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Experienced campaigner and versatile and at 8 mil would be a good buy covering the rightback and rightwing positions
19th Jun 2014 11:48
19th Jun 2014 11:50
"Wats wrong with BR? He is trying bring someone who try to kill sterling? i can't stand with this rumour"
19th Jun 2014 11:53
LFC since 1975
19th Jun 2014 11:59
"please no. just no. not even maybe it has to a joke rumor... NO!!!!!! "
19th Jun 2014 12:02
"According to caughtoide :D says it all"
19th Jun 2014 12:08
"Now that would be a sight to see, weakening Old Toilet as we go!!!"
19th Jun 2014 12:11
"Sterling's gonna love this! I hope it's nonsense, although I'd have him over Lallana...and only 1/3 the price!...Hmmmm...maybe..."
19th Jun 2014 12:14
"Yeah alright!!! Sterling would be over the moon. Tripe!! One word Konoplyanka!"
19th Jun 2014 12:21
"Oh noo"
19th Jun 2014 12:22
"xherdan shaqiri enough said"
19th Jun 2014 12:31
"If it wasn't a UTD player i'd be like hell yeah, and for 8m, what a bargain. Still, I could imagine him being a very, very good fit for us. "
19th Jun 2014 12:32
"lmfao!!!!!!!!!!! not in million years!!!! total garbage"
19th Jun 2014 12:34
"You've got to be kidding. GET GRIEZMANN!"
19th Jun 2014 12:34
"Hahahahaa This is the best one yet! BULL!!! "
19th Jun 2014 12:43
"Yeah Right! They don't call it the silly season for nowt do they!"
19th Jun 2014 12:44
"people... this is just a rumour..... he is a very good player, and sterling would not have a problem if he did come to us, the second you walk off the pitch it is forgotten about, only a child would hold a grudge"
Jonny Red
19th Jun 2014 12:48
"He could be the best layer in the world for all i care, WE DONT WANT MANCS"
19th Jun 2014 12:50
"Absolutely not BR, GET A GRIP !!"
19th Jun 2014 13:13
"What a waste of time reading that. I know caughtoide is pretty ridiculous but this is a new level of stupid journalism, even for them."
19th Jun 2014 13:14
"A manc in red shirt? Well the joke is not funny. May be you try a better one."
ned the red
19th Jun 2014 13:21
"Not good enough for the , certainly not good enough for the mighty Reds!"
19th Jun 2014 13:29
"Offer aspas and a date with his nan to get rooney while ur at it....."
19th Jun 2014 13:30
"No thanks, he's pants. £8M is about £8M too much, plus he's a Man U player, just no!"
19th Jun 2014 13:30
"Unacceptable. He and Sterling wouldn't get along well, anyway. "
19th Jun 2014 13:39
"haha not gonna happen"
Natural Poolie
19th Jun 2014 13:54
"Not April 1st is it? Only a part timer in a poor United side so what good is he going to do for us?"
19th Jun 2014 14:26
"Joke of the day! After he grabbed Sterlings neck and got him sent off do you honestly think any LFC fan would want him? I wouldn't sign him even if he was free. "
19th Jun 2014 14:34
"Calm down people...its just another ridiculous rumour by the Express"
Red Rum
19th Jun 2014 14:38
"Only thing he has done at united is got a huge arse. Not even fit. "
19th Jun 2014 15:05
"No sure I like doing business with 'that lot' but if they lose 8 million I might just be able to bite the bullet."
19th Jun 2014 15:15
"I can't believe we let Menez a free agent sign for Milan, he's a winger n a top player yet we're still biting our finger nails hoping soton would sell Lallana to us. I like him but we're better off getting wingers half his price who'll perform well too. Shaqiri, Konoplyanka, Pedro jus to name a few"
19th Jun 2014 15:36
"Media Watch where did you get this one, I surrender"
19th Jun 2014 16:24
"Says it all when the headline has a ? at the end of it."
19th Jun 2014 16:32
"No, believe me, this is TRUE. Antonio is a close friend of my brothers sisters uncles grandmothers niece. We were only talking about it yesterday with Peter Pan and Papa Smurf. Is True. Anyone seen my fairy dust? ARGHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Bladedy blah blah"
19th Jun 2014 16:33
"Also, double swoop for Messi and CR7, in exchange for Aspas, Luis Alberto."
19th Jun 2014 16:44
"Wow. I mean out of all of the players we are linked with, this would be the worst. Perisic would be a class buy. "
19th Jun 2014 17:04
19th Jun 2014 17:50
"rather have his ecaudor team mate Montero than him!"
19th Jun 2014 18:03
"This had better be a Joke."
19th Jun 2014 18:21
"Nice one King Mat. But Rodney would actually want to pay his nan "
Red Yank 1969
19th Jun 2014 18:35
"two words.....HELL NO"
scotty road
19th Jun 2014 18:37
"Who invents this tripe?"
19th Jun 2014 18:37
"NO NO NO !!!!!"
19th Jun 2014 19:30
"hahaha never go for this even given for free!"
19th Jun 2014 19:43
19th Jun 2014 20:45
"Oh no..NO..DONT..NEVER..."
19th Jun 2014 21:27
"No no no no no no no no nooooo!!! I hope this is just a wind up!"
19th Jun 2014 22:06
"Hester when I read your posts I think I wrote them myself, spot on my friend,"
19th Jun 2014 22:40
"This has to a June fool!! Until hell freezes over!"
19th Jun 2014 22:54
"what..?? no way.. "
20th Jun 2014 1:49
"Would be a shocker but would be great. Great price too."
Vosta Lee
21st Jun 2014 9:03
"Jordon Ibe is a million times better than Valencia...or any other Man U player for that matter. Besides, last time he faced Sterling he tried to choke him to death."