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we start in 3 weeks? best get a few decent signings completed before then.
26th Jun 2014 10:24
26th Jun 2014 14:57
"9 match International ban and 4 months ban from all football activities for Suarez."
26th Jun 2014 15:28
"Perception Management, please note that all views on here are traceable and not anonymous and criminal proceedings may occur. "
26th Jun 2014 19:17
"Thank-you for not skipping America this Year, but the west coast would love to see you too. Chicago is still 2000 miles away."
26th Jun 2014 19:24
"No where else to comment on Suarez but FIFA have bottled it. The punishment is unjust on LFC. Uruguay failed their duty to control their players. It's they who should suffer. They should be thrown out of the World Cup and banned for the next one. We had no control. Having said that, I have had enough. Get him sold and get someone in who isn't a psychotic idiot."
26th Jun 2014 19:45
"I know any comments on here regarding Suarez will be deleted by the Thought Police anyway, irrelevant of whether they have infringed any guidelines, but just an idea - can we arrange for him to play in a muzzle? Perhaps some sort of Hannibal Lecter style mask? Failing that he should be booted out the door and we should get someone in less petulant and childish."
26th Jun 2014 20:17
"Suarez deserves his punishement . He's probably the best player in his position in the world , but what he did was very imbecile , and there was no need to do so . As he is a half-team player , I think we'll miss him a lot during that 16 Premiere League game and it's likely we would have lost any chances to win the League till he's back. Shame. An action indecent for a LFC player."
27th Jun 2014 5:46
"We seem confused on who we want - and maybe that's we appear to be fishing all over the place - anyway, i firmly believe in bolstering the roster b4 pre-season too. Where is Emre Can playing next season? Is Suarez still a wanted man? I hope Barca take him and we can maybe seal a (Pedro[£22m]+Sanchez[£28m]+cash of £40m) deal and simply move on. Ayre step up now !!!"
27th Jun 2014 5:50
"My dream continues: Buy Mueller, Shaqiri, Origi, Firmino, a CB(Lovren or whoever better than Skrtel at defending - too many own goals) and a LB(Rodriquez of Wolfsburg or Alex Sandro of Porto) or just buy a proven LB from wherever. We must solve the LB problem now and get the chemistry of our full squad b4 pre-season."
27th Jun 2014 6:17
"We could also take a chance on Charles Aránguiz if we get Sanchez. I see a dream team developing here with or without him ...but he really could be a solid option to Hendo in a much longer season this year for us."
28th Jun 2014 10:31
"So since England were eliminated in the group stage, hope to see the likes of Gerard and Sturridge in the states. Lets get some revenge on Man city please."
Red heat
30th Jun 2014 9:33
"we must get SANCHEZ!!! i hate that he is being linked to arsenal and instead of us. i just hope our negotiators aren't stupid enough not to get sanchez in with suarez most likely going the other way."
Red heat
30th Jun 2014 9:40
" being linked to him more compared to us can you believe it? anyway barca can afford to buy suarez even with his ban not allowing him to play till nov while we cant. they have messi and neymar. we have sturr who is injury prone and no offence to lamby but i dont think he can manage the striker role in the cl all by himself"
2nd Jul 2014 18:01
"Lots of games. Need to get a wiggle on in the transfer market. Oh and don't sell Luis !"
2nd Jul 2014 20:33
"We must NOT be held to ransom over Suarez. If Barca want him they MUST pay the top amount. They get away with murder when it comes to buying players. Too many of our players go on the cheap. Barca are very sneaky over getting their targets. John Henry show them who is the boss."
3rd Jul 2014 10:25
"+ Serge Aurier "
4th Jul 2014 14:27
"That's the last time they'[ll make fun of our Luis........."
8th Jul 2014 14:41
""This is Fenway"...if it was, FSG might take Anfield seriously."