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Vlaar? 1 year left on contract and immense for Holland.
10th Jul 2014 9:44
Red Rum
10th Jul 2014 10:03
"Bul05 noooooo not Vlaar. He was only good last night as a 3 centre back system with cover in front. Would surely be cruely exposed with our attacking formation"
10th Jul 2014 10:03
"bul05 Wow! Have you watched Vlaar in the prem. Poop! should never buy played off the back of a good world cup. Look at Diouf and Diou as evidence "
Natural Poolie
10th Jul 2014 10:05
"Vlaar would be good, nor sure how old he is though. He was the only player that bothered turning up for Villa last season. Lovren would be my preferred choice. Vlaar is a natural leader which we are missing. I have huge doubts over whether Caulker has what it takes"
10th Jul 2014 10:06
"caulker is a very good talent, but Vlaar was immense last night, he has always been a good player but last night he either showed his true potential or just had the game of his life. Lovren is more of an organiser and I think I prefer overall."
10th Jul 2014 10:10
"Qpr is about his level,mind you br has signed much worse,"
10th Jul 2014 10:15
"Vlaar ha ha ha ha wow! Lovren will be fine thanks"
10th Jul 2014 10:22
"I prefer Lovren as he has the passion and desire to play for us. That's important. "
10th Jul 2014 10:36
"could we not look at players like hummels or others in that calibre for once?? we are back in the champions league yet we still behave like a small club in the transfer market. we need to start behaving like a top club if we want to be one again."
10th Jul 2014 10:40
"Bul05 Ron Vlaar??? Are you kidding me?? That guy was terrible in the premier league last season. Even Bryan Ruiz had a good WC with Costa Rica, so should we get him to replace Suarez??"
10th Jul 2014 10:40
"TheRedMenCometh - What makes you think Lovren is not as good or even better than Hummels?. What makes Hummels better?. CL experience?. Playing for Dortmund?. Titles?. Does he even have the desire to play for our club?. Think harder mate. "
10th Jul 2014 10:49
" JMF83 : Do you really think lovren has desire and passion to come here, or is it just to get a hefty pay rise ? He has no loyalty to southampton, why would he be loyal to lfc ?"
10th Jul 2014 10:57
"Good player and he want.s to come too. Plus he is English"
10th Jul 2014 10:59
"Vlaar is horrible. Lovren is good too but please don't replace Skrtel."
10th Jul 2014 10:59
"To be fair on lovren, why would he wanna stay? They just sold there 3 best players (not including him) after a decent season so there going backwards! Would you wanna stay at a club like that?"
10th Jul 2014 11:00
"True but what's the point on replacing a better CB for Lovren?"
10th Jul 2014 11:01
"Skrtel and Agger are both better so that's what I mean."
10th Jul 2014 11:07
" hester91 : You've got a point, it's just i don't really believe players who say they have a real desire to go to another club. They move for the money (and tht's fine, if you get offered more money in another jobyou usually take it, but then don't claim to be loyal.)"
10th Jul 2014 11:09
" why would he want to then join a club that are also selling their best player after a great season?"
10th Jul 2014 11:11
"I would take both caulker and lovern as they are versatile, caulker can play right back and is really good there and lovern is a ball playing centre half in the vein of agger who could play anywhere across the back including dm agger and toure out c&l in"
10th Jul 2014 11:12
"Geoffreyffrey - I have never mentioned about loyalty. I said desire. He publicly expressed it and he's a liverpool fan. That's more than enough to justify why he wants to move to Liverpool. He was promised that Southampton would be heading the right direction and into Europe however with the sale of key players, he's got every right to think about his future at the club."
