us!"
11th Jul 2014 16:35
11th Jul 2014 16:39
"Don't expect loyalty of players nowadays, making stevie g and carra as rare breeds. Just move on for the reds as football institution. Make different approach of games, many players of ours will step up. Good season to come. Now, just get new exceptional striker, left back, and Markovic. Again, no invidual bigger than club. Liverpool will be fine "
11th Jul 2014 16:42
"Gonna really miss the guy, He's a legend of LFC in my eyes, a genius, yes flawed but there's some people you just love warts and all and Luis Suarez will always be one of them. YNWA Luis!"
11th Jul 2014 16:44
"Notice my top comment where I stated good riddance to a player that has turned the club into a laughing stock has been removed. Let's not forget this striker has only been prolific for two seasons and can be replaced easily."
11th Jul 2014 16:44
"get dempey from psv and firminho . "
11th Jul 2014 16:47
"i hope can , marcovikare good for us . if it right that fifalona only give you 63 m pon . itell you dont make any business with them next time . its enough . they pay more for neymar , right ? i see him play for brazil , and never think he is at same level like messi . "
11th Jul 2014 17:04
"Good luck Suarez. YNWA "
11th Jul 2014 17:10
"You always gave us your best and that was magic and excellence. Good luck in Spain, wish you all the best my friend."
11th Jul 2014 17:16
"get Manuel Lanzini from river plate only 21 and like suarez"
11th Jul 2014 17:17
"hope to see you in a barce kit at the stadium in the next couple of weeks (forward to fifa)"
11th Jul 2014 17:17
11th Jul 2014 17:26
"just hope when madrid come for sterling and coutinho, we don't just bend over again!"
11th Jul 2014 17:29
"Every time I think about how it all started, I can't but help to imagine that it was orchestrated from the beginning. I mean, from his lawyer claiming he would transfer to Spain b4 the world even started"
11th Jul 2014 17:36
"I hope the club will not spend Luis' money with another Andy Caroll !!!!! We need a top top top class player! Whenever Luis can't be replace by anyone!!"
11th Jul 2014 17:38
"akino! its always orchestrated with suarez!! pity most people ain't sharp enough to see it."
11th Jul 2014 17:38
"Greatest player LFC has ever had! PERIOD!!! If we don't follow this up with a huge signing it will be a disaster! 31 goals just walked out! Not to mention a mountain of assists and chances created! We have 2 options for moving forward.Stop conceding or find a goal machine! Whats it gonna be? "
11th Jul 2014 17:40
", to father-in-law asking him to join Madrid or barca, to him biting again in world stage after promising to change since the last one, down to Barca chief indirectly asking him to apologise before he followed thru with an apology."
Dede 7
11th Jul 2014 17:41
"The best player we have seen at anfield. We shall miss him so much. In BR we trust. YNWA."
11th Jul 2014 17:44
"And then all the great comments able him start to flow in from Barca. Gosh!I feel hurt. I believe this was a grand conspiracy, well orchestrated drama. The puppet masters know themselves. I mean, all of a sudden Real Madrid stop showing interest, and Barca firms up interest?! Arrrrrgh"
11th Jul 2014 17:48
"I thing he is one of the best players liverpool had but we mast keep on truking "
11th Jul 2014 18:12
klawnson Kopite YNWA
11th Jul 2014 18:15
"not very happy seeing u leaving #LFC at this glorious time. wishing best of luck #barcafc . you'll forever be remembered el-pistelero"
11th Jul 2014 18:15
"Good luck Luis. I wish you and your family well in Spain. Our loss is most certainly Barca's gain. Try and behave yourself now lad! YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 18:23
"One of the best players in the world but it was time as luis wanted away. He has gone to barca and not a p[l rival so good luck to him. "
11th Jul 2014 18:31
"Lets spend the money on a couple of works class replacements 2-3 max "
Henry Mugerwa
11th Jul 2014 18:31
"Had this same bad feeling when Torres left.Thanks Luis Suarez for all the exciting moments you gave us every weekend.I have never seen an LFC player like you.Wish you the best in Spain and hope you ever come back because Anfield will always have its doors open for you."
