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Amazing player! When i saw you score 8 goals infront of the Kop for the Academy I new then that you'd be a good player! Keep learning Sterling! Get to Neymar status :)
18th Jun 2014 10:40
18th Jun 2014 11:14
"lonewars_ you're a . Sterling is part of our young superstar squad - Sterling, Coutinho, Hendo, Sturridge, Flanno etc. Why would we sell him when we didn't sell Suarez to Arsenal?"
18th Jun 2014 12:11
"Well Played & All The Best YNWA"
18th Jun 2014 12:48
"Why is that lonewars? "
18th Jun 2014 12:50
"Ahh I get it, lol sorry to the real lonewars .... the one without an underscore after his name!! Another imposter trying to stir up a pointless argument, so sad! Same little mug that tried to copy my name I'll bet"
18th Jun 2014 12:56
"Are u that embarrassed by yourself that u have to post in other peoples names? U got something to say then just say it, u don't have to pretend ur someone else to be heard ... or do u not like lonewars and just trying to make him look as silly as you clearly do now?"
18th Jun 2014 13:06
"Lol really? Cause the real lonewars doesn't have an underscore at the end of his name lol u really have no life do u? Lmao silly lad"
18th Jun 2014 13:12
"By the time of the next World Cup lonewars_ will be a Chelsea or an Arsenal fan!!!"
18th Jun 2014 13:23
"Lmao the posts the real lonewars put up yesterday ... without the underscore ... the name on those hasn't changed lol r u so dim witted that u don't see by copying his name, u have just validated every opinion he's ever posted? If not why try to copy him? U Must like him alot to pay such a large compliment"
18th Jun 2014 13:43
"raheem will be a liverpool player 4 avery long time to come why anyone would think otherwise is silly at best seems to be a lot of trolls on here? deffo not lfc fans and you know who you are just spout rubbish because i know these things?"
18th Jun 2014 13:45
"lonewars!!! doubt it mate!! his agent is a good friend of mine! he loves liverpool!!"
18th Jun 2014 13:48
"You just have to love Raheem's mother giving him stick."
18th Jun 2014 13:50
"Oh dear, hit a nerve did I? Lmfao :D u realise how many ppl r laughing at u rt now? The real u? I think every regular on this site knows exactly who u really are! Lol"
18th Jun 2014 13:56
"Wow how desperate for attention are you?!? Every post u make reeks of desperation for someone to talk to you is real life that bad for u that u need strangers to argue with u just to feel important? Lol bad news pal, ur not important, not even a little"
18th Jun 2014 14:06
".... desperate"
18th Jun 2014 14:37
"Lol u trying to convince me? Or yourself?"
18th Jun 2014 15:14
"He think is better manager in this group lol weirdo "
18th Jun 2014 15:45
"You did well lad yes it would have been magic if the goal had gone in but others had chances to win us the game also but it wasn't to be, all you can do is your best no1 can ask any more Our lads luv to play and are proud to play fir club and country and it shows YNWA"
18th Jun 2014 15:46
"Love the way u say "we" lmao like your not the lonliest person in the world ha ha ha hilarious"
18th Jun 2014 16:18
"Lonewars you are be the one be quiet talking a faking you not leader or manager do you understand do I know you I lick your face like ball be quiet"
18th Jun 2014 16:30
"KICK YOUR FACE AND BE QUIET oh you in drugs problems your head"
18th Jun 2014 16:40
"You trying think be the leader or what? Be quiet lots of s "
18th Jun 2014 16:47
"Time for your medication, "lonewars"!!"
19th Jun 2014 9:04
"Raheem is becoming a real star. I'm not an England fan but play well against Uruguay, RS and the other LFC guys."