10th Jul 2014 11:14
"lfclfcpiweloveyou - If Agger is better, why's he playing 2nd fiddle behind Sakho?. Why is BR interested with bringing in Lovren?. Don't be foolish. Agger has past it , injury prone and he ain't getting any younger. "
10th Jul 2014 11:16
"TheRedMenCometh: you have a point, but although suarez was our only world class player we still have plenty of very good players and im still hoping we will sign more quality. We have the likes of sterling coutinho sturridge who are young and have all the ability to become world class"
10th Jul 2014 11:17
"I understand why he wants to leave, i just think he claims to be a fan to get the move, but if arsenal were interested he'd be an arsenal fan : that's his agent talking through him. And if he is a liverpool fan, why didn't he join last year when the club were interested ?"
10th Jul 2014 11:18
"We have always moved on from selling star players that wish to leave, Southampton could struggle to get back to the level they were at"
10th Jul 2014 11:37
"Caulker is an exceptional talent. I would rather we spent £8-10million on him than p!ss away £20million+ on Lovren. He young, driven and a real leader...thats what we need."
LFC since 1975
10th Jul 2014 11:43
"apparently UTD are after Vlaar. i think van gaal is going for every dutch player now lol"
10th Jul 2014 11:47
"LFC since 1975 - Ahaha. There's a rumor that Kuyt might be heading to Old Toilet too. Pretty funny thou. I wonder what Kuyt have to say about that. "
LFC since 1975
10th Jul 2014 11:58
"JMF83 - and schneider too, also a few rumors h was going for robben too. UTD are throwing so much money around and overpaying more then we usually do. if they dont make top4 next season they will have huge financial problems as the players will also be on huge wages"
10th Jul 2014 12:20
"LFC since 1975 - Well it's kind of expected when LVG is the Dutch NT coach.He's bound to bring his dutch boys to OT however Kuyt's an ex liverpool player and I doubt he would fancy a move to Man Utd. Schneider is getting older and I doubt he's still got it in him. I don't think Man Utd is gonna have a great season."
Natural Poolie
10th Jul 2014 12:22
"Despite some comments on here I can understand why Vlaar would attract attention. He was the only player at Villa that turned up. He has a great attitude, he has commitment, he's a natural leader. I actually think him and young Sakho could become immense. Him and Skertl could be immense. I don't think he would be such a stupid option cont'd "
Natural Poolie
10th Jul 2014 12:25
"I can understand why Van Gaal likes Dutch players, they have a good work rate and are willing and industrious, good technically, very much like the Germans. Clasie, Depay, Blind not over blessed with talent but you wouldn't say no to any of them."
10th Jul 2014 12:51
"we shld not fancy players who wants Lfc all bcos of Cl rather those who are dedicated,willing and absolute desire to play in our shirt. bony/lukaku/benteke only want lfc sake of cl period. Stug shld fil e void of suarez and nt b too selfish/waste chances this season. "
randfield rap88
10th Jul 2014 13:16
"No NO NO to ste caulker. Please try and buy dejan lovren or hummels"
10th Jul 2014 13:39
"Go for a world class defender like Simon Kjaer from Denmark."
10th Jul 2014 13:49
"ROJO is a must have."
10th Jul 2014 14:00
"I don't care who we get.Sanchez in and Suarez out or not. If Gerrard is benched, Dalglish plays left back, Michael Owen in a holding midfield role, Evra joins, Scholes, Neville's grandmother plays for us, I don't care if Funguson joins the LFC Academy together with Torres and Frank Lampard, as long as we WIN THE LEAGUE AGAIN! !"
LFC Nuuk Greenland
11th Jul 2014 14:48
"Not good enough for LFC."
11th Jul 2014 15:10
"Wintheleagueagain, haha, i like that, yeah, Bale, Ronaldo, Thierry Henry, when they were just bought by their manager, most fans will be like some of them here, cursing why spend so much(During that time) buying a mid table player. I still remember last season, many of you here saying that we need to sign big player to pair suaraz, if not forget about CL."
11th Jul 2014 18:59
"Micah Richards could also be on his way to Newcastle, having been relegated to third-choice right-back at Manchester City by the arrival of Bacary Sagna. Richards is available for a bargain £3m."