11th Jul 2014 18:33
"Absolutely heartbroken loved watching you Luis and thought you'd be happy with us for a long time to come and get the premier league for Stevie and CL too.You'll be missed YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 18:34
"Big mistake , and certainely for that price "
11th Jul 2014 18:37
"Best player ive seen in red ,thanks for the joy you gave me watching you play ! "
11th Jul 2014 18:44
"If FSG are sincere in helping the club. they would have lined up a world class player by now or at least negotiating via media news with the likes of james rodriguez, cavani or falcao. Stop assest stripping our squad value and just sell the club. Taking advantage of the global fanbase goodwill is not cool! "
11th Jul 2014 18:49
"As a player, brilliant. As a person/role model, t i t."
11th Jul 2014 18:51
"This was all engineered. The world cup bite forcing the sale. Suarez gets his quiet exit and move to Barca. He can claim he did not look for it, but we know he has been in talks with them weeks back. Please no repeat of what we did with the Torres sale money, spend wisely and I hope the rumours we are going to splash out £26 million on a mediocre Bony as just that...rumours."
11th Jul 2014 18:55
"Suarez done well for us last seasons. may the Force to be with u Suarez ... YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 18:58
"Adios Luis,Bueno Fortuna in Barca,Remember LFC,and no eating on the pitch,Kebab,Pizza or anything else,Wish you and Family all the best in España,"
11th Jul 2014 19:00
"You will always be missed Luis. I wish you all the best at Barca - A player of your caliber deserves to be playing for a team full of WORLD CLASS players. At 27 and for the amount being paid, all parties are benefiting. THANK YOU FOR THE AMAZING MOMENTS LUIS."
11th Jul 2014 19:11
"It would be nice to buy a top player now. Falcao, Ibrahimovic, etc, etc. Not Smith, Taylor, etc."
Vosta Lee
11th Jul 2014 19:18
"Good luck in Barca. You were a great player for the club on the field. Be on your best behaviour in Spain because you won't get the love of Anfield there."
11th Jul 2014 19:25
"He's taken a bit from all of us, but more from Chiellini and Ivanovic! YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 19:26
11th Jul 2014 19:31
"The fee is "in excess of 75M not 63M. Even the partisan Spanish news papers Marca have changed their valuation of the deal from 63M to £75M. I am certain LFC would not have sold him for less. But no one will ever disclose the actual steady in with the rants folks"
11th Jul 2014 19:33
"As a professional, he did what he was paid to do, and he did it well, and I am relieved that he is leaving because he was only one of many and now the team ethic can really kick on to a new level, as we improve in every way, with restored self respect and free to watch BR build for the future."
11th Jul 2014 19:33
"Please don't tell me YOU'VE sold our crown jewels for 75m euros....and not sterling..."
11th Jul 2014 19:50
"They will be interesting transfer photos as he can't do the customary 'stand with my new shirt inside my new stadium' for 4 months... "
11th Jul 2014 19:55
"Thank you for all the goals Luis! You were the best and will always have a place in our hearts. I know you will be happy in Barca. I'm glad you went there and that we got amigo $$ for you. We will invest/save it wisely and will see you again on our way to the CL trophy. YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 20:10
"we need to get Juan Cuadrado and luis muriel"
11th Jul 2014 20:12
"Very sad, but the team is greater than one player. We will move forward. YNWA!"
11th Jul 2014 20:14
"Might see you playing at Anfield in November or December if Barcelona are in our group."
11th Jul 2014 20:16
"Shame our clubs cannot keep the best. Another class player lost from the PL, let's hope BR uses the money wisely...Lambert/Bony?? Hardly enough to replace in BR and the rest of the squad but we need some big names if we want to compete......good luck Luis."
11th Jul 2014 20:33
"Luis Suarez is definitely the best player I have seen in a Liverpool shirt and is totally irreplaceable. I have no hope for the forthcoming season. All of the top clubs have improved their squads and first teams, while our team has been left with a gaping hole. Bad times indeed. "
11th Jul 2014 20:38
"You really deserved No.7, Luis. Thanks for everything. -YNWA ;)"
11th Jul 2014 20:47
"Brilliant comments from liverpool true fans, and thankyou suarez for the great memories. Now common sturrudge step up I know you can be big we dont need another signing, Ynwa"
11th Jul 2014 20:48
"BR better get a decent replacement ( e.g James)or he will forever be remembered as the one who gave LS away. "
11th Jul 2014 20:49
"Thanks for the champions league but thats about it! Time to have some seasons without a player being banned!!!!"
