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Absolutely gutted. 13 games last season and now miss out on the priority this year all because I didnt want to tout my tickets off.

8th Jul 2014 17:18
8th Jul 2014 17:24
"Lfc finally treating loyal members who have been on the season ticket waiting list for years in the same way has season ticket holders, after all it costs us more money, thank you YNWA"
8th Jul 2014 19:45
"what about those who(what is miracle)got 13 games!!!!!!it it extremally hard to get it,people try the whole season to get it and at the end it's never enough!!!!it should be set at the beginning of previous season how many games to achieve otherwise it's gonna be increasing all the way till 18 games required!!!ALL THE EFFORT OF THOSE WHO GOT THAT EXTREMALLY HIGH 13 GAMES RULE IS WASTED!!"
9th Jul 2014 8:28
"Great! Another kick in the teeth for loyal fans after the Champions league criteria for tickets. Anyone making sure of their 13 matches must be gutted. Glad I have 14 but how many for next year? Will we be expected to attend every home game in future? No family life no holidays!!"
9th Jul 2014 8:36
"Great! Memebers who have 13 matches must be gutted! Another kick in the teeth after the criteria attached to Champions League tickets! How many matches next year? 20? No weekend family life no holidays!"
9th Jul 2014 8:55
"Another disgraceful decision by LFC. "
9th Jul 2014 9:09
"This and the Champions league ticket situation just highlights the desperate need for a bigger ground."
9th Jul 2014 10:19
"I have 16 games from last season and worked hard over the last few seasons to build that up. At the start of the season you could tell this season was going to be higher (lots of tickets left for general sale)just hope I get a chance for champions league."
9th Jul 2014 10:25
"Lets face it, there are never going to be enough tickets for everyone and any allocation scheme will have winners and losers. A stadium expansion may help, but those extra proposed seats could already be sold to the current season ticket waiting waiting list. That said,last season there were frequently tickets available in general sale nearer the match."
9th Jul 2014 11:47
"Also absolutely gutted, even had to resort to buying hospitality tickets at hugely inflated prices to get 13 games in last season. LFC could have warned us that they were going to up the anti this year. So much for "loyalty""
9th Jul 2014 11:48
"well i for one am glad to see that loyal people like my family and me are getting something back for traveling to anfield from belfast for every home game last year it costs us a lot of money to travel so getting something back from the club we love is great now means less chance of people only atending the big games instead of going to the cat b and cat c games.ynwa"
9th Jul 2014 12:50
"14 games! - ha ha I have only 13- built up over about 12 years. Thx for returning me to the bottom of the pile! "
9th Jul 2014 13:00
"if you haven't the 13 games from last season you won't get them for this season. and if you don't get them for this season. then you won't get them for next season.50 years av bin in this club and know every trick.. this is what we in Liverpool call a (CLOSED SHOP )run by lfc and the yes men from club's official supporters committee "
9th Jul 2014 17:48
"totally devastated about that stupid decision!!now everyone who hardly got that 13 games will be buying tickets with the group of tourists and fans who attending occasionally . what a reward for true fans!!"
9th Jul 2014 17:51
"Whilst recognising that some fans attend the 'majority'of matches. You fail to recognise that this fan goes to every game regardless of competition yet still has to book 4 days off a year and be in the same queue for Cat C games as someone with 0 games from last season. I want to go every game and just pay it in one go."
9th Jul 2014 17:55
"...however, due to the increased number of qualifying Members, this season it will be 14 games... SO IF FANS WILL GET 14 THIS SEASON WE GONNA DO 15 FOR THE NEXT.BYE BYE LOYAL FANS"
9th Jul 2014 20:26
"Absolutely joke from LFC the decision to leave 13 game me,beers hi and dry. What really annoys me is they are happy to take our membership money BEFORE announcing we will be back to the bottom of the pile when the ticket sale kicks off. I Travelled thousands of miles only to be kicked in the teeth by the club. Thanks LFC, guess my membership will be cancelled. "
9th Jul 2014 22:45
"this is bull,to have to have gone to 14 games.. at £50 a pop? Get stuffed next year"
10th Jul 2014 1:58
"Theve even punished those who couldnt attend the qualifying europa league games. By simply allowing them 2 enrol in the domestic cups and charging the same price as champions league games! {if they get drawn against prem opposition} I know which games id rather pay 2 watch! "
10th Jul 2014 7:19
"I tried on every late availability sale to buy another ticket, my friends even bought four hospitality tickets to get up to 13. Why could LFC not give a sale for the loyal fans with 13 games too. "
10th Jul 2014 10:59
"For someone like me who's just started to attended last season because of My age (19) and I've just started driving. I live at newcastle so have to travel, how do I possibly get tickets for 14 matches a season? "
10th Jul 2014 12:10
"How can you ever meet the criteria? I go on line at 8.15 when tickets go on sale and have been in queue for up to 4 hours then by the time it gets to you ALL tickets for ALL games sold out. I managed two games last season and not through lack of trying. I know am not going to get anything now for this season. Yet they keep selling membershipsð"
10th Jul 2014 12:12
"For all those loyal fans with 13 games would it not be possible to have a priority sale for them before the general sale. "
10th Jul 2014 12:36
"Making it even harder to get tickets. Only managed to get tickets to four games last season and I do not hold out much hope in getting tickets for this season. "
10th Jul 2014 12:50
"Top cat, I only managed 2 games as well. People who managed 13-14 will think I'm pathetic only managing 2. I only passed my driving test towards the end of the season though so that's why. Now that I can travel from Newcastle I was hoping to get to as many games as possible this year. I couldn't afford to go to 13-14 games though, that's £700. Wish I could afford it, but it's out of the question."
