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15 million max take it or leave it. Don't get bullied in to forking out for overpriced players.
4th Jul 2014 10:22
4th Jul 2014 10:27
"Seems a strong commanding cb hope he arrives cotes toure reina aspas borini,Lucas or Allen out"
dlr man
4th Jul 2014 10:39
"quotes from soton of £25m---no chance, he is worth £18m at best, they know we have big bucks coming in for saurez and they are just holding us to ransom, look elsewhere if they wont move on price"
dlr man
4th Jul 2014 10:49
"If lovren is worth £25m then moreno is an absolute steal at £20m, the lad is going to be spains left back for years to come. i'm afraid we are being ripped cos clubs know we have big money coming in for saurez"
4th Jul 2014 11:06
"I didn't know that DICK TURPIN was running Southampton?"
4th Jul 2014 11:22
"Still dont understand why we haven't already sealed a deal for moreno .."
4th Jul 2014 11:31
"yes since Lallana is overpriced, we shouldn't pay ridiculous money for Soton's player."
4th Jul 2014 11:35
"butchcaseyluck, I agreed with you about the players who need to sell this summer. Please get Sanchez and Vidal."
4th Jul 2014 11:40
"They are a joke! I hope this a rumour! £15m take it or leave it!!"
4th Jul 2014 12:17
"Im not sure we need him do we? we got like 3 good CBs that IMO are as good if not better. but in BR i trust "
4th Jul 2014 12:19
"Pepe Reina's staying. His agent has said he'll be playing for LFC next season. I'm convinced Pepe's been made this promise. With him in goal, and someone of Lovren's calibre to add to our defence, the only thing that would prevent us from definitely winning the league is Suarez leaving."
4th Jul 2014 13:06
"If we end up spending £50m on Southampton players then i can certainly see why Suarez would want to leave. Rodgers is a great manager but his ability in the transfer market is questionable to say the least. We seem to lack ambition when making signings, and the way things are going we'll be back down in seventh place before you know it. Very frustrating. "
4th Jul 2014 14:11
"20 mil must be a joke,what's are policy this summer ?over pay for Southampton players? Rodgers has lost the plot this summer big time,god knows what he will do with the saurez money.probably over pay got some Swansea players like bony and Davies.shocking transfer window IMO "
4th Jul 2014 14:14
"Forget Sanchez and Vidal cus it seems we can't sign quality players even with champions league football were going for average overpriced players who have had one good season.rodgers is undoing all the great work he done last season.sign quality or don't sign anyone."
4th Jul 2014 14:38
"Hanomac1: exactly Rodgers seems a bit lost this window, he targeted better players last season when we didn't have champions league .. and then he made his usual speech of quality over quantity but its been the opposite"
4th Jul 2014 14:45
"I agree Hester,last summer we were going for players out of our reach,but this summer it seems as if were going for players that are below standard and well probably won't turn us down.With champions league football I expected better quality to be coming in,how wrong was I."
4th Jul 2014 14:48
"He's just going against everything he has said at the end of the season,ie we will be looking at players of a different quality now that we have champions league football next season.His words not mine"
4th Jul 2014 14:59
"unless he has a quality signing lined up that we don't know about, but at the moment he just has quite a few of us confused, and like you said it was from his own mouth about targeting a higher calibre of players now we have champions league"
4th Jul 2014 15:00
"Matc9842. Benitez decided Reina wasn't good enough for Napoli but used the excuse of high wages. He was making mistakes before leaving LFC and made even more in Italy. Brad Jones performs better."
4th Jul 2014 15:01
"If we want him then we should tell him to turn up for training at Southampton and not stay away as reported. We do it the right way or not at all, this is LFC, respect gains respect."
4th Jul 2014 15:30
"Do we really want a player that does not turn up to train.I don't think so, can you imagine one of our defenders doing this, dread the thought. Move on we do not need prima donnas.YNWA "
4th Jul 2014 17:19
"they want 3x what they payed after only a year,,no way,,WHY IS THER NOTHING BEEN SAID ABOUT SUAREZ ON HERE THATS GETTING OFFENCIVE"
4th Jul 2014 20:28
"Mat Hummels is immense! He is more than twice the defender Lovren is. But why are we raiding Southampton for players as if they won the Premier league last season? France vs. Germany just showed what a complete defender Hummels is. He ticks all boxes for a modern day center back. I won't mind if we pay 30M for Hummels instead of 20M for Lovren. "
4th Jul 2014 22:06
"stuthebru - LFC want almost 4x what they paid for Saurez. Am scared now that now everybody knows that LFC got 80 million for Saurez, ALL the prices for players that we want will immediately be doubled "
One of 533
4th Jul 2014 23:46
"Wow I really hope and pray we manage to get champions league football again next year! Its looking difficult i think BR will have done an amazing job to do so. In BR I trust YNWA when we sell Suarez the fight for fourth is gonna be electric! "
5th Jul 2014 9:09
"This guy is worth £25m easy He will be great for liverpool & can replace the great Jamie Carragher â"