11th Jul 2014 20:49
" questions i want to ask-are lfc stronger now suarez has gone? My answer is NO......why are we selling our top player? Will we spend the money wisley? The truth is suarez IS IRREPLACABLE-end of"
11th Jul 2014 20:50
"very sad that you leave luis. You were king at Anfiel and decided to go. In Barcelona you a one of a dozen and only third after messi and neymar. hope you remember the kop singing when you are sitting on the bench in barcelona. i believe in LFC without Suarez because they played the most attractive football at pl last season.YNWA, hope to see LFC in Germany next CL season <3"
11th Jul 2014 20:54
"Gutted phukin gutted-big season ahead now,teams will think we are a easy touch now hes gone-just hacked off lads,hacked off"
11th Jul 2014 21:00
"dont come back!!"
11th Jul 2014 21:06
"Farewell to a legend. YNWA."
11th Jul 2014 21:08
"Absolutely gutted the 2nd best player we ever had has gone for not much more than half what he's worth, we have to get Jackson Martinez in to replace him,"
11th Jul 2014 21:19
"I am disgusted by the club if the rumours are true. Replacing player like Suarez with Bony. NO AMBITION AT ALL!!! Good luck to you Luis."
11th Jul 2014 21:23
" This only underlines that it will be a season that will have to be matched with more determination than ever, a true test of our squads heart and our manager's head. YNWA"
11th Jul 2014 21:26
" What joy you gave us Liverpool fans. Thanks Luis we wish you well at the Nou Camp. You are a forgiveable rogue, so we will forgive you for your misdemeanours, annoying as they may be. LFC will rise again, so cheer up fans. YNWA. "
11th Jul 2014 21:35
"A very sad day for us supporters. One thing comes in mind average players make up an average team, world class players make up a world class team .... thanks Suarez you are a world class YNWA "
11th Jul 2014 22:09
"We haven't strengthened our defense and 31 goals just walked out the door! Perfect!!!"
11th Jul 2014 22:28
"Can you really fault a man whose one and only love is his family, and doing the best for them. His extraordinary talent led to big rewards but his desire to put his family first I would never condemn. He did a brilliant job for us. I wish him and his family well."
11th Jul 2014 22:30
"Butcher74-spot on....defenders please"
11th Jul 2014 22:41
"Big blow to Liverpool but inevitable. I can only hope we meet Barcelona in the Champions League final and beat them."
11th Jul 2014 22:50
"We wish him well, but not impressed that my 6year old has the new 14/15 kit with His name on the back, which is now out of date already. "
11th Jul 2014 23:25
"still gutted even though i knew it was happening.i hope you fulfill all your ambitions LS.for all your wrongs you are without doubt 1 of the best to grace the fields of anfield! TY and all the best in this new chapter you feel that you had to take.cont"
11th Jul 2014 23:29
"cont..i hope barca will bring you the love that you could of/well already had that lfc have given have moved to a bigger club??i beg to differ."
11th Jul 2014 23:35
"thnx for all the goals and memories Luis..time to move on now be more more suited to a 4-4 chew in spain ;)"
12th Jul 2014 0:04
"You thought you were upset at palace wait till we knock you out the champions league good luck you will need it massive mistake "
12th Jul 2014 0:29
"The simplest prediction is that Barca will be Champions of Europe and Suarez Best player on the planetThis comming season. Thank you Luis Suarez. YNWA. Take care , we will miss you."
12th Jul 2014 0:50
"Severe set back to our progress under BR. You gave us hope now we must begin again. Farewell Luis and good luck :("
12th Jul 2014 0:58
"Adios amigo Luis and thank you for all your contribution to LFC. You are certainly a joy to watch on the field and we always believe you can create something extraordinary during any match. Thanks again, and come back anytime"
12th Jul 2014 0:58
"As good as Suarez was 21 of his 30 goals came against lower table teams, he couldn't perform against the top 4 sides..FACT. He will be lucky to see out his first season at Barca, especially when he gets subbed off regularly, one of his pet hates. Leo is King at Barca and always will be, Luis must be prepared to take a back seat..Problems ?? "
12th Jul 2014 1:07
"stavros8, go to hell mate, your disgraceful words show a sad person. Suarez has the right to move and play wherever he wants and think will be the best for him and his family. "
12th Jul 2014 1:07
"Luis Suarez......the best uruguayan player of all times! "
12th Jul 2014 1:11
"As uruguayan fan of Liverpool and Luis Suarez I'll never forget all taht you support him!! Many thank's Liverpool!!!!! My best regards for you, Jorge from Uruguay"
12th Jul 2014 1:15
"Carodp just stating the facts mate !"