10th Jul 2014 16:36
"I tried all sales and only managed 7 Prem games last year. I have complained many times as the queue seems to open before 8.15 and by 8.17 many matches are sold out - how? It's heartbreaking, especially when trying to get tickets for my 8yr old - which I pay adult price for as not able to get junior tickets! "
10th Jul 2014 16:42
"Chezza completely agree, I've sat 30 minutes before a ticket sale. Refreshed my page 5 minutes prior to the online office supposedly opening to find the sale has started. Then it will say, approx waiting time 1 hour or something but within 2-3 minutes tickets have sold out. "
10th Jul 2014 18:03
"I think its shocking that LFC upped the criteria to 14 games this should be notified before the start of each season so members know how many matches they need to attend to keep up priority I always go to at least 13 games fortunately by sheer luck I decided to go to 14 last season so im ok but how many games do I need to go to this season we should be notified right now. "
10th Jul 2014 18:06
"why do the loyal fans who attended most of the premier league games last season not get any priority to go champions league games.please show some respect Liverpool F.C. to the fans who spend the most money on tickets not some random supporters who attended a couple of Europa league games. in 2012"
10th Jul 2014 18:55
"Members get more than season ticket holders I am a season ticket holder I paid my 14-15 st before the end of the season as we all had a bill through the post and have to pay in full Not in 2 half's Last season arsenal away in fa cup went on final sale to members who attended man u away in 2010 in the fa cup And might have not been to another game since like someone I know "
10th Jul 2014 18:58
"And if I can not attend I will not put them on exchange I will email the club and send a non member! "
10th Jul 2014 19:58
"With regards to the last comment " members get more" no they don't! Members pay more! If a member gives to every home game, like my daughter did last season, with the cost of membership, she paid more than you! Days of season ticket holders running the show are coming to an end. Thank god."
10th Jul 2014 20:41
"Cant believe how many moaners the are on here. How is it a kick in the teeth to give priority to those who have been the most games? LFC are finally rewarding those who have been the most games and as for the criteria for the Champions League auto cup LFC should be commended. Well done LFC. "
10th Jul 2014 21:33
"Personally I'm not moaning about the loyalty scheme. I'm just hoping for a fair chance at been able to get tickets for 13-14 matches this season. As a young fan I'm trying everything I can to attend enough matches so that I don't have this hassle next season."
10th Jul 2014 21:37
"i have to agree with cloudy and nickynoodles members pay out more money over the season and most would gladly pay up front if need be to save money like season ticket holders and also i think club done rite about cl auto cup even though i only got to 1 of the 3 games so i lost out but thats the way it goes dont attend then dont moan. ynwa"
10th Jul 2014 22:12
"Well said John P. I bet the likes of griffgrogs and ghurt would be the very first to complain if they had almost every game but they missed out. The club can't win. I seem to remember Anfield being pretty quite in those Europa games so obviously griffgrogs didn't go all the games but would like a Champions League ticket. Obviously a fan who only goes the bigger games. "
10th Jul 2014 22:21
"Let me ask you this ghurt what would you be saying if you went all the games last season but missed out to someone who only went to 13?"
10th Jul 2014 23:12
"Used to buy on general sale until 5 yrs ago when I was able to go more so bought m'ship. Only took 2 yrs to get loyalty to full 19 games. Club shld be stricter with people loaning out ST & m'ship cards though as I know 'loyal fans' who only attend a few games."
11th Jul 2014 7:50
"See when purchasing tickets in the members sale does anyone know how many tickets you are allowed to buy?"
