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Lovely but looks it can generate heat for the palyers
7th Jul 2014 13:15
7th Jul 2014 13:36
Vosta Lee
7th Jul 2014 13:45
"The new third kit is competing with last year's third kit in the appeal category. Oh dear!"
7th Jul 2014 13:47
"How is it horrible? You get the feeling that no matter what kit Warrior would've produced there would always be some Gok Wan dismissing it as if it's a fashion contest. It's fine. What more do you want? Moaning for the sake of it..."
7th Jul 2014 13:51
"How much was Garcia paid for his comments? No player would say "Warrior has incorporated the best material and details to keep players comfortable whilst playing." There was no need to include the red stripes!! "
7th Jul 2014 14:02
"Isn't it interesting that Suarez is not in the picture?"
7th Jul 2014 14:16
"Don't forget. We're getting a massive amount of money from Warrior for this. Had such potential to be a good shirt if they left out the red strip that makes us look like we've had our guts spilled. Without the red strip this shirt would have been so nice. Guess the same happened last season with the away kit and the windows 95 design on the front of it"
7th Jul 2014 14:17
"fantastic ..really like it.."
7th Jul 2014 14:37
"I heard that RM are about to hijack LS to Barca deal with £95m bid or Benzema with cash if Lfc wants. I hope this is true & think the transfer committee should hold on for this if there's any truth in it. Better than Barca stealing with the reportedly agreed £62m by metro."
7th Jul 2014 14:39
"I don't love this 'stylish' strip. All Warrior kits look unappealing. Just as long as the football is good though, who cares."
7th Jul 2014 15:22
"I hate the look of this kit. Who's failure was this design? They couldn't have come up with somethign more classy? The new 1st kit is odd with the round neck instead of v neck. Difficult to put your head through the new one."
7th Jul 2014 17:08
"who ever passed this should be sacked, worst kit i've ever seen in my footballing life."
7th Jul 2014 17:20
"It's horrible. Very like 's colour scheme. Apart from the 1st home kit, every Warrior kit has been a step towards even greater tack."
Dede 7
7th Jul 2014 18:10
"Jerseys with collars are the best these days. Our home kit should have a collar it will look much better. YNWA."
7th Jul 2014 18:55
"Will Suarez get to wear it in action?"
7th Jul 2014 18:56
"Good job I read the article and not assumed it was stevie saying he loves the stylish look of the new strip or I would have also jumped to the conclusion that he's visited the lucky lucky men while in ibiza. "
7th Jul 2014 19:02
"Loz 18:55 time to give it up mate, can't fault your unwavering support though:) more chance of me buying the 3rd strip sobre."
7th Jul 2014 19:33
"Does Gerrard really have such hairy forearms? ;)"
7th Jul 2014 20:06
"I've been trying to restrain from commenting, if you haven't got anything nice to say ect..., but really, what were they smoking?! Awful!"
7th Jul 2014 20:08
"Omg I saw something similar on a scarecrow when travelling to work this morning lol"
7th Jul 2014 20:53
"Redopium - I'm worried about the mental state of the farmer that applied the top to the scarecrow let alone the damage to the minds of the said crows. I've just seen a 'murder' of them (Buddha's pretentious word for flock of) kamikaze into a cat sanctuary."
7th Jul 2014 22:18
"Redahendo- there certainly isn't a paliament of owls wisely heading the design team at warrior- looks like a testcard...."
7th Jul 2014 22:38
"Ronnie-G lol..made me laugh worrying about his hairy arms! I like the kit, but agree the red stripe at the front is over-kill. Defo better than the Christmas jumper last season, no doubt!"
7th Jul 2014 22:42
"Looks like Freddy Kruger's shirt with blood stains splashed across it!!! LOL!"
Row 33
8th Jul 2014 0:11
"Shankly brought in the all red kit and had us playing in our stylish white and black away kit. He'd be horrified by this embarrassment. I know we get money from Warrior, but why such ridiculous kits?"
8th Jul 2014 1:12
"Another stupid looking noddy kit with a ridiculous red collar.Warrior design the worst looking kits in the World.Liverpool deserves better."
8th Jul 2014 2:17
"jopedun: well they won't be playing in the summer heat! "
8th Jul 2014 2:22
"Another stupid looking kit.Warrior design the worst looking kits in the World. The contrasting red collar is particularly ridiculous.Liverpool deserves better. "
8th Jul 2014 4:29
"Unconvinced. I do like the new home shirt, would not wear that gaudy yellow away one, and can't see myself wearing this either to be honest. Maybe look ok on a golf course..."
8th Jul 2014 4:36
"... and what's the obsession with black? The grey 'keeper one is slightly better but not much. I agree with Row33. Also do not see the need for a 3rd strip ."
8th Jul 2014 9:04
"REALLY HIDEOUS. I expected better after last season's horrible designs. Warrior only gets the home jersey. I was hoping for a dark green shirt with navy coloured V neck shirt instead they come up with this. "
8th Jul 2014 10:11
8th Jul 2014 12:59
"best kit in the league, we the institution of liverpool are the greatest and best club, whatever we do is the greatest and best"