12th Jul 2014 1:37
"LFC get a lot of money. So, in order to get the title, we must get players. Hey, Chief. this is solution. 1. sell Glen 2. Sell Enrique 3. sell Leiva 4. Get Vidal from Juventus 5. Get Alba from Barcelona 6. Get Mayota from Barcelona 7. Get James Rodriques from AS monaco. These are the solutions. I Think Everybody agree about this. Do u ?"
12th Jul 2014 2:48
"He will never be the same player Agian like Owen and Torres he may score 25 goals a season for barca but Messi won't be happy there can only be one king per club and Messi is there's always will be he will out stage Suarez making him look avarage game in game out Goodluck being a servant and not a legend "
12th Jul 2014 2:52
"Cont. all these world class players being named are just literally NAMES until proven in the BPL there nothing to us if there up for sale it meens one of 2 things there time is up or they won't make it fabergas his time is up costa he won't stand a chance as for Sanchez he will get kicked once and be done with it we need hidden gems like coutiniho Sturridge and heno team players "
12th Jul 2014 3:27
"Tragic loss to the club he will be extremely hard to replace , it will be a long time until such a gifted player arrives at Liverpool. Unfortunately the big money signings that have already been made are not in the same class "
12th Jul 2014 3:28
"I suggest that our forwards would be Sturridge, Origi, Remy, Bony,Lambert, Lallana, Sterling, Coutinho and Markovic. Midfield Gerrard,Can, Henderson,Lucas and Allen.Coutinho, lambert and Gerrard for set pieces. CB Skrtel, Lovren, Agger, Sakho, Kelly and Ilori. Fullbacks Enrique, Wisdom, Flanagan, Johnson and Rojo. Promote Ibe, Teixiera, Peterson, Smith, Robinson, Coady, Dunn and Paez."
12th Jul 2014 3:35
"I remember years ago when Kevin Keegan left every one thought it the end of the world and then we signed a certain guy called Kenny Daglish who turned out to be ten times better than Keegan , Lets hope there is another one waiting in the wings to take us even higher . Good luck Luis you did us proud "
12th Jul 2014 3:40
"Hope BR does not dive in and just buy anyone because he has the money , just look at the mistake Spurs made after getting 85mil for Bale ,they wasted 100mil on total He needs to wait and look around for a while, maybe till Christmas . We have a good enough squad at the moment to be able to wait"
12th Jul 2014 4:45
"I dont understand why everybody is crying over him ? yes brilliant footballer but sneaky fellow(he wanted to leave) like on the pitch.All the BS of him loving the club etc .... BR will find the right mixture and we will be successful this year no need to shed a tear..... YNWA "
12th Jul 2014 4:49
"One door closes another opens, Suarez wanted to go, Sanchez does not want to come, Liverpool have been champs before and they will be champs again, have faith in the team that is put together and with the coach. "
12th Jul 2014 5:31
"Thank you El Pisterelo. Thank you for the wonderful memories. Thank you for all the joy your awesome goals have given us. Thank you for helping put LFC back on the footballing map and making us the envy for all else. I will be following your career closely and wish you the very best. Don't forget, we gave you the chance to become a 75 million pound player....just don't score against us."