11th Jul 2014 8:28
"each member can buy 1 ticket per membership up to four tickets if they have friends and family joined to there list"
11th Jul 2014 8:59
"Could be wrong but am fairly sure I read somewhere that you could be asked to provide I.d at the turnstile. This would help stop touting. But maybe you could have it so you enter the stadium with a hand scanner or put your picture on you members and season ticket cards. This would stop it once and for all."
11th Jul 2014 11:12
"i have been reading a lot of comments on here and i must agree that the club should indeed start a tiered loyalty so that people who only manage 13 0r 12 games on card should be given a chance the same way it works for everton/man utd tickets start high and then lower it by 1 game at a time down to about 10 games then have generel sale for members"
11th Jul 2014 11:16
"the club dont even need 2 or 3 days for each sale just have 8.15 till 12.00 then from 12.15 to 8.00 pm sales its only a matter of close window for a short period and change the number of games required keep most fans happy"
11th Jul 2014 15:14
"well-cloudy12-fans who got all the games will always be ok with tickets (that's a natural think)but what I'm hardly devastated is the way how hard is to get those tickets-so if You got 13 games-belive me it's miracle!!but fans like You(season ticket probably)don't need to worry about tickets(also natural)"
11th Jul 2014 15:22
"and regrds the costs-if You are a member who travel for that 13 games from a 100 miles distance the spending a lot at Liverpool-yes sometimes members spending a lot to get that 13 games. I would wish to get a season ticket and would pay for it even £5000.couse the true fan is always desperate to go to the game regardless the costs- so a little respect for those who got that 13 is not a big ask!"
11th Jul 2014 16:59
"Actually ghurt I am also a member. I know exactly how hard it is to get tickets, but I do think it should be on a whose been the most games basis. Can you honestly say you would be happy if it went as low as 12 games but you still missed out? "
11th Jul 2014 17:00
"I can tell you now that tickets will be available for every game to those with 13 games, it will just be about staying on the ball and constantly checking the website. I do think members should have to provide i.d for each game to stop touting and building up loyalty without actually going. This would be a massive dent in touts pockets. Especially in the Champions League."
11th Jul 2014 19:51
"keith147. read and think about what you have written above and understand why you are the type of fan that we just don't need going to the match."
13th Jul 2014 23:12
"well ..cloudy12..if could have 12 games and me any moore the it would be simply impossible for me to miss as I don't belive that there would be more fans with that record rhan the seats are especially that You know how hard is to get them.about ID You right it should be and for season holders as well"
13th Jul 2014 23:17
"13 games is almost 3/4 of the how many of the members could done it by current selling staying with 13 games there still would be enough tickets for fans who going from time to time"
14th Jul 2014 16:55
"What about international fans? I'm from Canada and I can't fly to Liverpool every weekend to catch a game (as much as I wish I could). I was excited to find out that LFC was going to be playing at home when I will be in the UK this fall, only to find out that I don't qualify because I don't met the minimum. Gutted to be so close to Anfield only to miss out. I've been a loyal fan since I was a boy."
15th Jul 2014 9:42
"Can't believe how LFC can treat loyal fans like this, I struggled like hell to get 13 league matches last season, now they've moved the goal posts, and cannot get priority and will struggle again now to get anywhere near 14, even if I did manage it they would probably change it again next season, treating fans like e!"
16th Jul 2014 7:51
"how can it go from 14 games down to 0!!! disgrace, why do i keep going to as many games as i can. there is no reward. it used to be 13 games then 7. now anyone who gets membership the day before can get tickets with no history. "
16th Jul 2014 10:12
"This ticket sale is a joke waited 2 hours from 8.15 and it's showing everything sold out.Shambles. "
16th Jul 2014 11:17
"i have to agree with you dt2424 club should be selling in order of previous history for tickets start with 14 then lower it down to maybe 10 or 7 like they do with everton and utd tickets people who just buy a membership day before should be made to wait but club would need to hold some tickets back from sale for new members otherwise no point in buying membership"
Macca Attack
16th Jul 2014 15:03
"i agree with gosia9. I Did not get any tickets today. I was on the phone and web from 8:15, tickets sold out by the time i got through. 13 games last season and nothing to show for it. I know people who never went to a single game last season but got tickets today. "
16th Jul 2014 16:45
"I was fine on Tues for Cat A & B games as went to all 19 homes last season - yes went no passing card to others. Today had to get single seats as no 2 tog on Kop where we always go. V unfair system, feel for those with 13 who got no txs & might not get any for A&B games neither, although might be ok for Everton. "
17th Jul 2014 8:31
"And again.. Splitting to 3 categories would have been better, keep the 14+ then somewhere around 9+ and then a free for all not this cluster f..."
