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Why is there no loyalty based auto cup scheme criteria for the Champions League autocup scheme!! Surely those members who have been the most loyal should be rewarded just as season ticket holders are.
19th Jun 2014 19:22
20th Jun 2014 12:26
"When's the members sale?"
20th Jun 2014 13:09
"Keith20040, it looks like Mon 30th."
20th Jun 2014 13:34
"At some point there's got to be acknowledgement that there are a growing set of fans that have no/very little opportunity to go and watch their team. Rewarding loyalty is needed but how are kids supposed to get through the gates and experience match days?"
25th Jun 2014 8:32
"i agree i find it hard to take my son and daughter to any game i can just abut get a tickets for the home pre season friendly which is the their only time they ge to see the reds play "
25th Jun 2014 9:04
"The club has rewarded loyalty to members for champions league, you need 3 games from 2012/2013 season in Europa! Well done LFC."
26th Jun 2014 21:56
"Nickynoodles where did you read that loyalty will go on 3 Europa games from 2 seasons ago?"
Norfolk in Chance
27th Jun 2014 9:37
"Sounds quite complex tbh. Buying and selling tickets is not rocket science, but they have tried to make it sound like it is..."
30th Jun 2014 21:42
"Did some people not read the rules for enrolment for ACS which the club clearly published??? Cleary says about Europa League loyalty. also dead easy to take your kids to domestic cups no loyalty needed, just membership. "
30th Jun 2014 21:47
"i dont have any difficulty taking me and my son my membership his junior membership link together sit together its a doddle getting tickets for fa league cups bin to every one and only pay mainly five quid for my lad"
30th Jun 2014 21:53
"im so glad my loyalty has been rewarded i pre empted this at the time obviously i wanted to watch the games but in the back of my mind i thought if we get back into the champs league the europa lge games could come into it so i went to every game hey presto brilliant "