12th Jul 2014 7:12
"Good! The big question that needs immediate answer NOW is where do we go from here and whos the potential world class replacement? cuz i fear we might struggle if we do not get a quality replacement. YNWA! "
12th Jul 2014 7:13
"Good! The big question that needs immediate answer NOW is where do we go from here and whos the potential world class replacement? cuz i fear we might struggle if we do not get a quality replacement. YNWA! "
12th Jul 2014 7:56
"Freedom of speech to the press is all good and fine but freedom of mobbing is not. If you just look at the madness around this man and how they have been allowed to display his pictures and write about him. The press say he is a poor role model, but he was not mobbing publicly like the press. "
12th Jul 2014 7:58
"s great deal for Liverpool. Because we stood strong against arsenal last year, barca knew they could not mess with us. John Henry should be congratulated for this astute business. "
12th Jul 2014 8:05
"Go well Suarez. LFC will not replace you, but will bring in new players with their own personality and skills.... "
12th Jul 2014 8:21
"We only need the best defender, I have no idea who he is. I am really worry about Sakho."
12th Jul 2014 8:47
"Hohum put a sock in it you mouthy idiot,"
12th Jul 2014 8:59
"A flawed character. However he always played to the best of his astounding ability when he pulled on a LFC shirt. LFC have been the most exciting team in the sport over the last 12 months in no small part due to L.S. He is best LFC player of all time but he never loved the club and that hurts a bit. Good luck Luis."
12th Jul 2014 9:41
"I feel nothing but sadness at losing Luis. His immense talent aside,he played with a heart as big as himself and for that, many many many thanks Amigo.You will not be loved at Barca as you have loved by us. The question beckons what was the reason for your unhappiness and departure. I hope that we buy wisely but luis is irreplacable !!! "
12th Jul 2014 9:48
"What a beatiful World. Will never forget the fabulous goals he scored while as an LFC player. Shame FSG could n)t use him win the league. what a squelch transformation this team has had, Torres, now Suarez, Lfc Fans demand a straight replacement for Suarez and that defense that cost us the league 14#. I Suppose "
12th Jul 2014 9:51
"of course, 1 world class player in. Everything need balance in life. Roger that....!"
12th Jul 2014 10:02
"Use the money on Reus, Cavani, Hummels and Moreno .."
12th Jul 2014 10:31
"Sterling can play further forward and lallana on wing, we play more like a team without 1 star e.g. more germany than brazil. We also foster the next england team. It's exciting times. Rooney flourished more when ronaldo left for a while and so it can be. Don't do a spurs and panic buy. "
12th Jul 2014 10:37
"But do sign another striker and markovic with the next gerrard needing to come on board now. Ideally british or northern european. The latinos love the lazy spanish liga eventually. It's easier to shine in a 4 team league."
12th Jul 2014 11:22
"thank you we will miss you"
12th Jul 2014 11:31
"Very hard to let him go, but might it is good for him and his family. He killed England with 2 goals then he bite Chiellini so all the English media and opponents fans will target him when play against LFC. I can't imagine if I was him and my family threatened like that. Goodbye Luis, I will be your loyal fan forever and the Suarez family are more than welcome in Anfield"
12th Jul 2014 11:44
"di maria has told madrid he wants to leave and only wants to join a team in the champions l-eague!! what r we waiting for, sign him up now"
12th Jul 2014 11:45
"Thanks Luis for all that you brought to Anfield and all that you gave us on and off the field, you'll never be forgotten for your effort and work on the pitch and especially for your goals! All the best at Barca, they're my second favourite team and I follow them on Sky - YNWA Luis"
12th Jul 2014 13:02
"What a superb talent, such speed, poise, balance, what a football genius and brain and lets himself down by his being stuck in Freud's oral stage of Psycho-sexual development - a compulsive biter - one in a 100 million but a liability to team and country. Sorry to see him go as he would have been amazing in the coming season and Europe."
12th Jul 2014 13:56
"Troubled Genius!, an absolute artist..simply the best striker I have ever seen!..thanks for everything. When he was on the pitch, anything could happen..."
12th Jul 2014 14:01
"..but i think he knew what he was angling for when he chowed down on an's been tried and tested, it's how he bite, no Barca, simple as!, and he would still be here."
12th Jul 2014 16:50
"I've read some nasty comments that really can't believe it. People think they can judge others so easily! Would like to see your sad lives and tell you if you're doing things the "proper way". Each person knows what's better for him and his family. Can't wait to see who'll be the next villain of the s**t English media! God help him."
13th Jul 2014 6:28
"YNWA Luis"
13th Jul 2014 10:33
20th Sep 2014 15:25
"Idiot Brendan. Last comment."