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20 million? its rumoured utd will bid 20 for hummels .... go bid 25 for him, if he rejects us then so be it, at least we would have tried
3rd Jul 2014 14:04
3rd Jul 2014 14:07
"Could have bought Lovren for 8.5 million instead of Sakho for 18 million. We make money on players like Countinho and Sturridge and then pay over the top for everyone else."
LFC since 1975
3rd Jul 2014 14:08
"not sure how this ones going to work out. he's probably worth around £15m so £20m is very generous but Saints clearly dont want to lose any more players. not sure about wanting a player who would boycott his clubs pre season to try and force a move through. "
3rd Jul 2014 14:12
"and also seen how much kroos went for, its crazy ! our transfer team has been questionable for years now! we pay silly prices for players when we could have got others who are twice as good at the same price all the time"
3rd Jul 2014 14:14
"£20 million?! I don;t know what's more astonishing, us bidding £20 million or Southampton rejecting it!"
3rd Jul 2014 14:15
"Current squad is thin considering we have CL and injury to any of the major players dont have any proper back up.I think we need to have correct players.for progressing i. A wing forward - Cuadrado(30M)/Sanchez(part of Suarez deal)/Reus(30)/Greizman(23M)/Shaqiri(15M)/Kono(12M)/Munain(33M) 2.LB - Moreno(20M)/Rojo(12M) 3.CB - should not pay more than 15 for Lovren Add Isco/Kroos. "
3rd Jul 2014 14:20
"why would any good player want to stay at a team that has just sold 3 of there best players? I would do everything to push through a move aswell"
LFC since 1975
3rd Jul 2014 14:40
"if we're going to pay over the odds id sooner see the £20m spent on moreno. reports saying Newcastle are in line for Aurier for £8m so try to hijack that move then i dont think we need the CB. as long as we get some continuity in the centre instead of having to keep making changes. Sakho will be a beast this season "
3rd Jul 2014 14:52
"Opened bidding at 20 mil! where do these journo's get this tripe from? if they said starting bid 12 mil then it would be a bit more believable. That said, I hope we do get him but for around say 15 mil."
3rd Jul 2014 15:06
"I'd rather live without a CB and put money on Aurier and Rodriguez as they are our most crucial positions to bolster. Hummels is the only CB we should be looking at for over £20m, but my bet is on us buying a cheap option like Caulker and annoying us some more."
3rd Jul 2014 15:31
"I thought aurier was going arsenal, id love us to sign him and moreno for fullback"
LFC since 1975
3rd Jul 2014 15:37
"hester - apparently Arsenal are after debuchy and newcastle are looking to replace him with aurier."
3rd Jul 2014 16:34
"well at least B R is identifying the soft spots in our team now the back line ,we need a commander in there who can shout out orders and tell it how it kill for another tommy smith,showing my age now. YNWA JFT96"
3rd Jul 2014 17:10
"other than the suarez replacement, propably the most important signing"
3rd Jul 2014 18:07
"What a whole load of $hiit, may be we are interested but surely not 20 mil as this will make him the most expensive signed in defender in the EPL ( I know crazy PSG paid 40 mil for David Luis but that's because they are stupid) no defender in the EPL and certainly not from the saints worth that sort of money"
3rd Jul 2014 18:26
"Seriously are our only targets Southampton players? Lovren is decent but for £20m? Where's our ambition? We should go for someone of the quality of Hummels. Defence is our biggest weakness, we should go all out to get a world class CB in. "
3rd Jul 2014 19:59
"Lovren I like. Fast and dribbles well, attacking CB. Knows the EPL well. Will play well with Skrtel on the left and with Lallana and Lambert already at LFC, he will follow, esp now he has handed in a transfer request."
3rd Jul 2014 20:39
"Why do LFC, go to a lower finishing team, for a defender, ( Lovren )... When better quality players are around, look how the World Cup, has shown us that. "
3rd Jul 2014 21:55
"Lfc is crazy! Why not go after hummels or subotic?"
3rd Jul 2014 21:56
"LOL! 20M??? We need a g LB and we cannot afford 20M for Moreno but we can for Lovren? "
3rd Jul 2014 22:00
"redmanisthebest - Take it you were still learning to hold a bottle when United splashed 30M for Rio Ferdinand. "
3rd Jul 2014 22:32
"for real!?... all that cash this type of player... god help us if we are gettting and spending the 80m+ from suarez transfer"
Natural Poolie
3rd Jul 2014 22:42
"I hope this happens for several reasons. 1. Quality defender 2. Passes nearly as good as Stevie. 3. He's a leader, a quality we lack badly in our defence at the moment."
3rd Jul 2014 23:32
"Natural Poolie im not that impress by his passing but he sure can do the job defensively, he has some good technique for a defender, is comfortable with the ball, doesnt panic and can beat an opponent.. but 20m thats too high i think"
4th Jul 2014 0:10
"No, CB isn't the priority, we should sign a LB first."
4th Jul 2014 2:41
"Moreno is not as good as everyone seems to believe! Don't believe all the hype because Sevilla is providing it all! I guarantee you this transfer saga will have an anti-climatic ending and if he does come to LFC everyone will wonder what the fuss was about! Im only commenting because I see Moreno in every other comment. Dont be so quick to drink the Kool-Aid!"
4th Jul 2014 7:57
"Spend the 20mil on Moreno!!!"
4th Jul 2014 19:43
"go for hummels.........he is a class act! Dont believe me .. then ask France!"
4th Jul 2014 21:07
"Mat Hummels is immense! He is more than twice the defender Lovren is. But why are we raiding Southampton for players as if they won the Premier league last season? France vs. Germany just showed what a complete defender Hummels is. He ticks all boxes for a modern day center back. I won't mind if we pay 30M for Hummels instead of 20M for Lovren. "