17th Jul 2014 9:35
"The last 3 days of ticket sales have been very disappointing. I don't think it mattered how they split the ticket sales, Anfield is way too small there simple aren't enough tickets to get close to meeting demand. LFC need to start working on plans to expand the Kop and Centenary stand now and get the Main stand and Anfield road expansion done as quick as possible."
17th Jul 2014 10:08
"Passed my driving test last year and started travelling down from newcastle when i could get general sale tickets. I was aiming to build up my loyalty this season, sat from 8.15 this morning hoping to get tickets for 6-7 games. 2 hours later and they are all sold out. No loyalty for me"
17th Jul 2014 10:46
"i think my family have been very lucky over the past few days with tickets but do agree would be better to have a 14 then drop a few games then have the free for all on each game no matter if its a cat A B C and yes the ground will never be big enough to get all fans a ticket for every game unless they spend serious money on restucture of the ground"
17th Jul 2014 13:34
"Member ticket sales system is a joke. Have to take days holiday from work to try and get tickets. Set up 3 different laptops and clicked online at bang on 8.15 this morning. Still sat in 3 queues after 2 hrs by which point all tickets had been sold.Gutted! Thought there were problems with the system but sounds like others had the same issue."
17th Jul 2014 14:00
"I am a socialist at heart so although I am alright I feel for those who are not. Club have sold far too many memberships for potential number of tickets available over the season. The Thomas Cook tourists will be OK though, & ST holders & members who turn out for the handful of big games & 'sell' their ticket on to others. TIME FOR PHOTOS ON MEMBERSHIP/ST CARDS & ID AT GAMES "
17th Jul 2014 14:17
"i feel for people who only had 13 games on from last season i think the sales should be done the same as everton and utd then all members club could also set up a ticket exchange for members who might have bought tickets in advance then plans have changed as tickets bought now for nxt dec and jan who knows wat might change this would allow other members to get a ticket if they miss out in sale"
Macca Attack
17th Jul 2014 15:00
"Waited for over two hours to get tickets today, the only tickets that were available were Everton tickets. This surely demonstrates that the majority of people purchasing tickets today did not have 8 games from last season, or the Everton would not be the last game to sell out."
Macca Attack
17th Jul 2014 15:01
"The tickets needed to be distributed fairly, but they werent and it was advantageous to the glory hunters who have jumped on the band wagon after last season. These sales not only affect people this season but will now hamper them for next season. Only getting one game over the two days sales and that being Everton shows the process was a joke."
Mr Ostrich
17th Jul 2014 15:50
"Like many of the people on this thread, I also sat waiting from 8:15 this morning only to find they had all sold out after 2 hour. Ridiculous. We badly need a 70,000+ seater stadium because the extent to which demand outstrips supply is just ludicrous. "
17th Jul 2014 16:06
"shambles members tkt line cudnt run a bath don't answer there fones and carnt get tkts what a e set up"
18th Jul 2014 0:54
"coud onlyget one ticket it's getting worse with successful season more hangers on! "
18th Jul 2014 11:31
"On line for two hours then got shut out cos server busy. No tickets again this season. Won't bother renewing membership next seasonð"
18th Jul 2014 11:44
"So am I reading this correctly? For those who were not able to buy 14 tickets last season, there is no way to buy Members tickets this season? Somehow that doesn't seem like a fair process. You're selling Memberships on the premise that we'll be able to buy tickets this season, but then you add more criteria. How can a Member buy tickets in the future if you can't buy them in the present?"
Row 33
18th Jul 2014 20:44
"Another kick in the teeth for the supporters. Still loads of space for corporates in the new stand. Also who writes the copy? Criterion not criteria. "
18th Jul 2014 20:45
"well colh31 its not that simple the club set a number you need to have bought last year in order to get priority access for tickets on first day of sale then next sale allows every single member to buy tickets even if you have never bought a ticket you get the chance to buy so making it harder for people with less than the required number for priority "
21st Jul 2014 18:16
"I did not say I pay more I said I have to stump up £735 before the season had ended So you don't get extras then But don't worry.yourself season ticket holders are hear to stay "
21st Jul 2014 18:32
"You can do Id but thumb prints they can't do that as I can email the ticket office and tell them I am not attending as a st holder and send a m8 Insted of myself I will be missing games I can't get my lads in so they will go in for a few each with me m8 I sit next to I am glad I did not get them membership!! But they have a st waiting for them ;) "
26th Jul 2014 0:13
"The blurb on this website suggests it is possible for a fan club member to buy tickets. It is not. 3 years, 0 tickets. Theft by lfc. How are you supposed to buy tickets for 67 games for next season when you cant buy them in the first place."